Mingles with Jingles Episode 233

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Hello boys girls. Are you sitting comfortably? Uncle Jingles has an announcement to make.

Okay that sounded WAAAAY creepier written down than it did in my head.

All music licensed from www.epidemicsound.com www.machinimasound.com


System Specs: i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. 15:30 – 15:35 congrats to taking that next step 😀 he better say yes

    12:08 -12:12 you satisfied me ;D

  2. Jingles. Please. Sit down then stand up and make a cup of tea. Then have your rum and remember that us miners will slave away willingly provided we have our ration. “OK boys that’s me back off to the pit”

  3. Jingles, I support your decision all the way. I believe that even though you are not a community contributor of World of Warships, you speak the truth of the topic. I have and always will trust your opinion. Sincerely Jacob, worker 2479G, Shaft 97E, Level 99, Mine 53, provider of Salt munitions for curses since 2015.

  4. Couple of items. I don’t think you’re going back on your word and, I always found your comments and assessments to be fair and even handed. A small favour. Could it possible to find out why I can’t change my account from the EU server, which I played since starting WOT and WOW, to the North American server as I now live here. Is there some Hugh technical difficulty preventing this or just that the development department have not thought of it. The big problem is the ping. Any answer would be helpful. Once again, keep up the good work.

  5. So no more WOT?

  6. Hi, One of your longest and oldest followers. I do have two issues with World of Warships. One is that you have aimed at a ship behind an island or close to your max spotting, as you pull the trigger, he disappears and you shots go short instead of where you aimed.
    Second issue is known and they have not fixed it since Beta. I am a disabled Vet and use a different key setup. Have used the same setup in World of Tanks. Every time they update World of Warships, the game resets to Default key settings. It is rather annoying to go into a game and forget that they updated and none of your keys work..
    Keep up the good work.


  8. Its a well known fact that you love the game dearly, allowing the devs to let you play with shiny stuff isn’t going to discredit your efforts, at least for intelligent people.

  9. Jingles do more war thunder pls

  10. i dont give a fuck who you join or in who is packet you are in . just provide some good gameplay of subnautica . bcoz Wargaming and Gaijin games designed to make you rage and sick

  11. PvtReaper89 lost son of Fenris

    Just here for the great replays and corny jokes

  12. Hey Jingles, I’d love to see some more Worlf of TOG games~

  13. Hey, i’m perfectly fine with you going back to the program, i figured you would sometime. Also i have to say how much happier you’ve been has been very evident and i’ve loved watching the diversified content. Hell despite still sincerely believing subnautica was significantly better 12 months ago, (despite an incomplete story and a few nasty bugs, which in of itself should tel you how good it was), watching that has made me really want to go play it again :(.

    Anyway good luck, and have fun with the WoWS community program.

  14. Thank you Jingles for coming back 🙂 Really missed your reviews 😀

  15. Not upset, makes total sense for rear admiral jingles to be on the wows CC platform, the only issue is it has nothing to do with wows, The game is not and never has been the problem (i mean tanks a worthless POS since it became mainstream world of bots).
    The problem is wargaming being arseholes in same way as EA, It doesnt matter if they make “space invaders final assault” and it be a great game, they’re still arseholes.
    I only play WOWS these days becasue it 1) has PVE and if i die fighting bots then Its probably my fault, 2) its not that popular.

    World of tanks these days… You get a PVP match with completely unbalanced teams, The enemy team is good veteran players, Your team is a mix of 2x “200 battles” noobs who bought a tier7 premium not knowing how to play, 6 players being pretty much sitting at spawn all game not moving and “sniping” ineffectively, Another 6 players who are just bots with 32K games who inevitably get butt raped.
    So your team constantly gets wiped out and the game is over in 4 minutes, You can report people as AFK bots but what does wargaming care when those accounts are paying lots of money? Besides a few miracle videos you show it usually doesnt matter what you do, I have LOTS of screenshots of the bottom half of my team with 0 damage, Thats why I quit years ago, WG hasn’t screwed world of warships yet……yet, I’m just waiting.

    My friend who still plays tanks (who loves whatever tanks are currently OP and pays WG a fortune in gold and premium every year) let me have a go on test server in the Tier 10 heavy Kranvagn (it suits my play style), In 5 games I averaged an 80% hit rate, but only a 20% pen rate. Now he sees why I dont play, Though I’m testing the encore game engine still.

  16. So wows cc dont have to go by a schedule thats great

  17. Give the Asia server a chance Wargaming!

  18. Your honesty is why I have been watching your videos since the early War Thunder days Jingles. As far as the gaming world goes, I think you’ve proven your word to be true. Keep up the outstanding work.

  19. Love the videos and content, waiting until next year when you give EA and the next Star Wars game another chance.

  20. Jingles, you do you. Can’t worry about things you can’t control. You know that you are honest, that’s all that matters.

  21. Darnit! I was all on board with this until you said no extra world of warships videos! /sadface. Oh well, ill accept new premium ship previews I guess.

  22. When are we going to be seeing more Heliborne? I bought it a few days ago and want to see some gameplay from someone that I enjoy watching.

  23. Good to see you back in Wows, the game deserves it bcoz it’s great, and I’m worried about the way it’s going since months and the release on steam. I hope that your work and kind of influence will help this game. And I just love your damn british humore 🙂 take care jingles

  24. Welp… I was not happy when you began working with War Thunder again, and I have resisted watching any of your WT content. My gut reaction to this news is to drop you. Sorry, but the Sir Foch thing was too much, and the WG NA never backtracked to my knowledge. I do truly enjoy your vids, even though I don’t play many of the games you feature.

    This is particularly sad since I had started playing the ‘Jingles missed a PDA’ drinking game for the Subnautica vids.

    Best of luck old man. (salute)

  25. Im fine with your decision its your choise and if you are a happy with it its good ^^
    Also we only have to work in your saltmines so we have nothing to say bout it 😀

  26. WG Community Contributor or not, Jingles is Jingles. Will be a subscriber forever.

  27. Good we need help on the NA side

  28. I badly want to lend my skills to a good competitive clan and take part in tournaments but I’m too busy ???, perhaps in the future

  29. I know EXACTLY what he’s talking about with the “pop-up” in World of Warships. that drives me nuts

  30. Jingles could talk about selling large ice blocks to Eskimos while playing Hello Kitty online and I’m sure most of us here would still watch the video 🙂

    BTW when is that Hello Kitty video coming?

  31. Naw, you’re good with us. And if the crap hits the fan again, as it probably will, with wargaming, then dump ’em like you did before. No biggie.

  32. Jingles, whatever you do, you always have integrity and credibility from all of us. Good to see that you rejoined WG community – make WoWS fun again!! 😀 But! BUT~~~ We must start Jingles Breeding Program again – I appoint myself as the Searcher of the suitable female human being that will reproduce Jingles so that he can do what he does and more….what say you?

  33. WarThunders graphics, still better than WOT’s new HD maps. LOL But WT is so much harder for me to play

  34. Jingles, they’re adding the Chally 1 in the next WT update.

  35. nice decision mr Jingles,
    now we are going to see from you the new ships with your style of reviewing 🙂 perfect!!! go go jingles,go go jingles

  36. Jingles… you ask what game is perfect? I have the perfect answer… Monster Hunter World! Okok maybe not perfect but pretty pretty damn close

  37. The spotting in WoT is daft, compared to WoWs it just doesnt seem to work. I think it is down to its simplicity, the spotting mechanic in WoT is just too complicated to be effective.

  38. I certainly can’t fault you for it, and it’s not like you can just hold a grudge forever. It’s good that you’ve managed to get in with just the WoWS team, without having to tie yourself to the rest of the WG inventory.

    Just… Don’t let them goad you into selling your soul to WG like the old days, and we’ll be good.

  39. You’ve always been very up front about the details of your relationship with the WoWS community, this is a good change, but I don’t think it undermines your credibility at all, rather the contrary. Please keep up the good work!

  40. James Irwin-McConnell

    Hope that na footage comes up soon! Quite excited to see some of my fellow american players featured. Albeit doing quite a bit better than I ever could

  41. I’m so fucking glad you’re back in the ring with WG, all the better for the salt miners 😀 Thanks Jingles

  42. You ever notice the way we, as individuals say/read “Let us”, is identical or near identical to the way we each individually pronounce “lettuce”? its not just a similar phonetic thing. The actual WAY we say them. The pacing, pronunciation, syllables, ETC… Try to find other ways this happens in your life. You might be surprised.

  43. Good luck with it. Just don’t forget the iChase case.

  44. I for one do not doubt your integrity. If WG fuck up again you’ll call them out again. Also, the patreonage and your pension probably means you wont suffer hardship for staying away from kickbacks and sleep well at night not being owned by the evil corps (as a side note – might I suggest the name “The Leif Ericson” for your next sub? ). 🙂

  45. Jingles are you going to play Cold Waters in the future? Keep up the great work !

  46. Finally my internet didn’t kick my ass

  47. WoT has a million more problems than WoWS, plus smarter people play WoWS

  48. Anyone who doesn’t trust you and your actions as being in support of what is best for your channel and it’s viewers simply doesn’t understand the situations you find yourself in jingles (that’s my opinion anyway)

  49. What happened between Phly and Warthunder? I was away for some time

  50. Mr Jingles, now I am upset :BabyRage:

    Yeah yeah, i’m back to the saltmines

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