Mingles with Jingles Episode 234

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In todays Episode I have no idea what IÙm going to be talking about so I just make stuff up for thirty minutes.

All music licensed from www.epidemicsound.com and www.machinimasound.com


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Italy didn’t switch sides Mussolini go over through by the king and the king got the army aginst the axis but Mussolini had a secrecy army going to help the axis until 1945 when the war ended search it up u will see it in better detail

  2. They put Russian ships but no Italy boi

  3. Here’s a question I guess I’d like to know the answer to – can us filthy console peasants ever look forward to a console version of World of Warships…?

  4. Is World of Warships coming to console???? One can dream….

  5. Question for WG. The blacklist in WoWS stops players sending text messages. but why doesn’t it stop teammates from spamming the F-keys and the map?

    The main reason I want to block a teammate is because they are abusing the F-keys and spamming the map.

  6. If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with bullshit. Right Jingles.

  7. My question is “What is going to be done about destroyer spam/sucky mechanics in WoW Blitz?”

  8. tier 6-9 Soviet battleships will be Nothing but paper

  9. PBS by Jingles. Cannot patent that one Sir. 😉

  10. How about they make russian battle ships so overpowered, that they are a meme

  11. ….must have subnautica…..must have subnautica……*gasp*….must…have…it…my preciousssssssssssssssssss

  12. Troll question for WG: Why can’t the Warspite’s spotter aircraft drop bombs?

    We know a history making event of it doing just that.

  13. When will world of warships be available to us console pesants

  14. World of Warships prompted me to look into history a bit and it relates to other nations in the Vietnam War.

    Seeing the light cruiser HMAS Perth flying the white ensign made me wonder if that was historically correct. And yes it is for that time.
    So then I needed to find out when the Royal Australian Navy and Royal New Zealand Navies stopped using it, and started our own versions. With the complex politics around the Vietnam War it was pointed out that our warships under the white ensign could make it look like Britain was involved and no-one wanted that extra political mess in an already horrible political mess.

  15. 13:49 has Jingles forgotten another wedding proposal?

  16. 1. will there ever be playable submarines added in world of warships?

  17. Советский Союз!

  18. 25:10 what happened to “Never enter a land war in Asia”?

  19. Here are some ships to chew on:
    Ekaterina II Class Battleships- 12x 305 mm main……11k+ long tons each
    Ekaterina II
    Georgii Pobedonosets

    Dvendsat Apostolov 4x 305 mm main……8k+ long tons
    Navarin 4x 305 mm main……10k+ long tons
    Tri Sviatitelia 4x 305 mm main……13k+ long tons
    Sissori Veliky 4x 356 mm main……9k+ long tons
    Petropavlovsk Class Batttleships- 4x 305 mm main……11k+ long tons each

    Peresvet Class Battleships- 4x 305 mm main……13k+ long tons each
    Oslyabya 4x 245 mm main……14k+ long tons

    Potemkin 4x 305 mm main……12k+ long tons
    Retvizan 4x 305 mm main……12k+ long tons
    Tsesarevich 4x 305 mm main……12k+ long tons

    Borodin Class battleships- 4x 305 mm main……14k+ long tons each
    Imperator Alexandr II
    Knyaz Suvoraov

    Evstafi Class Battleships- 4x 305 mm main……14k+ long tons
    Ioann Zlatout

    Andrei Pervozvanny Class Battleships-
    Andrei Pervozvanny 4x 305 mm main……17k+ long tons
    Imperial Pavel I 14x 205 mm main….17k+ long tons

    Gangut Class Battleships- 12x 305 mm main……24k+ long tons each

    Imperatrista Mariya Class Battleships- 12x 305 mm main……23k+ long tons each
    Imperatrista Mariya
    Imperatrista Ekaterina Velikaya
    Imperator Alaksandr III

    Sovetsky Soyuz Class Battleships- 9x 406 mm main……65k+ long tons each
    Sovetsky Soyuz
    Sovetskaya Ukraina
    Sovetskaya Rosriya
    Sovetskaya Belorussia

    Arkhangelsk 8x 381 mm main……31k+ long tons
    Novorossiysk 10x 305 mm main….25k+ long tons

    I am sure there were many conceptual, hypothetical ones one paper to also consider.
    Keep up the good vids.
    Battle On!

  20. Jingles I love what you do and I think you should keep it up.  But please be cautious when saying that America lost the war in Vietnam.  If by lost you mean lost the war at home than you would be correct.  We had won the war in Vietnam, but as you have already said, politics got in the way.  Our troops were not allowed to follow the Vietnamese into Laos to finish them off.  The manner in which we fought the war was terrible but we beat the enemy back none the less.

  21. tier V scenarios?

  22. Dear Jingles,

    Why are you such a n00b?


  23. 1. Don’t invade Russia.(Especially in winter)
    2. If you’re Russian, don’t fuck around with the Finns.(Russo Finish War)
    3. If you’re anyone else, DON’T INVADE VIETNAM.
    4. If it doesn’t seem like a good idea, just burn your draft ticket and move to Canada.

  24. Is there any chance they may consider revising some of the older lines to remedy power-creep? We know the USN CL/CA line is being reworked, but will the other lines, say the mid-tier German CLs, the IJN DDs/CL/CAs or the German BBs [with their virtually unserviceable dispersion] be revisited?

    German BBs in particular, in light of the fact that recent lines are creating a meta favouring long range engagement, the secondary-specialised close range brawler template the German ships were designed around is no longer viable, which means they neither have the accuracy at range to fairly engage the more recent counterparts, nor the ability to get close enough to put their strengths to work. I would very much like to know what the devs think about this.

  25. Another question: Is there any plan to refine the anticheat/hack detection framework to be more precise? I have noticed several instances online, myself the victim of it on two separate occasions, where minor texture and HUD mods have set it off and resulted in warnings and temporary suspensions. And for a person who likes a bit of custom camo and the ability to make replays, this is very frustrating.

  26. No offense meant High Admiral Jingles, but Mighty MoH is not the Congressional Medal of Honor it is the Medal of Honor.

  27. Don’t forget your wallet this time Jingles, also your ticket for the plane/train etc

  28. Wheres Subnautica!

  29. You can use the opportunity and check about some vessels, which are present in “Cold Waters”. Maybe they still have some of them in the port as well?

  30. Question for WG: When are British aircraft carries coming?

  31. Surely the fourth rule of land warfare is stay away from Afghanistan.

  32. What about the growing powercreep…. making ridonkulous ships like Graf Zeppelin, Conqueror, Asashio… will they continue to make stupidly OP ships for “dumb” people? those ships don’t even need a good player to do reasonably well, especially the GF with the full AP bomb squadron… delete any ship in one auto-strike is broken… experienced it myself in full hp scharnhorst…Conqueror… we all know, dumb heal, underwater citadel, stupid HE fire chance… Asashio, deep water 20km torps … Thanks 🙂

  33. i want the 1000 ft british battlecruiser concept ship in the game damnit!

  34. TheBetterManInBlack

    Did Lemon actually beat those guys to death with his fists? In US parlance, “Hand to hand” is anything that doesn’t involve shooting the enemy. I suspect that Sgt Lemon is far more likely to have beaten those NVA to death with an e-tool (shovel) than with his fists. US troops made such effective use of e-tools in combat in Vietnam that the Soviets patterned a spetznaz weapon after them.

  35. ??? think iv asked before but why do you get ships early and why are you going to wg cc events ? when you told us that you were no longer a cc???? i’m confused . i stuck with u because of the stance you took after foch gate !! but your still doing and getting all cc benefits .

  36. Jingles what is ur favourite British ship….. Question for u to ask WG… can we get ur favourite ship in world of warships as a premium ship and can it be named HMS DAVE we jingles as it captain (note that it can sunk… and we call it the jingles effect)

  37. Jingles, with regards to american troops killing Russian soldiers, you forgot one thing about the scenario in the US, you assume the Soviets would be rational.

  38. What i (and quite a few other players i came across in battles in warships) is if the developers have any plans/ideas to restrict the overflow of BBs and/or DDs we get in many games these days?

  39. Cerberus TheExecutioner

    Canadians man, we will fuck you up without care for our well being so long as we live and you know you screwed up lol

  40. 1) Will another freemium ship be available after the Missouri and Musashi?
    2) Will they buff the high-tier economy?
    3) Will they just make the Kronstadt a T7 BB?
    4) Will they ever significantly nerf the HE on RN BBs?

  41. Mr. Jiggles.
    As i have played the old game Navyfield, which had some more options to customisation and i would allso say some more realistic settings (if you can call it that) i wunder if Wargamming will add some of them in the furture.
    – Will there be Crews, so you can boost things like: reload, accracy, repair, speed (knots), etc. (ofc if you train your firering crew in accuracy it should be loose some points in reload and of course the other way around)
    – What about of the weight of the ship, will there be a option to remodel armor: more belt for the for the cost of less deck?
    – And what about the consume of the ship its a bit funny that you can keep firing anything but never run out of ammo? Never the less the “crew” gets extremly tired and will stop there task after few repairs, radar, sonar, pilots, etc.
    Is 4 mission, randoms and co-op enough? (clan a few days a week when ranked is not on) What about some more mission or even campaigns?
    – You build a “base”, what about defence of the base? Would it be an ide for clans to attack other basses?
    – WW2 like the alliances, is that something they will work on? Or is it fine that KM and IJN fight together whit USN? If lets say in clan wars it will give one something to choose, there will be more pros and cons to think about and not just the pros, like it is atm.

    Atleast here is something to think about and have a nice trip.

  42. when might we see british CVs and DDs

  43. when will they put the tog II in World of Warships?

  44. Question where is my ark royal!!!!!!!!!

  45. John Asbjørn Innvær

    Ask WG if they can have a Corgi events on the EU server like they have on the NA server They can call it “Jingles” ships flying the “Jingles flag” and with a tad better prizes

  46. I think No.1 would be- Dont fuck with Afghanistan 🙂

  47. Jangles Finish Lone echo.

  48. Christopher Pittman

    I hope they allow us to use our WG accounts on steam. Most of my non WoWS friends are on steam. I’d like to see that as an option without any tinkering. I know it’s a small thing but might be worth asking them.

  49. Is there an official Jingles Discord?

  50. “School Battleships” reminded me of “Haifuri”

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