Mingles with Jingles Episode 235

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Damn you kids, OFF MY LAWN! Where did I put my rifle?

All licensed from www.epidemicsound.com and www.machinimasound.com


Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 10×1080 resolution


  1. Jingles, you forgot to mention my birthday on the 5th march. I think its an historic event worth mentioning!

  2. Florian Schiemann

    Actually, Jingles… The Gloster Meteor only entered service testing in 1944, and while it may have flown in 43, the Germans had a prototype flying as early as 1939, in the form of the Heinkel He 178… Sorry ya britt, we still did it first. Oh, and the ME 262 beat the Meteor to active combat anyway.

  3. 20:03 Another fun fact! The Italians used airplanes for the first time in combat also against the Ottomans in Italo-Turkish war of 1911. Who new the Italians were aviation innovators?

  4. Why Steven Segal was picked:

    Vladimir Putin presents Steven Seagal with Russian passport

    Why Dolph Lundgren was picked:

    Dolph Lundgren says ‘Russia is lucky to have Putin’ because he ‘keeps an eye on goddamned order’ as he becomes latest star to sing Vladimir’s praises following Steven Seagal

    Has nothing to do with anything else then naked Russian propaganda. I wish you would adress this a bit.

  5. Take this source for what you want, BUT the Federal Bureau of Investigations in the U.S. officially defines a Mass Murder (I.E. Massacre) as the killing of 4 people with no cooling off period in between. That definition has a clearly defined number. If you look it up in the dictionary it says “an indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of people.” With no clearly defined number? So I guess it depends on what source you want to use to debate it with.

  6. I’m former US Army and I was able to get a visa to go to Russia. Of course my employer did all the work. Gotta tell you sir, I like it there, I like the people. It’s too bad our governments can’t get along better, cause from what I can tell we are much more alike than different.

    Oh yeah, and fuck that douche bag Steven Seagal.

  7. I was born on March 5th!

  8. It just so happens that my dad grew up in Flint Michigan in the 20’s and 30’s. He later on flew Hellcats off the USS Yorktown against the Japanese in 1945. Flint at that time wasn’t quite as violent a place as it is now or else I might not even be here.

  9. Holy Hells Bells Jingles, I did *not* expect you to go balls out like that. “That’s saturday night in Flint Michigan.”

  10. Jingles, you think Flint Michigan is bad, oh no my friend, one of the highest crime rates in the US is in Washington D.C. itself, and guess what, they do not allow people to own guns there…

  11. Make America Great Britain again. We haven’t heard stories about Rita or the cats lately, Is she still there?

  12. Stop, Sit, and Watch Mingles with Jingles

  13. God created all men, Sam Colt made them all equal.

  14. I love the “today in history” part of the vid. I think you should keep it up

  15. Maybe they’re ending their association with Steven Seagal, because, I don’t know, the Missouri, the reason for the partnership in the first place, is no longer available to buy, and has officially been replaced in full with the Musashi? Just spitballing, here.

  16. 7:55 Lol…Jingles is is double oh 7

  17. What was the second game that Jingles shows? The one with the space ships?

  18. you might want to check your facts on the me-262 jingles it actually began flight testing under jet power in 1942 a little less a year before the meteor’s first flight. it flew under prop power in april 1941. it went into full scale production in 1944

  19. Don’t lie jingles, you programed a “jingles moment” into the probe.

  20. I really like the historical facts. Can this become a regular thing?

  21. Even in eastern block countries, IS-3 was not a common sight. It was used in Russia, and by Egypt, but other than that, there were only few of them in other countries. You can see them in some museums, but that’s it.

  22. I had saved up for so long to go to Tankfest this year for my very first time, but then I had the wrong costs for airfare and now I cant go..

  23. Jingles you partisan swabbie. The RAF flew off six Harrier GR.1’s from the Atlantic Conveyor to HMS Hermes. These aircraft were used for ground attack, freeing up more sorties by the Sea Harriers for fleet air defense.
    To top it off, after suffering three losses, the RAF flew in four more GR.3’s from Ascension Island to HMS Hermes, as reinforcements. That’s a hell of a long over-water flight with no divert fields in a single engine aircraft with a temporarily bolted on refueling probe.

  24. Go lens cap! And yes we do watch the whole of the episode. 🙂

  25. British bias

  26. You should play gup dream tank match it looks good!

  27. hay jingles, for my fiancee to visit me in Australia (we currently working through getting her a permanent visa) , we have to wright up her biography, and parts of mine, and give documents to back it up, its fracking ridicules how much shit is needed.
    and when i visit her, the local cops need a visit from me every so often so they can keep track of where i am, on top of the documents i send her government >.<

  28. Jingles throwing *shade* at us here in the US. It’s okay though Jingles, everyone here does it too.

  29. Hey Jingles, could you do some more tank reviews please?

  30. Five people being shot and killed today would count as a mass shooting to the CDC. Still a mass shooting/massacre.

  31. Well Jingles, if you are trying to obtain a visa to Moscow, the highlighting of a massacre of the Polish at the hands of Stalin is hardly going to win votes from the Russian administration! Good luck with getting to Moscow.

  32. As a salty American, we teach the Boston massacre much different than you described.

  33. Sorry to disapoint you but the Black Buck hit the runway with only 1 bomb but a hit is a hit!

  34. hahahaha, Flint…

  35. I’m from Israel and even we have an IS3 (not operational of course) in our little version of the Tank Museum here 🙂
    First time I went there, I lost my shit when I saw it.

  36. 21:17 Flint comment was totally unwarranted and frankly offensive.

  37. As one that enjoys a bit of good history, but never actively seeks it out, I’m going to enjoy this new segment of Mingles with Jingles. Now WRITE IT DOWN YOU BLOODY GNOME!! …what’s that? Double shifts and half rations? Right, should have expected that for yelling at the Overlord.

  38. replaced by John Doe 🙁

  39. Christopher Reed

    Re: Getting to Tank Fest in time.

    Perhaps leaving the evening before and booking a hotel room for the night might be an option. While it would cost you the price of whatever hotel you chose, it would avoid the uncertainty of post-British Rail train travel and/or encountering a linear parking lot (aka a motorway experiencing “issues”). I’ve used this approach several times, and it generally makes up in stress reduction what it costs for the room.

    Re: The Mystery of the Disappearing Ship’s Cook.

    I saw that remarkably brief note on the de-Seagalization of the USS Missouri when I flipped through the patch notes. I don’t, I should add, own a Mighty Mo (much to the sorrow of my in-game account balance), but the tone and context (minimal info tucked in among completely unrelated material) rang a faint bell. Maybe I’ve acquired a tinfoil hat somewhere, but the removal of Seagal from WG appears to me to indicate that he has fallen out of favor officially. The various allegations of sexual misconduct, while awkward, are not terribly important, since he’s a citizen of the Russian Federation, and ,IIRC, Russia recently stated that they will not extradite persons accused of crimes by certain countries (specifically, again IIRC, mentioning the US). This would indicate to me that whatever happened is a Russian internal matter which made any association with him extremely unwise. A company that relies on the goodwill of the Russian government to operate, like WG, would be expected to drop him like the proverbial hot potato as soon as they found out he was out of favor. And because it’s likely that whatever it is *is* a Russian matter, we’re unlikely to find out what it is unless it’s officially decided to make that information public. As a disclaimer, I’m coming to this conclusion given the (very scant) information that is available publicly…I could be completely off base on this.

  40. Jingles, most Americans can agree that the Boston massacre was definitely overly exaggerated, also honestly, may Washington save my sole, the British were most certainly in the right.

    Now as not to be smited by the Bald Eagle and Uncle Sam, I will eat a burger and salute the Statue of Liberty.

    Goodnight you scummy old Brit.

  41. BestViewedWithCable

    @Jingles can we get an update on the 3805 rework on the isle of white?

  42. Hi Jingle, for going to Russia with less issues, ask local Russian agency and visa application company to do the visa processing. A welsh colleague of mine got same issue and request as you, but after dealing with visa application company in Russia, everything was much easier (no list of the last 10 years travelling at least!)

  43. Hey Jingles, you should say G’day to Phly at Tank Fest this year. Just a thought.

  44. Jingles….. the RAF’s participation in the Falklands was rather more than the Vulcan. Need we mention the:
    Long range surface search missions flown by a Victor tanker to South Georgia?
    Nimrod long range surface search flights that came within sight of the Argentine coast – looking for possible hostile ships close to the date of the landings in San Carlos….
    C130 flights to deliver replacements and special forces to fleet, spares for ships (rather a lot), upgrades for naval weapons etc
    And finally, several of the Sea Harrier pilots were RAF personnel, including the top scoring pilot, one Dave Morgan…….. In fact 7 of the 36 pilots who flew combat missions in the Sea Harrier were members of the RAF…. and only one Vulcan did each bombing mission, successfully delivering a 1000 lb bomb onto the runway, and successfully later carried out a radar suppression mission using the US Shrike missile that destroyed the Main Argentine radar on the islands.
    And of course there were a number of RAF Harrier GR1s that were rapidly converted for carrier operations (initially as replacements for all the Sea Harriers they predicted would be lost in combat) which were used for Close Air Support – I suggest reading Jerry Pook’s book about his experiences of flying of Herpes in a GR3…. Several of these were lost and damaged on very dangerous low-level attack missions….

    I know the crabs overplay their participation, but to claim they did nothing is underplaying their important role….

  45. I always enjoy it. Catch you next time.

  46. can’t you get 2 passports in the UK so that you can give passport to the agency and use the other one in the meantime? This has been standard practice for many years for people who need to travel both to Israel and certain Arab countries.

  47. Operation Black Buck one didn’t miss the target, one bomb cratered the runway hampering the ability for the enemy planes located there to take-off and land. I fully recommend the book “Vulcan 607”, its a great read and covers the events of blackbuck 1 in good detail.

    Also, the Dolph Lundgren and tank imagery may come from “War Pigs” released in 2015?

  48. Women can claim anything these days… nothing should happen without PROOF

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