Mingles with Jingles Episode 236

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It’s been a lousy week. Of course when I say “lousy” you have to keep it in perspective. -one died (that I know of) and I’ve still had enough food to eat, so as lousy weeks go it wasn’t THAT bad. But still, I’ve had better weeks.


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships , consider using a hosting service like https://replayswows.com/

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. I enjoyed my weekend. After 185 days without power after Hurricane Maria, we were finally hooked back up to the grid. Over half a year on a generator. Sorry to hear you had a rough week though ??

  2. Jingle the guerrilla warfare game you talked about reminded of a game called Heros and Genrals it not exactly what you described but it is a Fps/Rts game based off of WW2 ever heard of it?

  3. ahh you prefer the classic over the castle of cagliostro version.

  4. So sorry your birthday wasn’t great, or even okay, and I hope the rest of your week goes well!

  5. Happy birthday jingles.

  6. Could you maybe re-upload those videos? (Cold Waters is my favourite series)

  7. Jingles, Topeka is said as to-peek-uh

  8. Topeka Kansas is pronounced: (Toe-Peak-Uhh) Topeka

  9. From everybody here in the US, it’s pronounced: Toe pee kah……..not toe pay kah……….


  11. It is pronounced (toe-pee-ca)

  12. Don’t listen to these others. I know it’s spelled “Topeka”, but it’s pronounced “AB-uh-leen”.

    (I am so gonna get it from the Kansans for that. 🙂

  13. Jingles why you don’t sing the navy song yourself ???

  14. Jingles if I was a better musician I would perform and record low brass ensemble arrangements of all the hymns and anthems you’d want to use just for you and let you copyright all of them in your name

  15. the copyright of a recorded performance is determined by who recorded it. if it was recorded with public funds, then it is public domain (which it likely was). if it was recorded by a private organization, they would own the copyright to that recording. the performance itself is **NOT** copyrighted.

  16. Rayalia Maelstrom

    Warhammer is so fucking good, i cant blame her.

  17. If a performance of “Hearts Of Oak” can be copyrighted, what would happen if you recorded yourself singing the song then put the recording of your own voice in your videos?

  18. Happy birthday Jingles! What game was it in the first half of the video? Looked like Vermintide but man that has really changed if so. Never mind. I watched farther, I withdraw the question

  19. Dear Gnomish overlord, Let me join you in the shitty weekend club for I, single handedly, managed to crash and severely damage my car and place my iphone in the wash. My wallet cries tears of blood and I am busy making a hole in the wall with my dumb head.

  20. Guillermo Estrada

    awww that sucks 🙁 but anyways Happy late Birthday

  21. Jingles, what do you think of the new Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match game?

    sadly it’s only for PS4 T_T

  22. Mexican National Anthem as well as the Flag with the eagle shield in it, are protected by the constiution and are forbidden for any comertial use! there’s a fine about 5k usd for violating these laws

  23. the red army singing the CCCP national anthem ???? lol how can you be copyrighted for something that doesnt exist anymore ?

  24. great video very entertaining but I canot stand the musashi player not using hes heal in time, it drives me nuts

  25. Bit of a rodent problem there Jingles?

  26. i swear some people need to grow up and accept that their music is going to be played everyday well the hits or songs that people actually like on Videos of any sort whether it be games, instructional Videos, or Vlogs. old music that hasn’t seen the light of day or even scraped its way inside someones ear for a decade shouldn’t be copyright. i’m sure the guy who made it or sung it is just happy that someone is using it for something in this decade. although this decade could of been a lot better.

  27. Possible copyright solution: If you like a particularly popular piece of music…provide your OWN performance of it. Grab a kazoo or a recorder, and get to work! The worse the performance, the better! It’s more unique and entertaining! What could possibly go wrong?!?!?!

    Well, plenty. But get a laugh out of it and get on with it.

  28. JackDrinkn2DollarJim

    I’ve just acquired the copyright to the English Language. Pay up World.

  29. Cameron Alexander

    Paving the way for the end of net neutrality.
    Youtube is gunna go the way of Netspace.

  30. Three Billboards … is a politically correct load of progressive manure. I’d rather sit in a taxi.

  31. Jingles, how do you feel about promoting the KGB-backed company War Gaming while KGB is spreading poison all over British cities? Where is the line after which one becomes a traitor?

  32. A Royal Navy vet wanted a red jacket? I believe Her Majesty’s Army Quartermasters Corp has a monopoly on those.

    Much Aloha, keep up the good work!

  33. Jingles gong to Edge Case again, YEAH BUDDY!

  34. Jingles look up Iron Harvest


  36. A late Happy Birthday to u Jingles. Yep, copyright sounds pretty screwed up, though it differs in countries. At the very least, I would’ve thought that something as old as that 1940’s tune u mentioned would be out of copyright??

  37. Happy birthday Jingles 😉

  38. It’s the Jews… Sigh -_-

  39. Singularity Raptor

    National Anthem can be copyrighted? Wtf

  40. The Starving Dragon

    Jingles, how on earth did you miss Sea if Thieves in your “games in March” list?! It’s made by Rare, a British developer and it’s got the most atmospheric water modelling I’ve ever seen in a game! Go get it!

  41. Jingles get a music license from PRS/MCPS. Their website is https://www.prsformusic.com

  42. Jingles take it easy you old dog, don’t push yourself too much. It sounds like hell what you are going through.

  43. SERIOUSLY JINGLES: you AND Rita just have to LEARN TO DRIVE MC! Fuq traffic!

  44. FFS jingles… i’m scrolling through comments for hours looking for the one guy to point out which games you are playing from which gamemaker that you are not allowed to talk about cause i’m to dumb to figure it out myself… yet all i find is ppl sharing your feelings for copyright’s, can someone help me here?

  45. sharks with lasers on their head come on get it right

  46. you have more right to use heart of oak than anyone on youtube

  47. I’m sorry about ur birthday man

  48. What you have to know is that there are a lot of what can only be called copyright trolls. For example there is some remix DJ who claims to own the copyright to the original Legend of Zelda theme (since at least seven years). There are tons of fraudulent claims that would never hold up in court, but no bugger takes those bungholes to court, so they probably make a ton of money off fraudulent claims.

  49. Can anyone say poetic justice, to the SALT Mines for the Gnome overlord.

  50. Congrats with your birthday.

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