Mingles with Jingles Episode 237

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Two subjects of discussion this week – game recommendations, both from you and from me; and reinforcing and rewarding positive actions in games in general and World of in particular.

Intro Music by Scott Buckley – www.scottbuckley.com.au
Intro Animation by Edward Noad


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 , nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Please play Lone Echo attempt #33

    Had to.

  2. Matthew Gilleland

    Good intro
    I have a game i can recommend Brutal Legend by Double Fine

  3. Definitely one of the best YouTube’s.

    That intro was sick. I think it should make an appearance more often. If they don’t like it they can fast forward it.

  4. Jingles play My Summer Car.

  5. Maedroth Sydryyth

    Great video! Have you considered checking out Minesweeper?

  6. Notsogoodguitarguy

    Jingles, please, PLEASE HELP! I’ve been trying to find a song you use in your videos, and I’ve searched high and low, but I can’t find it anywhere. Please help!

    It’s the jazz song that goes – Some might say that I’m a loner, but I just call it being free… And so on. If you can tell me a name, or provide a link to buy or download it, that would be amazing. please PM or just answer in the comments. It’s driving me crazy

  7. Great video, have you considered watching this fledgling salt-mine owning youtuber called Jingles?

  8. Great video Jingles! Have you considered checking out [Insert name of game here]?

  9. Hello jingles. Last month I spent by playing Heroes and Generals.free to play on Steam. Little grindy but fun. You can try to play it

  10. Loved Atlantic Fleet, very much want to see Pacific Fleet getting ported to PC

  11. Hey Jingles…I am part of a small clan in Naval Action. I remember your video of the game and was wondering if you might do a video again of the game. Lets not beat around the bush…we need more new players…and you make it possible. If you ever need in game content (ships and gear) and not want to affiliate with the devs….feel free to contact me.
    Always your faithfull miner.

  12. Sea of thieves, boring as fuck to watch being played. I imagine it’ll be even more mind numbing to play. And the most important drawback, windows store. Stay clear.

  13. Great video :3 I love listening to your comment or when you tell stories 🙂

    [RECOMENDATION] Soooo Jingels… you are salt miner and you like
    to dig stuff, kill stuff, blow shit up… check out Deep Rock Galactic 😛

    Have a great day 🙂

  14. oh high gnome overlord, tallest among us, what is this lone echo of what you speak? forgive my ignorance, but never heard or it………….oh attempt #33 but because

  15. Great Video, Have you considered playing Russian Roulette?

  16. Eh… Fire damage may be 100% heal-able, but it’s still obscenely powerful. Sure, you might heal back 20k damage, but I’ve burned you for 60k in the time it took for you to do that. The fire starter still wins.

  17. hey jingles, I have noticed a lack of Warthunder videos on your chanel. It will have naval battles soon, would like to see you check it out and know what you think of it.

  18. that intro is awesome!

  19. haha awesome intro

  20. Now I want to see Jingles playing Undertale, that would be great experience.

  21. OK, not really a recommendation, because you know of Naval Action. Have you noticed that they made a stand alone version of the old Sea Trials mode? It just came to mind again because you were talking about Sea of Thieves.

  22. Great video Jingles. Have you considered checking out

  23. How about subtracting from damage done if healed. Lets say you burn some poor bugger for 30k and somewhere during the match he repairs 20k of that. Your score then drops by the amount healed (20k)

  24. @ The Mighty Jingles have you tried dreadnought? If you like fractured space you will find it is right up your alley

  25. Absolutely EPIC intro!

  26. Hi Jingles, please do the Lone Echo series again ……… whatever it is 🙂

  27. Guest intro sucks

  28. Jingles, please play Lone Echo again! 😀

  29. Hey Jingles. Great video, have you considered checking this game out…. Just kidding XD

    Seriously though, you should consider taking a look at “There Came an Echo”. I shall admit I haven’t played it yet, but it looks very cool and I’m considering getting it for myself. It’s a strategy game, but instead of clicking around with the mouse you use voice commands (more just because it’s cool than anything) to control a small squad of soldiers

    Steam link – http://store.steampowered.com/app/319740/There_Came_an_Echo/

  30. Jingles do a Casual Saturday for Convoy(On Steam)! See if your “All Skill No Luck” title sticks on to that game

  31. Love the intro !

  32. JINGLES you could try these games:

    1. The Long Dark (I wold like to see you do some challenges in this game… and fail)
    2. Don’t starve (one shot)
    3. The Forest. (has a nice story to it, could become a subnautica substitute)

    Open World/Adventure
    1. Dark souls
    2. Bloodborne
    (both of the games are meant for you to suffer, admittedly you might find them boring. Peronally, I have played all the souls game but I prefer Bloodborne out of all of them and I would urge you to give it a go sometime)

    1. Outlast. (one shot/stream)
    2. Amnesia (one shot/stream)

    Games like Inside (2d side scroll/platformer)
    1. This war of mine
    2. Valiant heart (PLEASE CONSIDER THIS)
    3. Shovel Knight

  33. The Yellow Pages A to K

    I bought subnautica because of you. Now my wife really hates you. ?

  34. jingles you ever try steel ocean on steam its like world of warships but it has submarines and depthcharges

  35. “not pulling the trigger” yeahhh, tell me how that helps whit RLF in use and you`re the last ship of you`re team and you winning by a small margin and all you need is avoid behing detected and destroyed…

  36. Great video Jingles. Have you considered checking out hello kitty online?

  37. Ser Garlan Tyrell

    Why would you use HE on the Nelson? It has 9 x 16″ guns with fantastic arcs at tier 7, its a citadel machine!

  38. Yeah, Flamu does have a good point about the reward system, but he’s also a master camper when playing battleships so I wouldn’t give him as much credit for pointing that out…

  39. Jingles you old fool, you’re not supposed to play Kingdom Come with the game muted… no wonder you don’t have any sounds.

  40. I stoped playing the boats after noticing it was WOT all over again…..

  41. Are we going to see more of Total war: Thrones of Britannica? (it looked damn cool)

  42. jingles, everyone gets to see your dreadnought, fireproof and unsinkable awards in the final score table after the game. It’s not an instant-while-in-game award, but it’s there eventually…


  44. Miroslav Řezanina

    I like the intro….really great.

  45. Hang on, if Mingles with Jingles is unmonetised then there shouldn’t be any copyright issues at all, no matter what music they use. The copyright strike system applies only to monetised videos, so Jingles I am certain for this series at least, you can use whatever music you damn well please and they can’t touch you.

  46. I actually feel bad after this. All those dozens of games in a row that I’ve lost despite being at the top of the team and farming lots of damage. It’s probably my fault for losing, even though the game says “good job!!!”, since I’m not actually helping the team.

    There are certainly many issues in communicating game mechanics with players in World of Warships. Another example are the “penetrations” that do 0 damage because of so-called “spaced armour” .

    I’ve come to the point where I figured out that scouting can yield lots of experience points. However, the problem is that an easy way to do that is spamming radar all over the map, which is kind of sad.

  47. Not only was that intro awesome but that show was also very awesome. That is a keeper. Oh have you watched The Expanse yet?

  48. Great first half of the video, the second half was boring as watching paint dry, or going to a Methodist wedding.

  49. Oh mighty courageous gnome overload I am worker 229873672 in salt min #964 shaft 67 tunnel 221 the workers in this salt mine wish that you would play a game could steel panthers ww2 it is a turn-based strategy game that is very historically accurate (it is also free ) your courageous gnome tactics would work well if you are good at using brute force and ignorance i know the chances of you seeing this are slim but I hope you do see this.

    sinsarly worker 229873672

  50. Well the best option would be class only achevments..

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