Mingles with Jingles Episode 238

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In this weeks’ episode, the glorious PC Master Race drowns under a never ending wave of garbage games making it next to impossible for good indie games to stand out, and I try really, really, REALLY hard to play Sea of Thieves with… well, anyone.

New Intro by Joe Thomas


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Make independent monday, you play a random independent game each monday based on random reviews

  2. Whenever I felt frustrated in WoT, I would play Killing Floor 2. Its a good game in my opinion, good to let off some steam.

  3. The amount of anime/borderline hentai games on steam is just stupid

  4. Jingles play FTL!

  5. Economics 101 competition, competition, competition. Funny how the way the real way works also applies to Steam go figure.

  6. Don’t waste your time with Sea of Thieves… yet. The core mechanics/gameplay is solid. But that’s all there is. There is almost no content there. Second, to cater to Xbox limitations.. the server limit is 6 ships. 6 groups. That’s a 6-24 player limit. Honestly, it might be a good game in 6months to a year. But right now? It’s just a limited playground to goof around with friends.

  7. Jingles you should play Her Majesty’s Spiffing i dont know how much more British a game can get.

  8. Travis Hershberger

    Surviving Mars is so new it still squeaks, but I’ve been enjoying the limited amount of time I’ve had to play so far. The Great Gnomish One and real time strategy elements tho, could get dicey.

  9. Sea of Thieves is ok but there is no real progression. No skill points or building up a character. I played it for one night and said nope.

  10. I think the problem with the number of trash games out there is that you use STEAM. For STEAM it is garbage in- garbage out system. I never have understood everyone’s fascination with STEAM. (And I know I will receive a lot of hate for not being a STEAM zombie.) Anymore I use it as the low water mark of game quality…if it comes out on STEAM I won’t play the game (unless it is released independently elsewhere).

    You have to give it to the business model, however. It is brilliant…a license to print money on the backs of the free flowing wallets of Gamers. STEAM created an industry with a product based on a Windows exploit developed while sitting in the food court at Microsoft. Fantastic. To quote the Gnome-lord, “If it is stupid and it works…it ain’t stupid.”

  11. Can you imagine if there were 57 new films at the movie theatre every day? ?

  12. Play FTL (Faster Than Light). A super addictive and intensely challenging indie game with unlimited repeatability.

  13. Ship sunk mysteriously – on my first Subnautica run thru I left the prawnsuit out under the moon pool while I made a quick run for some needed minerals. Gone 20 minutes, come back, Ghost Leviathan had decided to move in and squat the safe shallows in the interim, and Prawnsuit entirely gone – eaten by the Ghost Leviathan evidently. Which is all to ask, do you get sea monsters, angry whales, giant crabs, hungry sharks, maybe a giant squid, or a Bermuda Triangle in Sea of Thieves?

  14. I feel like this game was pushed out too quickly with too high price tag regarding it’s content. It might be great after few extra months of development and patching.
    I might or might not overheard a conversation of someone who might or might not be participating in beta tests of the game with attitude to check out games features while not grinding it in beta state to the point one is already bored even before game is released and there were not so many features. Now it seems there are more voyage types and that’s all.
    Game is only for 4-man groups, too pricy. Not buying.

  15. Steam needs to add a new tier… “Late Access” with strict requirements, where breakages could result in the game losing that nice tier, or in the worst classes, bumped back to Early access…

    But alas, a lot of features on Steam have become useless, the tags used to be useful, but they are now reduced to noisy static mirrors of other information.
    However, I use them to great effect with writing memos about reasons why I clicked “Not Interested” on a game in the Steam store. 😀

  16. New intro = sexy

  17. And the funny part about the show Book of Mormon….. The Mormons actually took out ads in the Playbill (I still have mine from when I went to the show a couple year ago) so it made it look like they actually were sponsoring the show lol

  18. Like the intro, try WARFRAME. The first mission is a light tutorial, and is singal player, later it does open up to multi player. YouTube has many videos on game play. Free to play.

  19. Had the exact same experience in Sea of Thieves from days 1 and 2 of launch. since then. not a drama. Smooth sailing, no hiccups save for some bugs in game.

  20. SlimShadyLovesPastries

    One famous asset flip : PUBG

  21. the windows store is cancerous

  22. Dat intro tho!

  23. Your tale reminds me of early 90s “LAN Parties”, where we’d spend an hour or more just configuring each machine to work on the network. And Castle Romeo was a good example of people not knowing quite as much as they thought they did…

  24. god this fucking scroll zoomer in the Z52 battle is giving me a headache

  25. Play battletoads

  26. try out the game a way out its a 8 our co op experience only you need to buy the game and rita can be invited by you to play the entire thing for free for her. Its a fun game not to demanding and has a good story i would recommend it highly. Secondly if your also looking for another recommendation i would put ni no kuni 2 on that list its a nice game you can sink into a comfy seat with some rum and coke and just enjoy hours upon hours of JRPG enjoyment in a wonderfully crafted world.

  27. Coming soon: Please enter any 13 digit prime number to heal?

  28. How is the first guy playing so well in a caernavorn?!?

  29. My other half wandered in while you were describing what a pain in the arse the game is, and literally said “oh, Sea of Thieves? I don’t think that looks like a very good game”

  30. A little jew that popped up for me is a game Kenshi. Just came up under “Recommended for you” on Youtube. For 22$ CND oh my god! Take a really good look at this, you won’t regret it!

  31. Your experience with sea of thieves sounds a lot like my experience with elite dangerous, just trying to work out how to take off was a massive trial. So much so I tried to get a refund but had spent just slightly too long trying to work it out.

  32. Wasn’t Sea of Peeps delayed about 5 times and then delayed again? What the fuck they were doing during all of this time? Developer’s don’t know how to develop.

  33. The game was really made for Xbox Live

  34. Apart from the entertainment, the best part of your vid clips is finding out what games to not buy.

  35. You probably hit a rock somewhere, that made a tiny hole in the hull and flooded. Sometimes they are hard to spot

  36. Mr jingles u probably ran a ground in sea of thieves

  37. What I really don’t get with Sea of Thieves(SoT) – there are quite a few great pirate games – why didn’t they use those for inspiration? Let’s just take Sid Meier’s Pirates (SMP) as an example. You have a shitload of ships to use (according to wiki it’s 22)while SoT provides…2(!) ships in the entire game. Ship customizing is purely cosmetical – why is there no option to use different sails/riggings which would change sailing characteristics for example? Why only cannonballs, SMP had chain shots to break mast/rigging to hurt speed and maneuverability of the enemy or grape shot to kill the crew. In SMP you had a living caribbean with trading ships and spanish silver trains running their course and being quite lucrative targets, the sea in SoT just seems extremely empty with only a few players available to plunder. In SMP you could work for the 4 different nations, getting letters of marque and hunting pirates and enemies of the nation – none of this exists in SoT. The PVP part in SOT is laughable – it usually is down to who has enough planks to repair the ship often enough, boarding is down to who respawns fastest on the ship and who is most effective in bunnyhopping. In the end, besides the lackluster PVP and running the same few missions over and over and over again there simply isn’t enough substance in the game – to give you another example, even Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates, a pirate themed browser game I played ages ago had a shitload of things you could do. If I should bet how it went down – Rare had a stable framework and would’ve needed quite a few months to fill it with substance but MS marketing pushed the game out. I bet, SoT could be a good game if they put a little substance into it but why do that when you can make some $$ with a content DLC in a few months…

  38. I feel like Sea of Thieves would be a good game if there was more content or missions besides “go here and come back when your done” especially if its for full price. I bet the reason it wasn’t put on steam because it would instantly get flamed with bad reviews and refunds.

  39. Jingles! A new VR Shooter is coming from Ubisoft: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-us/game/space-junkies

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    You play real well and always tell
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  42. Hello from Claus

  43. Claus says HI! and Thanks for sharing 😉 hahaha

  44. Hey Jingles, Claus Kellerman says good morning!

  45. Sea of thieves is on the xbox game pass, you can play it on PC with the xbox game pass.
    You can even play it for free for 2 weeks.

  46. Hey Jingles, the intro is amazing!
    About Sea of Thieves:
    1. It is an expensive game, too expensive for what it is now, and some will say too expensive for what it might become. I believe in its potential, though.
    2. The Microsoft store is a weird hurdle in my opinion, but aside from some launch day matchmaking/party issues, it has not bothered me one bit. (If you have Windows 10 already, its worth the thought but if not, meh)
    3. I thought the exact same thing, lack of end-game content etc.

    BUT all that said, I have had the most fun I’ve had in games in years with the things that you CAN do in the game. Keep in mind though: This game gets exponentially more fun when you play it with friends/more people. I think you can just play the game and get matched with randoms if you want, and the voice system and quick command menus are adaptive and change depending on what you are doing, so communication is quite alright. (Aggressive things when holding a sword, commanding things when at the helm, recon things when holding your spyglass etc).
    Conclusion: Quite a damn big and uncertain entry level but I believe in its potential and the price paying off. (There is a whole new progression system when you reach level 50 with all associations I’ve heard)



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  50. thank you from Claus

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