Mingles with Jingles Episode 240

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This shotgun’s loaded, you kids better stay off my lawn!

Tiger Day IX: http://tankmuseum.org/whats-on/events/bovevt640


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. 12:05 notice the scumbag arty?

  2. When you go, how excited are you to meet and greet RitaGamer and The Mighty Jingles?

  3. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

    oh my god, it’s finally not “Not Mingles with Jingles”

  4. Nice! *Неllо friеnds! I rесentlу hаd a birthdаy, cаn I gеt a sub tоdaу? I wоuld bе vеrу hарpy! By the wаy, in mу lаst vidеo, l’ll shоw уоu Аwesome Вattle in World of Тanks, video every day. Hеаlth аnd lоng уeаrs tо yоu аnd уour lоved оnеs!*

  5. Ian actually got one video flagged by Youtube which he could only assume was because the name of the designer of the firearm in question sounded too similar to Hitler. There was also the constant problem of the showing the Nazis flag on his video which was historically accurate but not politically correct. It is a fun time we are living in.

  6. If you like forgotten weapons you should check out C&Rsenal. Similar content in more detail.

  7. Monday’s not so bad if you never work on Mondays anymore.

  8. Oh look its Jingles … the guy with the short memory … but his audience knows better … #Foch #Jingles #PutinLover

  9. Finally a dose of mingles with jingles I was having a relapse already

  10. Damnit jingles, it’s 2:45 in the morning ON A MONDAY

  11. Double Jingles’ body mass from shear muscle? I have always wondered if one can be considered overweight because they have too much muscle.

  12. Yay! Gnome master! May all your videos stay on top-oh shiny!

  13. Is that a forgotten weapons link? YES my fav youtubers are linking each other!

  14. I know, I know, but… it fits so well…


  15. Oh yeah Gun Jesus mentioned.

  16. Hmm, i wonder if i should dust off my old Shokaku again.

  17. massive massive fan of forgotten weapons and he is gona be on maven soon

  18. first hour comment? well thats a first first for me i guess

  19. jokes on jingles i’m on holiday

  20. @jingles Ian is a part owner of inrange Iirc?

  21. Just so you know, Ian McCallum is the cohost of InRangeTv, not an intermittent guest 🙂

  22. TD with bad vision, go spot! We can’t be bothered with leaving our spawn. 😀

  23. Yo, Jungles! Did you see In Range TV’s series on the English WW II civilian ration? They assembled a weeks ration identical to the WW II ration, and lived off it for a week. Very interesting. Civilian health actually improved over the course of the war.
    Oh. And In Range TV has self de-monitized. They got tired if dealing with the leftist dumbshits at YouTube. In Range has also started posting some of their videos on PornHub. So there’s that. ?

  24. Jingles to Help Very one who dose not Know Was is Kettenkraftrad ( what he said at 12:13)https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SdKfz_2. Jingles Effect . Let’s me Guess Taxman

  25. Grand Admiral Thrawn

    In the first 2000 to watch! Personal best. Haha

  26. Open and closed bolt? AKSHUALY Jingles that’s not the reason the AK performed worse than the AR.

  27. check out chris bartocci (Small Arms Solutions) on full30

    What Happened with the M16 in Vietnam?https://www.full30.com/video/d539e229cdcdefb0b75a6d4fc8a3c5a6

  28. Jingles are you going to put the Mingles with Jingles videos back up, after you edited the copyright problematic material out of them. Because i really love going back and listen to the story you tell there.

  29. *Stalin Purge Vs Youtube Demonitization* ——– Give me Stalin Purge any day.

  30. So let me get this straight YouTube dose not like it if you show tanks?! How stupid!

  31. Did anyone notice that Big Phil’s right arm seems to have significantly bigger muscles than his left one?

  32. Correction, the Dutch Leopard 2 is actually part of the ‘National Military Museum’ in Soesterberg, Netherlands. Which happens to be also a former US airbase. They have at least 2 of them there, 1 should be inside on display and the other one should be visiting other museums like tankfest. Jingles, you noob! I told you this on several occasions and you still not paying attention!
    Their official website: https://www.nmm.nl/en/

    (I am visiting again April 28th 2018 as things are now. This for photography)

  33. Nice shout out for Forgotten Weapons and InRange TV. Both are excellent channels if you have any interest in firearms.

  34. Appreciated your take on the firearm issues going on here in the US with the commisars at YouTube.  I’m not shocked its affecting your videos too.  Those of us who are responsible firearm owners and enthusiasts are taking it on the chin due to the bad actions of a few nut cases.  It’s amazing how tolerance is only a one way street anymore.

  35. Jingles moving to Pornhub soon?

  36. Hey jingles you should take a look at floatplaneclub. Its being made by the guys running the LinusTechTips channel. The site where you can upload videos in parallel to YouTube and people can give you a monthly subscription and watch your videos add free.

  37. Jingles and Forgotten weapons two of my favourite channels on youtube.

  38. Thought about Ian the moment you got into the content. Forgotten Weapons deserves far better than how YT is treating him.

  39. Jingles can you please ask when will WoW bring in AA mode for main guns can shoot in ?

  40. Jingles is a fan of Forgotten Weapons…

    I KNEW IT!!


    To be honest, who could blame him, though? Ian is amazing to listen to and learn from.

  41. Love the forgotten weapons page, his video on the EM-2 was brilliant, his insight into weapons development just adds to the interest.

  42. Gotta say, as a “somewhat” accomplished CV player, i’d just like WG to consider that if you make something easy, and there is any way of it being very very strong if people become good at it, the unicums are going to pounce on it and take advantage.
    So many people think CVs are OP and unfair. so many people complain about them. I’ve seen said CV players, and usually they are only mildly competent, getting the occasional 200k damage game and kraken.
    When a CV player can get 8 kills and 400k dmg in a game, or 4 dev strikes in a single game (both of which are doable and I’ve done), and it’s mostly down to the players skills, steps need to be taken to make sure the NEW CV game-play cannot be exploited to the same extent, as much as it pains me to know i won’t be able to repeat such results

  43. You are going back to St Petersburg? For your sake I hope you are there for May 9th – GET TO PALACE SQ EARLY

  44. Last time I was this early “Last time I was this early” jokes didn’t exist. And I’m not even that early.

  45. Monday isn’t too bad when I can watch this ^^

  46. youre going back to st petersburg?
    careful not to lost your passport like a certain someone 😉

  47. mighty lord jjingles you said that you will be fine and that we are going to get wet and thats ok but what about rita will she get wet ??

  48. If you like Forgotten Weapons Jingles, i’d highly recommend C&Rsenal. They do indepth history into the development of various firearms (Currently locked to WW1 but they plan to do weapons outside of it eventually) and as well as the history and R&D that goes into each fire arm, they do a live fire demonstration, an animation of the insides of the action of each small arm and its brilliant. Couldnt recommend it higher! (hope i’ve sold it for you)

  49. The irony of YouTube, when the world is run, as General & US President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned that the world is now controlled by the Military Industrial Complex – Bankers and Arms Manufacturers, who also own all the media outlets that ‘we’ use. Firearms manufacture is the biggest business in the world – but not for ‘you’. You need to be ignorant and disarmed.

  50. Good luck getting there Overlord.. don’t forget the Rita Effect on travel 🙂

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