Mingles with Jingles Episode 241

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

This week, I’ve mostly been messing around with tanks and playing computer games. Pretty much like most weeks. It’s a life.


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. why did this not show up in my notifications

  2. Looks like Jingles lost his battletech red shirt, IE: Dekker

  3. Mechwarrior 2 was the best.
    Played on TKZ.net. Shadow Warriors. Merc unit that had planets. So much fun.

  4. I’m surprised they don’t have a working CEV or AVLB at Bovington or do they?, Yes aging myself served with 11th ACR 11/83-05/87

  5. >Showing footage of Battletech
    >Dekker eats it.


  6. I had the exact same bug with those APCs =/

  7. If I could be so bold to recommend a title you can sink into — give RimWorld a try! It’s terrific, really.

  8. Howdy Jingles sir! I have two sets of important business I must discuss!

    One! I heard you were a bit of a dad joker (Longboat joke) and I thought I could tell you one of mine for the new Cold Waters expansion.

    What do you call the leader of the People’s Liberation Army Navy?

    The man, with the PLAN!

    Two! This is the one you might not care about, but it is one of the highlights of my life (my life may be a little sad) at the moment. Recently my girlfriend got a new computer, and among art programs, she installed world of warships upon my request. She didn’t really expect much, but she actually loved it, and is learning darn fast as well. She’s only played around eight game and is at the tier iii Russian cruiser (Darn Russian bias, quit getting in the way!) though this is only against A.I. (because that’s all she has access to) it is still impressive to me because she holds no real vested interest in military tech as a whole. Except for one ship that is. Its near and dear, the might HMS Queen Elizabeth, is the ship she is most attracted to. I thought it might make you proud, as it certainly did for me. My main point is that I am able to teach her all the ins and outs of being a good player because I learned them here, on your channel. I wanted to give you a big thank you, even though I doubt you’ll ever read this.

    By the way, use the “Man with the PLAN” joke if you’d like.

  9. I’ve been playing tabletop battletech for years. And this video game is so similar that I will be playing this for years to come.

  10. Tank museum is lacking space… to have them all cramped up like they are does not display their size & ferocity. Just looks like a big traffic jam. Loved Mech Warrier in 2002… then life happened & I had to leave it behind.

  11. Try stellaris or Hearts of iron 4, IDK if you would enjoy them but I recommend giving them a try

  12. I’m playing BattleTech notice me Salt master.

  13. July 1st is Canada Day!

  14. You should try Project Zomboid Jingles, really good in depth zombie survival simulator, trust me, it ain’t like any other survival game.

  15. You need to try “The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt”. Little game, actually a port from android. Great if you take into account that is a 120 Mb download. Huge map, dozens of ships. If you try it, just remember that the difficulty depends on the map; in other words before you buy the next map make sure you have ships and gold to spare to buy or construct the best ship for that map. But it is a real hidden jewel.

  16. Jingles, did you play the old Mech Commander game too?

  17. I think one year they should do a hill climb test, Tiger 131 vs Churchill vs Sherman vs T-34 I think that would be awesome to change things up.

  18. Just want to point out that the complex mechlab system in MWO has dates back to the tabletop game and was present in every mechwarrior title since the 2nd game. The version used in the new Battletech is nearly just as complex too. The only real difference is that it doesn’t allow custom engines and is limited to 3025 era tech where as MWO uses 3050+ era tech. Battletech being a single player game means that you can get away with not understand the system and running potato builds on your mechs. But in any competitive online multiplayer game, you will get punished heavily for doing that.

  19. Wasn’t lucky enough to run into you on Tigerday Jingles. I was gonna suggest you to play Battletech, I thought that would be a perfect game for you…well, I’m glad you are playing it 🙂 I’m 60 hours in and can’t stop playing it. The story and the mechs you’re gonna salvage/buy/get would make it a good series to watch so go ahead 😉

  20. Ohhh future adventure with jingles

  21. Funnily enough, I had Decker die in the same mission that Jingles had on 🙁 But he didnt go down until the final fight in the mission.

  22. Jingles, maybe it’s time to run mingles with Jingles monthly instead of weekly.

  23. Battle tech heard slow beginning, crappy music= not for me

  24. Conecici Madalin

    YEEY Romania 😀

  25. MWO is admittedly complicated for noobs. I was turned off initially by that, but I came back a year later, sat down, and put in the time to figure it out. Now I enjoy playing it regularly. However, I feel like it would have been a similar experience with Battletech if I wasn’t already familiar with MWO. The mechbays feel identical to me, so not sure why you’d struggle with one and not the other.

  26. Have you tried hearts of iron 4? I think you should like it.

  27. Vendetta Gaming.

    I love battletech not had any bugs yet so all good

  28. Wow. I never thought I’d see the day when a Leyland L-Shitty worked long enough to take a video of it.

  29. I’d watch a Battletech series, Jingles!

    Just… Try not to keep parking poor Dekker and his Spider out in front of all the enemy firepower, OK?

  30. I’d actually love seeing you play through Battletech once a week ^^ Would be a nice change to Wargaming videos

  31. Yay Jingles! Battletech is EPIC, I am loving the story so far and can see me playin this for a good long while. Xcom meets game of thrones in space with giant mechs and three decades of lore. What ‘s not to love?

  32. Hmm, games to play? Try a game called Kenshi, it’s brutal and addictive! Its like Warhammer meets Xcom, and its cheap on steam.

  33. Battletech is amazing for the price ! Im happy u find it too and hope to see more of ur gameplay in weeks to come

  34. “First time I have seen a Chiefftain running under its own power” WRONG https://youtu.be/UUSoa5PICyI?t=499 😉

  35. WoW just did it again: the NA server disconnected me just a battle began. This time I was able to re-connect in time to actually participate in the battle, avoiding being slapped with teamkill points for unsporting behaviour (leaving early).

    But twelve hours ago WoW did this and would not let me back on several times. Even after using accumulated free XP to research and buy a tier-III Friant, this disconnection behaviour from a running game continued. After a short nap to calm down, and rebooting, I finally connected – to find that each disconnection counted as either AFK or leaving the game early, which under the new 0.7.4 rules meant “team kill” penalty for unsporting behaviour. Penalty: eleven games teamkill-free in co-op mode. I was nearly there when a friendly destroyer did a U-turn in front of my torpedoes after I had carefully waited for him to pass!

    I’d change back to the asian server, but the network disconnections were almost as bad there, and the ping time longer.

    I’m one of those souls who doesn’t buy doubloons, so can’t really complain about value for money. But if I were, this would give me pause. These new rules will have a commercial downside, I’m certain, for wargaming.net.

  36. Hey Jingles, sorry for the late comment, I’ve been functioning on caffeine and two hours of sleep in the UK so I had to wait until I was back home to watch any youtube videos.

    Glad you like the stuff I bought you and very nice meeting both you and Rita.

    To clarify, yes, we have about seven working salt mines in Romania, and the badge and keychain I bought you are from one that’s still under activity – Salina Slanic Prahova (located pretty close to Bucharest, the capital). Two of it’s three extraction chambers “Unirea” (“Union”) and “Mihai” (named after the king we had during WW2 and who died last year) can be visited while the third, “Victoria” (“Victory”) is off limits because that’s where they extract salt from.
    It’s not the most spectacular salt mine we have though, because that title belongs to Salina Turda, in Transylvania, which closed in 1932 and it’s now only for tourists, with such things as an amusement park and a lake with rowboats, all underground.

    Also, initially I wanted to give you a Frigateman’s rather than a Submariner’s badge, because the current flagship of our fleet is F-221 “Regele Ferdinand” (named after the king we had during WW1 and name of the flagship of the fleet during WW2, an “R” class destroyer similar to the British “Shakespeare class” destroyer leaders), which is none other than the former HMS Coventry, and the second-in command is F-222 “Regina Maria” (named after the queen – who was of British origin and granddaughter of Queen Victoria herself- we had during WW1, also the name of an “R” class destroyer during WW2), the former HMS London, both F22 type frigates and I know your first ship was also of this class.
    Unfortunately, I couldn’t get one in time for the trip, but if I ever run across one, I’ll send it to you.

    When it comes to StuGs, unfortunately we don’t have any, not even as static displays, because they were all expended as range targets during communism or just cut for scrap. In fact, we don’t have any working vehicles, which is a damn shame. A few years ago the Bucharest Military Museum were thinking of restoring their Malaxa UE Chenillette (licence built Renault UE) to working condition, but a shortage of parts and know-how put a stop to the project for now.
    We do however, have a few unique pieces in our museum and I’d be happy to act as a guide if you ever decide to grace us with your presence.

  37. You are most assuredly NOT the only one playing Battletech out here. My girlfriend is currently a Battletech widow for the foreseeable future. Another great video and thanks for all the hard work?

  38. A less-gaming related question Jingles: did you ever attend Borderwars or something similar when airsofting? Or did you stick to Combat South’s Vietnam event?

  39. I have over 500 games from Gog.com. All I play is World of Warships for close to a year now. Almost every moment I am able to. Might be a while before I get bored with it. Love Naval warfare and history.

  40. Looking for a new game ? Maybe look at Witcher III The Wild Hunt. I know its not a new game in that sense of speaking. But its still the most beautiful game i have ever played, graphic wise. And the storyline is spot on.

  41. Battletech is great, but a bit buggy and slow.

  42. Olorin the 13th

    You first got me into investing to Frost punk and THEN tell me how boring it is long term and at the very same time I am still itching to finish that one you reactivate my BT-infestation?!

    Gnome overlord, you are an arsehole.

  43. Boltezar Ziherl

    Mwo mechbay went through some changes lately, so its much more similar to one in Battletech then it was, the last updated even introduced 360 view ( something show in MW5), skill tree can be handful, but overall game is far more competitive. MM is wishful thinking, Solaris with introduction of Duncan Fisher is nice touch, dark side of it is complete lack of cheat control, so aimboating, lag shields etc are quite common or more present lately. From what i saw, Battletech, MWO, MW5 will shear same models for mechs, vehicles…. nice touch.

  44. I had an advantage over you in playing Battletech, I was a Kickstarter backer so I had a beta access.  So I had a chance to learn the game before it was finalized and released.  So that said, from what I saw of your gameplay and having played the same mission, I kind of wonder if you have an idea of what you’re doing.  If you’re still going through learning pains, I think you should restart.  Talk to everyone of the NPCs on the ship and take the time to learn the game mechanics.  They give you very good information and also hover with your mouse on everything, you’ll find out a lot.If you do a series on Battletech, I will have to wait to watch it as I only just started playing yesterday so not to have the surprises of the campaign spoiled.And, I do agree, you have a hard life.

  45. Am I the only one who noticed the dude riding a horse around 8:20?

  46. The soundtrack to MW2 mercenaries is dope

  47. Yup, playing and loving BattleTech here. 🙂

  48. Any interest in Hearts of Iron or Steel Division? Might not be winners for the channel, (like that Alien Isolation game i’m hearing so much about). But i reckon you’d have fun playing them. 🙂

    • Also looking forward to the day i get my jingles saltmine badge. Will wear it with pride as I toil the last of my life for the gnomish overlord.

  49. you can always give ArmA III a try

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