Mingles with Jingles Episode 242

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

It’s time for another episode of everyone’s favourite video where some silly git rambles on about nothing in particular hopes no-one will notice.

Except this week we’re starting off by talking about something that actually matters for once.


System Specs: i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Rest in peace Samantha

  2. Im not crying, Im smiling. Well.. maybe the first part was a lie..

  3. Great job jingles and contributing miners.

  4. Jingles, glad you like BT. I use a Lance of a Panther 9N with a PPC and SRM6 as a scout, a Centurion, a Catapult, and a trebuchet. has worked quite well towards end game of the campaign.

  5. Condolences to John and RIP Samantha.
    There is faith and hope in the human race and the internet yet 🙂

  6. Getting to watch Mingles before 12pm, ahhh the Bank Holiday perks.

  7. Marianne Jensen

    Great that John managed to get what he requested.
    -Try something different? You need to play Battletech, in order to try something different? World of tanks, is enough where you can “try something different” but most people doesn’t, because the tactics they already use, works most the times. And why change something that already works?
    If not for the wrong set of skills, in wow, then the fact that you were all together on getting bosses and monsters down? Or the fact that you could both chose to work with other random people in a grp, or to go grind professions, xp or gold and credits on your own. The fact that you can have two main-professions on your char, and choose its appearence, in almost any aspect
    -Managem? or the manacookie-thing?
    To enjoy the fun, gotta do the grind for it to keep going on. And what wouldn’t you do for an option to game with your friends and family? Even in spite of continous let-downs… you would go quite far, I can asure!

  8. If you think we’re going to get bored listening to your explanations of why no one wants to go to that particular dungeon then ooohohoho boi have I got news for you as to why your videos aren’t so long anymore. I mean it’s kind of why we’re here come on salt overlord

  9. There was a mission in Mechwarrior 3 where the best mech was a totally unarmoured as fast as possible single light mech with jump jets.

  10. My heart is dying, that was an amazing beginning to my week but it’s also sad

  11. Ahhhh!! Jingles making water. I have to get that image out of my mind!!

  12. Aahahahha You poor salt miners might have to work on Monday. This is my second Monday off in a row. SO I went shopping. and got some Whisky. MWahahahahhhahah

  13. Hi Jingles,

    I’m going to respectfully disagree with the comparison between XCOM and Battletech? Ok, so you changed BattleMechs. How often have you changed MechWarriors, how many new people did you hire? And in XCOM how often have you upgraded your weapons and armor and equiped higher level modifications? And don’t forget, on a higher difficulty level in XCOM you won’t get away with the same group over and over again, some classes are better suited for certain missions.

  14. lol vanilla WOW mage here, and all i can say is thank God they made the ritual of replenishment eventually

  15. Darkness Nighthingale

    5:30am. Need to wake up at 6:45am to go to school.

  16. I got 2 Quickdraws. One set up for close range with SRM6s, med lasers and 5 jump jets , the other with an LRM15, LRM10 and 5 jump jets. I find Quickdraw an extremely good alternative to Catapults. They have very good movement range, with 5 jets they can jump very long distances and build max evasion with ease. They hit hard with 25 LRMs at a time and can stay out of harms way easily. The LRM boat is always in my lance. I got lucky on that particular mission as I was just trying out the close range build Quickdraw so I just jumped from one building to another and one shot them all 🙂

  17. William Mcginty

    Battle of Britannia….. why no mention it?!!?!?!?!? Def would love a video

  18. What a good person you are Jingles….

  19. Oh man
    I didn’t realize this was another one of those “Gamers are awesome” videos sponsored by Jingles himself
    Well don’t mind if I do

  20. No Jingles, you are just shit… I finished that mission with three assaults and a heavy with time to spare on my first try. Also the thing with locust and only lrm mechs will work very badly, because your spotter will get blown to pieces in half a turn. Sadly Battletech is bigger is better…

  21. Jingles am sad, I just got XCOM 2 finally cause Steam was selling it cheap, but I went to hunt for your characters and the dropbox link is 404 not found. Any chance you could re-host those for us late bloomers? Pleeeeeese?

  22. First time ever I’ve down voted a MWJ vid. Battletech beyond boring, even Jingles can’t make it remotely interesting.

  23. He NEEDS the extra money to pay the taxes on the first $3300.

  24. Jingles have you tried out other two scenarios in Frostpunk? I liked the 3rd one more than the main one

  25. i am going to tank fest

  26. Miotony Dystrophy is an awful affliction and affects all the muscles in the body, even those used for speech. I have friends who suffer as do some of their children. There is no cure and absolutely nothing much you can do about it yet I have never heard or seen any of them moan about it but I have seen them shunned because they seem to be ‘retarded’ which is shameful in itself. It does NOT affect the brain at all but because of the ‘droopy eyelids’, droopy bottom lip and slurred nasal speech along with extreme difficulty walking these sufferers arectreated appallingly by some of those fortunate enough to be born ‘normal’. So thank you to all those who contributed to the appeal for this father from the bottom of my heart.

  27. Matthew Merrell

    You really should do a play-thru of BattleTech Jingles

  28. But its a UK bank holiday Jingles!!!!

  29. I’m pretty cynical of these people begging on go fund me. You have no way to know if they are honest.

  30. I refuse to play WoW any more due to the 2nd job element

  31. Michael Russell

    Well Done to all who donated to the go fund me to the unfortunate father

  32. A Random person

    5 am….

  33. But for some lucky sods its a Bank Holiday Monday *grumbles*

  34. Feels with Jingles

  35. The cheapest gravestone costs what?!?!

  36. your idea what you wanted try, with the catapults, i wanted to do from the word go, x) from the time i knew what catapults where i wanted to try that. way back in the early 2000 CnC generals was one of my most played games and all i did was explored new ways to beat my friends who just mass build for hammer it way to victory, x) didnt work so well for them

  37. Diego olivas Martinez

    You know i feel like us gamers are more human than most people out there you know.

  38. You’ve got to try “Endless Space 2” there are plenty of these “finisher” techs to research, but… IMHO the game is so huge that no matter if you go for one of them, and IA might go a completely different way and get the upper hand on other areas of the struggle… so… These so called “finishers” are not that relevant in the end when you think about it…

  39. José F. Martín

    Impressive. Simply impressive. Guys, you’re great.

  40. If you like the variable methods way of doing missions, try Harebrain’s SHADOWRUN games (3 in all at this time). You basically have a team of operatives and they can all have different specialties (one is a mage, one is a melee combat monster, one is a sniper-type shooter, and one is a hacker, etc). Many missions in the Shadowrun games REQUIRE you to switch up your team roster, and its almost impossible to go thru the entire game using just the same 4 people……

  41. Not Locust, Jenner as a scout. Almost as fast, jump capable…lose the the SRM-4 and add armor so you can survive a mistake…it is known the JR-7F and it;s the best variant out there for scouting arty

  42. Only 28 poor child.

  43. Back to work my ass…..BANKHOLIDAY JINGLES…im staying indoors playing games

  44. Stopped playing WOW the day they introduced Kung Fu panda as a character class, haven’t been back since, Get what you mean though as I was Fleet commander in eve and those battles could require not sleeping for over 24 hours.

  45. The tactic you describe is how you are suppose to use fire support mechs, and if you like the Catapult its to bad you can’t get an Archer 🙂 In battle tech mechs are divided not only by weight class but role as well.

  46. Something you might be interested in Jingles from a faithful salt miner; live fire testing of the S-tank with english subtitles.


  47. What a noob Jingles you don’t go for tanks quickly in Civ5.

  48. Jingles you did your 22 you owe no one anything.

  49. You fool! Catapults are for plebs and peasants. Trebuchets are the superior Siege Engine! Everybody knows that!

  50. Ivan Stepanovic

    Gamers or not, we are humans. And humans will always surprise you, one way or another.

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