Mingles with Jingles Episode 243

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It’s late, I’m tired, writing descriptions is hard. Welcome to Mingles, you all know what to expect by now. 😉

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  1. Jussi Raitoniemi

    JIngles it’s only polite to tell them which hotels to bug before you get there. Can you imagine how hard it would be to bug a hotel after you were arrived there? 🙂

  2. Military History Visualized

    The last time I was this early Britain still had a carrier with aircraft on it…

  3. 16:37 I’m just distracted from Jingles’ story by the utter ridiculousness that they have to put THAT message as a “useful tip”

  4. In soviet Russia, visa apply for you

  5. The Foolish One

    Its because Russia knows better than to trust evil Gnomes. You brought this apon yourself jingles.

  6. Nightmare Rarity

    Damm I’m not first comment!!

  7. Hi jingles just wondering could you do a video of your time in the navy

  8. The Lil American

    From what time did you serve on the navy Jingles?

  9. Katy is an awesome Mum ??

  10. the event for WoWs, thanks to that, I managed to research and buy: the Akatsuki, The Myoki (I have all ARP versions of the Myoko, so I only bought her to research the Mogami), the Nurnberg, and, finally, the North Carolina as well as her upgrades. Also managed to buy back the Ryujo, which I shall use almost solely for Operations.

  11. Really should have ended with a montage of exploding trains.

  12. Kekistani citizen #001

    *new meta*

    *destroy any train in sight*

  13. Jussi Raitoniemi

    (13 57 lucky cowaaarden)

  14. Oh, just wondering, when did this, “salt miner,” meme start? I have been with Jingles for years, but not long enough to remember that.

  15. *Jingles* — Best of luck going to Russia.
    I can’t wait to see how the ‘Rita effect’ pans out.

  16. This video is a answer to the question: “Why is Russia so hated, and such a piece of shit country?”

  17. So Jingles, are you looking forward to BREXIT and having to apply for a visa even to visit Gamescom in Germany again?

    • Actually they only need to apply for a Visa if our german government decides to remove the UK from the list of countrys that can visit germany without a visa. Even if the UK leaves the EU, as they were never part of the Schengen Treaty they never abolished passport controls between the UK and any state of the EU neighboring it (except Ireland, as that’s part of the Island group and has a land border, which they decided would be too much of a bother to control). So it’s very likely that for the citizens of the UK (like Jingles) nothing will change when they travel anywhere in the EU.

  18. Yeah, I’m a similar collector of crap in games that I’ll never use. I kind of wish I could stop.

  19. Let’s face it jingles your really James Bond that’s why the Russians want you to fill out all them forms.

  20. spymaster jingles

  21. Lucas the window licker is doing well i see

  22. Jingles, any chance you’d consider releasing the “Mingles with Jingles” in a podcast format?  I can’t always watch YouTube videos at work, it’d be nice to be able to listen to this on my device while working or driving.  Just a thought!

  23. Topeka — toe-PEEK-uh. I used to live about half an hour from there.

  24. LOL God bless Katie tank girl

  25. Make sure this time you make it onboard the Aurora I recently visited St Petersburg and it’s really impressive, honestly the Mikasa is much more stunning to wander around but Tokyo is a lot further to go

  26. Hearing about David reminds me of when i was 4 and we visited a trainyard and some guys were working on a steam crane, and I, when i was 4, told the guys how exactly to fix it. XD

  27. Miroslav Tordaji

    I hope no employee of Russian embassy is watching MWJ…….because you can kiss your visa goodbye if they do

  28. Anybody would think they don’t want any people to visit russia.

  29. Seriously!?

    What industrialized country in the 21st century asks for a visa when you’re coming from another 21st century industrialized country?

    And yes, I do grind missions for stuff that I’ll never use.

  30. Jingles you not have wanted to say you “cheated” on the EU travel.

  31. Jingles an idiot, is a person that dont beleave in democracy. So, you migth whant to find another word for him. lol

  32. Rita the Portuguese nobody

  33. Well, oh Mighty :)… last year I was applying for USA visa…. The procedure and level of detail was pretty much the same, and I’m just ordinary, self employed guy, nothing to do with military ever :).. And, on top of that my country is, well, considered to be some kind of civilized :), it’s in NATO pact and things like that… Still…. couple of hours of writing everything about me, my family, my bussiness, my plans in US [I dont have any yet], where am I staying [I have no idea], how much money I’m taking with me [no idea], relatives in US, if any where they live, what they do and so on… 🙂

  34. if you want a frontline replay i nearly did 20k dmg http://wotreplays.eu/site/4344913#frontline-world_of_tanks_winner-rheinmetall_skorpion_g btw really enjoied your vid

  35. Jekub Fimbulwing

    Well, the next generation of window lickers is off to a great start!

  36. 3 tank replay ???…boooo first time i dislike a video

  37. Finally understand the reason daddies say they want blow jobs.

    One of the best quotes xD

  38. In Soviet Russia, when British visa applies for me, the set of documents required sounds about the same.

  39. tah-PEEK-uh

  40. Toe-peak-a

  41. Cordial Trousers, oh how nice.

  42. Irish Wristwatch

    Did you that if you want to beatbox all you have to do is say “ensk” repeatedly

  43. 1011_warrior User_Bluematch1

    I have a question!!! I want to start making videos for world of tanks and world of warships but I don’t know where to start… does anyone know what kind of video editing software I should use or would recommend???

  44. the 2nd pronunciation you did was good enough

  45. You would think that they would keep a record on file, take finger prints, then instead of making you fill out the entire form, you read the computer file and they ask is if anything has changed. If No they just give you a small form about Hotels but the fact that you did it before a few months ago and stuck to your Visa, it should be in your favour in all honesty.

  46. Have a look on Tank Universal 2, on steam.

  47. AnzacKiwiAstrix

    just be grateful Jingles it a hell of a lot harder to clear maf (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry) customs when coming back to my Country than leaving it. What you say you went on a hike in another country, off with your shoes and burn them alive.

  48. Just a reminder, that British visa requires exactly the same amount of details if you are visiting from Russia. And finger prints and photos too. In person.

  49. And now you have just told them you lied on your visa application… lets hope no one at the embassy follows you on Youtube 🙂

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