Mingles with Jingles Episode 244

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Tankfest! Russia! Emails from book authors! It’s all happening in this weeks’ episode!


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Matthew Frazeur

    Please please please do an audiobook! I would pay so much money. Also I’m stupidly jealous that you know James D. Hornfischer.

  2. OMG. Jingles I would LOVE to hear all kinds of audio books read by you. That would be awesome.

  3. Jingles if you get a moment with the devs I have a suggestion to make life easier for streamers:
    A new consumable: “Scuttle”. Sinks your boat instantly. Make sure it goes in the repair slot, so arty players turned wows BBs don’t use it to “drown themselves” when their team is loosing.
    They could even make it teir1 only, but that would be boring … we want to see youtube vids of you forgetting to change the consumable :p

    As for next weeks videos: couldn’t you make mingles on wednesday or thursday for once? I’m sure there will be plenty to talk about just from the trip that you will have a full episode for the week after!

  4. 16:04 WOAH! I understand you’re quoting but you shouldn’t just drop language like that.

  5. Thanks Jingles. My dad was a radioman on a destroyer escort from Leyte Gulf to the picket line at Okinawa. His ship was in Taffy 2 at Leyte. I’ve read all Hornfischer’s books, especially Tin Can Sailors. My dad never wanted to talk about it much, so it’s good to see it’s still remembered.

  6. Hey Jingles. Come to Denmark the 24 Jun and see the Walker Bulldog. Centurion, Leopard 1 and many more during life firering just north of Esbjerg. Normally all the tanks and Haubitser are shooting about 110-120 rounds. You can get as close at about 100 meter from them shooting

  7. can we start a go fund me for jingles audio books

  8. Oorah !!

  9. My dick gets unnaturally erect whenever I see a Churchill or it’s variations (IE: Including the Black Prince). It’s just a sexy fucking tank.

  10. I come from the commonwealth Herr Overlord

  11. Im not one to read but i sure as hell would listen to it if u happen to find spare time to make it an audio book. In fact that would be awesome you should make it a four part series of all 4 of jims books “because we are close friends now”

  12. send more candles.. can’t read books while in the dark mines..

  13. Donald Palmrose

    Jingles, I have two books to recommend to you: 1) The Struggle For Sea Power – A Naval History of the American Revolution by Sam Willis, and 2) To Rule the Waves – How the British Navy Shaped the Modern World by Auther Herman. Now, you say no big deal here, naval history is what I know. But the hook for both are the book about the American naval side during the Revolution was written by a Brit while the book on the Royal Navy was written by a Yank! Go figure! Anyway, I enjoyed reading them and thanks to you I am going to find and buy Neptune’s Inferno and probably all of the other books by your new friend Jim. Enjoy!

  14. 4:32 America doesn’t care about your feet or your balls.

  15. prob everything you forgot to talk about in today’s Mingles with Jingles 😛

  16. I’m from the backwoods of Tennessee thank you. I love reading specifically about science.

  17. Thanks jingles for clarifying the difference of the two sports. I’m only fluent in americanese.

  18. Good luck on actually arriving at your destination on time.

  19. Curious to hear this trips issues, shortfalls and missed stops for this adventure and I wonder who’ll be left behind in St Petersburg this time??

  20. Lol, I think most Americans know what a foreigner means when they say football.

  21. It’s Jingles fault for all the extra people for Tankfest.

  22. Neptune’s Inferno and Fleet at Flood Tide are both quite good. I haven’t read the others yet.

  23. Some of us can’t watch twitch due to schedules 🙁

    • I bought the audio-book version of Neptune’s Inferno on your recommendation Jingles ;-), thanks for the suggestion! Glad you and Mr. Hornfischer have become friends!

    • And I would pay good money to buy a Jingles read version of any of Mr. Hornfischer’s books!

  24. Jingles could you do a video on the battle off Samar based off the book battle of the tin can sailors?

  25. As a scrub from the backwoods of Tennesee, I resemble that statement…

  26. Ya well in the end who was glowing in the dark?

  27. Yearly Red Dragon

    Hey Jingles, I know this is a personal question, but I’m crazy curious… How old is Rita?

  28. Matthew Van Buren

    4:24 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRiOEsyZSX8
    By the way, it was you guys who coined the word soccer, not us.

  29. hey just for reference Houston is pronounced HUE-ston I know it’s a minor quibble but i’m a Texan and Sam Houston is basically the George Washington of Texas

  30. The Amazing Goldfish

    Make sure Rita doesn’t sell you for quick rubels. Remember women love Russian hats and boots! Good luck Jingles.?

  31. Please tell me that there actually is a bright pink IS-3 on a children’s playground in Eastern Europe, and that wasn’t just hyperbole from Jingles 😛

    • …..lol…headline news in la france…the Pink Panther diamond got stolen…again. If anyone asks if you ever saw it…just say nope XDXDXDXDXDXD

  32. 0:12 **Warning…Warning…Die hard fan moment incoming in 3 seconds….1….2…3** No video next Monday? I don’t understand…..ar…r…are you hungry?….Jingles…Jingles are you hungry?….Are you cold (oh noes, our mighty gnome overlord gotz dem zoggin man flu agaize)?….Do you need a blanket? …..aaaaaawwwww Jingles :3…do you want some TOG IIs with mustard, and a blanket?

    Jingles: No gaddammit, I just want to play some more battletech!!!!!


  33. You sold me i’ll get it.

  34. Jingles Your comment about england being knocked out by iran in the world cup England got knocked out of the european championship by….. iceland let that sink in for a while 😛

  35. I hope, he calls you “Bones” on deck of a certain Aircraft carrier 🙂

  36. I was in the Marines for 8 years and never heard that story before. Thank you for sharing page 99 of the book Jingles. Semper Fidelis.

  37. Have you read “The World Wonder’d” Jingles? It’s a fantastic and very informative book about the Battle off Samar. It considers both the Japanese and American sources to build a complete view of the battle so it brings to light many things that were unknown. Like how the Yamato was responsible for the sinking of two ships and putting a round beneath the White Plains at 34.5k yards. Consider picking it up.

  38. I have Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors. It’s a fantastic read.

  39. It always bugs me when an Englishman objects to calling the sport soccer. Slapping “-er” on the end of a word (or in this case, an aggressively abbreviated “association”) is _incredibly_ English.

  40. PvtReaper89 lost son of Fenris

    Jingles you cheeky Gnome enjoy your trip… Alright you slags back to the salt mine

  41. Great author. That’s super cool that you got to meet him! I have Tin Can Sailors. Can’t wait to read it. The Battle of Leyte Gulf is one of my favorite naval battles to read about. In particular the Battle off Samar. Great episode as always Jingles…..err I mean OH GREAT SALT MINE LORD.

  42. An epilogue to the Princess Anne kidnap story – “The day after the attack, Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips returned to routine at their home on the grounds of Sandhurst: he instructed cadets on the rifle range, and she tended to her horses. That September, Queen Elizabeth II awarded the George Cross, Britain’s highest civilian award for courage, to Inspector Beaton. She presented the George Medal, the second-highest civilian honor for bravery, to Police Constable Hills and Ronald Russell, and Queen’s Gallantry medals (the third-highest) to Police Constable Edmonds, John Brian McConnell and Alexander Callender. Glenmore Martin received the Queen’s Commendation for Brave Conduct.”
    I think the Lifeboat Service motto applies here – “With Courage, Nothing is Impossible”

  43. Travis Greschner

    Are you a football fan Jingles? Do you have a favorite team?

  44. It is a great book, and I blame you for me buying it. Thanks

  45. The death of mingles with jingles. This is how it starts.

  46. im not american, its soccer

  47. Jingles you lazy gnome! haha
    Have fun in Russia dude!

  48. Glad to hear about your lucky encounter with James H. 🙂

  49. “…what you call soccer.” Ah, so Pansyball?

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