Mingles with Jingles Episode 245

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

It’s back! A day late and a dollar short, but it’s back, and we have many things to discuss! We’d have had more things to discuss but Rita did Dumb Shit again. All this and more in this weeks’ episode!

All music licensed from www.epidemicsound.com and www.machinimasound.com


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Michael Cartwright

    Jingles… I literally just banned every Wargaming product a week ago because they literially do not fucking care about us (the consumer). And now you are telling me all of this?

  2. I feel your pain. The wife calls me at work and says the T.V. is possessed. It’s constantly changing channels. I thought about it for 10 secs. Hey, Baby, did you set a book on the remote? Oops.

  3. To me, the match-making shouldn’t try to mix tiers in *Any* prescribed proportions. As long as there are the same number of tanks, per tier, on a side, it shouldn’t matter. If there are 10 tier 10s per side, and 5 9s, who cares. The only way the 3-5-7 match making can work, is if (and only if) the population queuing are composed of the same ratios. There’s a saying “Robbing Peter to pay Paul.” and that’s what’s happening. Matchmaking is robbing one pool of players to satisfy some other pool. And it snowballs from there.

    This looks to be a case of over thinking, over-engineering, over-programming, a solution.

  4. Jingles u need to realize that that not passin too much time over match making 2 week old topic , is not ttalk about it half the video….

  5. The issue with the offered MM solution is that when you basically put the MM into a preferrred 5/10 | All mode – it will simply again nullify the preferential MM prems into normal prems, you know.

    On the other hand, WG NA can go and eat goat sh*t, these guys are full and total idiots – watch their favourite videos when they are on tour – they enjoy showing off crushing cars with a tank.
    And that tells much about the character, b&g!

  6. Wargaming..such bad changes.I’ve been playing tanks for over 6 years..such a bummer..now I don’t feel like spending 1$ more on the game..because they could instantly ban you

  7. Oi Jingles I wonder if Wargaming USA Ever heard of The US Constitution cause the fact of blog or anything that is related to blogs are technically Under the News Or press category

  8. Oh god, I want to reach through the internet and strangle the shit out of Ery_puncher.

  9. just leave the e25 as is and it will be balanced. It can just be a scout since it’s basically invisible

  10. He posted on my birthday. Yay

  11. ah power wall adapters, well they work, i don’t like them because the wiring in your home needs to be good. naturally that doesn’t always happen so i find it easier just to get long enough runs of cat6 for whatever i’m doing

  12. That Strv M/38 needs a high five. In the face. With a chair. Made of metal. From The Hulk. On a adrenaline rush.

    He is a failed abortion, whose birth certificate is an apology from a condom factory. Utterly retarded cum dumpster

  13. Happy wife = happy life…

  14. Because Jingels in the 3-5-7 gold is the default ammo. And frustrations create profit

  15. Jingles, that`s why we love Rita

  16. I actually like the 5-10 matchmaker, I never liked 2 tier MM spread to begin with. And you know what WG NA, i’m going to say whatever the F i want and if you close my account then it’s your loss in profits and i’ll get the last laugh because i can still talk as much sh*t as i want. Fix your sh*t WG, don’t argue with the customer.

  17. WG acts like a bunch of Russian thugs, happy to still sell you the ‘license’ to use virtual premium tanks with stats they can and do nerf as they feel like now … to force you to pay more money and/or gold ammo to be able to use those overpriced virtual licenses. Cure: Stop buying premium subscriptions and stop buying premium tanks and lets see who gives in first.

  18. ponrouch alessio

    fuck WG my god. what a bunch of stuck up A holes! I get that they own their shit but when you cant express your feelings about the game and thecreators under threat of account termination I call it fucking line crossed!

  19. I knew, as soon as you said Ethernet over Power-line was involved, that it was going to be something like a power switch was turned off.

  20. WG NA sound like communists

  21. Takeda Mataroshi

    That ass-hat window-licking mouth-breather, that keeps clicking for like 12-minutes!!! Keel-hauled’d be too good for’em! Honestly, I’d want to work them over with a phone-book and get them perma-banned. Clicking incessantly for that long proves they aren’t fit to be let out from under their rock!

  22. The EULA does not void any of your rights in any legal system. An attempt to void a legal right can render the entire document inadmissible in court (non enforceable) in most US states.
    As a consumer you have the right to receive a refund based on your Federal level consumer protection laws ( wherever you may be) this includes if the promised service was not delivered. (eg: paid for premium time and never revived it due to a ban)
    Additionally, the protection of copyright and intellectual property through an EULA has very rarely been successful. Because, well, laws overrule any EULA contract.

  23. Matthew Wilhoit

    Fucking women & tech…..i feel ya

  24. As we see, there are more and more situations like “we own you, don’t say anything against us, or we ban you.. and possibly sue you” :)… It look like slavery era is coming back… As for Wargaming i used to pay for WoT and Warships quite a lot.. Premium accounts, some nice tanks and ships. But after recent news I decided, that not anymore. I will not support with my money a company, which shows signs of totalitarism

  25. Soooooo… why is “everybody the same tier” not the default? That seems like the best matchmaking for everybody (except the few people who would be top tier who won’t get to ruin everybody else’s game).
    Oh wait, then there wouldn’t be a bunch of bottom tier players who have to spend money on gold ammo… Hmm I think we may be onto something here.

  26. Vladimir Efimov

    Resetting the access points / routers is the first thing you do in such cases, not the last. Second is unplug & plug back all network cables and reset both PCs. Only if all that fails you start pulling up software diagnostics. I can understand you and Rita not knowing how to handle this, but that “IT professional” you mentioned is an idiot. BTW you should consider replacing your current home network setup with one high quality managed router, it’s not so expansive (about 100 euros) and you can easily control it yourself using just the internet browser.

  27. Aaaaand Wargaming NA being retards again. What else is new?

    BTW, the TP-Link devices Rita uses are referred to as “powerline adapters”, for anyone that’s wondering.

  28. Gary van der Merwe

    Man that Strv m/38 is so annoying.

  29. Funnily enough , when something along those lines happens here , the external hardware is ALWAYS the first thing I check before delving into the PC settings.

  30. Just because its in the TOS doesnt mean it actually would hold up in court. People shouldnt bend over and let their consumer rights be taken just because lawyers want their fancy words to scare you.

  31. Jason Spielvogel

    I had to stop watching because of that fucktard chat spammer, it was distracting and made it unwatchable. I enjoy your vids Jingles, but I couldn’t watch this one.

  32. No. 3/5/7 is not the issue.

    -/+2 is insanely fun as a tier 8 medium. Its thrilling. It requires me to exercise my brain. So much more fun to be had outplaying tier 10 tanks than there is just stomping tier 7s or tier 9s. People think theyre invulnerable in their tier 10s and its insanely fun making them look stupid. Even those 268v4s, OP pieces of shit that they are.

    The problem with 3/5/7 is the playerbase: they want easy mode games. -/+1 or single tier battles. They dont want to think about how to play the game at all.

    So Pref MM exists all the way down to tier 5…. meaning they all have a compound effect on the match maker. Not just tier 8s or 7s. And its been a mistake since the beginning of WoT. And its time we remedy it.

    EDIT: And the EU Terms of Service contains the SAME PROVISIONs as the current NA EULA. And has contained them for 2+ years. The EU EULA says that by agreeing to the EULA you agree to the EU ToS. Youve been operating under the same limitations on EU. Its just not been put into the EULA itself. (Also the NA ToS has had the same provisions for the same amount of time… so nothing has actually changed… but you know this community loves to fabricate drama).

  33. I love when Jingles explains stuff, he gives such a clear description of the problem and a solution to it.

  34. Jorden Benjamins

    Oh boi that Strv m/38 has a sever case of autism.

  35. I thought he an Rita split up???

  36. Radovan Dragović

    You think that is a wife problem? Wait till she gets pregnant and start thinking you are looking at every good looking woman that walks by, even if you are playing with your kid at the time, and that you are unfaithful even if you gained 20kg last time she was pregnant and look like a fucking mountain gorilla, so unless your supposed lover has fetish for fucking King Kong you are shit out of luck. And my wife is basically a guy, she has many male interests, she is an engineer, and a damn good one, she is aggressive and self-confident (yes, I might subconsciously be gay) unless she is pregnant. Then she turns into desperate housewife. And it’s not all hormonal, she is a career woman, she needs to work and she can’t. For fuck sake I would rather be pregnant myself!

  37. that last 5 mins. yup i was dying. thx jingles!

  38. The guy clicking the map in that game needs to fucking die in prison….

  39. Or WG could just change the MM to +1 -1 and Preff MM tanks get same tier or -1… oh and no changes to those tanks would be needed…

  40. What’s the screen name of the cunt spamming the fucking map?

  41. Šimon Švancár

    I and my friend played with tier X heavys (IS-7 and T110E5). In whole evening of playing we were playing 3:5:7 matches. In 5-7 battles it was full tier X or 5:10….but i digress.

    Its awesome for tier X players to nearly always play against tier VIIIs, but murdering half a team by two tier tens wasnt so awesome for tier VIII players. We enjoyed ourselves during that evening, but half of the enemy team trying to kill two decent players in their tier tens definitely did not.

    And really, they did not stand a chance of killing us in most of the battles. There is a good word in slovak language which describes that “šikana”.

  42. I always read the EULA, no matter what the game is.

  43. AnzacKiwiAstrix

    it a i sue you of this and that anything to get me a little money

  44. This is why you play WoT Blitz

  45. No rant over Star Citizen new way to scam money out of people?..Im shocked.

  46. stop puting videos like this this is anoying
    ..stop watyching after 3 min of pinging map

  47. So Wargaming NA is going full communism?

  48. Why not use 7 5 3 mm so the lowest tiers wood be arty or scouts that do not mind +2 mm…

  49. I think I read about a law that says excessively long or detailed User Agreements are illegal or at least not valid because they are excessively long and it’s not reasonable to expect anyone to read them or even understand them.n

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