Mingles with Jingles Episode 248

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In todays of Mingles with Jingles we use secret gnomish black magic travel back into the mists of yesteryear, also known as 2012. Yes, WOT was around back then although you'd have a hard recognising it an even harder time claiming it used to be better..

EU: https://teespring.com/stores/mighty-jingles-salt-mine-eu
NA: https://teespring.com/stores/mighty-jingles-salt-mine-na

System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. I miss the old tank reviews

  2. attempt#3 please lone echo this saturday!


  4. FirestreakRodimusPr

    the issue you’re overlooking now Jingles is the tank design/balancing philosophy has definitely shifted over time.

  5. Jingles The hell have you been up to this week? now we still dont know! I demand Mingles with jingles Episode 248 2.0!

  6. Jingles argument sort of destroyed by the fact that players have been leaving the game in large numbers for four years in a row now, free gold ammo ruined the game.

  7. World of Tanks is slightly better now than it was before. Don’t worry, almost all computer games that have a chat window have toxic players. Good job explaining things to us Jingles.

  8. Silent Assassin Gamer

    I wonder how many people dislike the video simply because they don’t like Jingles and because they don’t like the game that’s in the replay. Like when you do a World of Tanks video and Warthunder fans dislike it simply because it’s not Warthunder for example. I’m sure there’s people who are subbed to your channel just to hit dislike whenever you upload a new one because I see dislikes on your videos very soon after it’s uploaded. As a side note you got me hopelessly addicted to Conan Exiles ;P

  9. The dislikes are because a part of the playerbase (and your viewers) are retarded.
    That’s the reality of WoT.
    And yes, MM is ff-ed right now, can be made a LOT better with a simple change. (5-10 as default)
    The frustration is mostly, because Wargaming is not listening, and because of “pay to win” mechanic. (casual vs. dedicated players)

  10. Jingles you say the Matchmaker has improved where i would say yes BUT tell me the Difference between fighting a T8 with your T5 back in the days and fighting todays T8s in a T6 or your 268V4, 430U and god knows what else? It sems better on paper but seriously nothing rly changed. (This is only about Matchmaking and balance nothing else)

  11. Would like to see dragons ridge come back

  12. I didn’t think I could get more depressed after the weekend ended.

    Thank you Jingles!

  13. jingles – do you actually know j0hnbane, vintagebeef or slipg8tor? they are fiddling around with conan exiles for quite a while now and share the exiled lands with some others on dedicated server(s) for youtube/twitch content contributors. you might want to check them out or even join their server..

  14. So for Australia im guessing we use NA?

  15. Ya know,Mingles with Jingles ain’t as good as it used to be back in the old days.

  16. Lol. 😀 Leave it to the Jingles! Only the Mighty can make summary of the rant-wars sound like a documentary video of history channel. 😀

    I kinda wonder, if we will ever see Gnome Overlord to take a look at “new” WT patrol boats gameplay, since it is now finaly in CBT. Would love to hear your opinions on the new old War Thunder. 🙂 😀

  17. “…Turning into Minecraft with axes… ”
    but Minecraft has axes… 😉

  18. The problem is not the 3-5-7 MM but the fact that you are among the 7 for 95% of the time…

  19. Well i gave my dislike 100% because of Circon…

  20. that was…depressing. Oh well, where’d I put that pickaxe, this salt won’t mine itself

  21. Who would’nt want to sleep with jingles. Cough cough. Rita, she’s got some hard Stone mineing ahead of her. Back to the salt mines. XD

  22. Bring back Dragon Ridge.As for your comment about the forums over here on NA you keep seeing the same old trolls ,stat shamers and nay sayers.It’s a regular cess pool.About 3 5 7 mm.If WG are bound, bent and determined to keep it they need to fix tier 8 economy.Even with tier 8 premium tanks it’s hard to make a profit when you have to spam premium ammunition against tier 10’s just to get any damage.Cheers from Canada and keep up the good content.

  23. Don’t take it personal, but every video I see with OP scumrade tanks I either turn off right away or dislike to give mostly youtube information I don’t want to be reminded with videos how freaking unbalanced are OP scumrade tanks in WoT. I know it’s more like elephant in the room topic, but OP scumrade tanks are unbalanced since Wargaming did first nerf accuracy in 9.6 or 9.7 update, and then with HD conversions even removed most weakspots like it was easy to hit them after accuracy nerf and since I was back then still sometimes playing IS-6 and WZ-111 i did notice how freaking stupid easy it was to hit weakspots on WZ-111 with IS-6 but not so much the other way, when before accuracy nerf if you aimed you can pen IS-6 roof cupola and have same chance to hit them and in reverse on WZ-111. I miss good old 2013-2014 WoT where there was no OP RNG scumrade tanks, when you aimed at something you hit that most of the times and not miss most of the times and tanks had weakspots, so people didn’t just buy OP RNG scumrade tanks and drive them like idiots and still do unjustified amounts of damage and experience just because OP RNG, but used some tactic, hide weakspots, shoot weakspots and just played the game with others rather then just drive in front with OP scumrade tank or camp in the back with OP scumrade tank and spam gold only, because game allows it… well, that turn out in some huge rant, and all I did was to address only one problem with current WoT. Old WoT was better because there was always a room for improvment and Wargaming was trying to make game better, but now all they do is make sure game is barely not called pay to win and scumrade tanks players happy…. #makewotgreakagain

  24. disliked just for trolling

  25. i remember those +/-3MM games and i can tell one thing compared to today’s games: there was less p@ssys ingame, less whinning. if you finally meet the same tier tank in battle you knew you probably capable to destroy it. nowadays….ewww

  26. I tried to load WoT in 2013 and wasn’t able due to disk space. Played a bit the first time they had EU football but needed a better monitor. Lately been playing WoT often, in lieu of WoT early I tried GWT, AW plus that one with planes to fly. and I remember the people I joined in GWT had a, How to Train Your Noob link. It might be dislike 4 the person spotlighted, the tank type, you or just the map. People aren’t shy about voicing opinions these days. With just a dislike instead or with a comment.

  27. Look at EVE Online, its still alive n kicking today, as are world of warcraft… So i dont think wot Will die within 6 years.

  28. Jingles, get out from under that rock.. 😀
    Fail platoons???
    How platoons are always same tier now….. 😛

  29. BLOODY HELL!!!! This is early ?

  30. Jingles, are you gonna cover the new “Black Sea Incursion” event in AW? Yeah I know, it’s been out for a while. And yes, some people don’t like that game (or more precisely the dev). But you got me into AW, and it’s honestly more fun that WoT

  31. btw Paul, you should open a CE server up to 5-10 ppl and use them as resource gatherers…

  32. Let me start, Jingles, that you’ve got a valid point about the quality of the game!

    But let also not forget that a game is supposed to make you feel good and not regret about the time spent with it. May I ask you a question? How come that you personally no longer play it? Was it a technicality of some sort, technical improvement or dis-balance, that made you change your mind about playing WoT? Or was it something else? Maybe that it became boring, irritating or even frustrating the more you’ve learnt about the game? Maybe it’s got something about the fact that the more you learn about the game, the better you expect to perform or rather the more fun times you expect to get, but it doesn’t happen for everyone? Maybe it’s just a dull teammate who didn’t support you when you needed it, or the tank you’re shooting has stupid amounts of armor, or that your tank has stupidly low pen. values on the mounted gun, or that SPGs are constantly providing you with all the fun and joy they can dish out, over and over, or that you may have real hatred about the map you’re playing on at the moment?

    It’s the absolute truth that WoT improved over the years, but it didn’t improve the way it should have. Yes, there’s beautiful scenery, tanks look amazing and so on, but the gaming experience didn’t improve along with them. It deteriorated to levels unseen before! WG’s game devs and management must find a way to profit from their creation, no doubt about that, but in the last 2 years all their decisions were oriented towards making every working aspect of the game absolute thrash.

  33. While I generally agree that the game used to be a lot worse in the past at some point there are a couple things Wargaming has changed about the game that make certain aspects worse.
    Let’s look at the MM for example: Sure, in 2012 there used to be a 3-tier MM spread and for LTs even as far as +5, but there were changes to the MM that made it a lot better before it got replaced by the newish 3-5-7 MM. Looking at the MM of Version 9.17.1, which was the last version with the old matchmaker and comparing it to what it is now I come to the conclusion that it was just outright better back than (in my opinion). And the reasons are:
    1. You wouldn’t be bottom tier nearly as much back then as you do now. Because with the 3-5-7 it only takes 6 toptier tanks to ruin the match for 14 bottom tier tanks.
    2. Platooning was actually fun. Again because of the 3-5-7 MM your chances to get a 3-player platoon toptier are even slimmer than playing solo.
    3. Also regarding platoons: If a platoon of good players get’s in a toptier position in 3-5-7 MM they can just absolutely dominate and are basically guranteed to win.
    4. Preferential Matchmaking Tanks. Before the introduction of the template MM it was almost impossible to be bottom tier in a tank with +1 MM limit. These days however there are two templates for the MM to put your KV-5 in where you will never see lower tier tanks at all.
    Of course the new MM also brought a couple of welcome changes. These are:
    1. SPG Limit to three per side.
    2. Mirroring of vehicle types in the team distribution (4 TDs vs 4 TDs, 3 LTs vs 3 LTs, etc.)
    3. Reduction of the chance to get the same map multiple times in a row.
    But don’t tell me it wouldn’t have been possible to introduce the last 3 changes to the pre 9.18 MM because I am confident it would have. If they just did that, MM would be perfect now, at least as far as I am concearned.

    • And the MM isn’t the only thing wrong with the game these days. There are also the issues of new overpowered premium tanks, advanced powercreep and shitty maps (e.g. Paris). Did I forget anything?

  34. Agree and disagree. WOT has had many improvements. However for people who are uncomfortable with PTW mechanics the game is overall far worse than it has ever been. I and some others have a severe dislike of having an unfair advantage over others. For this reason I never fire premium and I don’t purchase OP premium tanks. This puts us at a disadvantage in most games. Its annoying to be taken out when you know you are doing everything right.

  35. 6:20 But Jingles, why does it say “(EU)” at the top of the screen when you say that this pillow is only on the NA shop?

  36. I don’t know about wot pc, but I can speak about blitz: It definitely got worse over the years
    the game is by far the most impressive program I ever downloaded on my phone.. so from a technical standpoint, I admit that wg hardly do anything wrong.
    However, what stinks about the game is the management :
    gold ammo became the standard, losing money playing any standard tank of tier 6+ was became the standard, all prices went up and some even doubled
    I remember when they first reduced income how the forums were split between the pitchfork mobs and the “civilized” folks who were all about giving wg time and the benefit of the doubt. and I found it satisfying to watch those very individuals complain about game economy last year after wg got a taste of blood and just kept pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable when it comes to cash grab.

  37. #Dingles I love and “Like” all your video’s regardless of weather I hate them ! And you will find most of the thumbs down come from snowflake trolls that just hate on everything they can because they hate them selves as the miserable wastes of oxygen they are !

  38. Work on contract in the UK? So you all don’t hire people full time.

  39. Yes but Jingles, we are not talking about bringing the game back six years, we are unhappy how the game have progressed, the fact that we have super heavys due to the fact of the gold ammo, changing maps so light tanks are harder to play due to the fact that the amout of bushes gave decreced, changing/moving tanks that there was no need to e.g the bat chat

  40. Jingles, I do love how in your divine wisdom you can lighten my day. XD But how about this critisism. The family values have been destroyed. And the family is now a single parent household with increasing numbers. ( Sorry Jingles I Know you don’t like to get into politics )

  41. Frederick Burkert

    The quote about youth of today dates back to Roman times. It all comes down to frustrations which WoT has designed deliberately to encourage spending … IMO overspending. Grind grind grind

  42. WoT is and always has been for the most part money based more than skill based. When the use of real money affects anything other than cosmetics then the idea that it is ‘skill’ based goes out the window. The question is more along the lines of “how much fun do you receive out of this money based game?” Most of the people deluded enough to call WoT skill based tend to be those that have tossed plenty of money at it and simply desire to delude themselves into thinking the virtual stats on the screen automatically mean they are far more competent than someone who hasnt spent money on it and thus hasnt had the boosted crews, or improved coin, or etc. Starcraft is skill based, Battlefield is skill based (as far as I remember though the last one I played was 3), because you can’t use money to affect how well you perform in the game, the only things you can buy in Starcraft are commanders for co-op or skins for your units which have no effect on their performance. Further proof that WoT isn’t skill based? Why would someone that snipes in a maus on El Halluf be allowed in tier 10 matches where repairs especially for a loss are costly? One person performing terribly can screw over everyone on the 15 player teams so is singular skill the most important or is the cohesiveness of teammates more important than the single player? Maybe if matches were more along the lines of 5 v 5 stats in the money based game could carry more weight, but it doesn’t so they really don’t and wont to those that aren’t obsessed with vanity in the money based game lol.

  43. 2012 was when I started playing WoT – 2015 was when I stopped. Hello WoWS!

  44. Not even a single word about War Thunder Navy finally going into closed beta … I think he has forgotten about us :/
    I mean I know he said he wasn’t interested in it at first, since it all was tiny petrol boats and so on, but over the past months we also got destroyers and light cruisers, and it’s highly possible we’ll get even bigger ships in the future.

  45. jeffrey mcfadden

    after 4 arty nerfs and you think the game is better?

  46. WOT is really low population on NA server. 3x exp Sunday evening and 11 k people on line. I remember last year that would be closer to 20k…so yeah it is slowing down a lot ! I noticed it really dropped off fast over the last 3 months especially.

  47. Well Jingles, I’m leaving for Tankfest today.

  48. 6:26 – 6:28 best thing that has ever happened *insert Lenny face*

  49. That mortgage part hits too close to home. With my wages I have barely enough with wife not working and mortgage to think off. This year the bank even raised my lending rate further. Oh well.

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