Mingles with Jingles Episode 249

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Jeez but it’s hot. I think I need to go lie down in a cool, dark room for a week.


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Jingles I got an idea. Why not re-upload claimed videos to another website to archive it and remove it from JewTube and fuck all those thieves? Don’t even waste your time trying to fix the claims after the video has been up 2-3 days.

    Or better yet, double upload to JewTube and somewhere else at the same time, and again, remove from JewTube when shit hits the fan and if we want to go back and look at the videos, we can without feeding the parasites.

    If everyone follows foot then we as a species might finally transition to another site.

  2. Patron supporters Represent!!

  3. @Jingels I live in the Arnhem/Nijmegem area of the Netherlands, I can show you around some of the world war Two battlegrounds?

  4. LOVE how I became a sub for this foot on twitch, paid a lot of money on tips, and yet he NOW NEVER comes online. I think I am eligible for a refund no/ Because frankly, this is unacceptable

  5. Bartholomew Macaluso

    By the way Bert or Jingles.. You are striking me as a racist for some reason. Is that a hipster or a black man who is over entitled that is getting under your skin?

  6. 77F? (25c) That’s COLD! Yeah, it’s Texas again.

  7. Youtube has become a cuck to copyright companies (especially music companies who fucking dictate what “fair use”). Warner Music Group are probably the worst fucking example of this. WMG can go to hell for all of the bullshit copyright claim they done.

  8. The air conditioning situation in the UK sounds a lot like the air conditioning situation in Portland OR and Seattle WA, USA. It’s only really hot for two months out of the year, so almost nobody has air conditioning. But this means they end up suffering for two months of the year.

    Not me! When my wife and I bought our house here in Portland, we paid $2500 to install central air.

    Worth. Every. Cent.

  9. Give Rita a belated happy birthday for me.

  10. My first day stationed in the UK was 80 degrees, sunny, not a cloud in sky. Beautiful. I didn’t see the sun again for 3 years!

  11. Jingles you wimp! Tanks are more important than comfort! Sweat it out!

  12. *”A Man Creates, a Parasite Only Takes.”*
    I take it the Mighty Mr.J would be something of a fan of Ian Rand, assuming he isn’t one already and would seem like some works by them such in not so small a way “Atlas Shrugged” from what know . . .

    _”Man is to seek the Conquest of Nature beginning with their own,
    while the Parasite seeks the Conquest of Man.”_

    Yet when Man has had enough it is and shall be the Parasite that dies.

    We’ve seen it more than enough with and from SJW’ist kinds or sorts as with the Spanish Civil War where the Nationalists / Citizenry in due course did with the 5th Column joined march back upon their cities rightly.

    We see it again with Social Fascists today who use terms like “Alt Right” to deface or defame those that see past ANTIFA for who they are, while such Alt Leftists push anti-meritocratic “Feminist” works that directly oppose Egalitarian ideals of Actual Equality by Peoples.

    These same such sorts that seek to take from real people,
    only such in due course how ‘History’ always repeats…. aye?

  13. It’s 36 degrees where I live Jingles(US, close to Wright Patt) and I work in a glass factory….next to a 666 degree oven (no joke, that’s what it is set at to temper glass)

    Anyways….atleast its not raining hah.


    Edit: Jingles, are you aware the Memphis Belle is at the Wright-Patt AFB? Any plans to visit Ohio again?

  14. good grief whats the world coming to??? next thing you know some one will be claiming the words im writing now….

  15. You poor bugger the weather is a bit warm… oh shit I’m burning up! Every Aussie over there with you would think the weather is just nice..

  16. Trust a Pom to complain about a little heat. haha

  17. Love the name dropping through the video

  18. @ 7:07 i realize i’m listening to jingles complaining about the heat and i’m watching some poor dudes in ww1 tanks lumbering around in each others exhaust =P lmao

  19. youtube has been assfucked by the faggarios at google.sjw libtards have ruined it.a real shame.

  20. Ooo I saw a Buffel at the start there!!! Ek liefde het Buffel, Ratel en Olifant!! Hi jingles!!!

  21. U done jingled meaning u done goofed

  22. What I like in the video, crew. There are people on the ships! Like a World of Tanks player before forget about tanks and enjoy the ships, I was stunned to see a TD open and no crew. Was so wrong. Second thing I saw and like is the secondary and AA guns. Is amazing and I want that in WoW. I hope a replay like that can be in Wow, and fast and light gunboats. I like the video, but I am not tempted to play WT.

  23. Jingle you are no longer so mighty … when you take off your skirt put on a hat & sunscreen & man up

  24. Banned Hammer Mark 2,Here We go again. Jingles God Bless You no Fight.Jingles Paper Work Stuff up.Take Care Jingles in Heat wave

  25. József Dörnyei

    The solution for this problem is a failed copyright claim fee. What would be set to 10% in Hungary – 10% of the money already payed for this video. And safety deposit what must exceed the total claimed amount. This rule would magically reduce the claims to valid claims… The failed copyright claim would go to the owner of the video of course.

  26. Crouching Hamster

    OMG. I love you Jingles, but stfu about all your stupid youtube travails. It’s so fucking boring. You do this all the time.

  27. Only a pom would call THAT a heat wave! Try being in the tropics in 45 degree heat with 99% humidity. Or in Central Australia in 55 degree heat with no shade and the dirt packed so hard it reflect the heat back at you so it feels like 60 degrees, and you have to be fully covered to stop sunburn so it feels like 70 degrees C inside the coveralls.

    Sorry, I’m not showing much empathy am I? Let me call the wambulance for you. You’ll hear the whine as it arrives.. 😛 😀

  28. So, is this a subtle hint that we down in the salt mines have to cough up some more donations for a quieter A/C unit so we can continue to get our daily overlord’s beneficent videos? As we all know, a gnomeless minion is a unhappy minion.

  29. JackDrinkn2DollarJim

    Thing is …All these companies pay Lawyers thousands of dollars to chase down all these claims for a return of hundreds of dollars. Plus they lose any revenue from some one who may have heard that song and liked it enough to buy it ,but now its deleted or never used.

  30. When English people say “cold” the Canadians start to laugh

  31. Heat? In England? Oh Jingles, you’re adourable. Come visit me in Australia

  32. A lot of the claims are malicious and by completely bullshit companies. They basically put out claims on everything they find, whether they actually own the music or not, with the idea that some channels will be too scared to fight it. I uploaded a video as a part of my project for a national history project contest and used music from Men of War: Assault Squad 2, two days later some random company claims it even though it’s unlisted and for educational purposes. When I challenged they didn’t have the balls to contest and the claim got lifted. Youtube needs to start banning these assholes or something.

  33. 25 degrees that’s nothing

  34. No wind, humidity, and relatively high temperatures? Sounds like Hawaii. Come visit some time, Im sure you’ll love getting sunburned and not being able to pronounce half the street names. :^) We’ve got the Mighty Mo.

  35. Buy one of the fans that cools down the air. Some of them are almost completely quiet and they work pretty well I think.

  36. Mingles With Tankfest

  37. Heey Jingles, it’s awesome to hear you talk about history, especially dutch history since i am dutch.
    Did you know, we were starving so bad in WW2 that we ate tullip bulbs?
    It was one of our only food sources left haha!

  38. Maybe the salt mines are cooler this time of year? I’ve been into copper and coal mines and those can be freezing in the middle of summer.

  39. Jingles the music ” Garota de Ipanema ”
    was composed by Tom Jobim ( Antonio Carlos Jobim , and the letter by Vinicius de Moraes in 1962 ) in Rio de Janeiro , Brasil
    you only used the song from Tom Jobim from 1962 , so i think there are no right to copyrights
    Congrats for your videos and for your honesty ( world of tanks ) i respect your honest point of view about tanks
    not like some people that say all tanks are good
    Thanks for share your videos …

  40. Have a nice time with Rita and some cold drinks =)

  41. Jingles , in your salt mine there must be a pharmacy , in it try the following : sun spray/ sun oil / sun cream ! technology these days makes wonders

  42. Suggestion: content creators should start a new platform, one that is not owned by google. I can guarantee that if the creators switch platform the rest will follow. Content creators seem to be fed up with YouTube, and since they can’t fix it – jump ship. Of course the rules have to be followed regardless of platform, but the way things are being handled could be a lot better.

  43. Maximus Crappiest

    JIngles, there are more Kiwis living in Bondi(beach suburb of sydney) than live in New Zealand. It is that bad( joking) Auckland airport has a new sign, last one out turn out the light))))

  44. Good holidays! You earned it =)

  45. prkyyynko prknowsbetter

    when brits use the word heatwave ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((o=

  46. “It’s like two old people having sex, not that I would know what that is like…” rest in peace

  47. Ye it’s very hot up here in Finland as well we have 30 degrees (Celsius).

  48. jingles you should go into ritas room and start singing FOOTBALL IS COMING HOME

  49. Take Rita to Portugal for a couple of weeks holiday and enjoy yourselves?

  50. well, Warner anything is a heap of shit. Disgraceful companies, the whole lot.

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