Mingles with Jingles Episode 250

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Source: Mighty Jingles

I’m back! Fresh from almost taking a week off, and this time I mean business!

Ring: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/ring/



  1. I kind of want to see more Jurassic park evolution, on top of what you normally do

  2. Flamuu cannot win this….that voice.

  3. I would love if jingles uploaded Mingles With Jingle as Mp3 audio, so i could listen the them like a podcast

  4. rip jingles may chuck norris brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr you without pain

  5. so we just need to unsubscribe when the contest is running!

  6. Good luck with fighting the claims!
    Maybe, for future it’s a good idea to document where you have your music from. (save the emails etc.)
    I make content (musician) so I don’t have all these problems. I hate a-holes stealing original music, but our culture of sharing cool things is in serious trouble. No more DJ mixes, no more uploads of old (unfindable) music from the seventies, eightties. Back to cassettes? :-/

  7. that contest seems a bit unfair towards you to be honest..

  8. That Content ID stuff isn’t new what so ever and has been a problem for years. For most of us viewers its an issues we’re all too familiar with. We’re just as helpless to help our content creators as they are to help themselves.

  9. Well, here’s the thing with Youtube and their values.
    Their funds all come from advertisement that Sony, NBC, or even that Chinese TV Station put onto Youtube. By making things as biased as possible towards them and allowing them to put down fake copyright claims, they are protecting their investors. You as a content creator is just there to generate traffic so they can make money off of the ads. They don’t have to give a shit about you since even if one major Youtuber leaves the ecosystem they are still getting massive amounts of traffic.

  10. tolkien was at the battle of the somme, looking over at adolf hitler on the other side.

  11. so with the SONY copyright claim the BIG man phucks over the small man, welcome to human society in all its glory

  12. That Random Dude

    I can imagine the “somebody spotted you” sound would be

    “Shit. SHITSHITSHIT!!”

  13. That is why Jim Sterling uses copyright content from multiple instances it deadlocks the money and nobody earns anything from it

  14. The ships on fire = dam it billy

  15. Youtube starts to get like medieval inquisition with their systems for content id claims.F.U.B.A.R.

  16. Unsubscribed to reduce Jingles’ dividing value in the Ring’s formula.

  17. I can’t say that the end of the video makes me feel any better about my service…

    But it was funny none the less.

  18. We positively, definitely need the “that’s a paddling!” voice over. Hell, just for that I may even start playing BBs again!
    And, please, please, please, no, no, no, no Flamu. Insufferable, arrogant, little twit.

  19. Soooooo we all need to unsubscribe at the point the score is calculated , and all go to Flamu’s channel and subscribe .

    That’s a guaranteed win then !

  20. Probably worth buying either a portable air conditioner or a window air conditioner. We have one that we only dig out of the garage for two months of the year, but we wouldn’t want to be without it.


  22. Heat wave? Its going to reach 32 degrees Celsius! It got hotter when I was living in Canada. Poor English

  23. We have to move to another website. Youtube has become a corrupted corporate hoarding bribing company. Thank you Google, you’re the worst.

  24. JINGLES don’t you tell me that Air Force isn’t part of the military they saved but at Dunkirk, also they get the F-35 Lightning II

  25. That Guy Named Jeff

    When you mentioned YT copyright again, I thought about Poul Burton. He has his own channel, as he is a classic musician (Very talented). Almost all his videos (1000+) got hit by copyrights claims. What is so unusual? That he plays music that is absolutely free to play and you can find sheet in the first website page you will Google it. Yet some companies still claim that Bach prelude recording belongs to them. Eight at once. Let’s hope that YT will fix this FAST

  26. These greedy assholes.

  27. All unsubscribe from jingles so he gets a higher score!


  29. Everyone needs to subscribe to the other WOWS youtubers!

  30. I have a plan so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a fox… UNSUBSCRIBE from him for the contest. Wait. Jingles said just go over the the channel, like and… Okay just do that.

  31. Would it help if we, the salt miners subscribe to the other competitors to lower/raise the numbers? At least for the duration of the competition?
    And you should realy join the YouTubers Union from Jörg Sprave of the Slingshot Channel.

  32. Well Jingles, looks like we all have to leave a like, unsubscribe, and comment ten times.

  33. the only solution for jingles to win… EVERYONE UNSUB FROM HIS CHANNEL UNTIL THE CONTEST IS OVER!

  34. Jingles says “Trust me, I know what im doing”, anyone get a Sledgehammer flashback?

  35. Will Boo the Wonder Dog be in there to we need some cute barking responses to your comments.

  36. We shall harness all the internet forces of darkness to get jingles the win!

  37. The part of the equation that divides the views by the amount of subscriber is absolutely stupid and I can’t believe wargaming didn’t understand this extremely basic concept.

    What this means literally that if we, the viewers, want to watch all videos of this competition, we’ll be inadvertently boosting the score of the ones we don’t want to win. Now sure, we could not like or comment on the videos in question, but the view still counts.

    Whoever has the least subscribers has a HUGE advantage, as each view from curious viewers from other channels is worth a hell of a lot more to them than someone like Jingles. I know it’s just a game, but at least make it remotely fair.

  38. LOL great stuff ole chap!

  39. chuck and ol bob ross both were in the airforce. drew carry was a marine, audie murphy was also in the army. there are a few slipping my mind, but i dont follow most celebs. i know a few comedy actors served in the military, and oh, tom selleck, he was in the california reserves during vietnam. if you want to get a laugh, read up on why jimi hendrix got out of the army lol

  40. Okay, I know the solution to your problem: PEOPLE PLEASE ALL UNSUBSCRIBE!! No worries mate, glad to help :).

  41. In what war did Trump fight again?

  42. 7:37 You might want to recheck your math there, oh Gnome Overlord. Based on the numbers you gave, Flamu’s video would only have a score of roughly 61 thousand, not 8 million.

    Of course, the fact that you are crap at so much in addition to math is why we love you and will do everything we can to help you win this contest. 🙂

  43. Quick check…yep, your announcement video is still only 2:08 minutes long. Are you hoping Wargaming can’t count to 3? They are not Valve, you know…

  44. Time 17:47 : A little Subnautica quote, yea Mr @The Mighty Jingles ???

  45. Oh, Jingles. Leave the Air Force alone.

  46. The Youtube admins are full of inbred retards

  47. Jingles, as I have atleast 2 lawyers in my family I asked, and they said one way very easy way is to bring an audio copy of both the one you use and the one they claim you use. whilst there petition the judge on a suit for your revenue loss on those videos. This will not only keep random companies claiming without proof (because it will backfire and cost them money). You sadly will also have to bring proof that your version is in the public domain. but that should cover Sony Music Group’s claims against you.

  48. Hey! What about famous actor Kris Kristofferson?? He flew helicopters for the Army ffs!

  49. Jingles just ask everyone to unsubscribe

  50. soooo everyone go subscribe to all the world of warships community contributors

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