Mingles with Jingles Episode 252

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Today we have some good news and some news…


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Just a quick comment Master Jingles. Pad and pen, great for remembering things. Great for us not so young folk. lol

  2. 29:10 nice to know we get the weekend off from working the salt mine.

  3. You don’t know the half of it Jingles…
    I have to watch videos in 144p. Nothing more. Nothing less. Scrubs

  4. Oh man, I’ve just checked what Virgin Media offers in UK and, frankly, I’m rolling on the floor laughing 🙂

    362Mbit for 48 pounds per month? And it’s called “The UK’s fastest widely available broadband”? That is just sad. I live in Poland and I get 500Mbit for ~18 pounds per month. And I consider moving to 900Mbit fibre connection, because why not? And you get contention issues? In 2018? Oh lord…

  5. Jingles have you heard of GOG (Formally Good ol’ Games)? That company sells great games that are DRM Free and it’s legit.

  6. greeting form texas. Jingles are you sure your ISP isn’t run by an American Company?? 🙂

  7. ToughAncientSpark

    This is what happens when corporation monopolies buy up all the little guys and there is no competition.

  8. I used to have the same problem like that Jingles, but I solved it by using what I learned from my high school electronic class taught me 20 years ago. Normally it’s because the signal through the wire is too low or you are too far from the switch node and the company is too cheap to install another one on your street.
    First thing first, I get my internet through my TV cable Coxial wire. So if you get it through another method then you will need different devices than me, just tell me what your wall connection to the ISP is here and I can see if I can look it up for you or ask some of my friends that work in this field for you.
    Next, I went and got me get a forward/return amplifier, a coaxial surge protector and a noise filter.
    Step 1: unplug the ISP bridge router’s power and the cable into the wall to the ISP.
    Step 2: connect the bridge router’s IN to the coaxial surge protector’s OUT and ground it by plugging into the ground plug of the house wall power outlet.
    Step 3: connect the coaxial surge protector’s IN to the noise filter’s OUT
    Step 4: connect the noise filter’s IN to the forward/return amplifier’s OUT, BUT MAKE SURE THAT THE POWER TO THE AMP IS NOT ON OR PLUG IN YET! Well, unless you really want to see a firework display.
    Step 5: connect the forward/return amplifier’s IN to the wall’s outlet to the ISP and then make sure everything is connected and tight and make sure the surge protector is ON.
    Step 6: power up the forward/return amplifier and then power up the ISP bridge router.
    Step 7: ???
    Step 8: PROFIT
    PS. Don’t be cheap on the connector cables, use good ones and no more than 3 feet. Also send me a reply here if you need more help.

  9. Mingles with Jingles is a highlight of my week…

  10. Sad jingles makes me so sad i press dislike button. Agree about the stores, thankfully CDs are available on Amazon.my RTS games of choice are StarCraft for story and Ground Control for game mechanics. Silent Hunter III, Star Wars Battlefront, and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic are also solid choices imo

  11. it sounds like your ISP needs to increase its capacity

  12. *crawls out of mine*

    I have an announcement! [Ahem!] BUTTS! That is all!

    *crawls back to mine*

  13. @jingles, stop using cable internet lol this is symptomatic of a cable internet user in a overloaded cell.
    docsis is a pain in the ass
    go for a FTTH package from a provider offering it you should be able to offer yourself a gigabit internet connection
    fiber to the home eliminates most of possible latency issues, where you had 60ms you will have like 10-20ms and always stable because of the gigantic throughput and constant signal

  14. Had the EXACT same thing happen to me when I went on a 9 month deployment… Bought a gaming laptop specifically for Total War: Empire and it had to be activated on STEAM…. I went three months of that 9 months without being able to play it…..

  15. nice to know that British Broadband during summer holidays is as shit as Australian Broadband year round.

  16. Reminds me of 1995. Only 1 ISP in town with a total of 20 lines. Lucky to stay connected for 15 minutes before getting booted. Back to dialing in over and over waiting for an open line, for another 15 minutes on the net.

  17. discord is free and you can have as many people as you want on there

  18. Jingles! Update your video card lol

  19. I bought a business connection here in the US. You get a bandwidth guarantee and a fixed IP. It wasn’t a whole lot more than the normal connection.

  20. How do you become a community contributor.

  21. HAHA your planning to stream WoW on launch day? Good luck even logging in Jingles…

  22. Just a silly question jingles, you’re not using WiFi to connect to your router are you?

  23. hope we hear more from this Kyle fellow

  24. Jingles, can you get a business class connection? In the states, you can generally get better service for that and possibly a service level agreement (but that’s probably very expensive).

  25. Heres a story that perhaps a few others can put to good use: The day I moved into my house, I checked the WiFi in the area (walked down my street to the big green internet cabinet at the end of the road) and counted how many of which type of broadband people were using. 24 virgin and only 1 on bt (with a few who had renamed their WiFi from the default so I couldn’t tell without software, or knocking on doors). I went with BT. I pay for 50mb broadband and I get 50mb at all times, without fail. Their customer service is shit, their television service is overpriced, but I don’t have issues with excess traffic. Come to think of it, I’ve never actually had a system outage. The only problems I have had is with my actual router, and I solved that by buying a belkin. 🙂

  26. As much as I don’t want you to leave the competition, I totally understand your reasoning. The scoring system is utterly idiotic

  27. Follow the River

    Captain Jingles nooooooo.

  28. jingles saying 200ms ping is ‘liveable’ Australia gets 250 on a good day on an average day its more 300

    Edit: A lag spike is like 900

  29. Time for another run at the Chinese in Cold Waters I think. You can also play Total War Warhammer 1 & 2 offline – great way to spend 12 hours straight. Wargamming should just give you a Captain spot in recognition of your contribution. Its the logical thing to do.

  30. ian_feel_keepin_it_real

    Omg that’s why wot was was laggy last night.

  31. Jingles – call me. I work for vodafone. Faster than virgin, and I’ll do you a priority connection and a 20% discount to you and every Salt Miner who joins.

  32. Hey, for single player games try Total War Thrones of Britannia.
    You can capture your hometown!

  33. @TheMightyJingles I have moderated a bunch of channels in discord and would be willing to organise and somewhat admin the discord server. Plus i have been a big fan for quite a long time now. I have played all the games you feature and have gotten rather good at them in the process. I have organised discord servers of a thousand, including setting up discord bots, finding people to assist the discord admins and just general organising of channels/roles etc. It would be an honour to be a guard (admin) of the salt mines in order to keep your miners at work.

    get back to me please, I’m looking forward to a response. (if you read this)

    P.S. I have been featured in one of your videos before (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9AhozQtO84) I’m ThePostman777 🙂 , i also stream world of tanks, world of warships, rust and a little bit of farcry and ghost recon wild lands. You are the reason for my streaming.

    P.P.S This will also be sent as an email, and can people please like this to get the lord to notice? Thank you fellow salt miners and salt lord.

    • Hey bud, go to the show more under the video, it has his business email address. Use you name in the title to catch his eye. Best of wishes from a Jingles fan.

    • Thank you mate 🙂

    • Hey Patrick, I’m Kyle the server creator and over all admin for the Jingles Salt Mines Discord channel if you’d like to take up a position as admin I can possibly arrange that for you if you are willing to donate your time, we are currently just figuring out the kinks and trying to get the server fit for a large audience and if you can help us with that you can contact me on Discord @GRUMPASALTY#2678

    • Have sent the request and am waiting on a reply. Thank you for the opportunity.

  34. I remember the Microsoft Zone, we used to play multi-player Crimson Skies…Then they removed the games we all liked playing, and replaced it with bloody Bejeweled and other crap flash games.

  35. Jingles, do yourself a favour and switch ISPs to one that’s actually competent, not one with the biggest headline “up to” bandwidth figures. I recommend Andrews & Arnold.

  36. I’d change my isp. If you’re getting bandwidth or any delay then I’d complain

  37. Just went to the Ring section of WGs channel and holy moly. THE SALT MINES HAVE BEEN RALLIED! We all still faithfully will work for our gnomish overlord, but we shall start a revolution to make Jingles a Captain in Warships. LONG LIVE OUR GNOMISH OVERLORD! *is paddled*

  38. now you know how Australian internet feels

  39. Jingles while i have love and respect for you and all you do. I have to say boo hoo cry my a river. I live on farm in Australia where the only internet avalible is satalite. Best ping i have seen in WoW is 400ms but i average 1000ms for 3 hrs around dinner time it is dial up speed (56kbs) every day worst in weekend. 2am its about 2.2mbs. While it is a handicap in WoW for sure I still play and am often in top 30% score on my team (i only been playing 4 months give or take).
    I do have you too thank it was your vids that got me interested in the game. So thanks for that.
    But take a concrete pill and harden the f*#k up. i would be in heaven if my ping was 200ms.
    Love and respect…

  40. Poor Jingles… Experiencing 3rd World ping/lag spikes peoblems.

  41. noooo no more admiral jingles and his voices in the game.

  42. Oh cry me a river. I wish I could play this game on half the settings shown here.

  43. Hmm, been using the internet for about 25 years (doesn’t necessarily make me an expert!) and I have never heard of the ‘contention rate’. Is this perhaps just a British term?

  44. So its New Zealand’s broadband all year round?

  45. The summer holidays started last week for you? Come to Estonia the summer holidays started 2 months ago and there’s one to go!

  46. So true, playing should always be something that should amuse us (only for fun) and not play to please someone.

  47. So shitty internet in UK. It’s a lot better in countries like Romania, a little surprising. If your not going to be a commander, then I’m not interested in the others.

  48. Tight arse, pay for the better service with lower contention ratio!

  49. I bet some scrunchy faced redneck in the backwoods of Louisiana probably has a few spares the Tank Museum could use.

  50. Call Virgin and tell them to Sob OFF! Also in York, there’s a project of Sky and Talk Talk of up to 1Gbps download and 100 Mbps, if you could take advantage. Called UFO (Ultra Fast Fibre Optic)

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