Mingles with Jingles Episode 253

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Technically this is Episode 252 Part 2, but then I’d have to change the thumbnail and… oh it’s all so UNFAIR!

The Salt Mine Discord Server: https://discord.gg/fXpqMH4



  1. Mingle with Jingles on a Sunday? What did I miss?

  2. Thanks a lot, oh mighty gnome overlord, for making me look like a fool, not once, but twice during one episode of Mingles with Jingles, not only infront of the FBI guys monitoring the webcam on my laptop but also everybody in a mcdonalds.

    What do you mean, why are you watching mingles with jingles on a laptop in a mcdonalds? Isn’t it fairly obvious? I have a 3 and a half hour break in between my shifts on the bus and needed a place to go, since driving home and back would take at least an hour, jeez.

  3. It’s okay Jingles I have ADHD and my short term memory is shit too :^) Also a fuse for your shower? Mine works even in a power outage that’s interesting. Powering a pump or something?

  4. “and i havent bothered to plug in the tv again”
    ship commander: nice work!
    that really made me laugh for some reason

  5. Jingles! The good about your non-existing memory is that you get to rediscover everything.
    Remember the feeling when you took your first dump? Opened a salt mine? NO? Not for long! 😀

  6. therandomnessisreal

    Ah the saltmines, finally

  7. wth is a rooter? lolol

  8. Why do you keep saying root her, that has nothing to do with internet…

    • rick phillips we all know he is a dirty old man and wants to root her when the internet talk gets his bandwidth ready for upload….

  9. Jingles, if you still need some (intro) music for (some) videos I could possibly write some for you if you’d be interested. That should get rid of those pesky copyright claims.

  10. I am still saying that the Ring Competition is set the exact wrong way. It should be the CC with most influence, i.e largest viewer/listener group, to get the captain’s position, not the smallest
    I’m not being pro-Jingles, just using common sense

  11. I use headphones and had heard the noises, but i just assumed it was a fan / AC or some other cooling system, to prevent Rita having to mop up a melted gnome of the floor.

  12. Background noises? It must be ghosts!

  13. Great that you can laugh about your self 😀 *thumbs up* With the anecdotes from this episode, there will be never a chance for Rita to have a more “embarassing” story ever.

  14. Wait, so there are fuses for showers in the UK!? I cant believe that is a thing, nor would I of expected that. Guess you learn something new every day.

    • He has an electric shower so I guess it heats the water on demand. Fuse pops,it’s not going to work. I don’t have that type so we don’t all have that problem in the UK,although knowing Jingles he could probably blow the fuse on his bath 🙂

    • Huh. Guess that makes sense. even though, you’d think water would still flow just be cold. Im a yank, so most home related things i hear about in the UK are news to me. lol

  15. It’s like 5 minutes later and I’m still recovering from the facepalm I gave myself after hearing your “dead telly” story…

  16. “Excuse me, but the phrasing of your copyright complaint matches something I muttered while in a fever, and therefore you’re using my intellectual property”

  17. For a moment I thought that you were going to say that your Mic is as old as you

  18. Jesus jingles its 2:48 in the morning, can’t you upload this later?
    well fuck it then gotta get my fix somehow…

  19. If jingle does win i going to stuff in a french bbs

  20. Hey. Get it right. I looked like an idiot holding my hand up while operating industrial mowers. Also I personally haven’t caught those odd background sounds, but then again I’m slowly going deaf from said equipment operation.

  21. ToughAncientSpark

    Screw the complicated formulas, just make it a straight-up popularity contest and have WOWS players, YouTube peepers and et al vote for their favorite online personality as a new captain.

  22. god jingles just write down as you go through the week a simple run sheet of topics for mingles don’t rely on fading grey matter

  23. why does the missouri have stock radar

  24. Hi Jingles

    Your noise problem reminds me of an anecdote I heard at the B&O speaker factory in Denmark.
    B&O produces very high quality audio equipment, and as such any new product undergoes a thourough testing.
    When they tested, I think it was the beolab 5 but I am not sure, the testing panel (a bunch of people with highly trained ears) mentioned they heard some weird noises in the background of the testing audio track.
    This was consistent and they hadn’t heard it before on other products, so B&O contacted the studio where the testing track was recorded and they admitted that, while noone had ever asked about it before, there was a subway track not far from the recording studio.
    The new speakers apparently had so clear sound that the people listening to them during testing discovered an artifact in the testing track.

    So don’t always blame the hardware 😉

  25. Best tv story i’ve heard.

  26. I thought that those sounds in the back ground were some repair that the neighbour did .

  27. Jingles you dodgy git. It’s pronounced Row-Ter not Root-er.

  28. Sadly I can’t watch jingles due it being the first day of my junior year of high school and I woke up at 5:20 EST.

  29. Just an idea, so, since as you say math will never be in your favour, let wow do it this way. Not allow you to take part in contest anyway and sell Jingles as a captain for ingame gold (or equivalent of it since I dont play the game). And selling price would be something in range of 1-2 €, so everyone who wants it can get it (even player from less fortunate countries). And let Jingles do his own thing with paddling and butsex and all the good stuff.
    Turns WG money, Jingles gets into the game, and players get their favourite crapy old sailor as captain.

  30. If raising my hand while sitting in front of my PC monitor while watching a Jingles video because I was asked to makes me look stupid, then I’m stupider than a fox.

  31. I dont have these weird sounds

  32. R Silver Sørensen

    The Mighty Jingles
    thats why you make youtube and other build houseing =D

  33. It should be not salt mines but coal mines now. That’s the new entertainment in gulag.

  34. ooohh we got the chance ey

  35. The WOW Commander contest is getting more and more confusing. Did they not thing it through in the first place? I dont feel like commenting nor like, nor nothing for anyone, apparently rules are changed randomly. How can I know if it will all be time wasted??? Would support you Jingles obviously, but what is the point if there isnt a fair chance?

  36. Hehe, Wargaming in fairness? Wargaming couldn’t even implement fairness in any of their games. It always has to be a one-sided Russian affair. I stop giving WG money to have fun. Free to play is just an illusion. It’s Pay to progress pure and simple. ” WG, You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” https://youtu.be/G2y8Sx4B2Sk

  37. Huray!! lets get captain ”thats a paddling” jingles in to the game.

  38. The real reason for the competition reset is because we just MUST have the overlay ” That’s a paddling !” in the game. Also did you see the entry from flamu ? LoL.

  39. lol first tv i got was black and white in 1990 40 or so years after color tv came out lol

  40. I bow to you, your Majesty.
    I’m glad that your ips is fixed, and that wows team reschedule the tournament so i can vote for you from my deep and stonecold heart’s dwarf, i am dispose to spend my next 400 years in your mines if you achieve to be a captain in wows even if dont play any game you feature. Because it’s your comments i’m looking for.
    You humble servitor.
    I am sorry if there is some misspelled words but i’m not that fluent in your langaguage.

  41. ToughAncientSpark

    BTW, I thought water and electricity don’t mix. So, how does turning on the breaker turn on the shower?

  42. radio rentals for the win :p

  43. Lord Rear Cpt Jingles back in the game HAZAAAA !

  44. So Jingles, you’re going to gamescom again?
    How about taking the time and visiting the whole (!) city of cologne? So you spare you the embarrassment of the misbelief, that Cologne is smaller than Frankfurt am Main.^^

  45. I got the same kind of story with my very old dish washer (with a mechanical rotating programming device). One time, at the end of the programm, when I opened the machine to remove the dishes, It was full of water. This machine is so old that I was already checking to replace it and checking offers on the internet and shops. My wife decided to clean out the pipes in the kitchen, where this machine is connected to, with some chemicals. And it turned out, that these pipes were durty. When cleaned out, all the water went out and the machine worked again.Damn, I felt shame thinking to spend like 400€, for a machine which would not work because of these damn durty pipes ! XD

  46. Someone should send Jingles a War Thunder video of the amphibious tanks doing their thing. :p

  47. Jingles! Will we see some World of Warcraft videos upcoming of the salty Gnome Warlock?

  48. ha, first thing. 10secs in, i thought that TMJ something changed something with the sound. Good job, Sherlock!

  49. Hand raised looking stupid: Check
    Audio issues: Yep, noticed but as your audio quality is still better than most tech channels, I did not think much of it.

  50. My suggestions for the new rules to become a commander in World of Warships are:
    1. An old crap guy
    2. Must has been in the Royal Navy
    3. Overlord of the salt mines
    4. His name rhymes with flighty shingles

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