Mingles with Jingles Episode 254

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

This week I've been cramming in as much of No Man's Sky as I can before the new World of Warcraft expansion once destroys any actual productivity for at least the next week.

Yeah, No Man's Sky. It's not shit anymore.



  1. Silent Assassin Gamer

    “What’s a stream key?” Oh Jingles you so silly

  2. Went through the Warlords launch. Not only was everyone trying to log in at once (and I was on one of the more unpopular servers) but they St. Louis “relay” servers were the target of a DDOS attack.
    Not going to be surprised if much the same happens.

  3. Warlords of Draenor cured me of any enjoyment I got from the game.

  4. 2:30 I would like to know why Jingles is hammering the Fire All Weapons button.. he does realize he has auto-fire on?

  5. I never go into a XPAC on release. Every game borks it

  6. When do you sleep your going to die wow yeah your done hahaha

  7. That Star Trek game in the background looks terrible!

  8. try any of the X games from egosoft X-3 reunion and terran conflict for a sandbox game

  9. If you like ww2 games with tanks (and infantry) which something gives me the feeling you do check out post scriptum. Its a new game and its pretty good, you play as either the first airborne or the wermacht in the battle of operation market garden.

  10. no mans sky came a long way from it old self

  11. Jingles, the postman here, I used to use xsplit when I first started streaming and changed to OBS. It’s so much better and easier

  12. PhotographyWithKai

    yeah I had no mans sky when it came out and I had no clue what to do


  14. pwndbythegamers11

    well im playing no mans sky and can’t say you didn’t warn me i can no longer take off

  15. As fun as no mans sky looks I’m still more of a Empyrion fan. PvE or PvP Empyrion is fun and has a fairly stable engine..not perfect, but fun.

  16. NMS – 2 years 2 late. It was not in early access. Not by a long shot. It was released as a AAA game. It sucked. It lacked much of the stuff they promised and looked like shit.

  17. Please play deadspace

  18. jingles noob at life

  19. You play STO!? BE MY FRIEND 😀

  20. Star Trek online footage in Mingles with Jingles? Yeeeees!

  21. Jingles! Star Trek Online footage! You magnificent bastard!

  22. Im glad you mentioned No Man Sky..I was on the fence last week…now the sale is over, sigh. I was wondering if it was like Sub but in space. but yeah i will get it once its on sale again. Maybe its next for Casual Saturdays? And at this point with 600k subs, just put a watermark for your store on Mingles or all vids?? You guys deserve it for sure.

  23. Yeah Monday Mingles!

  24. think Positive our know overlord it will go as well as you believe it will.

  25. Hey jingles, don’t forget you can pwn multiple starships on your freighter.. One gets stuck jump in another one.. You started playing at a perfect time, they just released their latest and biggest update (NEXT) july 24th. No man’s sky is now the game it was suppose to be at launch.

  26. No Man’s sky is a great game glad you joined us from the saltmines that run the universe

  27. Jingles… You missed a crate to loot, again 😉

  28. glad a good song is on , don’t have to listen to you , boston , slipped away lol more than a feeling lol

  29. hey jingles, there is a bunch of new dl content for subnautica. just a quick fyi

  30. Avorion can be endless if you want

  31. FO4 still has a lot of life in it jingles, especially if you mod the shit out of it. you can more or less build entire cities one building at a time. I haven’t played the latest NMS patch but played the one before it and got sort of bored. it’s a bit TOO much and the procedural generation makes everything feel kinda samey. I think FO4 strikes a good balance. I also recommend Stalker CoC with plugins if you can get it to actually run reliably

  32. I bought No Man’s Sky… On PlayStation 4… Prior to the 8/17 patch. ‘Cuz I’m an idiot, I guess. Planet wasn’t so bad, but finding ANYTHING with no real map was… fun? And when you do get away, you think, I have X amount of money! I’ll buy a bigger ship! And aliens be like, yeah… add a couple zeros to that number, and I’ll CONSIDER your offer. I found an emerald mine the size of a Walmart, and it was worth 1/6 of a ship. And not a freighter, a 45-foot cargo shuttle! Stupid alien used car dealers…

  33. I wouldn’t mind seeing more Star Trek Online content. More? I mean any STO content at all.

  34. Guillermo Estrada

    I would like to Watch how to play world of warcraft

  35. Grinding .. Jngles we’re all WoT players here, we’re used to it.

  36. jingles I love you, but well…. I need more tanks!!!

  37. twitch subscribers and patreon suporters get pickaxes. The rest has to use their hands.

  38. Jingles plays STO????

  39. I’m really sorry Jingles, yesterday I fell asleep in the middle of Mingles so I have to watch it again today bhaha

  40. You probably have quite a few (of the younger kind) followers who wheren’t even born when WoW launched. Gen Z’ers be like “what the heck is world of warcraft? Is that like one of these crappy free to play/pay to win/mine your wallet mobile games?”

  41. Jingles, have you seen/played Life is Feudal? It’s essentially No Man’s Sky without the space/sci-fi element. It’s a medieval sandbox game ?

  42. Thank God people have forgotten how to use pen and paper

  43. Snappy Turtle Productions

    nothing makes me turn off a video faster than begging for money in the beginning of it . or the end.

  44. Jingles – Lord of the Salt Mines 😀

  45. Alliance ? Ppffftttt lame. You know what to say. “For the Horde ! “

  46. Where is Blitzkrieg 3 at?

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