Mingles with Jingles Episode 255

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Source: The Jingles

In which I emerge from my World Of Warcraft cocoon long enough to do an Episode of Mingles… in which I talk about Warcraft. Sort of.


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. The world first guy got to lv120 in 4 hours and 17 minutes, so why do they keep leveling in the game?
    It´s just a joke by now, something to get passed as fast as you can so that you can complain about how there is nothing to do. =)

  2. Before coffee so someone needs to explain it, why Professor Jingles character has with H?

  3. The reason servers did hold the addon launch is that there is no longer 10million players in Warcraft.
    what 1-3million active players now, that helps a lot if you got only 20% of original amount.

  4. So you can invest months playing beta content so you don’t have to rely on a reviewer who would only base his review on beta content? This might be a sign that you have to much free time on your hands.

  5. Snappy Turtle Productions

    everyone give claus kellerman a shout out . he almost died yesterday. send him a get well. he’s in hospital

  6. Mythic dungeons are the hardest form of dungeon content.

    … mythic+ anyone?

    … no?

    I’ll get back to the saltmines

  7. Fucking prequel haters, when youre 9 and you watch star wars for the first time jar jar is epic, you dont give a shit about bad acting, and darth maul is really fucking scary

  8. Jingles, I suggest that you rename this episode Mingles with Jingles World of Warcraft edition

  9. Stanisław Szczypuła

    Jingles how about you play The Elder Scrolls Online instead of this 14 years old retro junk.

  10. When you get the graphics and the sound out of youre system the last jedi and the force awakens are shit aswell

  11. Below Average Gaming

    10:04 Jingles is actually mining!

  12. in Battle for Azeroth servers didn’t crash because there is only a small fraction playing WoW anymore . p.s. bullshit filler grind is not content .

  13. 11:19 proof that dutch ships are best

  14. Answer: Mythics… They go from rank 0 to 25 or something and the 15+ aint easy.

  15. I have got the problem you discussed with jurassic world evolution. I really like the look of it but it is a bit expensive for what you get

  16. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

  17. Pro-tip: stay away from Kölsch. Order a “Düsseldorfer Altbier” instead.

  18. Former hardcore raiders of the world unite! I still swing by Ragnaros in MC and Nefarian in BWL to one shot them every so often just for the sweet revenge of it after months and months and months of grinding to kit out my hunter when I was in ReDeYe on runetotem-eu.
    Edit: I was one of the happy few who started playing the October after launch and suffered through the zul gurub plague.

  19. Grats on 600k, jingles. A long time coming.

  20. 25:16 “at half seven”?? Damn Jingles your mom must be proud ?

  21. since when do you keep your minion while riding a mount in wow?

  22. Jingles is best wifu

  23. I miss the difficulty of the older dungeons and having to work as a team to figure out methods to complete a dungeon. The lowering of difficulty in dungeons and such is what drove me away from the game. While I understand the idea of making sure the maximum number of people are able to see content, you also need to make it feel rewarding. Sure the better items are nice and all but the feeling of achievement when you full clear are difficult dungeon or raid is just as exhilarating to me.

  24. if there was no subscription fee to play wow then i would definitely play it again. I played it for 10 years !!

  25. I knew it, this one would be with World of Warcraft:):):)

  26. EA’s Battlefront beta weekend was good for me, I realised how boring the game was going to get and cancelled my order

  27. You say Blizzard didn’t have trouble, but its because they launched the expansion in prepatch mode and screwed over all non returning players who didn’t re-sub just before BFA we had a good week of crap.
    and we didn’t even get a real sorry.

  28. Hmm i preordered this but not played it for a second lol

  29. History Gaming Verified

    If I may, my great evil gnome overlord, if you want a good beer in Cologne, ask for a “Pils”. Literally spoken like “pills” in English. That is the normal German beer you get everywhere outside of the barbarian Cologne area. We blame France for the strange Kölsch beer stuff, it seems the time of occupation during Napoleons reign had some detrimental effects on the culture there…

  30. Oh Jingles…. You really don’t remember legion start, which was also without queues and DCs… Last time they had problems was in WoD

  31. FirestreakRodimusPr

    Ah, Jingles you forgot about Warlords of Draneor which had no content to speak of that anyone wanted to do.

  32. What mount is that?

  33. Jingles have you tried divinity 2? You should at least check it out

  34. Jingles up at this time what going on?

  35. Jingles you suck, stop playing WoW

  36. Hmm a World of Whimps video….Everquest is now loading….

  37. 3:15….. the ship captain, so reminds me of the actress Kate Walsh
    19:45…. Jingles flying around on a giant pariot shitting on pirates….lol…. he wasn’t kidding.
    22:00….. I love the helicopter
    price tag…. I almost always wait for the sales, by then bugs are fixed, DLC’S are out…… way better value for money, however Metro Exodus and Scorn, I may not be able to resist. lol
    talking about price tags…..Legatus Pack for Star Citizen……. IMHO…. a $27000 scam

  38. Jingles, what is your /played on Jingles?!

  39. I’m looking fwd to The Division 2. Enjoying Destiny 2 right now for gun play fun.

  40. Old footage of Jingles…when he still had colour in his beard. 🙂

  41. Patience Grasshopper – always works with games! – don’t buy them bug ridden at full price in the middle of the hype

  42. Skip to the wot Part 26:34

  43. I don’t agree with Jingles totally. It’s true that at level 30 there was something of a lack of content, but the main issue for me wasn’t just the weird/unbalanced PvP play and ganking in the Dark Zone but, but the fact that they fucked with the mechanics so much that each time I came back I felt like a stranger to the game. This is basically why I gave up on it.



  46. EA are bad for paid “beta” just before launch?
    You mean like world of warships was? My yubari would like a word.

  47. It took me less than two days to hit level 30 in the division. I think most people hit it by the end of the first week.

  48. I like Jingles.. I just hope I don’t get spammed by suggestions of this shitty game for the next month now -.-

  49. It too me years to figure out that “Cologne” is how english people call “Köln”.
    Still don’t know why but at least the fact that Kölsch is regular beer processed by feeding it to a donkey is getting more attention.

  50. they finally got it right? There have been thousands of people stuck in login queues o.O BFA didnt get it all right just like every other expansion, unless you’re on a completely empty server

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