Mingles with Jingles Episode 256

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

We’re back, Gamescom’s firmly behind us and I have to think of something new to waffle on about for half an hour to take all your minds off the fact that it’s Monday. Challenge accepted!


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 10×1080 resolution


  1. yes i play wold of warships and i got cerebral palsy and i play game to get my mind off the pain i got. and yes a god gamer mouse helps and i got a logitech g502

  2. You have a point about it not mattering, Jingles, but allow me to play Devil’s Advocate.Motoko Kusanagi may be a cyborg, but she is still Japanese. Is Cyborg from the DC Universe not considered black because he’s also a cyborg?

  3. How MM works. can WG give us an explanation ?? and how that karma mechanics works?

  4. The Great British Gamer

    Navy or tank regiment?

  5. do you think the stalingrad is to powerful? and why should a crusier be able to bow tank ap damage yet again while battleships can’t?

  6. Oh ah hu. Not wahoo. At least I think that’s what you were trying to say

  7. If the liberals want to get realistic about who stars in what movies, I have a question for them.
    If someone were to do a remake of “Silence of the Lambs”, would you demand the studio to cast in the lead role a true sociopathic killer, or an actor whose job it is to portray those characters through their craft and skills?

  8. Evil Overlord Jingles,
    It took me a while to figure out why I hated the live action Ghost in the Shell. There have been a couple of different back stories to Major Motoko Kusanagi in different media and all previous ones were good with me.
    The live action movie had a corporation commit an insanely evil act of kidnap and mutilation of children, when there would of been a pool of about 500,000 adult applicants who would have willingly, and legally, given up their bodies for this programme in that city alone. The plot makes no fucking sense. Like the military grade cyborg body being super vulnerable to tasers (a fact everyone in the city seems too know). And the decision of cyborg makers to give it world class kung fu, but forget to teach it to walk.

    It is a visually beautiful movie, that a lot of people worked hard on, that makes as little sense as a Transformers movie. That, and the totally lack of the philosophical underpinnings of the various Ghost in the Shells, is why I hated it.

  9. *As for the Japanese thing……* what? A non-human can’t be of a random nationality? :3

    lol, joking aside though it is an interesting question if to consider at some point about what is means to be “human,” or also to be allowed citizenship if one is sapient though not.

    So yeah, she isn’t perhaps of the Japanese _Nationality_ (nationalities are not races, eh)
    But by the same sure. Having people play roles who are of the same Nationality
    (and gender)
    as the people for a story if able would be nice but as said it shouldn’t be all there is to it.

    If a “White” (again, not a race or nationality) Actor is the best for a role, why not?
    Since all the more that everything is fictional anyways and AU so what if her version ‘Ghost’ is white vs black vs yellow or green or purple or whatever? XD
    – _Such that it works and makes sense in context for the story._

    But yeah, such the shame eh that for the Alt-Left it isn’t about what matters or ensuring Meritocracy but what for the week suits their political SJW’ist agendas while complaining that the “Alt Right” (which isn’t actually a thing?) is doing fuck who cares as again at least the ‘alt right’ are not out looking to censor the world of all rational thought . . . 1984 style.

  10. I would like to hear your take on the bombing of the Italian port of Bari. Dec 2 1943

  11. The harsh truth is, that EVERY army/navy/airforce is supposed to KILL the enemy in first place. The chivalry and acting after several conventions are good, but completing the task set by their command comes always in the first place. War is hell in every dimension.

  12. I love your videos Jingles. They are very entertaining. I especially loved the video when 3 battleships deleted one single ship and then you said, “I’m sorry, but no I’m not”

  13. about ghost in the shell, i don’t really care because i never watched any of it.
    however, the problem, which you might not understand untill americans decide to make a live action version of girls und panzer or kantai collection, is that they are so bad at it.
    if you take a look at the netflix death note movie, it was recieved as an awfull movie. not because the actors were not asian, but because they were so bad at at. and the same goes for the script.
    when americans make their own version of a japanese movie or anime, they change it so that the core becomes the way they like it…… which is their fatal mistake because they move away from what makes the movie/anime good.

    and if you add a western actor to play a very popular japanese character, who then… well…. really sucks at it, people tend to get a tad upset.

  14. When are wargaming going to bring wows to us console peasants

  15. shermandragonfly WOT & WOW

    Jingles you should have used the world of warships channel.

  16. shermandragonfly WOT & WOW

    Could you ask them if they will add smoke bombs for bombers as it will increase their ability to support their team.

  17. ahh americans will bomb anything and reward people for committing warcrimes

  18. WOWS question is the Hood going to have its guns sigma increased? It seems to be a bit under performing.

  19. Hey Jingles, if you’re still accepting questions for the WoWs Devs… I have a combined question. Feel free to chop it up if you like. Obviously the subject of submarines in WoWs has been beaten to death but I was wondering if the Devs had ever playtested, even in private and in-house, any ideas for Subs? Did they just try it on paper and decide it wasn’t worth it or did they actually build models and discover they were problematic? The second part is: Is there any chance of other classes in the game? Above Cruiser, Destroyer, Battleship and Carrier?

    Just one minor point on the thing about Samuel L Jackson. There weren’t comments about his colour in the MCU because in the Marvel Ultimates comics, they replaced the white Nick Fury with a black Nick Fury based specifically on Mr. Jackson. It’d be like casting Simon Pegg as Wee Hughie in a movie based on the comic “The Boys” and complaining that he’s not a Scottish actor… Except the character was specifically based on Simon Pegg.

  20. Hey jingles I thought mingles with jingles was supposed to be advert free?

  21. +upvote for the showing of a replay of a disabled gamer. These folks are worthy of praise (he still did a hell of a lot better than when I try WoWS).

  22. Will the kitakami return?

  23. Hey jingles, I have one question for the devs, and that is the compatibility of WoWs and WoT with MacOS. I know many people play on the Windows, but I and a few friends play on the MacBooks. And the games are incompatible with the OS, and it just never loads or keeps on crashing. Is war gaming able to improve the compatibility with MacOS.

  24. My questions is when there are 10K+ people in game why is it still the norm to be 2 tiers different in game play, surely the more online the more balanced the MM should be and thus the wider gap in tiers not happen 90% of the time

  25. It should also be noted that US sailors had tried to rescue Japanese soldiers and sailors early in the war but lost several sailors when the ‘rescued’ personnel turned and attacked them.

  26. so Gandalf does not exist, omg seriously Jingles, you just ruined my life

  27. More points need to be given for spotting, capping and tanking! The ribbons are great, but capping, spotting and tanking really help and WarGaming should persuade us to do these things more so. (With increased, transparent, instant point rewards shown on screen)

  28. Jingles, I agree “Ghost in the Shell” bombed mainly because it didn’t put much effort in staying true to the source material. I hear you when you say Scarjo puts arses in theatre seats.
    Respectfully though, (part of) the reason no Japanese actress enjoys the same agency in Hollywood these days is Asian actors seldom get cast in main roles; which in turn prevents them from accruing agency. It’s mostly support characters for them, even when the stories are set in the East, as film makers apparently believe white audiences can’t relate to non-white leads.
    For example, the 2016 flick “The Great Wall”, set in China, and it’s Matt Damon who figureheads the cast. Liam Neeson as Ra’s al Ghul in the Nolan Batman series (canonically Bedouin). Tom Hardy as Bane in the Nolan Batman series (canonically Latino). Basically the complete cast of “Exodus: Gods and Monsters”. Set (pun intended) in ancient Egypt and the only non-white actors are villains or non-speaking roles.
    Samuel L. Jackson playing Nick Fury didn’t garner similar… fury because it was the polar opposite of yet another lead role meant for a non-white person landing on a white person’s plate.
    People complaining about Johansson in the GitS adaptation aren’t criticising her acting skills, rather they’re asking to let non-white actors have a chance based on merit in Hollywood instead of being typecast.

  29. Tell the devs to stop following this HE spam meta they are going for, its unplayable

  30. Cyborg – is a being with both organic and biomechatronic body parts – so the lady is by all means a living person so then Japanese

  31. Well, at least David Hasselhoff wasn’t cast for Nick Fury. Owait…….

  32. Fuck all SJWs, they are a plague on humanity

  33. I would like you to ask them to put a poll to the wows community if they want the new CV game play. It might save them some time. The biggest thing is that a CV that can’t defend his fleet with fighters is not a CV. All it does is make CV players into selfish players and not team players. That is a bad move because the game should be more about working together as a fleet, and I just don’t see that with there changes.

  34. The only people who are “racist ” are the ones who call it out when race wasn’t even implied, they feel bad for that “race” because they think other people look down on them but they are the hypocrites themselves

  35. Mumbles with Jumbles. Is it me or is the mike muffled a bit.

  36. Good idea Q&A.

    How significant do the developers feel the use of island camping on the meta & how do you think this will be affected by the anticipated carrier update?

    Also the issue with Scarlett Johannsen was analysed with considerable nuance by the Nostalgia Critic. https://youtu.be/1WUdQpuVRtw

  37. Question for Developers: remove aircraft carrier’s or rebalance them and rebalance he

  38. In my opinion, the reason Doenitz went to prison while the allied captains didn’t is because Germany and Japan were the aggressors while the U.S. and Russia weren’t. The axis powers were already guilty of war crimes when they invaded nations that were at peace and bombed and killed those citizens. So any additional actions that resulted in unnecessary deaths were viewed as a, “if you hadn’t started this, this wouldn’t have happened”, thus making it an additional crime. But, it’s just my opinion……

  39. careful jingles ….. I don’t want to see a twitter mob start an artificial outrage and boycott

  40. Jingles is Hms Vanguard coming to wows this year?

  41. Hey Jingles. I do have an interesting question. With these companies coming up with new gaming ideas like, the modern vehicles in warthunder. Do you think that Wqrgaming have actually thought of the idea of modernizing World of warships? Because I think over time their customer base will also wonder of that idea as well.

  42. At some point, we need to stop and think about what kind of world we are going to leave Keith Richards

  43. A lot of controversy over the casting for Avatar: The Last Airbender. All the baddies were Asian all the goodies not, well more or less

  44. “There is only one human race.” YES! Thank you! This is really not often enough said.

  45. Also check out the captain from UK who was tried and killed by the Dutch for taking his ship to war against the Germans. Can’t think of his name at the mo. Ludicrous or just whacky war red tape ?

  46. Jingles can you ask them if they plan to add wow to consoles like the ps4/xbox?

  47. Freedan48 Blackstar

    hey Speaking of Karl Dontiz. Is WoW ever going to be able to add submarines to the roster of boats to select from? they are a pretty important ship class from world 1 all the way up to present. would be great just to see them in action. Pain in the butt to deal with but awesome just to see them.

  48. Jingles, when are you gona make more cold wars videos?

  49. Oh dear Jingles, sticking your neck out into indentity politics may get you burned by the outrage crowd

  50. Question… can we have ships powered by Unicorn Farts and Angel Tears?

    What? not a serious question?

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