Mingles with Jingles Episode 257

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It's Monday, let the Mingling commence!



  1. We were supporting a unit exercising out of Fort Irwin in California. After a night working on international relations a couple of the junior ranks attracted and aggravated the attention of the camps military police. As any self respecting member of the armed forces would do upon seeing the RPM’s (Royal Military Police) or the american equivalent, they gave them a good high spirited verbal bashing then turned tails and ran.
    Not used to this sort of thing the yanks had a massive sense of Humor failure and drew their service pistols.

    As a result, we all had a brief the following morning on how not to get shot on camp and were all banned from establishments of merriment. including the pool.

  2. Keep playing and posting vids of new games. I checked out Fractured Space after you showed it on here and I really enjoy it. Especially the new game modes introduced recently. I find it far more consistently enjoyable than WoWs. Mind you, that might be because most of the time I’m crap at WoWs.

  3. Seriously? Complaining about unrealistic radar? This is WoWs we are talking about here…
    – Planes can spot you when they are out of line of sight around an island.
    – Destroyers (and other ships) magically engage cloaking devices 6km away.
    – Russian ships exist… and are good.
    – Ships have health bars.
    – Destroyers have no vital components.
    – Penetrations below the water line don’t cause flooding.
    – Ships travel 70km in 15 mins.
    – Battleship main caliber guns are so badly aligned that shots from the same turret can land at either end of a city block.

    Shall I go on? The point is, it’s not a realistic game, and radar is a mechanic that helps actually makes cruisers viable.

  4. “Watch High school fleet” he says. I went to watch it, saw freaking ecchi within the first 10 minutes, and uh, no. I am sorry sir but you must have watched this for lewd reasons. I got my eye on you. ?

  5. Fess up! Which one of us do not watch every single video of the Gnome Overlord? Now we all are getting Punishment #9!

  6. They should have a oporation for battle of Leyte gulf and battle of mattapan

  7. I think you can make even a chess match or a cricket round to an grade A entertainment.

  8. Wait wait wait, how could Amercians be shocked by sailors behavior? We have made a hyper accurate depiction of sailors in Donald Duck. He is incomprehensible, is always picking a fight plus he had no pants and no one seems to mind.

  9. Vincent Rico Mercado

    Ghost Recon! YES!

  10. Was curious about the rebalance info. 🙁

  11. Ah, Jingles, I was at Bovington (again) in the summer, and one of the staff explained to me why the Tiger Collection was extended:

    Basically, the US Museum which owns the Elefant rented it out to Bovington because it gave them a grant from the US govt. if they did. Unfortunately, it’s very expensive to ship it over the Atlantic, and apparently the US Museum couldn’t be bothered to pay for it to go back!

    Well, Bovington gets to enjoy it for another year or so, so I’ll say that’s good news!

  12. Yo, u gotta Hentai channel on ur Discord?

  13. Whenever I hear “it’s fully operational” I hear “you may fire when ready”

  14. You got me into fractured Space and I still love it now and I have you as my Captain.

  15. Ah Defence Force Discipline Act (DFDA for non Orstralian types) 60 – Prejudicial Conduct_Behaviour, that’s the bonus plan. Had to enforce it many times *Manchester accent* “back in my day”. Thanks Jingles, I now have my head full of the DFDA crap again. Maybe because I was more a victim of it rather the enforcer of said law. Tip for young players……..If you are gunna do Military Law, then after the days instruction, then grab two beers and watch Sesame Street to allow your brain to purge……..go figure

  16. why do you not play fortnite?

  17. Jingles, No worries on my end on the WoWS, WoT, and any other game you play. It’s the narration and wit…
    keep up the good work!

  18. Are you going to make any more Victory at Sea Pacific? Your last videos was really good 🙂

  19. Hey jingles, is it possible we could get a victory at sea playthrough?

  20. Just a normal port call for the sailors.

  21. British Navy (Royal Navy) Should Kick them up the Bum Yes, Jingles in trouble OMG Quick Call Salt Maine Service,Jingles What Carrier Gameplay Thoughts

  22. Oh, I’m surprised they have more than one Tiger Day a year.

  23. That sounded like to GREAT liberty!! LOL

  24. Sorry Jingles it’s Mayport not Maryport. Former active USN Gunners Mate. Like your Channel.

  25. Sailors causing trouble while on liberty? I’m (not) shocked! The Navy also will charge you for being AWOL because of getting arrested.

  26. Make *torpedoes* great again!!!!

  27. For fuck sake with this selective realism on Radar and Sonar. Look, I’m a BB player, so even I have a stake against it, but for fuck sake, it’s an arcade naval game, not a simulator.

    I’m going to guess this mainly comes from the MLG CC’s that love to main DDs. This question is getting aggravating.

  28. What game is in the video? thx ^^

  29. I would like to suggest, to anyone who has the know how, a Mighty Jingles voice mod pack for world of warships! I think it would be very popular. perhaps suggest it to aslain.

  30. The “what do we do with a drunken sailor” song is actually an Irish Sea Chantey Jingles, and I don’t think that’s what people think when they hear British Sailor, my impression was “Speak only when spoken to, do only what told.” That or I look at a very selective era of the British Navy.

  31. Charges will be turned over to their command due to SOFA (status of forces agreement). Which means, if you get arrested, your own country tries you

  32. Is the Queen Elizabeth a carrier it has no Aircraft.

  33. So the British sailors had a good time in America! Lol

  34. when will the next tog video be uploaded

  35. hey Jingles. on the theme of ” Airfix ” did u play the game ” Airfix Dogfighters ” ? i my self playd it when i was a kid, and i beleve u would like it if u havent heard of it. and if u have heard of it, wat do u think of it 😀

  36. It’s ok jingles. There’s not much other than deadly animals and deserts in the Northern Territory, I’m sure the Japanese will have a great time maintaining an army there. Xp

  37. There is being drunk, and there is being stupid. Being drunk and stupid is a bad. Being drunk and stupid in a foreign country is a worse. Being drunk and stupid and fighting with the police in a foreign country is a terrible. Being drunk and stupid fighting with police in a foreign country while on the maiden voyage of the flagship of your navy and making the news must be Billy’s fault, Good going Billy, you had one job.

  38. Just get some one to 3D print a TOG 2 model Jingles

  39. my roommate is on one of the tankers escorting it, they are from the carrier

  40. hey jingles, loyal salt mine minion all the way from California. i was curious if you might consider doing a playthrough of victory at sea pacific when it comes out

  41. Mayport!!!! I also had a liberty incident there in the Navy. Spent all my space shuttle money… we’ll just say that.

  42. So they have no shitbarn??…… pity.

    Hee, I love that name

  43. Hey jingles, I honestly don’t watch your world of tanks content anymore. I would watch more tank reviews, just because of the history….. I love your wows videos, because we get that history and experience. Your other content is amusing. Your xcom, cold waters, and that new ocean combat games videos are awesome! I always look forward to videos with Billy screwing things up, or captin’ jingleberry blowing crap up. Thank you for all the laughs, and a few fun new games to play. Keep it up, and video on the carrier rework please!!!!

  44. Most likely nothing will happen with regards of punishment or fines from courts here in the states. Stuff like this typically gets handed over to the military. With respect to radar in the game, it should be blocked out by solid objects and the bogeys should only be illuminated when the antenna sweeps by.

  45. I had no idea HMS Queen Elizabeth was in Florida! 0: I’d drive out to see her, but she’s way up near Jacksonville which is a bit of a trek from Orlando. Was kind of hoping she’d be in Canaveral (I was on a cruise headed out of that port a few years ago and got to see a Virginia-class submarine surface and sail past us headed into the post just a file kilometers away).

  46. Dont worry, if they did the same thing in Texas or in Montana there’d be a bix fight and everyone would go home to get patched up ahahha

  47. Do you still like Cold Waters Jingles D:

  48. You should have a look Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I’d bet you’d like that kind of game. Just watch MarkGFL ( Oake/ Ageing Jedi) when he plays it to have an impression.

  49. When jingles answers your question about plastic model kits ?

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