Mingles with Jingles Episode 258

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

It’s Monday, back to work, peons! Here’s a little something to take your mind off it while your boss isn’t looking.

Jordans’ GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/wolfieandwaifu



  1. Love these videos there like therapy but do u think you could turn down the background a tad thanks?

  2. Less wotsht..

  3. Granted they aren’t exactly the same, but I have seen similar in the Blitz versions of both games. Seeing as I mainly play these due to computer issues. However, whenever I’ve had issues with WoT Blitz, it’s not that they weren’t helpful, but the time between responses is a lot longer that when I noticed display issues, where that night (on a weekend too) I was given a response. And after a few back-and-fourths, I did receive a response from a Dev themselves, if I remember right it was Octavian themselves. Which as one who play game casually I’d never had happen, and that’s why despite all the kinks that WoWs Blitz has, and WoWs when I occasionally end up playing it, I work through it and wait for the fixes. But that’s just me.

  4. Yes but WoWS has the dumb rank system. You can’t get a free 24 hr premium in the ‘play and win’ mission. People who are just starting out have to play 50 or so matches just to get to 12. They need the premium more than anyone.

  5. Hey. You heard the man. Do a cat

  6. Some cash for premium ships? I’m done shelling out half/whole price of triple A game for single ship.

  7. I somewhat disagree. I’m kinda new with ~2000 battles played, and I’m currently enjoying my Centurion I. I don’t feel the need to fire premium ammo because when I come across well armoured tanks, I can flank them, aim at weakspots, spot for allies, destroy their tracks, cap, or disengage and deal with other enemies. Skill > Premium ammo. Lower tiers and new player experience is bad, but at higher tiers there aren’t _that_ many impenetrable tanks. Even when I get rekt by OP tanks, RNG, or skilled opponents, I laugh and move on. Why you heff to be mad? Also, Wargaming has videos about spotting, penetration, and other game mechanics.

  8. Could you do a video on how to not insta die in the Omaha? Thanks and love the videos

  9. Avorion just for something different

  10. Someone make a fan art of a Jingles/Boo hybrid!

  11. Well Jingles, you cannot demand dislikes and be suprised by the outcome!

  12. kinda ironic, I was playing eve online when you started talking about it.. much better game now, I have been playing since 09. and you are right about it being a way of life…

  13. I still have my Commodore 64 and my Amiga 512, was looking at all the games on the shelf, was thinking of playing them again

  14. thanks jingles for speaking about the differences between wot and wows, i was wondering why they were so different. and i belive that wot can go back to increasing it’s player base if they would start treating they’r game like wows does.

    and u forgot to say that even when someone is screaming in chat at everyone, it may just be that he had a bad day, and is not in a good mood. but he doesnt do it regularly.

  15. Firstly Keyboard commando’s with their first world problem. Secondly who are the majority of people complaining about premium tanks? I’m willing to bet its free to play players.
    I have a Defender and 95% of the time all you get it Tier 10 games. WG has created this issue with their shit 3/5/7 matchmaking where Tier 8 tanks are basically just cannon fodder and as a result all the newer Tier 8 tanks have seen this power creep.
    Premium ammo is what pisses me off.

  16. I failed a college class because of X-Wing…

  17. Jingles: “I’m about to do a jingles landing”.

    Me: Sure thing wing is missing but all of the wheels are still attached and the prop isn’t shot….what kind of jingles landing is this?

  18. I don’t usually like a video, but i disliked that one ;p

  19. A day before my birthday and you upload mingles with jingles. Thanks, mighty gnome overlord.

  20. Yup – you are right Paul; I play WoWs now – instead of WoT. It’s boring.

  21. Jingles… you’re Lord of the Saltmines… why would you be surprised when you got loads of salt from your salt miners on request?

  22. I started playing WoT around 2013. So… how does the spotting mechanic work?

  23. That is true, eve online does demand a lot of attention as a casual player.

  24. Hey jingles, as a WOT player, I definitely see what you mean about the game. I’ve tried playing WOWS, and have gotten into tier 5, where I really don’t belong because I am utter SHIT. All of the WOWS guides I have found are outdated, do you think you could make a new wows video, explain the mechanics, and maybe suggest good ship lines for beginners? Thanks!

  25. Hey jingles could you do something on the new armoured cars there adding

  26. Look at the bright side at least you don’t have to deal with anime tanks that constantly get put in the game

  27. Insight into the asia server:
    Server: dying
    Players: salty
    Gold: everywhere
    Tanks: anime

  28. Jordans gofundme is at $2420 at this time. Holy shit people. Congrats and thank you all for helping this guy. Everytime Jingles posts something like this where someone needs help, you all go nuts and are just willing to give to get said person up and back on their feet. You never seem to even think of not helping. It’s amazing honestly that you just are so willing to do things like this.

  29. Eve online is not a game. its a 2nd job….

  30. Don’t lie to us Jingles, the only reason you like dog is cause it rhymes with Tog.

  31. Hi Jingles! I am playing both WOT and WOWS from their very beginnings, started as soon, as they were available on EU servers, and have NEVER spent any Euro/Dollar/Pound on it. Just grinding through the trees one by one on some nations with the in-game exp. and currency – because it was always the whole idea of this “free” game – to grow with it in there. I always considered purchasing of premium vehicles/ships and gold to speed up some skill development or earning of more currency as a shortcut for those, who have no patience to grind normally. And until the number of those players, who were so rich or so impatient to develop slower, as others, was small, this game (especially WOT) was a real fun, because the most players were basically on the same level as you, their crews had similar skills etc. But afterwards, as the players with premium vehicles became the core of all participants, it has changed everything, as they are mostly OP in comparison to others. Now the players like me, fighting with tree vehicles only, are mostly cannon fodder to the premium ones. I think, that many of other players have the same feeling, therefore they just quit the game, as it makes less and less fun.
    As the WOT Blitz was introduced, I felt a bit of freshness, because it was like WOT in the very beginning, and I liked this game. But what happened there? Wargaming started to give premium vehicles even for free, as a prize in events or in the in-game crates! I have now 17 premium vehicles, tiers from 2 to 7, FOR FREE! So what it causes? That the whole game balance is inflicted in the same way, as the WOT PC, and the grinding of trees makes less and less sense.
    I also enjoy WOWS now, but am really worried, that Wargaming will go into the same direction there, as they do in WOT, and in some time they will introduce such OP premium ships, which will be easy available, that this game will also look similar to WOT. But what the hell – I can always take my V-25 and kick some ass of tier 3 battleships 😉

  32. Flamu should see this!!

  33. Amiga 500 my first system also, Stayed up for days playing Dungeon Master and Champions of Kyrnn .. boy iam I really that old? Enjoy my friend and thanks for the memorys

  34. i cant speak for anyone else but i probably approached 4 figures spent on wot, and arty killed it for me.

  35. 1. waiting for those not main stream casual games.
    2. you are playing World of Warships as well, maybe one vid a week as a summary of your thoughts with ingame footage?

  36. WG have just said they are introducing BOTS to the Asian and NA servers, now to me thats a desperate act to try and fill the battles ie a falling player base needing a boost.

  37. Map pingers and salty-angry players give an additional experience to WOT.
    It is funny.
    WOT gives you Adrenalin rush. Upset you. It is quick. You lose sometimes however good you are.
    You can kill sometimes your favorite youtuber in the game however good he is. 🙂
    WOT is good.
    Other games are sometimes boring and get boring with time. WOT is not boring.

  38. I turned off my pm’s on wot as I got sick of ppl crying cos i’d used a gold round or spotted them then they died ,so i’d never get all those pm’s unless everyone on my friends list decided to make a point.You’re right tho jingles ,if the games winding you up then do something else , no point ruining someones day because you are stressed,this applies to life in general as well as games lol o7

  39. Solothkar of Trinsic

    Thank you for bringing this to everybody’s attention. This is such an important thing to consider. The escalation of such events is so disheartening for people. I refrain from going ballistic on HotS even if people play like they use their mouse with their nose and the keyboard with their left foot. Even loosing a KI battle is not a reason to go off on people. It took me a while but growing up is part of life, I guess. Sometimes it takes a few decades. Thank you, Dear Wise Jingles.

  40. See i’m the exact opposite, i’ve spent WAY more on Warships than stupid ass tanks cuz of everything you just said in this video! not to mention the toxic chat community in tanks than is like true proof of humanity going backwards!

  41. would like to point out wow did the same thing with forcing ppl into a playstyle when they remade the talent system back in wrath of the lich king

  42. WoWS is 100 times better than WoT. WoWS doesn’t punish you for playing like WoT does, it showers you in rewards for playing.

  43. 17:35 classic Jingles moment, kills himself by shooting the driver of a car which loses control and runs him over

  44. hows this for pro consumer behavior from the WoWS team. If you haven’t played in a few months and log in, they give you free premium ships! I didn’t play for around 6 months and was given 3 ships! just to thank you for coming back

  45. Below Average Gaming

    I disabled the comments on my Wildlands Predator video because of the amount of hate comments and abuse i was getting, even to the point where i was receiving messages telling me to delete the video. I even had one guy that went to another one of my video’s and commented there telling me to delete the video. It’s crazy the length’s that people will go to in order to shell out abuse because they disagree or don’t like something.

  46. i would like to see how much you suck at tetris Jingles. go play tetris

  47. Jingles, the first 6 minutes of this video are pure gold, all the more because they come from you. Thanks

  48. Russian op mediums that can’t be penned in the rear turret y jagdtiger …. 2nd chance to hit side at lose range – nope, not if there is a pixel over the turret. AT CLOSE RANGE. This is just bolox but it’s s Russian bias game coz of the amount of Russian players that dictate the bias.
    So should we solve it by just playing Russian tanks – or arty that doesn’t give a shit.
    I’m so fed up with the amount of time I spent chasing the removed tier 10 Brits.
    I play but forget the investing – goal posts move so no point
    I get hate mail occasionally and joke back with the writers. I send some too with a wtf and or some advice. Bots are real and pathetic players will watch you die. Skill ammo and poor mm fk the game as does the RNG

  49. Just going to point out that it is illegal for the landlord to throw out a tennant in the UK…

  50. Also because Dasha Perova

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