Mingles with Jingles Episode 259

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Welcome to the bumper special extravaganza of Mingles, although you can skip to 21:30 if you’re not interested in a Q&A with the WoWs Devs.



  1. Jingaroo you the best!

  2. “Let’s finish up this video with a massive wall of text”
    *Me, looking at the time stamp on video… 35:40 / 47:37
    This is going to be good.

  3. Ten years from now this is the things you will look back on. Not the video games you’ve played but the people’s who’s lives you have touched. You sir are a good man.☺

  4. This is an awesome video Jingles, and really appreciated, with all the muck and filth we are exposed to on a daily basis, it is cathartic to know that Mingles with Jingles is coming up to show us some good quality entertainment and bury the cesspool that is the modern world for a short time. That story about James really tugged at my heartstrings, I come from a military family, but was a rebellious teen and wanted to stick it to big brother and anything resembling authority. I would sell my soul to get another chance to relive my teens knowing what I know now, and I would have honoured both my parents by entering the Army as they did. I will send this link to my parents and get them too watch it, I am sure that they will get a kick out of it. Even though my father jokingly refers to the Airforce and Navy as the Army’s travel agents and delivery drivers. Love the channel Jingles, this lowly salt miner will always respect his gnome overlord.

  5. with the BB secondary guns good to engage at their range to finish off ships or even engage a destroyer if you are being chased by one and do not have help close by

  6. I failed, I cried too. Amazing story at the end there.

  7. Hi, Jingles. Listening to your voice is such a comfort to me. My wife just left me after spending 10 years together, I’m feeling down and miserable. I don’t really know how to cope 🙁

  8. Jingles is able to positively effect so many people and its awesome.

  9. Mondays Jingles. Well it Tuesday

  10. Using your powers for good!? Who are you and what have you done to our glorious gnome overlord!?

  11. 6:48 BUILD THE WALL. MJPGA….

  12. I disagree with having radar jamming; it’s yet another complication which we can do without. I think simply stopping radar from penetrating islands is the key. For example a Worchester, De Moine etc would have to peek out from behind an island for it to be able to see around the island but in the process potentially exposing it to enemy fire. It simply means that there is risk to using radar rather than just having a couple of radar/hydro ships sitting with impunity behind an island next to a cap alternately spamming radar. No risk no gain. Simples. I would like to see more than just a Captain being selected for a ship. I reckon having something along the lines of a selectable chief mechanic, gunnery officer, AA crew, repair crew & radar technician to put into additional crew slots to buff certain traits over stock configuration would be huge.

  13. Jingles ! Ever consider doing a Just Cause 3 playthrough ? There’s a lot of freedom of movement, and so much utter chaos you can wreak.

    ( Also, you mentioned the Battle of Samar a while back. As a military history enthusiast, I encourge you to speak about the role that the USS Samuel B Roberts played there )

  14. I hope Jingles would play Valkyrie Chronicles 4, it would fit the X-COM tactics with WW2 era gameplay with anime cuteness

  15. Enjoyed the letter from the US Navy sailor. Very well done. My father was on USS LSM-362, a medium landing ship in ww2. He was in Tokyo Bay during the signing on the USS MIssouri. He too said good things about his captain.

  16. I’ve gotta say Jingles, that the map ping/hot key abuse is one of the most annoying things in the game. In fact, I’ve been in matches where both teams agreed that the offending player should be taken out regardless of which team gets the kill.

  17. Jingles, WHY doesn’t the USS TEXAS have its spotter plane

  18. WoWS needs to improve the social aspects of the game, i.e. notifications that players on your friends list logged in. They should also allow the F1 key to be a customize-able chat macro.

  19. They should make it so that the operations are put on a random rotation like they do for maps in random battles including the higher tier and ship specific ones. I know that sounds crazy but all the MM needs to do is match the ships in the Que with the appropriate scenario and put you in. ATM operations are played fairly often but not as often as they should be because you only have 1 for a whole week instead of randomizing them.

  20. *my gawd* where did you get your urban design degree? Arizona State? pls stop while youre behind 🙂

  21. Best Mingles with Jingles.

  22. Christopher Vanoster

    Hey I’m trying that old cold waters video where he grounds the sub and has to back off a slight rise to get out of the mission. What was that?

  23. That last story and your reading it out in full was very heat warming. Very glad you read it out. Know you are very special to all of us. Well done and thank you Sir (I know you worked for a living) but it fits

  24. Jingles. Do you think there is any chance of the Leopard 1 getting a buff at all in WoT? I still love mine and play it but I feel it just simply isn’t competitive enough to keep up the other mediums in the game. Possibly a later model turret or even a camo buff?

  25. If Jingles does get added to the game as a captain I think he’s gotta be a DD skipper since he served on DD’s.

  26. Did WG release a Shimakaze into the saltmines discord? There appear to be a lot of ‘Wall of Texts’ recently.

  27. Mabare Resaurante-Bar?

  28. Hey jingles, was that restaurant in Cartagena called “Club de Pesca”?

  29. i love watching u play subnautica

  30. 10 years from now…. Mingles with Jingles still paid by Pateron. Now including aliens trying to figure out the ‘Jingles Effect’, and to avoid a ‘Jingles Landing causing interplanetary implications’ … Jingles is banned from spaceships.

  31. Been An awful day with my job, NJROTC, plus the bullshit stuff you have to sit through in your senior year of highschool and all the other stuff a 17 year old has to deal with. It aint so bad anymore. Course then again there is only 57 minutes left of Monday.

    Thank you Jingles for making everyone’s a better one. Keep up the great work bud.

  32. *My thoughts for Radar much as with most of the “Consumables” where nothing is being ‘Consumed,’ again is to remove fixed “max uses per battle” limits for use of Ship Abilities “Cooldowns” that are very small in count with longish CDs and no restocks.* Paired thus in turn with tweaks to how things work to be more overall balanced.

    For Radar specifically, as said the big thing being how there is no ‘Shadow’ due to full concealment and how there is no ‘effective range’ part related to the actual ships as vs the full (much longer) range of said radar with far more ships where how as able where were Historically Able To Use Radar gaining said ability,

    But also again at the cost of the trade that comes with the using of Radar:
    *It can help you see them but they also “see” you when you use it, and not always while seen.*
    *Namely, when radar goes ‘out’, it has to bounce back off of a thing. Said radar wave loses power as it travels and so it might not reach back to the ship using it but go far enough to give a bearing to said ship to foes…*

    In this way, more ships can be set to be given radar as part of the not used 5 slots for abilities that realistically should be able like the Iowa BB and Montana or North C…. along with a few more DDs, _But with it the trade of how far away you are willing to perhaps be spotted using it._

    Something that for a Radar Cruiser or Destroyer might not be so simple,
    but still a thing to consider use of where it’s needed.

    • and no, a more correct idea would be perhaps to Not always have to give up unrelated things to fit something else….

      But to have a trade between Active Radar vs Radar Jamming? could work.

  33. 7:30 Speaking of Bottom Tiers and said “Bottom Feeders,” when it comes to WoWs….
    *How about the idea of restricting how many tiers of skills can be used past say 2 or 3 + the Ship Tier, or so abouts?* (especially if / when things get put back similar to the 5 layers)

    By having more skills across more tiers and MUCH more choice for Skill Points use, going from only 19pts max to like 32 points max such for the same current max of like 1.6million Exp to get there, things could be fun; in turn we can limit how many effective points can on a captain be put to use on a ship of a given tier?

    Or at least, we can limit what specific skill tree abilities at T3- below T4 or T5 that can be had that are specifically perhaps too good to be allowed such to even things out?
    In turn allowing for more fun things at lower tiers.

  34. I’m ten years your senior .. yes you will enjoy playing these kinds of games 🙂

  35. As for the Battleships thing,…*When the issue with how excessively good HE spam is along with how game-breaking Fires are when 2 or more are stacked due to how they don’t just add an increase to DoT but fully MULTIPLIED based DoT, such also that AP is an actually reliable ship killing weapon again,* To a point but such that things are balanced.

    This is when we again will see the effective use in average case for BBs more up in close fighting such when it isn’t Suicide for a good BB Captain to do so due also in turn to how underpowered Non-RN / Conqueror ‘Repairs’ are on most Battleships for how few uses one gets vs how little healing it does.

    Keeping in mind the finite max value return as one takes more AP based damages and non-armored Torpedo attacks plus limits on HP per Use also are balancers to how and why it would be more than ok to simply remove fake limits on the max uses of Repairs for all ships;

    (perhaps such you have a set stock that resupplies? idk) eh
    But yeah, *Make it not 100% Suicide for BBs to fight in close to enemy groups and we might yet see them doing so, such there is direct reward of feeling for it.*

  36. Story time with Jingles is always delightful!

  37. NitroMonkeyGamer500

    Of all the emails jingles has received, that last one is one of the All time Greats.

  38. Also speaking of said Flags 15:30 going back to Consumables & Skills talk,

    *Are they EVER going to follow through on making it where we can resupply Flags for Credits? Like implied and stated directly in the game since the CBT 3 years back?* rip

    Same for how ‘missions’ that reward flags are supposed to be repeatable infinitely many times per day such every game or time you get the “Close Quarters” ribbon you are supposed to get Flags for it to aid your 2nds, and so on for each kind of flags / ribbons.

    Any chance they might plan to fix this mistake/error/oversight/””feature”” soon?

  39. *Finally then the issue of **18:30** to say, REDUCING how much one can see of how much one has to say or post/ping is a good idea but also to put limits on how much one can do per minute to begin with.*
    By a large part as the same as to how there should be no team damage in modern games…

    Self Regulation matters would be good, with the choice perhaps to further reduce how much one can see from a player to how much per unit time, such to be sure at times _It’s As If A Player Who Doesn’t Suck_ wants to point attention to a thing.
    By the same as said, just as Team Damage has no place in modern games so too it would be well to limit how many times per minute a player can ping or use callouts esp the same ones; that one can keep using Pings or Callouts but not past within reasonable degrees.

    (so no need would exist to mute said players who when left to die would not be as load? lolz)
    That and ya know, more people otherwise seeing they have a map. ^~>

    • Again it at the end is still a game. As a good / top 10%+ player for any game I invest time into playing and as a part of the CBT who played WoT for a good 4 to 5 years…. I will say also in turn as someone who knows that some games it takes an asshole to win a game, who is not afraid of map pings (in reason) and asking for help.

      While one could be said to block or reduce how much Text one sees of a person such for That game, and to block out of game DM’s from those not Friended, it at the end is still a game. Some times to win “Games,” you have to work extra hard to get the most basic points across to the kinds of sorts that are why such map pinging tends to happen, past some the same kinds doing it.

      *REDUCING pings from a player by a set amount can be ok, what is not ok is to say fully blocking someone from being able to show there is an enemy ship approaching cap from behind, or asking for AA cover, or etc.*
      Reduction of “pinging” or such? Sure.

      Being allowed to fully block someone from asking for help cause you are an asshole that cannot be bothered to see that DD they are pinging coming up your arse as you tunnel in on a target? Not so much….. in reason.

      *(seeing one ping per minute can be lived with.)

  40. Little Red Riding hood

    you are 48!! you look not a day older than 60

  41. Jingles!

    Is the IJN Torp line gettin any love? The high of the line is around T5 with the minekaze, great stealth, torp reload, no radar, fairly noob players. At T10, IJN torp line sucks, its very luck based, all or nothing gameplay. The IJN gunboat line was nice, at least until the RN DDs came out.

    As for Radar, you know where it has a radar line that circles you and leaves a wake with pings to denote objects, maybe instead of constant coverage, when you activate, radar gives several “sweeps” of the radar pulse that reveals ships, then the revealed ships drop off, until the next sweep passes by. Also no radar through islands.

    The is for BBs and CAs: the idea of bracketing. The more you shoot at a targeted ship, the more accurate you are. You can have multiple targets, but the accuracy buff degrades gradually unless you “fire/refresh” your bracketing, BBs degrade far slower than CAs. CLs need 15-20 salvos, but BBs may need only 3. (based on reload rate), its to reduce RNG/ snap shells. Also the Introduction of being able of designate a second secondary target, so you can use both sides for a secondary build BB.

    This is for Smoke, it’s no longer gives total invisibility to the ships, the ship is hidden and can safely launch torps unless you fire your guns, rather a ship’s fogly silhouette shows up. Smoke grants increased dispersion of incoming shells, you will know vaguely where they are if they are camping and firing, but with increased dispersion due to smoke, they won’t be able to blind fire with the map mark as it is now. BBs and CAs can make use of smoke for the increased dispersion it grants as a defence buff, but the other side see and fire vaguely at smoked team, instead of one side seeing and firing without consequence and the other seeing nothing.
    In other works, smoke grants you evasion and invisibility unless you fire, than it becomes partial.

  42. Can you imagine this level of back and forth between Devs and us peasants in world of tanks ? No neither can I

  43. Ok I see ! Seal clubbing is not big and it’s not clever especialy when it comes to encouraging new players. I now wear my seal furs with shame.

  44. Jingles
    Thank you for reading that last story.
    I think it’s something all veterans can relate to. Some more than others.
    Might not of made you cry but it was like you were reading my story.
    There are times still it’s hard despite me being a civi now near 10 years. That feeling of belonging is not there. The blocking out of military life is still there for me. I should be proud of it but I am more ashamed of leaving.

    Keep up the good work, stories like that really warm the heart knowing veterans do find peace and have pride in what they have done.

  45. Really tier 2and 3 events?don’t be seal clubbers,give more chance to fresh meat to play the game,we need more people playing the game,benefits all of us

  46. What a wonderful episode of MWJ. Hope you all have a beautiful day out there 🙂

  47. Johannes G. F. Bruhn

    I don’t think adding a radar jammer would be a good idea. I don’t like this “just add more new consumables”-way they’re going. The first idea, however, that a radaring ship is thus automatically revealed to the enemy team, does make a lot of sense. Definitely got my support.

    And what’s that about the Myogi?! It’s been one of my favourite BB’s! You have to get the c-hull, however. Sure, it’s only got six guns and the gun layout is kind of odd. But it’s got great speed, maneuvrability isn’t too bad in my experience, enormous firing range, the turret rotation isn’t bad, either, the AP is second to none at it’s tier. And the secondaries and AA are pretty good, as well. It may take some time to get used to this ship, but I kept it when grinding the IJN line. It was one of my first tier IV ships and I got a super-unicum rating in it, which I can only say about a few ships that I played a considerable number of matches in.

  48. didn’t submit my question.. “Why did you make the planes on the Enterprise suck”

  49. Always good to hear stories of veterans, their good officers and how to command to. plus happy endings will always bring a lump to the throat (or a cough jingles). lol

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