Mingles with Jingles Episode 260

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Welcome back! This week, in what seems to once again becoming traditional, I’m actually answering questions. User-generated content! Amazing!



  1. guess the answer to Sammys question is a NOPE LOL bet ya Bo wouldnt be too scared to play it though LOL

  2. Oh my…someone came close to asking Jingles a political question…AND got an answer. What?? No I wasn’t sweating…its all from the hard salt mining!

  3. World of Boreships

  4. So… My 20 cents.
    1. I have learned that If I’m in a T8 or higher battle in a T7 BB, and I’m facing 380mm guns (Bismarck, Richelieu, Monarch), let a T8 CA tank instead.
    2. Social Darwinism sound great in theory, but does not work in practice. And imho, even smart people can have off days, and even someone who thinks poking a sleeping tiger is a good idea, might be able to run faster than the guy who knows better. That said, I do not believe in the wrapping kids in cotton wool and never letting them do anything style of parenting. You got to get out there and develop some immunity and resistance, and common sense.

  5. Jingles… The ” Vincent Price” of Wows

  6. If social Darwinism was a thing, then there would be no world of tanks for a start as 99% of the players would never have lived long enough to reach the age they can fail at online games as bad as they do.

  7. The main problem with social darwinism is that it is an oxymoron. It presumes that the value of a human life can be gauged beforehand and assumes that all evolution is a race to the top, mischaracterising humans and predators and not highly social pack animals, who employ entirely different survival strategies and are known to value social bonds over optimum performance. To assume that we should just leave those who may be a burden behind puts us mentally below narwhals, elephants and most other primate species.

    • Exactly, and for some reason… the people who argues *for* such regressive and authoritarian concepts *always* imagine themselves at the top tiers of that selection…

  8. Iustinian Mihail Focşa

    Hey, Jingles, can you please explain why shooting HE with Conqueror in wows and type 5 in wot is so powerful? I mean, what keeps other BBs and tanks with 15 cm guns from shooting HE as well? Disregard the premium HE since you can do well without that (it is not that extra powerful and is expensive). I clearly remember a video of a WT E100 shooting only HE with the 15 cm gun and doing great (although you can argue that Circon is OP by himself). Thanks.

  9. Quite the wise man you are mr jingles

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  11. How can we get Jingles to actually finish his play-through of Isolation? Common Internet, don’t fail me now!

  12. I know it’s a small thing, but I really appreciate you letting us see the end of that match, sir!

  13. 17:20 Che would have liminated him.

  14. being useful in society is not by productivity its by teaching a lesson ether that lesson is being consciously given or not that is how we are us-full to society we teach for a better generation and that is all we can do we should not kill off all the “stupids” in-staid we should teach them or just help them be better in their life

  15. The question about social Darwinism is indeed tricky. In fact it should be “should the state/goverment be responsible for all that care” You can argue that because all this help that goveremnt is supposed to provide eneryone else feels reliefed from doing anything – so the system created to supposedly help care for others is doing the exact opposite. Becasue pepole living next to you know yor needs better then some beaurocrat on a govement chair… In the past you had to live in good realtions with you neighbours casue you might need their help at some point. You had to have children becasue social security was not a thing. And you had to give the kids esucation, so they can afford taking care of their parents when they are old. And finnaly you had to raise your kids properly, with the right values so they wouldn’t turn on you. Women had to choose their partners wisely because there was no “child supprot” paid by the govt… And men had to be responsible, because if they wanted to have fun, they also had than accept the consequences. Basically what im saying is people were tought to care and be responsible. The list of such dependencies goes on almost endlessly but in short words you had to have family and frineds in case you needed help, and if you had no friends and family didnt want to have anything with you that was a strong indication you were a bad person and could go f…. Yourself. I heared a story where one of a Chineese oficials was asked about the consequences of French revolution and he said “too early to tell”… And i think it is… I dont know where all the social changes will take us, but it mighy not be a happy place…

  16. i had a match in the British tier 3 battleship where i won a 3v1 with some 300 hp remaining… but i dont have the replay so no one are going to believe me

  17. Bismark Had 150 mm Guns Secondary So a 203 mm Cruiser Gun Would Been Even Not Bad Day. Thank you Tom Scott for Films.

  18. Richard Wroblewski

    Play Virtual Virtual Reality Jingles! You are going to lose your boo and your shit

  19. As a son of a Police Officer with basically 25 years of service. I have been told to thank stupid people for allowing my father to have a job. As it is job security for him. If I offend people. I rest my case.

    • Stupid people breed sadly. But it is job security. I do security and going into fugitive recovery. Always a need for it. Very easy for me to get a job with my experience as well.

  20. There is also another problem with removing all the safety labels off of everything: kids.
    Not because they’re stupid, but because they simply lack the experience and knowledge to not do it.
    And Jingles, horror games are actually GOOD for your heart! It never gets pushed above the danger limit, but it gets a nice workout. It’s never enough to cause actual damage, but it may cause a brown alert or two. XD

  21. Im of the opinion that people who are born with severe disabilities should not reproduce, in order to prevent that gene from continuing and stop it from inflicting such hardships on other people down the line

  22. LMAO timezzzzzzone noob 🙂

  23. Question regarding not featuring enough content from SEA server was not answered. Social Darwinism is the reason Mr Jingles?

  24. 17:50, about a severly autistic child, you miss a bit of insight it seems.
    what most people don’t realise, or refuse to realise, is that autism isn’t negative.
    ofcourse, for both the child and it’s parents it creates extra hardship, but that also makes you blind for the reduced hardships in other areas.

    futhermore, autistic people have (nearly) Always above average intelligence. the percentage of highly intelligent people with autism is higher than the percentage of non-autistic highly intelligent people.

    it becomes very clear when working at a special elementary school (“speciaal basis onderwijs” in dutch) like i do.where children are only accepted if they are highly intelligent (IQ 130 or higher, with exceptional creativity), autistic, or have learning/behavioral disabilities.
    often children from the autistic classes join the higly intelligent classes for certain subject (for example the science or chess lessons), so that they can learn at their own level, while having the safety of their own specialized class when they need help in other area’s. these two groups share many identical thought prosesses.

    so most autistic people are more usefull than most non-autistic people, the only problem is that they are considered as a problem themselfs. while in reality they are much more capable but the overwelming
    majority of people aren’t at a high enough intelligence level to even start understanding their ideas.

    well, that’s it for now… if i keep going it will take me a couple of hours :p
    if you wish to know more, just say so and i will resume my lecture on autism and intelligence 🙂

    kind regards, Thensho (kevin)

  25. Armando Rodrigues

    if it’s pan-european it has to include Hungary (well, specifically Austro-Hungarian Navy) and Greece as well, in Greece’s case they bought ships from the UK and US, from destroyers to cruisers and I believe even battleships

  26. The numbers Jingles gave answering question 1 made my head hurt.

  27. DarjeelingNeverSpillsHerTea

    On our family boat we have a selection of bungs, cushions and bits of wood for bracing. Just in case the oggin gets in. But the one time we have ever taken on water is when Dad ( the guy with a masters in engineering) overtightened the stern glands because they were leaking… Luckily the pumps kept up and we managed to find sanctuary in a nearby 5 star marina with a nice big crane. One of the yard chaps showed me the remains of the packing, it was literally toasted. Que having to tell the real engineer all about friction, lubrication and heat. We haven’t let him near a screwdriver since.

  28. The salt came early today. Doesn’t matter if it’s 9AM (normally when Jingles uploads in EST zone) or 2AM. We still watch and press the like button before watching the video.


  30. Belgium? As Belgian I would love it. But ZERO chance!!!! We have never had a single destroyer.

  31. 18:00 *cough* Alan Turing *cough*

  32. Why is the Nelson the premium ship of that line anyway and not the Rodney?

  33. Italy had a great navy in the Great war (ww1) as well

  34. You sneeky overlord, pulling a Black Adder on us!

  35. One of my instructors during my Australian Navy Engineering training was the WEEO of HMS Nottingham when it ran around on Wolf Rock. Incredible story of how they fought to keep her afloat after causing severe damage to the hull.
    (Not a torpedo hit but still a lot of damage)

  36. TopBunkProductions

    …Is it wrong to say that I regret asking my question?

    – Your still humble, yet extremely terrified miner and current target of the salt mob, Top Bunk Producti- AAARGHHHFKFHG

  37. The issue with Social Darwinism, as I see it, is that it assumes omniscience on the part of society. The perfect model of this is in one of the Hitchhiker’s Guide books – an enlightened society purged themselves of dull and thoughtless people such as hairdressers and the people who sanitize telephones. Said society then died out from a plague contracted by handling a dirty telephone.

    That said, I personally believe we’ve gone a bit too far with some safety things, as people nowadays seem chronically short on self reliance and ‘common sense’, things often only taught by experiencing the negative side effects of lacking either of the above. There’s a sweet spot, we’ve just not exactly nailed it.

  38. There’s no way Dorsetshire would be a tier 8 in the game. It’s significantly lighter than, say, Hipper, s would have significantly less hitpoints. It has the same amount of guns, but they fired a lighter shell at lower velocity and lower rate of fire than Hipper. She’d slot in at tier 7.

  39. Well, some postman found himself a present of a PC Gamer…

  40. Just so people are aware, another name for ‘Social Darwinism’ is ‘Eugenics’, and yes, the Nazis were rather big fans of the idea.

  41. Mighty Overlord Jingles , if you think Alien Isolation is scary then don’t even think about playing the Dead Space games . It’s a crying shame that the developers didn’t continue the series of Dead Space games as there are enough pc gamers who are fans to make another instalment a huge success .

  42. Didn’t really pay attention to the video but then I heard “Dumb shit that Rita said or did”. It wasn’t what I thought. Week’s first disappointment.

  43. For your Social Darwinism questio, to wit, it has a major flaw, Stupidity can be irradiated through a robust and well funded education system, with a societal focus on education of the basics being more important than fame and money… China has higher than average IQ level, due to the way society treats education….

    Ie – if you have many stupids, look to your education system, it may be seriously flawed!

  44. I’m not so sure killing off all the stupids would result in a future master race. I won’t claim to be an especially smart person, but my father legitimately believes in leprechauns and my mother is an advocate of homeopathy. If the traits of gullibility and general stupidity were inherited I doubt I would have been able to get an engineering degree.

  45. Why no one is talking about ORP pIorun , his figting alone with Bismark and had chanse to sink him alone but british dont want to take by Polish ship take all the credit , and send him to the port beacouse of low fuel wich was not true.

  46. Based on the note to the Inertia Fuse skill, on the german client it says “The skill works only up to a caliber of 139mm”. I think thats why it’s not recommended on most cruisers too despite the fact what Jingles already noted.

  47. You probably got asked before… but why is Rita overlooking over your shoulder? 🙂
    (intro pic)

  48. 4 to 6 am on a Sunday morning, good lord jingles. You must have had the triple shot espresso’s going down like a fat kid on a bike?

  49. Nemanja nene Mirosavljev

    I’m interested in your opinion about the game?
    It seems interesting to me.
    I’d like to hear your opinion in Mingls with Jingls.

  50. If social darwinism was valid in any way there would be no stupid or sickly people left at this point. Those genes would go extinct ages ago.

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