Mingles with Jingles Episode 261

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Source: The Mighty

With Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey taking up almost every waking moment in my life since before its release, it seemed appropriate to address a few issues regarding big publishers, terrible game optimisation and predatory business practices.

Still love the game, though!




  2. 1st minute crew?

  3. Mr. Jingles good morning

  4. 50th AGAIN! Woohoo

  5. These upload times work awfully well for us upside down bunch. Cheers from down here I guess ?

  6. 7minute。。

  7. *Jingles – I love you man* – but stop posting games that are rubbish compared to Battleships & Tanks.
    I’m way older than you — so please take my advice in the kindly manner it’s so warmly offered.
    *Face reality — Battleships & Tanks **_REPLAYS_** are your Subscribers — **_Meat & Potatoes._*
    So please – stop posting stuff that detracts from your main purpose.

    • I’m not sure you being old has anything to do with what Jingles posts. He still posts Wargaming content very regularly but he likes to feature other games he likes and new games nobody may have heard of such as heli-born and cold waters. I personally enjoy the variety and I know for a fact others do, not quite the majority but a large minority. Everybody has their preferences and I would say that Jingles has been doing casual Saturday for long enough for it to join the “meat and potatoes” of the channel.

      -a long term fan

    • BrotherPoquelin m

      You could not be more wrong. We watch Jingles for Jingles and not soley for WoT. If you don’t want to watch what Jingles is happy playing and putting out then you should just fuck off and return to whatever elderly home you came from.

  8. Netherfield Junction

    Hey Hey from NZ

  9. more of it ill watch it from the start with you more more more overlord jingles twitch stream maybe

  10. 400 views in 10 mins ?

  11. How does it compare with AC: Origins?

  12. Oh dammit…I can’t watch Mingles. I haven’t gotten this far in Odyssey yet!

    • Jingles is thinking of restarting the game because the videos (15 hours af gameplay) are so choppy… he’s been tweaking the performance of the game and it’s fixed.

  13. Szymon Boratynski

    Jingles – I do like AC: Odyssey, but I think AC: Origins is better, and you have same open world mechanics (+ hidden blade). You need to give it a try!!

  14. joost te boekhorst

    AC odyssey is honestly so much better than i could have hoped, and as it has done ever since Black Flag, it fills my autistic little heart with glee to see everything there is to do and all the collectibles

  15. Hey! It’s an episode dedicated to a triple a game. Well, that’s half an hour of my week saved. See ya next week.

  16. wait what its Monday? crap I have an assignment due tomorrow thanks for the reminder jingles. xd

  17. Sounds like it is time to upgrade you to a Treadripper system Jingles, get some 16core 32 tread loving it will make cpu based encoding a breeze and will speed up you renders massively to.

  18. I havent seen Jingles in days! This addiction is worse than WoW!

  19. Haaah you think you got a raw trade Jingles try $159.99 Australian Dollars for the collectors edition boxed copy of Assassins Creed Odyssey. Prices in Australia are becoming ridiculous at this point and to make matters even worse gaming in general is becoming a rich mans hobby at least here in Straya. I remember being able to buy two brand new copies of any xbox 360 game for thirty to forty dollars each and a collectors edition was only 60-80 dollars at most.

  20. I agree with the assasins creed thing you said. Honestly i hate the fact there is modern shit at all. Reliving memories of dead famous people isnt as interesting as just playing as your own character in the same time frame. Its this simple fact that kept me away from the ACgames. I get that its canon. But why include it at all in the game. Id rather just run around the map knowing, outside of the game, that its a simulation. Furthermore why not just make a new series separate from AC but with the same principles. Open world. Historic setting. Stealth and naval combat.

  21. Jingles, “Assassins vs Templars” is not a subplot, it is THE plot of the game. It’s like saying you enjoy the gameplay of Wildlands, but this subplot with the drug cartel is really dragging the game down.

  22. Jingles, its “ILL-E-ADD”. I’m with you though,and amazing period of history. Crete is a great place to visit. If you havent, read David Gemmells Lion if Macedon a great book.

  23. AC4 was pretty bad when it came to the animus stuff. It was pretty useless in that game and really broke up the gameplay. Neither will you understand what is going on without having played AC1, AC2, Brotherhood, Revelations and AC3. You should still play AC2, Brotherhood and Revelations. Yes it has Animus, and yes that was the weak part of the games, but it connects to the storyline, is much less repetitive and annoying than AC1. Especially Brotherhood does the connection between the Animus and the rest well. Then Revelations barely has any Animus. It is annoying in Revelations, but you are done with it in mere minutes and then you have hours of not having to bother again.

  24. broadside to a galleon…… Thats a paddlin!

  25. FirestreakRodimusPr

    well judging by Jingle’s love of terrible things, I think we know where this game stands.

  26. are jingles and rita still together?

  27. Jingles, Rita, TV series Allo Allo, now.

  28. I sure hope we will get to see the ships in WOWs move to the waves so beautifully as in Assassin’s Creed. It can’t be that hard!

  29. a Jingles vid and a beer in my hand

  30. Or play it on Console..but then again you wouldn’t be able to record anything…better in Console then on PC..and Better played with a Controller than on Keyboard and Mouse.

  31. Hay love you aco

  32. Hey Jingles, i know this will probably turn out really long but i hope you give it a shot since you said you’re a bit of an ancient Greece nerd.
    First off, you mentioned Homer being a historian. That is wrong but also kind of isn’t. Homer is a historian in the same way that the creator of Spiderman is. The events in Homer’s work (Achilles, most of what happens during the war etc) are fictional but the background details (battle formations, the everuday life of soldiers etc) are realistic depictions of what happened during his time (which ironicaly is 2 centuries after the time that historians believe the Trojan war took place).

    As for Herodotus, he wasn’t the first one to write down history without adding any mythical mumbo jumbo. Up until that point the way historians worked was they wrote down things that happened many years ago, most of the people involved were dead and the only sources were people that had the story passed down fro their parents or something similar. All of history until that point was similar to the history of USS William D. Porter, where people keep adding their own details and now it’s hard to distinguishing between fact and opinion. What Herodotus did was a) he wrote down events that happened barely a few years ago so b) he would use accounts of people that were actually there when said event happened and would compare those accounts to filter out the details added afterwards. That is what made him the first actual historian.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, that salt isn’t going to mine itself 🙂

  33. there is some scientific basis for memory rna, in snails (:

  34. today people want instant achivement without the slog or graft to complete games or life , you make valid points about value that is in the game and i for one am looking forward too playing it , keep up the great work with your honest opinions Jingles

  35. the oydesy was just a ten year pub crawl that they just lied about it to cover it up

  36. The “other side of the game” thing was interesting in the first few parts – then (after a certain persons death) in degenerated into meh.

  37. God dammit! Its monday already?

  38. Can you play and upload vids of the game Prey(2017)?

  39. Jingles, if you want optional animus bs give a try to AC: Rogue, it is pretty short campaign-wise but they let you leave animus at your leisure rather than pulling you out.

  40. Once upon a time, Ubisoft said they’d never do an Assassin’s Creed set in Japan with ninjas. That’s fine. They could cover a whole range of other regions, such as India or Thailand.

  41. *sees jingles upload*

    Good. Our first catch of the day.

  42. I like ancient ruins too. I was lucky enough to visit Leptis Magna in Libya a few years ago which is one of the best preserved Roman cities in the Mediterranean. It was pretty awesome.

  43. 6:22 That’s gonna be a pain in the ass

  44. I have this game and i love it however i cannot play it anymore for it makes my pc blue screen for the minimum required graphics card is a 660 and i sadly have a 650 so its back to the salt mines for the the next few month avoiding spoilers and mining lots of salt to save for a new card…

  45. History lesson from a matelot where else would you get it? ?

  46. “Least overpriced” is the phrase you are looking for, Jingles.

  47. 7:00 where are you grabbing?

  48. You’re not alone in not liking the modern bits of Assassin’s Creed games. One criticism you’d always see with the older AC games was just that. You’ll be having fun doing whatever and eventually you’d be dragged out of the fantastic setting in order to do some random things in the modern time and most of that stuff was just dull gameplay. Fortunately as time moved on, Ubi acknowledged this and we’d see less and less of the modern stuff… To be honest, I’m not that disappointed with this because the only thing of value for most of these sections was just story/lore and perhaps a puzzle or whatever. It gets better and better post-Blackflag. If you don’t like it in Blackflag, you won’t like them in older games because they are just as dull but more frequent.

  49. oh look….World of Warship 0.8.0…
    “…running around Greece stiking my javelin in people”….. lets hope that’s not a euphemism… lol

    You play Odyssey … you never play Fallout…….. 1 month (ish) away from Fallout 76…

    I almost never buy a new game, unless I can get it discounted…. lots of places to get games discounted btw…. usually always waits a few months before buying, its cheaper, the DLCs are out and most early bugs are sorted. ….. better value for money.

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