Mingles with Jingles Episode 262

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Time once again to venture bravely into the shark infested waters of Question Bay, where we discuss the importance of story in game design and shine the light of experience on what they *don’t* tell you in military recruitment campaigns.


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. I know you don’t like horror games but if you want a good story play Last of Us on PlayStation

  2. To answer your question about games:
    Valkyria chronicles

  3. Jingles, if you love Assassins creed Odyssey so much, I highly suggest The Witcher 3, it is better as a RPG, trust me. Best story I have ever seen, not in the sense of twists or anything, but amazing characters, dialogue, world building, as if a living folk lore

  4. But have you not heard? Gamers don´t want singleplayer games anymore…. Yeah. Yeah. I think they are on drugs too.

  5. From my experience, most of the time, japanese VNs (Visual Novels) are great examples of minimal gameplay with great storytelling. Just enough gameplay to let you decide how the story goes.

    They can explore so many different topics, on all forms of levels.

  6. Gears Of Wars story line from 1 to judgement was amazing in my opinion, possible my favourite game ever! Gears four gameplay and story was terrible. I don’t want to fight and kill robots! I want to fight and kill the locust horde! Love the vids jingles, keep them coming. Watched them all.

  7. Robin Hood, the Legend of Sherwood. That is a fantastic game. I actually still play it. I was very happy when they introduced it again on Steam. But beware, you must download something to make it work properly.

  8. I will check What Remains of Edith Finch, I guess I will get it because, dahh… but what I’d like to know is how this Mingles with Jingles episode influences sells of this game in the next few days and whether the studio contacts you with this information (and maybe a thank you)

  9. My farvorite “storytelling/ action” game have to be “Unchartet” 1-4. To bad you cant get it to PC.

  10. Dear mighty overlord,

    You asked us to comment some games that we like for the gameplay/storyline. The games from the Overlord franchise were those for me. I have played this game dozens of times and just started all over again with Overlord 1. I would highly recommend you give it a go.

    In the overlord franchise you are basically a dark overlord resurrected because the former overlord died. It is your job te rebuild your dark tower and bring all hell to the creatures that killed your predecessors. You won’t be doing this alone but, you have the ability to spawn multiple minions chosen from 4 types that will help you with this quest. All with there own special abilities.

    If you decide to give this franchise a go, please let me know what you think about it.

    Your sincerely,
    Your loyal minion from the salt mines in the Netherlands.

  11. God how I wish they made “Last of us” for PC
    That was one of the best games I’ve ever seen someone play

  12. A game from the Department of Old People: Realms of The Haunting!
    I have realy good memories of this game playing it with my wife (!)together(!) she was on the mouse and i was on the keyboard, doing all the running/jumping/shooting stuff.

  13. Dear Jingles,
    Can you tell me your opinion about the Royal Navy’s brand new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth and her potential in the fleet?

  14. Did you ever play Mist back in the day?

  15. jingles I am starting up a twitch account to do some of my own streaming and try to make some money off of it, do you have any suggestions for a new streamer

    • Henrik Frederiksen

      try to make some money off of it,,,,,, thers your first fail……. try doing it because you like it , then maybe the cash will follow …

  16. Jingles as a captain, and when he sunk an enemy ship he will laugh at the sinking enemy heartily.

    Okay i want that.

  17. I think the Ace Combat series is a prime example of a good game made great with the addition of a great story line. The trio for the PS2 was amazing, with very deep and complicated story. It was not your average warplanes game. I played them countless times and every time was like the first.

  18. Cheers Jingles!
    I happen to have a repetitive strain injury on my knee and it’s been hurting like hell for six days now. But your story time once again made my day.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  19. tropico

  20. They want to get the most desired/favored CC into the game? It’s simple. Everybody with a WoWs account gets 1 vote. If ye’re gonna want the results of a popularity contest, you’ve got to actually make it a popularity contest, it ain’t that hard…

  21. I have but STILL can’t get into playing “Kingdom Hearts” cause I associate it with my last ex-GF…

  22. Jingles do you plan to play Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun? It is excellent game.

  23. Jingles what would you think of a better chat system in world of warships when in a division. Like for all the bad things is world of tanks they have a good chat system when platooning and I think world of warships could benefit from it

  24. And also… Dishonored franchise?? (DA:O was awesome, the rest of the saga utter shit)

  25. Jingles I believe you mean the end of Mass Effect 3, not 2.

  26. For games with Amazing stories, mine has to be Valiant Hearts, the only game where I cried like a girl at the ending haha

  27. Becareful what you wish for jingles, otherwise you might just get it. Earlier this year I stumbled across a lot of memes regarding a visual novel called “doki – doki literature club”. I’m not into visual novels so I ignored it. Times goes by and the hype train picked up steam, I thought “what the hell, why not?”. It’s also free! So I played it initially and thought it was pretty mundane. However, I reached the point where the game is famous (or infamous?) for, and I stopped playing it for a week. Because I was traumatized. When I took my brave pills and continued I got immersed in the game. By its end I felt empty, depressed and completely amazed! I highly recommend this game and there are even a few mods for it. It should take no more than 4-8 hours (in my case a week+) and it costs nothing to get it. Happy gaming and welcome to the literature club!

  28. episode 262, didn’t mention the ME 262 DISAPOINTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED

  29. I’m sorry jingles but when you talked about mgsV like that you have lost a long time subscriber.

    Especially when you praise shit that comes from ubisoft like AC, which was good up until blackflag. Oh wait but you love shit fests like andromeda and the division which I let slide but this is one straw that you dont cross and that is to mock hideo kojima!

  30. Mr Jingles

    Please have a look at some great paradox games like hoi4 or stellairs, or even city skylines.

  31. As an ex stoker on 22s (guess which ) you made me cringe with the explanation of watckeeping . There will never be a sound like the noise of somebody opening your bunk curtain and giving you a shake ? . I’d do it all again 2moz If I had the chance .

  32. Jingles have you seen the new royal navy video about the f-35? worth a watch

  33. i just want the most popular commanders in the game, i dont think it is important that a guy with 1000 subscribers has a fair chance at winning at all, it should be the ones ho people actually want who should win by default.

  34. Hi Jingles, Story games that kept me playing. Well you already mentioned one: Kotor (knights of the old republic) 1 and 2 despite them being 15 and 13 years old games. Everytime I played that game, it’s never the same like the previous run.
    Other one is Fable. The lost chapter. Same reason like KOTOR. It’s just to much fun and challaging if you try to figure everything out yourself.

  35. Lord Jingles,

    Please do try “To the Moon”

  36. In my opinion the story of BF 3 is one of the best in the series

  37. Jingles has got to win. I want to hear every time you get a citadel “That’s a paddling!!” followed by the Jingles laugh.

  38. Fahrenheit : Indigo Prophecy

    Thank me later

  39. Alan Wake, Not Alan Wake: American nightmare, just Alan Wake, is a very good Story Game, Highly recommend it.

  40. 80 pounds for 111 hours, i bought Fallout New Vegas as Game of the Year Edition for 20€ and now have 780 hours played.
    Assassin´s Creed still has quite a way to go. But it IS definitely more than many other games around, so i give this much credit to UbiSoft.
    I remember you showing us some “South Park The Fractured But Whole” gameplay, that counts as a story game for me.
    And let us not forget your X-COM episodes, although not meant as a story game, you positively turned your episodes into one.

  41. Talking of sea voyages howe many of the crew on board did get seasick when a heavy storm hit the route your ship was on and howe many off the crew where thinking wonderful i get payed to ride this rollercoaster. is this why world of warships don’t put in heavy wave’s because a lot of would get seasick behind their pc?

  42. I would LOVE to hear a WOWS Jingles Captain quoting “That’s a Paddlin'” after a devastating kill

  43. Mass Effect 2 ending was great, it was Mass Effect 3 where the ending sucked!

  44. With the Ring – they literally made a bad system worse

    *Community has nearly no say in it. 4 times we can say 1 out of the 3 CCs who are dropping out… But each CC can be save only once so bye bye on the next week
    *On the final – 5th – round when there are 12 CCs left and they decide which CC wins – community can go screw themselves with their opinion, they don’t get a say in it
    *Russians are standing on a podium above everyone as the CCs of the rest of the world are fighting among themselves in English (irrelevant of what language they normally use) while a Russian is guaranteed to win the Russian round simply by being Russian. Either this guaranteed Russians 50% chance to take the only available slot for becoming a CC, or they are guaranteed to get 1 out of the 2 slots available for it (depending on how they do that part). Meanwhile CCs from other regions… Yeah, once again – they can go screw themselves

    Meanwhile the problems with 1st and 2nd iteration were:
    *1st – bigger channel (like Jingles / Flamu) will win. Why make smaller CCs fruitlessly fight against them?
    *2nd – smaller channels massively favored over larger channels. Large CCs (like Jingles / Flamu) don’t stand the slightest chance

    Oh I wonder why people don’t like this 3rd iteration even more than the 1st two *sigh*

  45. Jingles, if you get to WoWs as commander, would “you” like to be captain of HMS Hood? Because that is my plan, if you ever get to game as commander.

  46. There’s a game I played called Oxenfree, its fantastic. Not sure how quite to describe it, though.

  47. Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age Origins are examples of games with “terrible stories, bad executed”.

    But Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for 111 hours. Because the story is brilliant.

    You’re nuts.

  48. Jingles For The Win Boys!!
    Must have is:
    1. Jingles Laugh!
    2. That’s a Paddlin
    3. Surprise Buttsex

  49. Can’t agree with you about Dragon age…. what a boss game

  50. Jingles you forgot about Firewatch. Didn’t you play it?

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