Mingles with Jingles Episode 263

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Source: The Mighty

Monday morning. Urghh…


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. TheOneAndOnlyLammy o7

    Notice me senpai

  2. I can’t wait to watch Subnautica DLC vids, but at the same time, I want to play the finished full release game first. I enjoyed it so much, I don’t want to spoil it by playing a potentially/probably buggy pre-release game that gives away most of the story. Nor do I want to watch footage that gives away the whole story before I get a go myself. So you know, if you were to skip doing subnautica dlc till after release, it’d be one less video per day I’d have to avoid 🙂

  3. a old fallout fan i still think that fallout 76 sucks

  4. Things a submarine can do that a surface ship can’t No5: Change Depth twice.

  5. Tomcorp The Manatee

    Milk is very good.

  6. EA must die , EA WILL die, EA is evil incarnate

  7. jingles Have you seen the royal navy’s new video of the F-35 and the Queen Elizabeth? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eE_ahJlvtI&index=8&list=LLWMFurgK5IHQKb1N31aE_Vg&t=0s

  8. good morning jingles, how do you take your morning coffee?


  10. Bought previews Jingles.
    Oh and Fallout 76 is going to suck too, so you can cut that out too.

  11. James Bigglesworth

    I think the 5 inch gun was the maximum gun on British Ships in the Falkland conflict.
    If they have 15 inch shells, then that would be support! 16 would have been better 🙂

  12. I share your opinion of EA. They could release a remastered version of paradise and I wouldn’t invest. There’d be bugs everywhere and the base version is just a concrete plaza and a few flower beds with stinging nettle and rhubarb.

  13. Oh shit..Jingles isnt the only who is crap…I didnt realize I had the Legacy pack for xcom either until I watched this video…..DURP!!

  14. Brandon Christensen

    Battlefield 5 was supposed to be released this month, but they wanted to polish their product, so they pushed it back a month, so thats my guess why they pushed their other game back

  15. 18:25 – Nah, if all we wanted would be to see you crash and burn, we’d keep asking you to finish Alien Isolation.
    So ….. any plans to continue with AI ? :))

  16. dakkadakkastan, had me laughing harder than it should’ve

  17. EA will be destroyed by their own greed.

  18. Hope they add newer and bizarre leviathan class creatures in the new subnautica game. Its gonna be “dlc” but its a stand-alone game. So you dont need the original game.

  19. Paweł Mikołajewski

    Jingles… You should know that EA owns Bioware. Sad but true, Bioware is not an independent studio that can change publisher.

  20. btw the term “jingles landign” is still used in wthunder 😉

  21. DCS World is AMAZING! But it’s very expensive to start (packs, HOTAS, maps, etc) and then you need to start to learn to fly, land, engage, coordinate etc, for every single plane in the game 😛

  22. I am to uneducated to play Battlefield V.

  23. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Man I laugh a lot with you talking about DCS.

  24. btw Jingles, have you tried warframe?

  25. Jingles, Division 2 is being released in March 2019, not in 2018.

  26. soo bye our game logit is so that means you do not have to pay money for a Shit game = world of tank

  27. Could you do a review of WOW blitz

  28. If you play Civilization V, you will learn quickly how useless submarines are without the support of a surface fleet and ground forces

  29. Wahat about having a go at X4 Foundations … there you go another one for the list …

  30. Patrick Joergensen

    Sitting in the hospital atm – nice to use battery life on a Jingles video.

    Oh and yeah fuck EA.. I still hold those fuckers responsible for Red Alert’s demise…

  31. Oh Jingles… No, February is not the month games go to die anymore, there are atleast 4 or 5 major releases planned for February. I even think Doom Eternal comes out in February. Also, I HOPE really really hope that Anthem is good, because if it’s not, good bye Bioware. And yes, I liked Andromeda! Wasn’t the perfect game, but shooting things was fun, even better than in ME3 and story was okay. Also, about the XCOM2 DLC… Firaxis have made a huuuuge promo campaign about it and how it is free until December I think 3rd, IF you have War of the Chosen. Also, yeah, play it, it’s worth it, lots of fun.

  32. Quick question:- why do you hate electronic arts?

  33. Jingles EA owns bioware

  34. I promise you, if you play DCS world, you won’t even take off. On that note, play The forest.

  35. Would you be checking out the new Call of C’thulu game? And are you keeping an eye out for the Cyberpunk 2077 game?

  36. I cant believe you still haven’t played Witcher 3..

  37. Why make a game creator suffer because they have a shit publisher. Just wondering, i hate ea but i guess its up to how good the game really is

  38. I almost stoped playing AC O bc I don’t want it to end.

  39. WT ships stinks… Biggest ship with most guns basicly wipes out everything else… boring.

    DCS is too difficult for Jingles.
    You need to know how to start aircraft, tanks or choppers button by button.

  40. What was that? That was not even half the Jingles i need today!

  41. just have to point out. Calling EA the devil is a bit of an insult to the devil, at least the devil makes sin fun…..

  42. It’s called a Jingles landing for a reason

  43. To be fair Jingles i did let you know on Discord but on Day One before it released so you must have missed it which is fine as you’re busy after all. I did suggest that on Discord we should have a Game Suggestion thread and this proves it in my opinion. If Mods would agree then rather than a chance of missing it in the Mingles Channel, we could post suggestions for new games and new DLC for your older games then from time to time, you could check that channel and think “Ah Subnautica Below Zero releases next week, i must download it” whereas in Mingles you may miss it then it turns into XCOM what we see today.

    Please think about it and i love your content. Cheers from a lonely salt miner.

  44. Furthermore i consider that -carthage- EA must be destroyed!

    Good decision old man!

  45. If I could ever break myself away from World of Warships which I have been playing for a year straight, I would like to check out that ACO. When I can afford it that is. Also need to play some Tropico and Pirates! Been a while. The revamp Bard’s Tale looks good. Also I think a Age of Mythology that will actually work on 64bit is supposed to be coming out I believe, if not already. I have over 500 games from GOG.com so it’s hard. Yet….World of Warships…….

  46. EA BAD

  47. I really wish this is not the case but i can see they moved anthem to february instead of christmas is because they want to add more microtransaction into the game. Similar to battlefront 2 case (correct me if im wrong).

  48. Does anyone else remember the time when Jingles never answered a single question for weeks… oh how things change eh?

  49. Having a boomer sub off my coast would scare the crap out of me…

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