Mingles with Jingles Episode 264

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I have a confession to make, my minions, but first I’m going to have to explain what I got up to this weekend…


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. It’s treason then…

  2. atleast you picked the ps4 instead of xbox

  3. Mr Jingles are you going to join WOT on console just think of the grind from tier one how could you resist ?

  4. Oooooh… How the Mighty have fallen.

    From Mighty Gnome PC Overlord to Filthy Gnome Console Peasant Pleb in one episode of Mingles with Jingles.

    This is a sad day indeed.

  5. Why don’t you go to shooting ranges ? Jingles ?

  6. Hardly anyone watched because AC is garbage.

  7. Why not a Pro? Also you should try Horizon: Zero Dawn and Playstation VR

  8. As always a reliable source of useless trivia which I can then serve back at my non connected colleagues in remote outposts.

  9. PS4!!!
    RED DEAD 2!!!! ???

  10. As much as i would love to play RDR2, i AM NOT buying a fucking PS4 just for that reason and that reason alone. Im sorry, but that is just a waste of money. If you have the disposable income, by all means, go ahead, but i personally would NEVER spend that much money on a console and a SINGLE game, and fuck Rockstar San Diego for ignoring a whole other market that they could capitalize on, and not releasing a PC port (even though they MADE the bloody thing on a PC).

  11. Ahh Jingles you gave into the dark side. I look at it this way, they want my money, they can put it out on PC. I will not go buy a console just for a game. Spent enough on my PC. They don’t want my money that’s fine there are other games.

  12. How I view you Jingles had changed somehow when you mentioned playstation 4. That is just a line you do not cross!

  13. Well I really like the assassins creed series you’ve been doing.

  14. Jingles on console?! SHOCKED!!! trademark: So say we all! :o)

  15. Jingles if you have a PS4 you have to play uncharted 4, literally the best game I’ve ever played, no exaggeration here, it’d be amazing to watch it on your channel

  16. I’m unsubbing… why have you done that?! why a PS4 jingles? ?

  17. TRAITOR! UNSUBSKRIBE! Outrageous……

  18. Jingles, buying PS4 for RDR2 is all right. Although it’s going to come out for PC in 6 months, it’s still a great game to play.

  19. Jingles..

    .. I don’t know why I still keep on watching you.. hahahaha 😀 😀 😀

  20. The glorious Retardmagnet

    would you like to show off your airsoftguns some day? 🙂 I’m really into airsoft…. so…. pleeeease?

  21. “Jingles your so crap, now that you have an playstation 4 no one else will want one ?”

  22. WOOHOO JINGLES IS ON PS4. Add me if you want to platoon on wotc or wowsl. I am alpha testing wowsl . im Gundathrone.

  23. Jingles. I love your videos. Especially the Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. Or as you like to call it Far Creed 6 – Greek Wildlands.

  24. unsiscribed to this console pleasant

  25. Stop giving these shit companies money that refuse to put a popular game on PC. I wont buy another rockstar game since they keep releasing games only on console. I have not owned a console since the Atari 2600 was new.

  26. I’ve made 47 years without a console and will make 50 as well. *unsubscribed* ?

  27. Well Fractured Space should have made a game before putting in micro-transactions…

  28. Jingles, you filthy console peasant…
    Well, at least take a look at Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War. 😉

  29. Maybe its just me, but I prefer Star wars Battlefront 2 over Fractured space any day of the week. I think there are many good games without marketing budget, but there are few amazing ones. And the amazing ones usually tend to make it big time on steam.

    Also, if an honest man, trying to feed his family takes one horse from a rich man (he could have stolen it from some equally poor guy), you forget the part in which his family dies, if he doesnt steal the horse. Now In a court of law these days, thats a major part of the discussion. And if its founf out to be the case, the man, at least here in germany, would not face any real charges. He was honest, he didnt do it to enrich himself, and if you have starving families and people with 100 horses in the same town, than that is an issue your society has. And most judges wouldnt be interested in punishing the poor working man.

    They way I see it, the law is a sort of playbook, and punishment is aimed to educate you, to not make something again. It isn’t punishment out of revenge, its there to ensure the society keeps working. If a member of the society has failed to follow the rules, having difficulties staying true to his group, to prevent him from being a danger to all the others, and also not having to exile him, you re-educate him.
    The fact that that is the more effective, than to just harshly punish them, shows the modern day statistic of USA prisoners and German ones. You see, the harsh US system has the one issue. Its not showing a person wrong. More criminals stay criminals after leaving prison in the US than in germany. The US has really unpretty detainment Facilities, trying to „break“ the detainees. You really do not want to be in a US prison. In germany, prisons are nice. You get to do sport, to lern read and educate yourself. In almost everything. Cooking, a new profession, housekeeping, anything really. And it turns out, most of these criminals, are still not coming back to that type of prison, even if it isnt „that bad“ comepared to the US.
    This saves the society a lot of money. Because you need less facilities and you have more active tax payers.
    So yes, make the horsethief face his crime. From how this went, it was an act of dispare. He hasnt that criminal mindset, he acted out of pure survival instinct.
    Punish him, and you lose a farmer and his family, sure you don’t all depend on him, but hes part of the system, of the group. You might be afraid of people thinking its okay to steal. And its a fair point. But you also dont want the biggest group of society to feel left behind, to feel worthless. Because sure one farmer less, no problem, two, still okay, but at some point you need to start helping the anyways. Or youll all starve.

  30. For red dead redemption 2? i’m with you

  31. Jingles! how could you betray the glorious PC master ra… ah, hold on, it seems
    that I have received a text message…” Your PS4 is ready for pick up ”

    Oh, right. Never mind.
    As you were folks, nothing to see here.

  32. Yes jingles welcome to the console peasants

  33. Actually Jingles, it was “We Will Rock You” not “Another One Bites the Dust”….. Anybody else remember Marvel’s “No Prizes”?

  34. Maciej Kwiatkowski

    Jingles captain with unique perk ,, Jingles Stuff”‘ when active your ship swims sideways o.O

  35. Jingles, since you have a PS4 anyway, please also try Horizon zero dawn, it is also a superb game.

  36. my ancestor did this with the horse theft and got a free paid vacation for 7 years to the lovely holiday location of New south wales

  37. Dear Mr. Jingles, I would watch your ACO videos, but I don’t want to spoil the game for myself, so I’ll wait until I have played through it on my own.

  38. It is sad that those great non AAA titles are mostly unnoticed, but that’s where you come in Jingles. People like you can bring those games to our attention when small developers can not. You can help to spread the word around.

  39. Richard McConnachie

    Noob player … Uninstall

  40. Jingles? You’re going to curl up with Rita in the man cave? Don’t you have a living room???

  41. I would play fractured space but it won’t load for me, I just get a loading screen for like an hour

  42. so how do you fail your way from most beloved overlord in youtube , to dirty filthy scrub ?
    you buy sony consule …

  43. Hoovy The President of Pootland

    7:05 He’s one of us now!

  44. I heard from an Alpha legion brother the other dayvthat there was an ordo hereticus inquisitor team on the hunt for some heretec called Jingles 😉

  45. Christopher Zarycki

    PS4 yesssss

  46. Man cave update please???

  47. Lord! Welcome to the PS4 masterrace!

  48. Well, I sold my PS4 and I kind of regret it. I still prefer my PC, but you just miss out on the console exclusives and you can use it very well to play movies. I think you made the right decision in buying a PS4. Just please don’t play non-console exclusives on the PS4, it is BAD

  49. Blu-Ray drives did appear a while ago for the PCs, both internal and external, including burners.
    But Sony was too pissy over the loss after the Beta and decided to make Blu-Rays expensive to get “revenge”, especially since they were much bigger than DVDs.
    Well the sad thing is that yes, they did have the biggest optical storage medium, but from their blind side, they got torped.
    And the name on those torpedoes were “Western Digital” and “Seagate” with harddrives… In short, it became cheaper and easier to use harddrives for storing stuff rather than optical media.
    The speed difference didn’t help Sony’s case either, at the end of the day, that spelled the end of the line and why Blu Ray drives died off.
    That and faster internet connections, so that brought an abrupt end to Sony’s “Revenge” plans, even when they won, they still lost 😀

  50. So you joined the hybrid race big deal.

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