Mingles with Jingles Episode 266

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Did you all enjoy your weekend? Well forget about it, it’s Monday!



  1. Jingles, you know you can use your console controllers with your PC, right?
    EDIT: Jingles, it isn’t Detroit: Being Human. It’s Detroit: Become Human.

  2. Dammit jingles! I feel cheated ! 23 min ! Please stop having a life outside of mingles with jingles ! I love listening to these when I drive and that was unacceptably short ! You should sentence yourself to an extra salt mine shift! The beatings will continue until moral improves!

  3. they could use the Armored Cruisers then the few Heavies, same for the Germans, French etc……

  4. something went wrong here. i hear about WoWs but see a redemption video today.

  5. British heavy cruisers had a unique (mostly) 8″ (203mm) AP ammo: Semi-Armor-Piercing, Capped (SAPC), the light-cruiser CPBC/SAP with an AP cap added for use against face-hardened side armor in larger armor warships. Germans had one size of that (for their new, post-WWI 15″ as on BISMARCK), but in addition to, not instead of, the stronger conventional APC shells, while the US Navy developed in 1930 an 8″ SAPC shell (8″ Mk 15 MOD 0 Special Common), but it was almost immediately replaced a couple of years later by the more conventional, but very strongly-built, uncapped 8″ Mk 17 MOD (various) Special Common shell, which would not work well against face-hardened armor, but very little of that kind of armor was used in cruisers after WWI (only Italian ZARA Class, French ALGERIE, British COUNTY Class; no German, Japanese, or US cruiser had face-hardened armor during this period) until just before WWII, so the cap was not needed. The only nation to ever use a lot of face-hardened-armored cruisers was the US Navy starting just prior to WWII, when ALL newly-commisioned US cruisers, light and heavy, switched over to much-more-heavily-armored designs (mini-battleships, in effect) with both thick (for a cruiser) face-hardened side armor AND full-strength, hard-capped AP shells — 6″ (152mm) super-heavy Mk 35 MOD 1-8 AP and (later) superior MOD 9 & 10 AP on the new light cruisers (other US Navy 6″ guns, such as submarine deck guns, always retained their uncapped Special Common-type shells against armored targets, though, like the 8″ Mk 17, these were much higher strength than earlier designs, essentially identical to US Army uncapped APBC anti-tank ammo) and 8″ Mk 19 MOD (various) AP (older ships only) and super-heavy Mk 21 MODs 1 & 3 or (later) superior MOD 5 AP shells (for the new face-hardened-armor heavy cruisers). Thus, only the post-WWI British 8″ used ONLY SAPC as their “AP” shell against all targets as long as they existed.

  6. Jingles movement on pc pres shift move different speed

  7. I love WoWS:L. Happy I got to be an alpha tester

  8. are you going to put Horizon Zero Dawn on this channel

  9. I remember when there was a real-world-currency auction house feature in Diablo… 3? They shut it down eventually.

    There’s like a couple of mobile games that do the freemium model well, and one of them basically throws one form of premium currency at you just for playing the game (at least 2 per day, and 1 per new level you complete), and if you really, really, really want to you can pay real money for the other form of premium currency, both of which can be exchanged for a random gear draw. So it’s really easy to get great gear even if you’re cheap, as long as you’re patient.

    Most freemium games (and this holds for PC as well), however, tempt the developers into making the game so difficult or frustrating that at some point that the frustrated user will shell out actual money to progress, ensuring a revenue stream. War Thunder is, I’m told, a great example of this on PC, and just about every free-to-play title on mobile not only does this, but they also plaster ads everywhere.

    Worst case scenario, mobile Diablo’s difficulty curve will require you to spam the premium gear gacha (random draw) at around level 10, and have a stamina bar (play limit) that you can partially refill by watching ads.


  11. Why is world of warships so full of useless players now ?

    Why cant WG make some kind of divisions where ppls skills counts..like win rate.
    So ppl with less than 20% dont get into teams with ppl that have 50%+

    Suggestion would be…0-20% at one “server”….21-35%…36-50%…51%+…like this ppl would have more fun and NOT have this mushroomheads in a team….played almost 3 yrs…and last year WOW gone to shit….really NO fun anymore …my WR gone from 68% to 54%…..ANNOYING

    I know for a fact that LOTS of ppl have left WOW because of this crap players in teams…sad really

  12. Jingles wooting made an analog keyboard actually so you can get a pc with analog controls

  13. do you still play helibourne? sorry if you have said in the past

  14. They STARTED Blizzcon by announcing it. They ENDED Blizzcon with the Q&A for the worldbuilding for Diablo Immortal.

    And it was both utter shit.

  15. I had to stare at wall instead of the background video. Damn I hate Rockstar. Also, I threw up when you said you were going to play Fallout 76. The last Blizzard game I enjoyed was Warcraft 2. I gave up on Blizzard when they cancelled Starcraft: Ghost. Blizzard has no balls when it comes to making games. They’ve been making the same shit for over 20 years. If you think it’s new it is just a copy of some shit that’s trending (Overwatch, Hearthstone). If Overwatch would have been made with the original vision it could have been amazing. As it is it’s just the same repetitive shit as CS or everything else. Oh well.

  16. Detroid: BECOME human.

    But nice try.

  17. Cold waters?

  18. For the RN Tech Tree they will probably do a line of Battle Cruisers instead of heavy cruisers maybe.

  19. it’s that bloody hat losing simulator again

  20. hey jingles, you mentioned that there were some decent mobile games in this weeks Mingles with Jingles, could you, if you read this, specify what games you would say are good?

  21. Sorry Jingles, our Battlecruisers worked EXTREMELY well when they were used inthe role they were DESIGNED for.

    Line of battle was NOT that role….

    FFS, you are a navy puke, you should at least get the gist of that, even I as a ground pounder can get my head around that particular concept….

    Do not use a weapon system in an environment for which it most definately was not designed to operate. Line of Battle and Battlecruisers, mutually exclusive…..

  22. as someone who has been in the beta for Fallout 76 since the first PC beta session i can honestly say I have not seen the greifing that everyone was worried about. Most people did their own thing and even helped each other. Honestly i feel that a lot of the ‘it’s going to suck’ talk is coming from people who are just pissed off that this game is being released instead of the next Elder Scrolls. It should be pointed out that a similar reaction was had to fallout 3 going into an FPS instead of the traditional isometric fallouts that had came before.

  23. WoWS talk while a cowboy punches people?

  24. Wait for Fallout: Cascadia Total Conversion Mod for Fallout 4 Jingles!! THATS gonna be the real next Fallout 😉

  25. I remember that i started watched mingles with jingles around ep 40 not sure, it was the jingles-qb era, i just wanna say that it has that authentic feeling i remember, 🙂 makes me kinda happy and nostalgic. Greetings Sr jingles.

  26. anyone that thinks Blizzard is STILL the Blizzard of old after Activision bought them is just plain sheep as the entire mobile base is. Welcome to things smart people have know for years…

  27. Diablo 4 is going to be so full of microtransactions, it will make your head spin anyway.

  28. 13:50…..weeelll, it can’t be as bad as playing alien isolation right? XD

  29. more red dead redemption 2 video’s please. i don’t have a console so i can’t get it 😉


  31. Actually Jingles…WoWs has created a utility that enables replays and associates replay files with the game. It’s not native replay support but if you’re still modifying files to make replays work, there is a step up available.

  32. Hey Jingles, speaking of mobile games, do you play WoWS Blitz when you’re away from home?

  33. To be honest, Royal Navvy light cruiser captains wouldn’t be nearly as bad as some other nations when driving heavy cruisers. RN light cruisers have no real use for the IFHE skill, it’s kind of a wasted skill on heavy cruisers as the 8 inch guns are big enough to pen what they need to pen. Lack of demo expert might hurt a heavy cruiser some, if HE spam is the focus of the heavy cruiser. It would be doable to make RN heavy cruisers work, depending a lot if the RN heavy cruisers has a smoke generator available. It would be nowhere near as bad as using a Graf Zeppelin to train your German captains.

  34. Why not make battle cruisers the “heavy cruiser” line of the British? Also, where the heck is a premium CL for the British? I need a captain trainer!

  35. Horizon: Zero Dawn playthrough when?

  36. Terror of The Deep???

  37. i’m sorry for being a broken record here but it’s been over 10 days since SUBS and still nothing. I do realize that they are not the ony thing happening in the world right now… but c’mon good sir! it’s about time we see some kind of footage, i’ll even start sending some footage. I also kno that your not the only youtuber who’s gonna cover it but i’d still like to see it from your channel… it’s like telling a Spice Girls fan to go watch The Backstreet Boys sing Tellya Wutcha want wutcha really really want! I Tell ya wut i want wut i really really want! I wanna! I wanna! I wanna! I wanna! I want The Mighty Jingles vid about the SUBMARINES ahhhhh 😉

  38. Jingles, have a look at Star Citizen at the end of the year durring your christmas break.

  39. I recently got a xbox1 for free (fixed it). I have no idea what to do with it.
    Games are too expensive to buy compared to pc.
    Playing any games online with my friends costs £5/moth for the rest of my life which is £60 per year vs pc which is free.
    The hardware is super weak even compared to an old pc. 1080p SOMETIMES and 30fps isn’t acceptable and hasn’t been for 5 years.
    Can’t Web browse CEX or pc part picker or techspot etc a lkc worth a shit or use facebook or YouTube for that matter.
    What are you supposed to do with them? I’m considering using it as a doorstop so me and my housemates can talk easier when we’re gaming.

  40. You’re spending way too much time choosing handbags there Jingles.

  41. I am 91% through the story in red dead redemption 2. Really an amazing game.

  42. I swap between my Xbox controller for driving, and Keyboard and Mouse for combat in GTA V PC.

  43. Fallout 76 will be dead before christmas

  44. Richard McConnachie

    266 phew

  45. Starcraft II – 3 minute zerg rush, win, done for the day 😀

  46. Horizon Let’s paly!

  47. First off, even I am late for this, but I would like you thank you for serving in *A* military branch and fighting for what you, or at least your government, believed in.

    That out of the way… Jingles, I know having that discord server must be nice, and your life has been pretty occupied by RDR2 exclusively, but I hope for future episodes of Mingles with Jingles that you will either answer the questions a bit faster, only allow 1 question per person, or make a bit longer of an episode if the questions run on for awhile. Also, it was Veterans day, at least in the US, on the 12th, I don’t expect someone outside of the US to remember all holidays around the world, but it would have been nice to listen to a war story ON Veteran’s day.

  48. JackDrinkn2DollarJim

    1:00 in and I see what could be an excellent Tank map.

  49. Jingles — I was hoping that you’d at least punch a feminazi in the game.

  50. Boring, all about games

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