Mingles with Jingles Episode 267

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With the giddy rush of the PS4 honeymoon period over, not every “must buy” game on the platform all it’s cracked up to be. Then again, you could say the same about certain PC titles. Oh hello there, Fallout 76. We were just talking about you.


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. War stories on wot console

  2. MrRealmadridbernabeu

    PC vs console.. make $€£¥ why not both

  3. join the airforce , see the world – join the navy , see the rest of the world – join the army , eat shitt !

  4. You do mean the 300th anniversary of the American Revolution

  5. Jingles, the Fallout games are not all set hundreds of years after The Great War. The first Fallout takes place 80 years after it, there are old people in it who were children when it happened, to say nothing of the Ghouls in Necropolis.

  6. Dude, play spider-man, its a challenge and the story it awesome.

  7. Actualy jingles… until dawn is good, its a story game, and is about the choices you make. The people in until dawn are all assholes, but they grow and change as you make choices for them.

  8. Maybe games like Untill Dawn and fallout 76 just aren’t for you? I love both those games! And no I don’t love a bad game I totally disagree with your assessment and opinion about the objective badness of those games!

  9. Oh Mighty Salt Mine Lord, you forgot to mention watching videos at night when not on watch. Plus, with the advent of the laptop, the ability to play video games. The only other service that comes close is the air force where you are on a highly secured base with all the comforts of a small city with periodic chance for a daily beer (at least in the US armed forces). Not sure if your British ships allowed beer onboard. I know the German ships do….

  10. In relation to the comment about the time span from the Atomic War and Fallout 76: I assume they used Godzilla logic on most of the creatures, since Godzilla was born I think due to exposure as an egg to nuclear testing. However, I thought Fallout 3 actually shows that SuperMutants came from Vault 88 in the Capitol Wasteland and existed before the war was over actually.

  11. Far Cry 3 to 5 have QTEs

  12. Your history ramblings could just as well be storytime with uncle Jingles, it feels very personal and we all love it.

  13. Did you play the latest god of war jingles? It’s a must play

  14. Also, Jingles may I suggest Journey? One of the best indie games I’ve ever played.

  15. Jingles. You can only fix this by playing Bloodborne to completion.

  16. Its funny, there is plenty of story to be had in F76, and it is pretty fucking dark and depressing. Also, pretty sure there is some explanation for the mutations in 76 (WV being mining country, and this being set in the super duper atomic alternate reality it is not hard to figure out their mining methods pre-war… ) . Personally I call it Fallout: Silent Hill. Look up Centralia, PA for reference.

  17. No Overlord, tell how you really feel. No more of this sugar coating, lol

  18. Jingles did you see the restored WW1 films on BB2 Colourised for the anniversary They shall not grow old. it was really moving

  19. New series on Friday 23rd this week .


    thought you may like to watch it

  20. Jingles both the super mutants and death claws come from the FEV (Forced Evolution Virus) not radiation and both existed before the great war this is established in other fallout games and Bethesda did say that this is a one off game and all of the DLC for this game will be free.

  21. Don’t pay attention to reviews….. 90% are paid for and not worth your time….. Only way to find out if you like a game is to play it unfortunately….. Or watch play throughs which can ruin some games.

  22. 17 hours late but my son’s christening had priority, sorry not sorry

  23. lol only played wot because there was the tiger tank

  24. BlackRoseKnightEnterprise

    When the scaredy cat reviews until dawn and says nothing about the true monster. You know he hasnt played the full game and thus does not understand why it got such good reviews.

  25. If you want a good ps4 exclusive game then play Uncharted 4

  26. YEEEES, more history stories. you’re like lindybeige + video games

  27. All the comments about Until Dawn’s quality I just remember who has not finished Alien Isolation. He got scared and turned it off.

  28. Either I’m getting massive deja vu or jingles showed us that wows replay before in another mingles episode.

  29. Fallout 76 is a great time. I don’t give a rat’s ass about perfect lore continuity, and I don’t care strongly about the multiplayer component one way or the other – frankly, the fact that it’s so sparsely populated is the best thing they could have done. If you want to group up with friends, you join their group and port to their server. If you want a single player-esque experience, you’re golden.

    I play Fallout for the atmosphere and the openness of exploration, skills, perks, and play style. It doesn’t need a bleeding-edge engine to provide what I love about the games. Are there some really nasty bugs that should be ironed out, and some features that could be added/improved? Absolutely. But I am having a blast otherwise.

  30. Well the mutants in the Fallout 76 can easily be explained by location, it IS West Virginia after all. Shallow gene pool of Appalachia…

  31. QTE’s are annoying and I’d wish they’d go away. You nailed Until Dawn by describing it as a CYOA product. I don’t know if it’s possible on the ps4, but if you’re looking for a good horror game to play I’d recommend Dead Space.

  32. A must buy PS4 game? Bloodborne…

  33. Jingles, if you really don’t like Until Dawn, then don’t bother with massive hit games like Detroit: Become Human. Because really, that’s what the game is, like all others with similar style.

    People play these games for the story, and from what I’ve seen from the comments of this video and from experience watching tons and tons of video gameplay from when it’s first released, the story and characters aren’t that bad. In fact, some, not at all. The game isn’t perfect, there are far better titles that I would refer to as “Best Game of The Year”, but it isn’t as horrible as you put it either. Yes, I highly agree with the “if a game doesn’t appeal you for one hour, don’t bother” trick, but there’s also a saying, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. There’s a reason why so many liked this game and similar kinds of games, so at least try to give it a chance and not be so critical here. Saying this game is “objectively” bad when tons of reviews established after years of its release say the exact opposite, something is not right. Unless of course someone is paying for the TONS of positive reviews, some of it from publications with great following, award nominations and even awards IT WON, which I doubt any of this is happening cuz that’s a lot of money and people involved.

    Also you may want to tone down on the PC vs Console thing. Even with my standpoint, I wouldn’t go as far as to the points that you say, with stuff like “Console players are so easy to please”. I’m seeing more and more comments of some of your subscribers feeling alienated due to the sometimes mean remarks you put on them, some even saying that you sound like an extremist now. I’m still gonna follow you, but please keep this in mind. Some people prefer console, and peeps like you and me gotta respect that and not poke them too harshly.

    Sorry overlord, but while I agree with a lot of things you discuss on, this review of yours, I’m gonna have to disagree.

    Sincerely, a PC master race follower

  34. fallout 76 should have been single player and a faction game again with not alot of mutations. mostly a human territory battles and survival game with npc’s. but hey they tried they failed and i hope they do not try this multiplayer shit again. they are good at something so stick with it and let modders in to help with no creation club bs.

  35. You said why you didn’t join the army and why you joined the navy but…why not the air force?

  36. Few things on 76 having played it. 1 its fun 2 the lack of human npcs isn’t often noticeable. 3 there are plenty new items. the people in it are often friendly!

  37. But Jingles, I joined the Army, and got lots out of it. I got a drinking problem, bad hearing, bad knees, bad back, and a bad attitude.

  38. “It’s gonna live or die on how well it’s implemented” he says about the game that he himself claims kept getting recommended over and over. “Since we already established the gameplay is dogshit…” he claims about a game that received overwhelmingly positive reviews.
    I did hold back while listening to you cry about Fallout 76 because it’s not a great game (which the developers themselves warned about since it’s their first stab at multiplayer), but you couldn’t make more of an ass of yourself if you tried, when you started going off about Until Dawn. The three reasons to buy PS4 are literally: Last of Us, Horizon and Until Dawn, with the new God of War close behind them. Just because you’re shit at quicktime events doesn’t make it a bad game.

  39. You gotta try The forest, either on PC or PS4. Basically you are Bear Grylls carbon-copy, you crash in your plane, and your son is kidnapped by a cannibal. Next day you wake up and have to survive on an island in the bermuda triangle where there are cannibals and monsters walking about, while you have to get food, clean water, and build a safe base to sleep and build weapons to fight off the cannibals, meanwhile exploring what went on and crawl through caverns…..

  40. Question: Until dawn ?
    Answer: PC master race confirmed

  41. Jingles, you could try playing The Witcher III, got over 260 hours in that game with the expansions and still haven’t gotten around to finding and completing all smaller side quests. 😉
    Keep up the great work, and thanks for the content.

  42. 100% with jingles, rubbish game.

  43. Sorry Jingles, not that I’d defend FO76, but claiming that all mutated creatures are there by “magic” because there wasn’t enough time just shows you have no idea about the overall Fallout lore…

  44. Oh Jingles most high and mighty. I will actually start playing WOWS regularly again, if I can get you as my Captain (though the de-moting from Rear Admiral seems a bit odd and unwarranted). I can only hope having you commanding my ships and paddlin’ those pesky reds will help make me as crap as you are!

  45. Try Pathfinder Kingmaker on PC, brilliant game .

  46. That poor IS3 at the start

  47. Surprise away then Jingles!

  48. Wow guess I didn’t realise how biased Jingles is towards PC gaming – PC games can be just as shit as console games, just look at the piles of trash in Steam Recently. PC/ Consoles not really better or worse than each other they each fulfil a different gaming need :/

  49. Fallout 76: Mildly multiplayer online “role playing game”

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