Mingles with Jingles Episode 268

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Source: The Mighty

It’s the time of year when all good gnomes start thinking of how best to put their feet up and relax over the Christmas season. I’m not a good gnome but I’m up for that too!

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  1. Hey jingles can do a video on world of tanks mercenaries! Please that would be great because i only have W.O.T mercenaries.

  2. Jingles the new expansion of Subnautica comes out I think in late December or early January so you have something to look forward to

  3. Eh, maybe not the best time to be travelling to Russia anyway, what with them trying to start a war with Ukraine again.

  4. I must admit… I check links on my pc… but if I’m on my phone I forget that there even are links… my bad.

  5. Never got into The Witcher series. I think it’s mostly because when I play the first one, I ran into a rather nasty bug. I got to the….old quarter I think it was, and somehow managed to do the middle part of a quest line without actually starting it, which then locked off the actual start point. So I had no idea what to do and thus no way to progress, with my last manual save a couple hours in the past….after an hour or so of trying to figure out what to do I quit and never loaded it back up again.

    Looking it up now, it’s apparently a optional quest (A Gravedigger’s Gratitude), but I didn’t know that at the time. All I knew was that the game appeared to have come to a complete halt, with the only way for me to progress was to play a few hours content again. Yeah, nah.

  6. You sound like a hobbit

  7. What is stopping EA from just telling the Belgian government or the entire EU for that matter to go to hell, and just keep selling all their stuff online illegally while hiding in the US from any meaningful repercussions?

  8. Holy moly, Jingles actually does read user comments. I just hope it doesn’t take 6 months for you to address my comments about Assassin’s Creed Origins. 😛

  9. Jingles, since you mention you record w/ Shadowplay I had to ask (even if there’s not much chance of this being seen!); I’ve been trying to use Shadowplay to record videos of my own, but there is HORRENDOUS amounts of audio skipping going on to the point I’ve had hours of footage wasted because it skips during the good bits. Any idea what might be doing it?

    It used to be fine, but it’s a problem that’s just sprung up out of nowhere seemingly without a fix.

  10. 14:44 – 15:01 No I don’t remember that. I remember not paying a cent and getting a 2-4 KD, not noticing any P2W effects. I hate EA as much as the next guy but everyone way overreacted. Battlefront 2 was paid progression, not P2W. I suspect this was because everyone hated the first one so much they wanted the sequel to fail as well.

  11. Sensibly Named Person Of The Internet

    As you can see the art in the intro shows jingles in command of the hms tog in the foreground, rather than the plane in the background.
    How can I tell?
    No not because he is prominently shown standing in the commanders hatch of the tog, but rather by the fact that the plane isn’t performing a jingles landing.

  12. I’d really like to see a push in the US to classify loot crates as gambling and shove a giant foot up the pompous asses of the game studios here.

  13. Don’t like travel, dont like Christmas, dont like trains…Dam did the Grinch swap places with you?

  14. Pewterschmidt23 Lord

    2 week break to grin d out the musashi and kronstadt before they go off sale

  15. Actually Jingles, cut a peeled potato in half and drop it in your sauce . it will absorb a lot of the salt.

  16. WOW ur doing pretty well i get about 1gb per 5min

  17. BTW, congrats on the HMS Queen Elizabeth. I see they completed the first flight operation trials with the F35. Apparently pretty successful despite the naysayers of both the ship and the plane.

  18. Re: skipping the trip to Russia: also a good idea to skip traveling to countries currently agitating for war with their neighbors…

  19. The real reason you didn’t play Shadowrun, Jingles, is you simply didn’t own enough d6s. What with your naval service weight and space allotments, you simply couldn’t spare the room for three POUNDS of d6s!

  20. I would like to see premium ships limited to battles with other premium ships. I am getting tired of having my Lexington blown out from under me by 5 hits from a premium cruiser or battleship. I had one game where I hit enemy ships with 120 ap shells and did less than 15000 damage and took 5 hits from an enemy premium battleship from 17 km away and had all 5 cit’d me and blew up my ship. I am a horrible player and after games like that is stop playing for a while so I’ll never have a chance to get any better to help my team. I have already uninstalled WoT and am seriously considering doing the same with warships. I like the game, but nothing is explained and there is no way to get better without spending money to simply make your ship so much better than most everyone else’s. where is the fun in that? Maybe I’m too old at 62, and a US Navy veteran, to learn. I am one of those rare men who read and follow directions LOL. I really enjoy your and Rita’s videos. Keep up the good work. I can’t even get team chat to work, so I suck worse then you Old Mighty Jingles. Thanks and enjoy your holidays.

  21. Greed. Both. All sides. Humanity. Smh…

  22. Watched the Cyberpunk 2077 video… ADMIRAL JINGLES, you are NOT allowed to play that game! We would never see you again!

    That game is clearly a computer version of the Piers Anthony Book Hypno-Gourd!

  23. so I just wanted to throw this out there at 268 episodes of mingles with Jingles you have been doing them now for over 5.5 years congratulations and keep up the good work.

  24. Maybe it’s time to learn Russian? I learned it while in the US Army. It’s actually not that bad, especially if you’re a bit familiar with Spanish and French. Lots of common vocabulary.

  25. I still play cyberpunk 2020 ttrpg jingles

  26. Jingles if you hate going to other countries via airplanes then don’t come to america. If you want to go to anywhere in America on a plane you have to go through airport security which takes at least a hour to go through security

  27. Jingles, if anyone has earned a couple of weeks off it’s you. Dude go away for a few days and RELAX!

  28. The Mighty Jingles went to HIGH SCHOOL!?!?!?!?!?!!???? I always thought he looked like Britney Spears…

  29. why isnt wot like this? no bs prem ammo just 2 type. maybe keep prem ammo but tone down the cost.

  30. Going to point out that the loot crate discussion has been going on much longer than BF2. If anything the Belgian response was more overreaction than anything given gambling means you are likely to gain nothing just as much you are to gain something. So no loot boxes weren’t gambling and EA isn’t solely liable for the overreaction of some countries.

  31. Could you please do a War Thunder video on the F7F Tigercat with historical information. Your reviews are amazing and greatly missed. This is my favourite twin engine American aircraft and it seems to be a very overlooked fighter/bomber. Thank you Jingles

  32. I’m pretty sure it was more Overwatch that caused this, not EA

    • My reasoning being that I’m fairly certain that there was talk about this before Battlefront 2 came out. Now. EA is not HELPING matters and while I may not agree with the EU’s rulings on recent issues, they have their laws and they should be obeyed.

  33. Jingles, do you continue to play tabletop games today?

  34. I’d have a War Gaming tattoo if i was you , Jingles.You could have insisted on an interpreter from them.mmmm interpreter

  35. that massachusettes player using the default USN camo instead of the premium camo that comeswith it… why

  36. Do you british guys just have one passport? In germany we have two. One for traveling world wide (Reisepass). The other one is sufficient to travel within the EU (Personalausweis). Then you never have this issue. At least if your’re a member of the EU. 😉

  37. Jingles in relation to your Ring video. When are you getting your own Saltmine flags? If you are going to conquer the world as our mighty evil overlord you need a Flag.

  38. doesn’t like the process of traveling to foreign countries from the UK.

    oof, you are going to be really hit hard by Brexit then. yikes.

    it’s going to be at least twice as hoop-jumpy and expensive.

    coincidentally, a good friend of mine who used to travel through europe regularly when he was a teen and on into his 20s, really laments that the younger generation in his family will not so easily be able to repeat the experience now, and it’s his biggest concern about Brexit.

  39. I completely understand and empathize. 20 years Airborne. What does my family want to do at all occasions when we get together when I was on leave? That;s right ladies and gentlemen, go hiking, hunting, and camping. Of course as far away from civilization as possible. I have never been able to get across to them that I’d like to hang around the house. Eat home cooked meals. Go out to eat. Doze off in front of the fireplace with the TV going. They just don’t believe me.

  40. I don’t understand why Jingles mentioned FIFA (obviously talking about FUT) with the loot boxes or packs, because that’s always been a thing a far as I can remember for most recent FIFA games and it’s a big part of the reason that people play FIFA in the first place.

  41. There’s also the fact that we may or may not be on the brink of a bigger conflict with Russia

  42. like one great movie quote said “Welcome to salvery” reply “no, thanks. i’ve already had a wife”

  43. Traveling. Gives my arse a headache top

  44. … wait, delivered takeaway – now that’s an oxymoron for sure.

  45. To cut a long story short… You are just getting old, Jingles …..(the staying home and no Russia part)

  46. I have bad news for you jingles, that cyberpunked game is going to be shit because EA will MAXIMUM jew it to death on day 1

  47. Why the Sinterklaas at the end of the vid?? Don’t you know, that’s a Dutch party ? (25:37)

  48. AHOY! Jingles if you see this, though fat chance of that being the 461 to comment. However I know your not the biggest fan of WoWp even though you praised 2.0 well enough, they finally dropped B-17’s into the game for tier 5 & 6. If you haven’t had a chance to look them over I would recommend it.

  49. As for the CD PRed, Witcher’s author, Andrzej Spakowski, who has taken 10k dollars for the Witcher title rights (sold to CDPR), is now sad that he hasn’t got enough money and demands additional 15m dollars. For now, CDPR is politely laughing at his face, but there is one pesky bit of Polish law that theoretically allows this. We will see.
    I say that, ‘couse Cyberpunk 2077 is obviously very costly, and any financial or legal problems could slow it down immensely.

  50. Deam how i missed theses videos quited Wot but i cannot quit this xD

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