Mingles with Jingles Episode 269

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Source: The Jingles

When you work from home to your own schedule you could argue that every day's a weekend. So why do Mondays always suck?


System Specs: i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. With Brexit how will that affect you, does it still hold water???


  3. yeah I think they are taking the copyright too far now

  4. oh people over here have been paying attention not the news but internet dwellers have been and are not happy about it.

  5. Article 13, yet another great invention by a failing International Conglomerate, just so the big corporations that have holdings with them can make some moola they post this Bullshit on us, see some people within the UK were Smart, i voted to leave the European Union under a “hard brexit” for this very reason in the hopes that we would be OUT of the EU before Article 13 got to the stage it has arrived at. without going into to much detail, i believe the EU is bad for the UK, Article 13 is bad for the Internet, and if its bad i don’t want it, it is not YouTube responsibility or fault that people don’t check their copy right, and the ad-pocalypse only came about because some family values advert was plastered over a white supremacist video which was uploaded by an American exercising his 1st Amendment right to Free Speech which i have nothing wrong with, we’re all entitled to an opinion although i may not necessarily agree with the opinion you hold

    Free Speech and in turn Freedom of Expression is part of what makes Humanity as creative as it is

    edit: when i say some people within the UK were smart, i merely make an observation that most remain voters i am sad to say but from the persons i have asked regarding their choice of voting remain, in 80% of Remain voters i personally asked from a pool of 43 persons, 80% said they didn’t want to break up the “status quo”, quite simply they didn’t want to see change or don’t like change

  6. If you can figure out Elite: Dangerous, I can’t see how you have a harder time with X4.

  7. lol no one would notice…sure!

  8. jingles over here in the US most people are mourning the death of our 41st President George H W Bush. Sorry you’re not informed

  9. ELITE: DANGEROUS has a similar complexity problem SIDESTRAFE has been playing is a lot and if he did not have a lot of people chatting with him who know how to do things, he would have given up a long time ago. He really likes the game, with reservations, now that he knows how to play it. BUT, how many people have his resources for instant help? Almost nobody and they will have a really slow grind. HZD is super. Its bugs are few, though there are some irritations, of course. The DLC occurs at about 2/3rd of the game length (vaguely) or later. Playing it before that, which you can if you have it, is suicide for Aloy (no joke).

  10. I highly reccomend you visit the aqua palace in praha. Awesome Wellness place. Been there several times.

  11. Jingles you should leave ads on for mingles with jingles and through up a poll with charities to give the money to or put it to give aways or something im sure ever none communist would agree with this idea

    Or maybe after watching this whole video just turn ads back on and keep the money sounds like another yt apocalypse

    • Your kidding right? I give him money, not a charity. If I wanted my money to be given out I would stop giving to him and give to somebody/ thing else. He’ll never do it because we “his community” have been through this before. If he gives it away a lot of people would stop giving to him. I think the poll said 70 to 80 would stop giving to him.

  12. Travel to the Czech Republic is hassle free as its inside the EU. Russia is not so its needs a visa. Thus we have another example of the benefits of EU membership.

  13. During your christmas break, play Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

  14. Well, technically everyone is going to suffer on Youtube.
    Google is threatening to pull out of the EU if Article 13 passes.

  15. Time to overthrow the EU. Bomb parliament. My Irish side is growing militant. I feel the need to fill a car with explosives. Tiocfaidh ar la.

  16. Congratulations on your winning the Ring!! What a Cluster Fuck article 13!

  17. Congratulations for winning the ring! All hail to the Gnome overlord commander!

  18. @ The Mighty Jingles Little do you know but i am certain there are others, like me who actually go back through your older content a re-watch them and if we missed giving you a like on the vid we do so at that time. now i am not certain that gives you anything but my hope is that it does. as i have been re-watching your vids all the way back to your first published ones that are still on your channel.

  19. I love Prague, the beer, the food, the city. I might even x-pat there from the US when I retire.

  20. Congratulations to our glorious Gnome overlord for winning the Ring. A question now arises which premium to put glorious leader on

  21. i dont play the x4 myself, but i have a few friends who are huge fans of the series.. from my understanding, yes the ui looks like a mess.. but the thing is the game is so huge, and theres so many options to choose from when you do stuff, that the menu kinda needs to be this way… if they made the ui any cleaner, you would have to open up 4-5 subtabs just to give each order to a ship..

    x-rebirth tried to make stuff more user friendly and the backlash came that the game got stripped bare to be super casual…

  22. Actually, YouTube has said that if this passes, they will have to explore completely locking off the EU from uploading content at all, it’s too risky.

  23. Prague is a beautiful city, and it’s a lot cheaper to get a meal there than in western Europe.

  24. Have you ever played Rust??

  25. I accidentally found the cyclops cave in assassin’s creed odyssey when i was level 10

  26. Good old Grand EUrinal, always finding a way to introduce censorship through back door. The old media are dying and without old media there will be none left to fellate Euro elites and tell sheeple what to think. The sooner EUnuchistan collapses the better. Let’s start with Fwance where they just run out of other peoples’ money. Burn baby burn.

  27. Congratulations to our dear Rear Admiral Jingles. I’m looking forward to placing your likeness on board either my Kiev (108 games to go…) or the Schors. Maybe, it will bless my ships with better RNG against Royal Navy cruisers. 😀

  28. Be careful of Mrs. Flambass carrying pillows.

  29. “jingles start talking about prague”
    “me” Halv listening
    “starts talking about eat and drink AND adds gun ranges with that ”

  30. Politicians! Making things worse for everyone else since the dawn of civilization!

    Basically, the only way to ensure that no copyright material gets on YouTube is to force everyone to submit their videos for review and edit, which means it will take weeks if not months for anyone to get a video onto YouTube, which means You Tube is dead.

  31. Don’t miss the museum of torture and a performance of the Prague symphony orchestry.

  32. Article 13…well, there goes free speech and welcome 1984.

  33. I dunno, I thought Prague was kind of concrete-y and dreary when I went, but that was more than a decade ago.

  34. All part of 1 % rs puppeteers pulling howdy doodies strings gubbiment etc- NWO UN agendas etc.. evil

  35. Old man’s travel plans.

  36. whuuuut 😀 😀 czech republic? 😀

  37. you tube just needs to pull out of the EU, if you lot want to live under these rules so be it . its your bed sleep in it . im not saying my country is perfect . but we have a peice of paper that garentees free speech . we are born with this right . im not saying the USA is perfect but we have a foundation we can stand on . and that foundation was set to protect the “little guy” love thy country hate the govenment !

  38. Congratulations on winning the Ring, Cant wait tp have you on my ship, Havent decided whether it will be Belfast, Minotaur or a UK BB

  39. Love to know how Article 13 will affect Britain after Brexit in march next year and EU law doesnt apply to the UK? p.s. this isnt a political post about Brexit just a genuine Question as to whether it will apply in Britain afterwards

  40. Article 13 = European Censorship … its not to stop you games contributors, but alternative news that seems to dismantle mainstream fake news in Europe and in the US that are supporting the Globalists Merkel … Macron .. May … Junker … Clinton …
    The Conservatives are rising world wide and the desperate and losing globalist Left is trying to stop it with means of good old tyranny and censorship.
    You video games guys are just collateral damage.

  41. Move out of the EU!?!?
    just a thought — but as these laws come into play — like article 13 — it seems to be that corporations are the ones really pulling the strings of governments more and more. shame.

  42. guess Prague is as close as i can get to see Jingles and gang…i should be planning trip across the border then 😀

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