Mingles with Jingles Episode 270

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Let’s see if I can remember all links I promised I’d supply in this weeks’ episode…

Shipstorm: https://discordapp.com/invite/Wfc88A5

Class Action Lawsuit against Fallout 76: http://www.classlawdc.com/2018/11/26/bethesda-game-studios-deceptive-trade-practices-investigation/

That should just about cover it. Have a Merry Christmas safe and happy New Year!



  1. residentialninja113

    Don’t fall for the Anthem hype. Its just gonna be Destiny again.

  2. Anyone can make a mistake, that’s certainly true
    . But it’s hard to find ANYTHING about ‘Fallout 76’ that was actually done right.

  3. Well with the way HE spam works to well and IFHE and all the other advantages for light and heavy cruisers they are quiet capable of handling ships like the Alaska and even battleships. We will have to wait and see but I don’t think there will be much of a problem with having battle cruisers on one side and only light and heavy cruisers on the other. They will just get HE spammed to death like every battleship and other class that meets a light or heavy cruiser.

  4. I’m confused isn’t the Alaska class ‘cruisers’ designated as CB whereas the Heavy Cruisers (like the Baltimore) were designated CA? They are armed and armoured comparative to most British Battlecruisers. What’s the difference?

  5. Jingles come to the Nintendo side loz breath of the wild will give you hope about gamings future

  6. Happy Christmas to you oh Mighty Lord of the SaltMines and a Great New Year.

  7. SlimShadyLovesPastries

    Mass effect died for Anthem. I won’t get it no matter how good it is.

  8. Play Warframe, Jingles. You can even get it on your peasant console.

  9. So keep buying buggy shit then…. can’t fix stupid..

  10. Merry Christmas Jingles. Have a Great Break

  11. I really didn’t run into any significant bug in FO4. I guess I got lucky.

  12. Fallout series, great games, that never get great. they have been lazy the last 3 games, its the same fuckn thing over and over and over,,,, Really, they all need to go work for the Stat Cits gang..pozi at its finest.

  13. all I can say is…stop complaining so damned much..play the games for the game the world characters and such..it is what I do…Every game deserves a chance…no matter the Developer, or Publisher or practices or whatever. I play games because I want to experience a world made for me by Passionate developers who want gamers to experience the world they brought to life..honestly though I do not give a flying fuck who develops or publishes my games…I will play them and if I end up disappointed..that is on me..not them. People need to stop hyping games so damned much as well and putting games on a pedestal…Games like ME Andromeda had so much potential but they chose to stop supporting it. Seriously..if you all stopped complaining and try finding good reasons for things… then you wouldn’t be so damned upset or whatever anymore.

  14. Check out Atlas my dude

  15. There’s a few good sales about, why not look at some of the older/indie games you haven’t played or haven’t played in a long time?

    Maybe lean away from the RPG/Online games and look at say, Turn based Strategy games (Hard West is pretty good, as is the old Jagged Alliance series). Since you liked Battletech, maybe take a look at the Shadowrun RPG games (they were developed by pretty much the same team)?

    There’s stuff out there, it just isn’t AAA new stuff is all 😉

  16. If you are looking for a game to play on steam. I would suggest getting valkyriea chronicle 4. Its DLC is optional but it’s one of the best games in the series. And you don’t need to have played the others. Although the first games is 20 dollars on steam so I’d get that to.

  17. Holy crap that IS player. 10hp left

  18. People who pre-order AAA games deserve the shitfest they get. Also.. Thank you for getting through a whole episode of M w/ J without bashing on Rita once. It is a pleasant change of pace.

  19. New games on Console and PC this Christmas… oh wait, there is nothing…
    Or at least I’m pretty sure.

  20. EA went to shit when they started hiring based on personal politics rather than skill as a game developer.

  21. I believe the era of great game companies are a thing of the past, cash grab as much as you can for little effort is today. Good time to unplug, nothing worth having now or later on next year. Have a good break Jingles.

  22. You see Jingles. As a native West Virginian, you all are finally experiencing what it’s like living here every single day. It is beautiful, but incredibly frustrating at the same time. We’re consistently last in education and healthcare in the Union but we’re number one in obesity for example. Now the local job market is another swift kick in the testicles, in that any good position that pays more than minimum wage has only a single opening, but forget acquiring that job as nepotism has kicked in and someone’s shithead son has already snapped it up. There is a damn good reason that the bulk majority of West Virginians live in crushing poverty.

    tl;dr Living in West Virginia sucks immensely, now it sucks as a game setting, too.

  23. Maybe alien isolation

  24. Dear Mighty Overlord if you become stuck for something to play over the xmas period may I humbly suggest – (1) 7 Days To Die (currently in alpha 17 experimental but you can revert it previous playeable alphas 16.4 is good) (2) Space Engineers ( download the Corruption PVE mod from the workshop you ‘ll have fun with that once you get use to the game controls and mechanics) (3) the game that Anthem is ripping off – Warframe. Thank you for your kind consideration I’ll just see myself off to the Saltmines……

  25. Cesare is basically a battle cruiser

  26. And just consider, Jingles… They’re planning to use the same old, creaky, busted game engine from Fallout 76 (and most of their previous games)… In STARFIELD. Their great, big, shiny new IP that’s supposed to be their next big thing.


    What… The… Fuck.

  27. Have you watched Peaky Blinders yet, it is brilliant.

  28. Get a copy of borderlands 2 you wont regret it

  29. If you haven’t already played it try Bad Company. The game is pretty good but the story is great. Think of a game version of the movie “Stripes” but with more explosions.

  30. I agree, not a good crop this season. Just a thought. As games get more complex: better detail, physics, movement, etc. the complexity of the coding probably increases logarithmically. The economics of having a 2X “better” game that may require 10X programming and time to build will not work. Many games seem to be tapping into the fan bases to reach some sort of “completion”. UbiSoft is up front with that strategy on “Beyond Good and Evil 2”.

  31. Jingles….. recommend US a game for holiday purchase ! you know…. not necessarily a blockbuster something fun you or Rita really enjoy….. like for the holidays

  32. Jingles, DO NOT BUY ANTHEM. Everybody said the same things about SWBF2 and BFV, and they were wrong. Anthem is going to fail so hard Bioware will close. They are the favorite in the pool for “next good game studio EA destroys”.

  33. Re the battlecruiser problem, WG could still say they’re cruisers, but introduce a “max of 2 BCs per team” or “not more than half of the team’s cruisers can be BCs” soft limit into the matchmaking.

    P.S. if cruisers are so afraid of battlecruisers and battleships (those fast enough anyway) aren’t too fussed about them, then can’t we say battlecruisers are working as theorised?

  34. BF 5 has some good campaigns, not historical but verg good, with a nice story, so you should try it :P.

  35. Jingles, you’ve mentioned before that Game publishers are just at various levels of trying to fuck you out of your money. I understand that for a lot of developers making video games is a passion project, but at the end of the day, there is nothing wrong about demanding more out of the people trying to take your money.

  36. Just an odd suggestion but … since you seem to like science fiction based games (ok, space shooters) – have you tried downloading the (rights free) Freespace 2 client, and adding skins and campaigns from The Babylon Project?
    Haven’t played for while (my current machine won’t support a decent joystick), but they were pretty good, and I don’t think I’ve heard you mention them

  37. “Go and take a flying fuck at a rolling donut!”

    Now that’s one I haven’t heard in a while. 😛

  38. Taking a “NO because its EA” stance is a bit stupid. Like I get it. They have done shit and will continue to still do crap but you have to judge the games on their own merit. Battlefield 5 so far is not great, its not terrible but not great. I wish DICE would make more DLC for Battlefield 4 while we wait for the next Battlefield game after Battlefield 5.

    I dodged a bullet with 76, a few week before release, I cancelled my $300 AUD fancy edition order. Not sure who’s idea it was to make this but I hope they get fired or at least demoted. What a waste of resources and time. Would have been better to make part of FO76 new DLC for Fallout 4. That would be cool. Or perhaps…..make 76 an actual single player game.

    We should be playing TES 6 soon but Bethesda is making Rage 2 and Starfield…..Im sure those are cool and all but we kinda need a new TES game…….Skyrim came out in 2011. Bethesda is just……screwing up like its going out of fashion.

  39. Erik Gudmann Hansen

    have a nice holliday and all that stuff, have a great time 🙂
    see u next year 🙂

  40. The golden age of big-budget video games seems to have passed, sadly. At least for now. Nowadays you have to look at indie developers to find quality games.

    Bioware is probably dead if Anthem is the only thing in the pipeline. But I’m still holding out hope as a proud Canadian. Maybe a new Mass Effect to get rid of the sour taste that Andromeda left – one about some captain in the 2150s during the First Contact War or something…

    Bethesda’s done, with all this controversy. It will take a long time to get out of the hole they’re in. Assuming they ever do.

    EA went to shit years ago.

    Ubisoft is…meh. Decent games, which are nothing special but also not garbage.

    The only good ‘big’ company I can think of is Paradox. Maybe 2K, because XCOM 2 was a gem to my mind.

    Meanwhile, Frostpunk, KSP, Papers Please, Return of the Obra Dinn, et cetra are all from indie devs. And they’re all great games.

  41. I sympathize with the people who pre-ordered the games , but it also show why you should never pro-order. lesson learned i hope.

    Great video as always Jingles.
    Enjoy Prague and have a nice vacation.


  42. Hi Jingles, enjoy you stay in Prague. These guys give good tips for travelers https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt7oj318jVQi7vRbc1bNjJA

  43. Go back to age of empires 2 hd (on steam) and give it a go. I guarantee hundreds of hours wasted without you realising it

  44. So, you got a shit ton of criticism for your sponsored unboxing vid and you did not feel the need to even mention it or give your point of view, Jingles?

  45. What about MHW for a good game?

    Its can be pretty hard Jingles.

  46. 40 Minuets??

  47. Can we get a TOG Christmas?

  48. Will you do a reply on quickybabys video?

  49. Regarding MM for a potential the “Battle Cruiser” class. All you have to do is set a time, after waiting in the cue you just ease the rules of the MM so everybody can find a game.

  50. Did your friend work for Ocean?

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