Mingles with Jingles Episode 271

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Welcome the first Mingles episode of 2019. We have a lot to discuss!


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Jingles, You mentioned that ships like the Seattle are “aircraft defense cruisers” and with their def AA should good AA capable of deterring carrier attack. Now this brings me to my question; What about the IJNs purpose built anti aircraft destroyers such as the Akizuki class and its design successors all armed with the 10cm/65 Type 98 (also called the “long 10cm high-angle gun”) DP guns as their main armament, and when speced do have amazingly good AA for destroyers but lack the defensive fire consumable. What do you think of this and do you think they should get the consumable. Side note other DDs (USN) do get the option for it so it isn’t that WG doesn’t want DDs to have it. The 100mm DP gun was considered the best AAA gun the IJN ever had, and while many think that IJN AA power was shit the issue lied more with their lack of long range fire (too many 25s) and a lack of ammunition production made their close range less effective. (+ the 25mm triple mounts were too light and shook too much to aim very well and hold the target but only that mount had that issue)

  2. I think you should have a special tracer on the shell also

  3. You have to go in as Captain Jingles McJingleberry and when you have a ship that’s targeted and is showing its broadside you see a giant paddle in the sky, when you get a citadel you hear “That’s a paddlin'”

  4. Admiral Jingles … instead of wrongly identifying the ship you sank, how about ”Boatswain, what was that we just sank?’ .. it would be amazing if you could get Rita to rely with the correct ID of the sunk ship (but that might be reaching) ..

  5. Try thinking of Assassins Creed next time you make coffee,

  6. Less damage from gold ammo means it’ll take longer to kill the Japanese super heavier, maybe if WG put in actual weak spots on tanks people wouldn’t use as much gold.

  7. the NA server is screaming for a reduction in RNG

  8. I would die to see a french jingles commander

  9. Upon a citadel hit.

    Other captains: Confirmed penetration!

    Captain Jingles: That’s a paddlin’!

  10. I will no longer play WoWs. I was a part of the minority who were good at playing CV, I loved the gameplay and the unrivaled ability to help lead my team to victory, and I enjoyed the entire mode as I am an avid fan of carriers and have served on one irl, the previous CV gameplay was as accurate as you were ever going to get a CV to be in a game. The new CV is something that is boring bland, and lacking in skill to play, it isn’t challenging to play, and no longer piques my intrest as such, the thing that pissed me off was the fact that I have invested my own money into WoWs in the form of premium carriers only now for them to sit uselessly in my harbor. I agree that CV’s were overpowered and needed to be change, I don’t agree that they should have completely changed all aspects of Carrier play, leaving their entire existing CV players who enjoyed playing it as noobs.

  11. Capt Jingles should have the Jingles effect on nearby friendly ships.

  12. Seabring Seventy-seven

    Still good value Jingles. Will be waiting on the ‘Jingles’ mission. Still waiting on The ‘Admiral Scheer’. Happy 2019, all, and good gaming .

  13. they need to find a way to put your voice when we will hit citatels (thats the paddlin and your priceless laugh) now that will be fucking AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Flesh Gordon beats hell out of Flash Gordon.

  15. I hate to say it, but the way that carriers can murder ANY ship if they’re prepared to throw away enough planes is pretty accurate. Just ask Musashi and Yamato….

  16. To little to late, it doesn’t take 8 years to fix a game, the biggest problem with WoT is there are to many snow flakes and wargaming pander to them, I, along with many other players have been putting up with all the WoT bullshit for 6 years and whilst I might be quite toxic again I, along with many other players still just put our big boy pants on and deal with it.

  17. We’re going to get a Jingles for every nation complete with cheesy accents. Except for Germans, then we’re getting a Jingles boasting about how he is as British as other famous Brits… who are actually German.

  18. wow the type 5 is going to have a field day

  19. For me world of tanks blitz is why. I switched not going back. Also that platform thingy. I like Steam better. If to play Wargaming I have to use that platform I’ll pass. I can play WoWS and WoT Blitz on steam so retired my Wargaming account and started over.

  20. Regarding the matchmaker issue it has gotten worse some how even though they didn’t change anything, my friend and me got 41 bottom tiers in a fucking row

  21. I’ll never believe them again. If they would be serious about fixing MM they wouldnt have buffed the IS3A. Imagine if T8s are really going to be more top tier. IS3A will murder everthing. And I doubt they would consider nerving it. I accuse them of lying until I’m proven wrong. Just because of their history of lying.

  22. Hey Jingles and anyone else who scrolls past this.
    I was wondering if you would ever consider posting more war thunder content (self made and/or recorded battles)?
    I know it’s not really your thing, and i happily watch your regular content (despite playing war thunder only)
    Just a mild suggestion :))

  23. Lol laughing so hard…wg cutting back on development. This is the MAIN issue, a typical software company would/should spend 3 to 7 % of rev . What has been produced is nothing like what should have happened, knowing wot figures over last 5 years.

  24. I love your opinions Jingles. Yes, World of Tanks may not be great but at least the developers are trying to fix the game slowly and in small parts than to cease all updates for it and just get as much profit from it as possible.

  25. So the Capt. Jingles most spectacular parking mission will be fun. Oh, Uh docking then.

  26. Daniel Gyllenbreider

    I find it funny how Quickybaby cant even fathom the idea of removing gold ammo altogether, but great of you to mention this, very simple but apparently very hard to mention, sollution.

  27. Funny you mention throwing money at the game to get the IS3A, I got mine from 3 free boxes from a streamer raffle LUL The amount of SpEcIaL aMmO a tank can carry should be limited to 20%. Problem solved.

  28. I’m going too have disagree with you on the CV rework they haven’t fixed a damn thing they have just changed the problems.

  29. I think we need “It’s a paddlin'” line when we get a devastating strike.
    Also, this CV rework is utter dog shit

  30. There is an easy cure for these random thoughts while making coffee… Stop making coffee!

  31. “Wall of skill incoming” warning for torps would be nice too have on cpt. Jingles. “You missed, you’re shit!” When you evoid them. ” You pulled a knotzer you idiot !” When you beach youre ship. ” It’s a paddling ” when you citadel enemy, . Should be fun !

  32. warthunder is so much better than WoT. that being said WoWs is much better than warthunder boats.

  33. yay a 1 hour session

  34. Biggest issue for MM is being forced to fight +2 tiers up tanks in mostly 3 corner maps. Change to +/-1 tier difference(T10 neves sees T8) and such and we got it mostly fixed(population and wait times might be an issue in their opinion).

  35. new CV gameplay is kind of crap imo … CVs have just become damage farmers
    and the new AA is worse .. if your DM gets shit on by a CV now, it certainly will in the new gamplay

    I like the CV gameplay as it is .. and it’s not that hard to counter a good CV player (assuming the CV is equal tier) : just combine AA, don’t sail off alone

    basically, use your brains and git gud 🙂

  36. Funny, pretty sure Desmond Llewelyn’s Q wasn’t exactly the leading man in the Bond films.

  37. There you go WT boys and girls a 53 min video of nothing but War Thunder.
    Which if worked out correctly is roughly 3 and a 1/2 WT vids rolled into one. So your next one should be about in 3 1/2 years 🙂

  38. ( around 23 minutes ) ->

    Wait…. Jingles you old fart, could you please specify why you think this ‘The ring’ bullshit was in any way shape or form ‘FUN’ for the community, when in the SAME SENTENCE, just before, you said it were CC’s which could vote on each other? The Ring was a showcase of WG not wanting shipjesus Flamu to win a contest, and thus rigging it so some toxic youtuber like yourself could scholar the other CC’s like you love doing in your Azuma. Community interaction was… I mean, c’mon, can you put your hand on your hearth and say out loud again that you honesly believe this ‘contest’ was in any conceivable way entertaining to any part of the community ( perhaps except the drewling plebs which just wanted a captain as selfproclaimed crap, because they are and it makes them feel less bad about themselves for being crap as well ).

    ( CV rework shit ) ->


  39. A lot of the issues regarding gameplay at lower tiers with seal clubbers and overall rookie enjoyment of the game would be resolved by adding a co-op mode. World of Warships has had it for years now. Why can’t World of Tanks implement a similar system?

  40. Frederick Burkert

    MM is a no brained
    Special ammo – less damage, wallet warrior says no probs. I’m likely to use some but I’ll be playing less of the tanks I grinded, less likely to grind new tech trees and more likely to play arty and the odd duping TDS with more HE and prepared to loose more games if needs be but still have fun

  41. Frederick Burkert

    Capt Jngles in wow – specialty, This was a Jingles Landing. – abandon ship!

  42. Wot was always a pay to win game, the degree of just how pay to win got worse and worse as the years went by. First it was tolerable and understandable, but as the years passed it became too much “in your face”. Since AW came out, I uninstalled wot and hoped that AW will be my wot 2.0. When obsidian got fired….those dreams went to shit. Since then I came back to wot a couple of times, but never really stayed that long.

    It became mobile game, so many monetization elements, so many lootboxes and premium crap that it started looking too similar to those games you see in the mobile store, that shove commercials in your face every 2 minutes about buy these coins, or get these extra gems or get this for better units or “new special premium bullcrap extra stash, offer expires in 10 hours!!!” Making the game more and more grindy, with more and more “premium” nonsense.

    Greed, too much freaking greed, even with their latest announcements of how “things will change” in 2019, I have no hopes for wot, and I don’t think it will ever come back, the slow but steady decline in the number of players will keep on.

  43. WaterDogZilla/MuttZilla

    Citadel hits = Thats a paddlen =D

  44. “That’s a paddlin’ !” – I really wanna hear that line on a citadel pen XD

  45. was thinking how to tackle seal-clubbing… after gathering (spending or not) enough XP on the current vehicle to unlock the next tier, that vehicle would get “flagged”. this means if the percentage of all played games of the account exceeds an amount with said vehicle, some( just one!) statistic(loading time, alpha-dmg, engine power, etc) of that vehicle would go down rapidly. keep playing it would add up flags until it become “unplayable”, until the flag released. this would not apply to T8-10 vehicles. tm!!

  46. And what is quicky doing in those low tier battles if not sealclubbing himself?? Hes got tens of thousands of games played and so much experience he is the cancer of this game. should have stuck to his pay to win account.

  47. the Leopard and STB-1 need their bloody sabot rounds….

  48. Let’s talk about world of tanks…but watch war thunder sim battle….lol

  49. last comment…but i’d love to see a perk…well not perk but….well idk…but when you die, a Gnome pops up on your screen and jingles announces….Off to the salt mines with you!

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