Mingles with Jingles Episode 272

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

This week we’re looking at the latest news from the of Warships test server, figuring out where all the arseholes in games come from, explaining why your brain lies to you all the time and figuring out why flies are total gits.


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. *The other big part of this being Manual AA….*
    *along with altitude controls? and/or along perhaps with speed controls for planes.*

    Anything Making it a Game of _Skill_ as or more than just pure RNG, eh?

  2. Wait, wait! I wanted to see how much money they found behind the wall! No Jingles, don’t do this to me!

  3. Jingles……IIRC CV’s can’t use RPF…..

  4. Defensive AA should be unlimited and never have a cooldown

  5. the toxic players are NOT all from tanks. its peeps actually realizing that ships is not different NOW then tanks. aka, full of shitters, rng horrid as hell, and even MORE rigged accounts that come from bad talking about WG?? Maybe on Eu, but not NA, popularity hasn’t changed. Still cant break 17k on a regular basis, hell we cant break 14k most weekends save the before 8pm time frame. WHICH IMO points to the shitters. if you are heading to bed at that time only means you are 60 yrs old and ex Navy thinking its a cool game cause it brings back memories lol.

  6. I mean yea I have seen some pretty dum players that could use an automatic consumable option.

  7. Warships, Tanks…flies…..wormholes…wait wat? Welcome to another episode of Mingles with Jingles 🙂

  8. a couple of members from my clan did a bit of testing, and found that if a fully aa spec cruiser is out on its own a carrier can delete it either without losses or with minor losses from the air wing (did it twice and the player was mega salty). Going after several ships in close proximity is a different result though due to the overlapping aa bubbles.

  9. Genius – a Ballad of Ancient Fly Swatter to explain (badly) the perception of reality.

  10. they should be changing how fires work at the same time

  11. Imagine a ship going around the map at three-hundred knots.

  12. I’ll take a limited amount of aircraft in my AC if destroyers only get a limited amount of torpedoes. Many destroyers only had a single set when they left the docks, rather than the destroyers launching their weight in torps every match.

  13. That’s why when I try to kill flies i clap my hands above them in the direction they are facing. That way they think I’m going to swat them but they end up flying right into my trap. Doesn’t work every time but its fairly effective.

  14. Hey Jingles, salt-mine worker here with an idea I wanted to share
    Maybe you could live-stream mingles with jingles and then upload the stream as the episodes? Then it truly would be *Mingles* with Jingles, and you could answer some stream questions since you never answer comments anymore lol
    Just an idea, thanks for the content Jingles

  15. Jingles the CV game play rework is ready to be put into the game and needs to be because all the problems you have said and the others that keep getting brought up can not be tested for on the test server and require live game play just the same as RPF wasn’t the big OP skill everyone dreaded. It is ready and the best way to get players to play them is to make them that little bit over powered to begin with and then bring them back to closer to balanced as possible. What annoys me is not being able to swap between the squad in the air and the hull and back again. It is basically no different to how you can switch between your targeting scope and the 3rd person view of your ship on every other class. The only exception is unlike the other ships your squad is at risk but that isn’t to much for anyone who actually wants to play to handle. WGs excuse for why this isn’t how they work is complete BS the current way they are going to do it will be frustrating and the feedback will show if that is the case and hopefully they will change it.
    Everyone has to remember that when the game released all the classes had problems and it took time to make them better and this CV rework is no different to that.

  16. I HATE the rdf mechanic. I would not mind the skill if WG let me turn my radio off in my DD.. 🙂

  17. @TheMightyJingles i wasnt even aware that steam had WoWS. and here ive been trying (and failing) to install the game in a foreign country. thanks for the news flash!

  18. Jingles became Vsause for a sec

  19. You are the reason I became interested in Warships to be honest. Always been a tanks guy but you doing ship showcases talking about their history and achievements made me become more interested in them in general.

  20. Yup you are drinking the WG Kool Aide.

  21. I’m happy to see they’re considering unlimited planes. That might actually get me back.

    It’s horribly unfair that only one ship class can run out of ammo.

  22. Wargaming could at least make it so that the Damage Control ability on carriers doesn’t activate for fires, but only for flooding.

  23. I dont know about you guys but i love the long mingles with jingles

  24. Start a podcast???? That would be awesome

  25. Rodger that Jingles – Will Yell out “Mr Anderson!” before I take on the next fly lol

  26. Let the storyteller talk.

  27. Jingles I can’t wait till they release wows legends. I have signed up beta. My wot game will be inactive for a bit

  28. Just fix the carriers by moving them totally to world of warplanes. At the moment most of the games dont have carriers and 95% of players are happy about it. Does wargaming think there are plenty of players who are just waiting for different carriers to start playing, since alot are gonna quit too.
    Basicly they are just going to do what they did on tanks, make arty class easy to play and just plainly annoying to all others. Basicly Jingles pretty much said on start what is going to happen, if you get targeted by carrier on start, you are going to be hunted by him until you sink, endless planes combined with breaking aa mounts just make it sure. So basicly after some time people are just going to hit afk after first planes hit them, why play when round is surely be not even remotely fun, mayby next one is free of carrierss..

  29. The HMS what?

  30. Richard The Cowardly Lion

    From one FlyKiller to another, you’re doing it wrong! 🙂 (I too mastered my fly killing technique while I was in the Army, and I used neurology to do it!)

    But really, don’t try to out speed a fly, you’ll (almost) always lose. What you do is learn how the flies very simple brain works. They mostly react to pressure changes (which is why fly swatters are perforated, less pressure wave), and they then fly perpendicular (90°) to the direction of the pressure wave they sense coming toward them. That’s why they fly off to the sides when you swat straight down at them, and they fly up when you swat at them from the side.

    What you do is wait until they settle on a surface, slowly approach with your hands and fingers splayed wide open (fingers open is key, less flat surface area to create pressure wave to startle the fly), slowly close your hands on either side of the fly (start a couple feet apart, close slowly till your hands are about a ft apart with the fly in between). As you go to clap your hands together, clap your hands approximately 6inches ABOVE where the fly currently is, when it feels the incoming pressure waves from the sides it will instinctively fly UP, right into your closing hands!

    No godlike reflexes required. Good hunting Jingles.

  31. Steelride Productions

    Now, Jingles, i love ya to death, but be merciful on CV’s! I know WG takes your words into thought often, but nerfing CV’s further back from this with buffed AA on ships is just absurd i feel. You have your points yes. But unlimited aircraft in a arcade style game is a bit better if its only going to be 1 squad in the air now. Realism would be keeping the old way because if we want realism, aircraft if i remember became the leading power on both the seas and land and ship vs ship combat became less relevant and needed due to this shift in naval combat. Carriers being op is fair in its own regard because of realism. Am i wrong?

    However, for an arcade game, the Radio perk is something i 100% agree should not be on aircraft, carriers should get unlimited, and AA should be balanced a bit better. Also letting carrier captains manually control their AA defenses and Damage control would be a very nice thing to keep as that is a but of a downgrade from current CV gameplay.

    On a final note, attack aircraft from what ive seen dont look all that effective and its worrying me. it sets fires sure but most of the time is does next to no damage. Lower tier carriers shouldnt even have them as an option since biplanes never carried this type of weapon on them in WWI, only light bombs and torpedos really. i feel tier 6+ should get them and they be more suited for Destroyer and counter carrier hunting vs battleship and cruiser hunting if penetration remains unchanged on the rockets or let the super structure hits yield more damage. Make them more useful then AA fodder eh?

    Look, bottom line is we want people who play carriers to enjoy them too, and not just people who want to see them all put at the bottom of the ocean. Only way to please both sides is to blance it out to where CV players can still deal the same damage anyone else can through the whole game, but not be as immune to damage or be as defenseless as they carrier itself is now as soon as its spotted. Unlimited aircraft puts a carrier on equal grounds with everyone else due to only having 1 of 3 playable squadrons in the air at any given time, while enemy AA build ships can still defend against them or maybe add a special aircraft radar consumable which ships DID have back in WWII and have a AA cruiser choose between that or sonar or radar to balance it out. I think it would work.

    This is my take on it. I want to see carriers prosper with the new updates and i want world of warships to grow. I love the game and the community but dont destroy one ship class to fix a game, balance it and if thus rebalance is what they are set on then do it right and make it so everyone involved, new, old, and regular CV players will all enjoy. Dont make one sbip too weak or strong, try to find the gray line where it will work.

  32. Jingles – *The Fly Slayer*

  33. Or is the rebalance a way of outlining aircraft carriers for console?

  34. You could say Jingles is the lord of the flies

  35. I started WOWS in closed beta because it was something different, and playing it made me a warship enthusiast. Similar thing happened with WOT earlier.
    The question about toxicity from ex-WOT players actually applies far more to Armored Warfare, which is where a lot of the ex-WOT players went.

  36. I’m of the opinion that if every other ship in the game has unlimited ammo, there should be a more creative solution to limiting a carrier’s firepower by limiting the plane count. Something like a more limited loiter time feels, to me, be able to stop planes being able to constantly loop around targeting one ship, and force a carrier to not camp in the corner of the map. Plus, makes a carrier act more in line with other warships.

  37. The level of window licking prevalent among most aircraft carrier players is exactly why they’re reworking them in the first place. The vast majority are too stupid to play them well, and a tiny minority is able to play them well and dominate pub matches completely.

  38. Wargamming in a nutshell, fix 1 thing screw 3!

  39. In relation to the possibility of world of tanks players making warships more salty, there’s no doubt that some players have done that. I think the majority reason is that there are more players reaching their goals and getting what they want, meaning pretty much everyone is on the same ground. So you get a lot of ppl thinking they’re the shit when in fact they are just.. shit.. and have to blame others

  40. Jingles is talking about flies, wormholes and concrete footballs,
    Time for the home

  41. This weekly ramble is one of my favorite episodes you do. It opens you and your mind for all to see. You might not be a great pilot but is takes courage to let the Internet in and see your real side

  42. I used to play American Aircraft carriers, then my fighters etc, just got shot down in under a second. Why should I bother to play a game where I can DO NOTHING?

  43. In terms of WOWS, there is still no counterplay vs CVs.
    If a CV wants you dead? Your dead, its just in terms of amount of planes their willing to spend, with unlimited planes, CVs are just spending time.
    It’s simple defence (AA) vs offense (aircraft), now without your CV spotting the enemy CV, they will have generally safe gameplay.

  44. Fly’s aka Sky Raisins to dogs

  45. I commend them for trying to fix the CVs. Unlike the WoT team who ignores 90% of the player base who hate the arty because its overpowered, broken and flat out unfair.

  46. How many flies does it take to screw in a lightbulb ?

    Two, but no one knows how they got in there.

  47. Ha ha ha, a Pom talking about flies…..This picture will put it into perspective….. https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/78250112254114855/P.S. My record is killing 10 flies with a *single* swat of my hand back when I was 12.Matt

  48. The Nostalgic Shark

    When is world of warships legends coming to PS4 ?

  49. Hey Jingles, I think your viewer is correct about the toxicity level picking up around 2017 and you full well know what and why. Just think about which major COMPETITIVE feature was introduce in 2017 and started to be heavily promoted ???


    It’s WGs attempt to make the game more competitive and e-sport friendly. This however brings in the competitive players that only care about winning and stats and nothing else. So the toxicity level increases.

    Just have a look around the forums in the Clan zone … how many clans can you count on the front page in the Clan recruitment section that DON’T have CBs as their major activity ?

  50. I have a warship question …..as a new player well about 2 years …i still never really know what to train a captain or how to speck out a ship …how do i work out as every ship is different .. i have gone back to grinding the e100 as i got fed up after 6 years as i can not afford to buy premium time ..as with work sleep and normal stuff in life its a waste of money as if i am lucky i may get 1 hour a day to play …..if they or warships did a premium time that only ram down when you were logged into the game …then i would buy the time ……i love ww2 stuff i go to france for d-day stuff every year as we have a ww2 truck and 3 British motorbikes. ….thanks

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