Mingles with Jingles Episode 273

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

This we discuss the welfare of the EU WOWS server hamsters, the cultural differences between NA and EU, and between the various different countries in the EU, and why Japanese game designers never seem to get puberty, which means Ace Combat 7 could be the funniest and also most infuriating game ever.



  1. jingles its an arcade game, much as wows and wot is to be fair

  2. Hi Jingles i put my toe into World Of Warships and had a great time i am now level 4 i love it i like to charge is at the start it was to easy and to quick but playing agents other players was good fun got 2.687125 in game money it is good fun

  3. In the cartoon , who is the person on the right with the red and green flag patch?

  4. Re 14:14 it is not if you’re an incel.

  5. just toooo short 😉

  6. It’s not Monday it’s MLK day. Yay.

  7. Does Ace Combat 7 involve landing? Because if it does I’m sure it would be a great series Jingles… Lol

  8. Endurance The Jedi White Wolf

    Everything was fine here on the NA server….

  9. Jingles…just play Ace Combat 7 like you did Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars DLC…and we’ll all have a good laugh XD

  10. Ace Combat 5 wasn’t my cup of tea… grew up with Jane’s WWII Fighters

  11. I love the fact you don’t remember most of what your talking about. It’s not a Mingles with Jingles episode if it doesn’t end with me saying “What the hell was he talking about!” Keep it up. Love it

  12. Such an enjoyable weekend! Woke up Saturday to 6+ inches (15cm) of snow and my wife needing to go to work. Than Sunday the temperature drop down 3F (-16C) by morning and didn’t get much higher.

  13. God I CANNOT agree more on the Japanese games part lmao

  14. Always entertaining to hear ya catch up with us. Hope you have a good week Jingles.

  15. All I have to say for WoWs right now is frak their holiday grind, was fine till the finally directive then they drop a 24 mill credit grind and needing six nations to complete was BS. I ain’t an ace player, and I have a life and job to maintain so can’t afford the time for stupid scaled grinds. I regret every objective I spent time completing up to that.

  16. so I was not only one having this problem that makes me kind of happy but sad at same time :/

    I’m still having problems with connecting to game 🙁

  17. Preach Jingles I love anime games but it is insufferable sometimes!

  18. I’m Japanese and lots of us think same like you said. We call those childish wankers “middle school syndrome” or US people might say “8th grades syndrome” being emo in childish way.
    Those character making tactics is used literary for marketing kids age.

    And the Ace combat game you talked about is supervised and tested by real pilots from Japanese self defense force retires. They said its reproductively of sky fobia is quite real in weather, turbulence, and mostly vertigo all pilots usually appeared to experience in real trainings or missions.

  19. stewart mcallister

    Oopht, dropped the w bomb lmao

  20. LordoftheJamesClan

    I just want to say here that WG sold me a $100 tank in its onetime only sale. Only to put it for sale shortly later for 45$

  21. I hope cross team chat never goes away… It was very disappointing it was removed from WOT because it really was a source of some of the funniest moments in the game… Now they may as well be bots.

  22. The entirety of Japanese anime male-wanker types are offset by Toshiro Mifune.

  23. the notable exception to Jingles’ rant about anime styled games is Nier: Automata. 9s is best boi and you will never convince me otherwise!

  24. “Have to become shaft”

  25. If only you really did bring Stroopwafels. They are great and I cannot always find them.

  26. In SEA, talking smack using Moonrunes. 50% of the player in the match “Speak English U idiot”.

  27. Jingles: Ace Combat sucks
    Me: atleast its not World of Warplanes

  28. Played the Ace Combat series and when they started adding “Characters” to the game it became much less fun in each new version, I stopped at Ace Combat 5. The visual quality is less in earlier versions however I found Ace Combat 2 and 3 to be the ones I still play.

  29. People today would not survive the late original Xbox early Xbox 360 days of online multiplayer games. Intentionally offensive was beyond a common occurrence back then, which is a huge factor as to why all of the America’s seem to be more resilient to harsher comedy. You want to find tolerant gamers, try Xbox gamers who knew real well what the n word and a bundle of sticks mean. Good ol times ?

  30. Jingles, tell us how you really feel about male Japanese anime figures.

  31. Bartholomew Macaluso

    Jesus! Every American isnt that kind of chummy Jickils. You are trying to hard…

  32. You seem to have in the most literal sense of the term, lost the plot as far as the story in AC7 goes. They’re prisoners that are trying to win their freedom in a penal air group, they are extremely expendable and basically just sent out as decoys if nothing else, that’s why the AWACS guy basically tells them to keep flying and dying.

  33. So a future video where jingles laughs out loud?????, ok boyohs quadruple shift in the salt mines! Prepare the tributes and rack out the tea and crumpets for the gnome overlord! Less you forget the kv-fortress video were in for a treat!!!

  34. the server problem happend when we when we where playing clan battles so that was fun to have most of us get kicked out and some of us stuck in there in ghost divs

  35. Trash talk between Central/South American and North American players on the NA WOT server is amazing. It honestly borders on racism, the NA players hate the CA/SA players for sucking balls 24/7 and they hate them for being mean in return. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  36. Actually Jingles Ace Combat 7 is out for PS4 and Xbox 1 right now it’s only the PC version that comes out on February 1st.
    *shotgun sound effect*

  37. Richard Wroblewski

    Jingles… the flight controller was laughing cause he was watching criminals die. Not cause the ” Oh..I’m fighting for the wrong side.” Noo jingles you pleb. Learn the story before you get things wrong…again….every day….wow.. I shouldn’t be surprised. You keep mistaking destroyers for cruisers.

  38. You should get Tank Universal 2

  39. Jingles really doesn’t like the look of AC7 because he might have to land on things.

  40. I have a question about Narai:
    The transports that you have to hunt down for the secondary objective are unarmed civilian ships right?
    Isn’t attacking those considered a war crime?

  41. NA server people like to bully people who speak poor English but in EU only few British but overall, EU more friendly than NA

  42. Talks about language barriers, adresses Japanese game devs.

  43. If people can’t handle :words: and makes them stab people, that is their problem and THEY’RE the ones who have to adapt. Not the rest of us.

  44. Jingles there’s also a fair Aussie base (mostly east coast) on the NA server, as they’ll typically get comparable pings to the NA servers as they do to the SEA servers (Also the intercontinental cables for the internet are more reliable between AU and US, when the cable heading towards South East Asia Breaks we get better pings to the EU rather than SEA.)

  45. Hey, y’all, Come back and play on the NA server anytime. It was great to see you and we look forward to the next EU server fubar event to see y’all again!

  46. Freakin full moons my friend, And it was a super moon, AND! a Lunar Eclipse.

  47. Listening to Jingles description of ace combat characters as a person who played it… well he’s not entirely wrong.

  48. 19:54 in that mission you were describing the pilots and your character are all cons that are basically expendable, being used as bait for the enemy. Maybe see a full playthrough in order to know the premise of a mission, picking one crazy mission and trying to understand what the hell is going on is not really possible for most of the game. You need to see the first four missions in order to understand what’s going on.

  49. oi mighty overlord the valkyria series dont have edgelord charters

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