Mingles with Jingles Episode 274

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Source: The Mighty

In which I respond to a fan email and categorically prove that if I do know where Nepal is I can’t remember the name of the person who asked me about it (his name was Shruti Jha, I found the email later) and then find a game that I was never excited about that turns out to be the most fun I’ve had since I reversed a Los Angeles class submarine off the floor of the Atlantic,



  1. Jingles! Give us more stories about the Ghurkas… I am SURE you have a story or two! 🙂

  2. 4 minutes, 41seconds in, the last thing I recall you read from the message, was about Nepal. Jingles… rest of the message, please? 6:01 *makes a grimace* -Right! The famous Jingles-effect stroke…..! Poor thing! If he’s from Nepal, then he must be playing on one of the Asian servers.-would be nice to know his in-game name. With Wargaming, you’ll never know….. they said they never would have put several tanks for sale again, then they got out anyway. HMS Belfast…
    Sry, Jingles. Too nasty pictures! I’m delicate and sensitive on that behalf. Nasty!

  3. So when will you play Warframe? It’s a better Anthem without EA’s name strapped to it.

  4. My wife is from Nepal, and my father-in-laws best friend is a major in the Nepalese army. This friend once told me that it was bit of a problem getting good recrutes, because all the best qualified nepalese men tried for the British army first, and if not then they would try the Indian army next. Better pay, benefits and pension. Nepal. Great country and great people. Shitty economy.

  5. Resident evil 2 is by far the best game of this decade

  6. Jingles!!!!! Check out A Plague Tale: Innocence!!!!!! It looks amazing!!!

  7. Wheeled vehicles in Frontline … how is that likely to work out?

  8. Actually Jingles, the Gurkhas didn’t fight the Argentines, the Argentines heard the Gurkhas were coming and ran away.
    (standing unhurt) You weren’t kidding about those old weapons. Never saw a gnome fire a Brown Bess before.

  9. did you play the legacy missions for xcom 2?

  10. Jingles, have you ever played God of War? I remember you purchased it with your PS4 and it won game of the year award for 2018. Don’t know if it’s your cup of tea, but it’s a great game.

  11. Whaat! i liked the movies, i think if you expect any meaningful storyline, then yes they are crap! just enjoy them for the action

  12. Jingles, in my experience most people I’ve met cant point to where Bristol is on a map. Nepal has no chance.

  13. Ace Combat 7 is a good game to try

  14. Alien scared the shit out of me too! Along with Daleks…

  15. Subnautica Below Zero is releasing the alpha, not a finished product. It will probably be nearing completion around the time Cyberpunk is out if not later. You might enjoy No Man’s Sky now that they’ve put a couple years into making a game out of it

  16. play Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden

  17. Come to America Jingles. Shoot all kinds of good stuff. Especially if you go to TEXAS

  18. Keep it PG Jingles! A 11 year old is watching you!

  19. Being in your 40’s hardly constitutes being “old” then again I went to the shops the other day to get groceries and got called an old man at the ripe old age of 22 by some bratty kid who wanted me to get out of his way as he was running up & down all the isles his mother was walking by me when it happened and she apologized but I was still a little annoyed by the comment.

  20. Gilder von Schattenkreuz

    Jingles just Asking. But are you sure your Allowed to just leisurely Talk about how you Disposed of that Ammo ? ^^
    Such things might cause a Scandal if some Newspaper Guy reads this and basicly Reports about how the British Navy just leisurely had Fun Firing Captured Weapons into the Jungle 😛

  21. In Resident evil 2 Leon used HK VP70 , not some shity berrera.

  22. Not even funny enough stop laughing for no reason, do what u good at

  23. Disappointing

  24. Did all these people suggesting Ace Combat 7 Not watch last weeks mingles? Seriously…

  25. Jingles try this game Vampire the Masquerade Redemption

  26. Oi Jingles, if you need new Games, why not try out WH40k Mechanicus? Its like XCOM and i heard its pretty good.

  27. Perfect time to just tab in/out of Elite Dangerous while grinding that Federation ranking.

  28. we should start a petition to get jingles to paly alien isolation and make him finish it

  29. Jingles Effect Stike again in 2000.Thank for Putting his name the Text under the Film

  30. Hey Jingles, why would you wait a few months to get Subnautica Below Zero? Early Access starts on January 30th. I can tell you from my experience with Subnautica that Below Zero will probably be in a quite playable condition by that time. Even better you get the opportunity to contribute to the polish of the game and even introduce your own ideas and opinions about it. What’s not to love about that? 🙂

  31. Jingles – Division 2 will be released in March.

  32. Elite Dangerous

  33. “I should probably go to the toilet and get something to eat” 😮

  34. Hi Jingles. Apparently, typewriter ribbons still make an appearance in Resident Evil 2, but only at the hard level.

  35. You should give Warframe a go. Its free and bloody good.

  36. Russian battleships? But theres already one of those of those in game…. in the tech tree

  37. Try Warframe!

  38. 14:20 Fiji torpedoes friendly Gneisenau…

  39. Oh Jingles, when you were mentioning the scene from the Resident evil game I thought:”It has to be the dog one” where I got so scared I still remember it clearly to this day and I was like 10 years old when I played it. Oh boy oh boy… that is something that leaves a deep scar in your memory.

  40. Jingles, since you’ve shown that you have the PS4 Gran Turismo game, how about showing us some more of that shenanigans?
    While I would like to say that I just want to see you do a endurance race, I must admit that I’m mostly just interested in seeing if you can Jingles-land a racecar on top of another one or into the audience.

  41. RE2 looks delicious 🙂

  42. 12:42 Dear Jingles, after your “amazing” performance in Alien Isolation, I don’t ever dare to suggest you playing Resident Evil 2 Remake.
    16:22 Ahahahahahaha!!!!

  43. 9:18 its just … downright… American 😛

  44. Before you buy an EA game, Jingles, try Warframe…

  45. 22:14 “I should probably go to the toilet and get something to eat”
    – Jingles 2019

    What the **** do you eat?!

  46. A Para and a Royal Marine walk into a bar.
    There’s a bunch of Gurkha’s having a bar fight.
    The Marine looks at the Para.
    The Para looks at the Marine.
    Para and Marine left.

  47. FirestreakRodimusPr

    Jingles string of liking crap games remains intact with Anthem.

  48. Divinity Original Sin 2

  49. What’s wrong with giving money to Satan? To EA on the other hand…

  50. just try ( Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden) it like X-Com  maybe you gone like it

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