Mingles with Jingles Episode 275

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Stupid movies! Ghurkas! Big knives! History teachers! Everything that’s currently wrong with ! This episode’s got it all.



  1. Jingles, watch iChaseGaming’s video… this is likely to be the *LION’S SHARE* of why people’s AA seems to be, and actually *IS* not working. period.

  2. So they do a major change to the game, how it works, that definitely impacts how Players can make kills, and esp. DEFEND themselves against hordes of enemy bombers,,,
    and WG’ing doesn’t bother posting the ‘How To!’ video, the MOMENT THE CHANGES are implemented?
    Can’t say that surprises me in the least.

  3. feature me in videos

    For me, Mingles with Jingles means that Jingles has survived 275 days of work, I’m saying this because I really have no idea how you survive and drive yourself to make so many awesome videos, at the end of the day I really just want to sit down in my room, let my dog in, slam the door, clim into my bed turn on my pc and watch your videos. Seriously mate, you’re such an awesome fellow <3

  4. So you talk about the knives and blood.

    My father went into combat with a Gurkha unit in Korea. He talked about much the same thing when they asked to see them.

    They also fought with them in several engagements. He said they where engaged as the sun went down one night, and he was left on guard in the US emplacement he was in. After it got completely dark, he felt a hand wrap around his mouth and pin him to the wall, and a blade at his neck. A hand went down his shirt, and shook his dog tags, the hand and blade disappeared, and he never heard more than a shuffle.

    They woke up the next morning, and the gurkhas are all sitting on the ground sharpening their knives and stretching, the Chinese/Korean force they’d been facing had fled…. except the 50 or 60 dead ones with slit throats laying around. It seems the Chinese army did not use metal, but cloth, dogs tags, and you had better hope you had been wearing yours while the gurkhas made visits to foxholes!

  5. The sector reinforcement does jack shit anyway Jingles… the AA sectors don’t overlap and they nerfed the ranges to levels where the planes have dropped their load by the time your AA can even hit them. Continuous AA damage isn’t enough to shoot down any planes so you are relying on the flak to do the most damage, but the CV player can fly around the flak so its not doing anything. Then they can just press F to recall the planes and make you waste your Defensive AA, then they just come back and shit on you. I cannot believe how bad they fucked it up for everyone

  6. A fix: when you press the “F” key, the planes no longer magically turn invincible, and the planes take longer to return to the carrier and rearm. Problem solved. Hopefully WG won’t take too long to implement that fix or something similar. It’s far from difficult.

  7. Indoraptor as a weapon? ever heard a 120mm HEAT round? … even an RPG-7? *splat*

    I wonder how dinosaur bone compares to rolled homogenous steel?

  8. The whole CV rework has broken the game. I understand the how to use the new AA sector controls, but its the gameplay that has changed. The game is just boring and not fun, unless your a CV player. It is a total joke trying to play a DD with all this air cancer. Whats evem more annoying is some of the CC folk trying to tell us its better in the long run for the game. Sad state of affairs if you aske me.

  9. Exactly why I don’t watch those movies I would rather watch a stupid ass scy fy channel TV movie and those are horrid lmfao. I’ll agree with you on the second Jurassic world. I didn’t bother watching any new star wars movies Fuck That Ship lmfao. The origional 3 from the early 80s were the only ones I watched. Jurrasic park meh

  10. HISHE (how it should have ended) pretty much showed the BS in the fallen kingdom, especially the Dino-Gun scene…

  11. this the best video from you that I watched love it Jingles. love em all but 12/10 and sick

  12. Buff aa or limit planes to 1 drop

  13. Jingles, just because the /demo/ has the dinosaur being controlled by a soldier with a rifle in the same room doesn’t mean that’s how it would be deployed. In an assassination or terror attack, the guy with the laser designator might be on top of a roof miles away, or the laser might be mounted on a drone. In an urban military engagement, a soldier might use a rifle-mounted laser to direct the dino into the /vicinity/ of an enemy he can’t personally see, then let the raptor handle the rest. The indoraptor might also have had other triggers and training which were not mentioned in the movie.

  14. Jingles, even with an sector reinforced my Des Moines AA barely even scratches aircraft.

  15. Why cant they just make the F key have a 10-15 second delay before the planes actually become invulnerable. Then if the CV is abusing it by dropping then pressing F immediately their planes can still be shot down for that 10-15 second period. Make it so they have to fly out of the AA range and into safety, so they can still dodge flak etc and get their “action gameplay”

  16. I know you served in the RN for a long time, and I’m curious as to what ships you served on in your time in USN’s little brother (I keed I keed).

  17. Suggested solution for aircraft return: the ’20 second rule’: After an aircraft unloads its ordnance, it flies with the squadron for 20s before peeling off to RTB and becoming invincible for the flight home. Similarly, when you hit the ‘F’ key, you get a 20s countdown before the planes become invincible for the automated trip back; you can either retain control for this time to try to avoid AA, or hit F again to return to your carrier while the aircraft fly head home automatically – but they don’t become invincible until the timer runs down.

    Thus CV players can’t instantly pull aircraft out of a dangerous situation, but neither to they have to worry about their panes blundering into a lethal crossfire while not under human control.

  18. also the sector selection can be done using the “tildy key” ~ — the key beside the 1 key on the top bar — not the number pad

  19. You miss pronounced Hollyweird.

  20. That “F” thing explains so much… I was getting so frustrated by planes I thought I had dead to rights just “disappearing.” Makes me so frustrated, they should change it so you can’t “F” engaged planes.

  21. The sex stike to end a war was also an episode of the 1969/1970 TV series Up Pompeii! Starring Frankie Howerd. Being a comedy the women not only got their way, but ended up taking over. If you get bored it is worth taking a look at.

  22. 22:31 cat meow!!!

  23. How Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Should Have Ended https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiaXHny9KD0

  24. Here is a video you might like to watch Jingles: How Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Should Have Ended https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiaXHny9KD0

  25. Мирослав Павлов

    I’ve bin playing with the AA after watching both your videos, Flambass and Flamu’s ones too. I have managed to shoot down those “Invunrable” planes a few times – they’re invunrable for a short time only, so if you give chase you can shoot them down. What’s really funny is that I’m doing it with the IJN Myoko not fully specked for AA – I had the bonus aircraft at first and the module for flack bursts. I took down the captain skill since it was of little use and I needed the skill, but the module is still on my ship. So as Flambass preaches: Heavy manuvering, AA cover merging, and most of all – proper sector reinforsement 😀

  26. Haven’t you already used that replay in the beginning?

  27. Get that world of warships video out sooner than later, I’ve got the flu and I’m dying of boredom!!!

  28. Aircraft are a carriers ammo and treating them as such is fair and balanced. Change my mind.

  29. North America gets a polar vortex ..Jingle catches a cold ..Yup spring is around the corner

  30. Can the F key cheese be balanced by making it so that it can only be activated when taking no AA fire. Kinda like not being able to fast travel when in combat in an RPG?

  31. 9:48 My question is……………..

    ……………….can you shave with that thing :3

  32. Jingles you old far! You used the same Fiji replay as last week!

  33. WW2 Japanese Reenacter

    OMG Jingles a dad joke lol Is Jingles becoming a father ?

  34. Wargaming can make YouTube videos and Reddit posts all day long, but until something like that AA sector bit is properly explained to players INSIDE OF THE BLOODY GAME, they’ve accomplished precisely NOTHING.

  35. you mean “F….k” key 😀

  36. Gurkhas were good fighters but did commit numerous atrocities against French POW’s. Often mutilating them and torturing them.

  37. I noticed something on the captains when he was explaining the manual AA fire system😏

  38. Jurassic Fallen Kingdom was great video escapism I mean it is “Only A Movie!” 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ bloody hell over thinking much Jingles

  39. Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

    You can also reinforce AA sectors by pressing the the grave accent/Tidle key (the one on the left of the number 1 key, under escape). I find that more convenient than the o key.

  40. ZINC !!! by sure to eat something first

  41. There is only 2 parts of the rework that I do like for the CV’s. That facts it’s not top down RTS the crap gets boring very quick is one. And the sector re-enforcement isnt a bad idea too
    But the rest of the re-work is just a fuster cluck.

  42. The Mighty Jingles keeping WoW shipshape and Bristol fashion — and not to be confused with the other WoW, which is another game entirely. Huzzah! Time to grab some scran and then back to the salt mines.

  43. I think another cause of the inconsistent AA is due to Flak. AA is divided into long and medium range flak (those smoke puffs which damage you if you fly though) and continuous short range AA. Flak provides a lot of damage and is a key component in AA defense. Flak is also able to be dodged. Some players can dodge, some players can’t (at the moment). If your AA seems very effective, it may be because the CV player is less experienced and is flying through the flak. If AA seems to do little damage, it may be because the CV player is more experienced and can dodge.
    Is this a bad system? I can’t say. Would like a little bit more control over AA though. But I guess I’ll have to settle for sector reinforcing, dodging and positioning to defend against planes.

  44. Jingles u already featured this replay at least once, start using some other please.

  45. Jingles… your sound level is a bit low… I have to crank up the volume to listen to you then scare myself shitless when i watch some other Youtubers videos…

  46. I’ve also heard that AA ranges don’t overlap, your long range AA will open up, but as soon as the planes enter short range those long/mid range AA guns just stop firing reducing your dps

  47. Dear Mr. Jingles is there any truth to stories that Gurkhas were paid by the number of “ears” cut off from their enemies? Also any truth that some dead Argentinian soldiers during the Falklands war were discovered with an ear cut off?

  48. Anyone prefer the old system? Yes, no?

  49. Johannes G. F. Bruhn

    You’ve showed this battle before…

  50. Another big problem with CV rework… Spotting. I don’t care what argument you make about the number of aircraft flying at the same time, my experience tells otherwise. Since the rework, I have been getting constantly spotted all throughout the game non-stop regardless of what ship type i sail. So yeah that also needs to be addressed because concealment is not a thing anymore.

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