Mingles with Jingles Episode 276

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This episode Mingles with Jingles seems to be performing below expectations, it didn't achieve 500 billion views. The shareholders will be disappointed, there goes my share price!


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  1. Exactly! Why work for NOTHING when doing NOTHING pays the same?

  2. Heh yeah and yet still UK is much better place to live in then other European countries ;]

  3. I am technically a millennial (by birth date, not by my habits) but do have a job with a pension and health care etc. Not enough to pay my student debt or buy a house, but hey, can’t have it all. Last year I reduced my pay to have a day off to pursue my own company – repairing and modding guitars. It doesn’t make money yet, but the general depressing situation society has placed upon my generation has led to more people taking the risk to follow their dreams. Otherwise we’d have nothing to get up for. I’ve been there and it’s not nice. But even if for one day a week I spend my time doing something I enjoy, I have one day a week to get up and smile to.

    Plus I live for tier 8 battles in WoT… SAID NOONE EVER!

  4. 22 y.o University student and cosplay photography cameraman. The reason I wake up and work is to pay my education without being in-debt, I go to Uni to open up more chances for things to do in the future. Plus my job is on the pleasant side, work with people with the same hobby and passion (even tho the earning is not constant).

  5. I’ve got a son and terrible debt. I’d prefer a revolution though to this for the next 45 years

  6. Well Jingles I’ve always been passionate about not starving to death so…

  7. Btw Jingles – not only the publishers in the gaming industry are like that…shareholders are a thing in most business branches.
    I would know.

  8. As I came across one of the views of one of the Russian youtobers (I come from back USSR), with which I tend to agree, one of the reasons all of these social welfare being cut-off in western countries, is that because USSR has been defeated and demolished. The logic behind this being that when there was USSR with its socialistic idea and all the bonuses and privileges offered by it (such including but not limited to – free education, healthcare, social welfare, etc.), the western capitalism had to offer certain consideration for its workers in order to keep them from turning to socialistic ideas and their implementation. Hence were the shorter working hours, free education, social equality and so on. Now, with USSR with its alternative socialistic ideas away, the capital does not have to look over and take workforce’s interests/opinion into consideration, as there is no alternative. This is happening in most if not all western countries, including Scandinavian welfare-states.

    I understand that this is a very primitive way of looking at things, and is part of Russian lefty propaganda but nevertheless just an alternative point of view.

  9. how does one send a email to the salt lord to answer this depressing question?

  10. Hungar sucks…so you take what you can get, my folks were boomers and it they just paid off their home…I would settle for no roommates and a 1 bed room appartment at this point. Also in the US we have over 1 trillion in student loan debts.

  11. Funny thing, In Romania we have the other way around issue. The companies pay assurance, pension and very thing and after 90 days you get a long term contract and you are defended by state law during it. There are like 400 000 unemployed young people between the age of 18 and 25. And here is the issue, because of the educational sytem they learn almost nothing, go to an University ( most of it paid by the state) and afterward they have huge demands. I know you don;t get paid that well in this country, but I for one started on 250$/month at a IT company (Gameloft) and worked my ass off 1,5 years until my first raise. Nowadays they come at an interview, not knowing almost nothing and demand at least 750$

  12. Blue eyes white power

    My answer to your question jingles is that i get out of bed to make a revolution for me and my generation and future generations and kick the collective asses of all those who cause all this shit

  13. Thanks Jingles for the Monday depression about my (and my generation) life expectancy 😉

  14. You ask a Very Important Question and My answer wont shock you as you will find many other may have responded similarly. Being Born in ’94 Growing up in a house of Middle class USA Graduated from High school was not gifted enough to get into Trade School, but instead Right into the workforce and been In-out of jobs left right center lucky to be there more than 3 months would often be Months between jobs went into Temporary Agencies for work found out that mess the Hard way got out myself all the while still not able to even Move out on my Own like my Eldest Siblings (born 10yrs before hand) didnt find work for 3yrs then i find work and was rung of for all my work 2yrs later and here I am current day unable to move out (Thankfully not in debt) biding my time with what money i made In order to find More work Just so i can Start my Life…. I get out of bed for other people not Myself because in apperently not worth anything, Told im whats wrong in todays world that i cant get a job and When i finally get a job I Work myself into the Ground Trying to Fend myself Till the next Day… Its deppressing 24 going on 25yrs and Ive got Nothing to Show for Myself…. I hope this Answered your Question and I hope Your day are better than mine Thank You all for what you Do Your amazing and YOUR whats Worth While i Will always be Here To Support in whatever way i can..

  15. I get up with the vaguest hope that while I’m working I’ll end up trying out for a roll in some low budget blockbuster and they will hire me on the spot and I will start my dream career as an actor. I get up with the knowledge that I recently got a girlfriend (9 years my senior) who is stunning, amazing, beautiful, and helps keep me mentally healthy. I get up to afford my migraine meds and to eventually get treated for my many mental illnesses. I get up so I and my girlfriend can go to our LARPS every few months to pretend to be people we are not. I get up because… I really don’t have anything else to do.

  16. Good thing at least my university is nearly free 😀

  17. Why do we bother getting up?
    Well, if I don’t, my son starves.
    No expectations of purchasing a home? That’s correct.
    Still, I need to eat, and electricity to play games, and all of that.

    And those low prospects are partially why people orbit to part-time jobs.
    Less pay, but less time required to get that money.

  18. Hi Jingles,
    You make a lot of good points, In France we do have the adventage of healthcare and a good enough protection in work, but the result is that there is a lot more unemployement. I am 29, and in my generation many people think they wont have a pension by the time they retire. However, the current movement of the “yellow jackets”, for all its exesses and unacceptable violence is, I believe, the result of this difficulty to live of your work, especially outside big citys. we shall see how this will evolve, I myself should teach history next year and therefore have a some security for a meagre salary, and where it not for the help of my father, I wouldn’t expect to own a home ever. I do go to work however because I like what I do and I see many in my generation who have done impressive studies, (free in france for the most part), and end up droping it to do what they love, be it oppening a shop after socio political studies, or becoming a car mecanic with an engeneering diploma, or becoming a teacher after studing law as I did.

  19. Well If I say one word to not get up form bed. Is going to be the word that I hate.


    People are greedy sometimes, I can understand. But what ‘people’ now are more in to that dream of getting rich. So what you get is ‘people’ don’t understand the consequences of getting rich. Like lower the quality, decreasing people getting paid for other insurance, health, and BLA BLA BLA. So you get the idea. Now I don’t bother to ask why my earnings are but I more to what could I achieve. So even I earn less but I can do more then just for living at least. But things change and thinking about it now makes me scared a bit more after I watch this video. Well at least I’m alive. I hope I can be a better person than before.

  20. We probably accept it because we are told constantly that it’s normal by our parents and others while politicians could not give less of q shit

  21. I think the only way to really save the gaming industry is for every single gamer to unite and buy all the stocks. If gamers control the company, perhaps we dictate the terms.

  22. Becuse the generation that where i charge and to guide the generation X when they grew up hade it way harder in life then we could ever imagin. And they hade Great Wars to fight and find humanity and improvments in them to then give to the next generation. But thx to the way generation X where raised and like every new generation they wanted to improve the teachings even more and that is what we have seen failed to day. Becuse how is in charge to day ? Many generation X born ppl late 1950 and 60s even som 70s. They tried but tought they hade it hardest of them all so they wanted to give that to the next generation the millenials. But what they saw as hard where nothing to what they have made it to be for the millenials. The problem is that the wealthy ppl today are generation X born and they hade much going for them growing up and that have made them greedy way geedier then the generation before.

  23. You are generally right with your expectation part, but you also forget how much money it costs to develop games and also to advertise it.

  24. Those 20 somethings are already lucky. Those kids and teens, the even newer generation, they are the who will suffer the most from pollution, overpopulation, automation, and all those shit the previous generation left behind. What can they do? Storm the houses of the 1% of the population who control more than half of the world’s wealth? Persuade governments into not developing AI? Force Elon Musk to not use auto driving? Screw this world, fuck humanity, we had cast doom upon our head.

  25. So for the question of the day, though I am technically not a Millennial as I was born in 1996 and I am part of Gen Z which started in 1995. I am in college about to graduate with a degree in Computer Science and Applied mathematics at Ferris State University. I am in a fair amount of debt around the average 37k here in the States(I also stayed in the dorms for the 4 years with a meal plan witch added to the cost), I think it’s a good investment as I love the field I am in and it happens that it pays about double at the bare minimum, though this matters less to me. For people thinking about college, the best thing I was ever told was this,

    Don’t go to the college you want to despite the cost but go for a cheaper college for the degree you want despite what you may earn.

    Below are also some good questions people brought up to me when I was deciding whether to go, witch, I found helpful.

    If you are worried about debt and go for a degree you don’t like you why go in the first place?
    If you end up hating your job will you work hard at it?
    If you don’t work hard at your job will you ever really get promoted, and make more?
    Would you work harder at a job if you love what you are doing?
    If you are working hard will you not be more likely one day get promoted make more, or get your dream job?

    Hope this helps someone.

  26. What motivates people to get up and do shit jobs with low benefits? I would say, not dying of starvation is a big one there. 😀

  27. I’m already exspected to work til I’m 67 to get a pension with no deductions. I’m exspecting that to rise up to 70 or even 75. I just hope I don’t live long enough for that to be the case.

  28. I guess I’m technically a Millennial , but I’m an early Millennial which seems to be quite different from later ones… I’m also living in the US, so there’s that. Hard work is the only alternative to a revolution at this point… I would be up for a revolution now, but I don’t see any legitimate leaders yet. As soon as I see one I’ll get behind them. I have a bachelor’s degree in History from a 4 year university, and no debt to go with it. My employer was willing to pay for a certain amount of my schooling… so I would take as many classes as I could afford using this money and was able to get a degree with it. I’m working on owning my house… we have a mortgage and are current on our payments. The housing market is going up in our area, so we have a bunch of equity in our house that we didn’t necessarily pay for… it came as part of living in the house during this time period. I am working in IT for a large, multinational shipping company, whose numbers look similar to the numbers you quoted from Amazon in your video. I’m told that this place was a nice place to work before things changed, and much of this change has happened over the past 15 years… incidentally I’ve noticed the changes over those 15 years as I’ve worked here for 15 years. These changes seem to have something to do with the company going public… we’re being driven by our stock numbers and dividends, rather than what’s actually good for the company. Amazon is probably going to put us out of business if things keep up this way… they’re playing the long game, we’re playing the short-term game. I’ll never forget the year I got a 10 cent raise, after working my butt off all year, and the CEO got something like 120% pay raise and them some. I’ve worked harder than I ever have in my life… and sacrificed my health and time with my family to hold down the fort here… I’m looking to leave to go somewhere else more reasonable, but I’m not sure where that’s at just yet.

  29. There is a catch in all this – this barbaric working/life condition for millennials ware created by gen.X. I am lucky, cause I work in IT and my salary is good, I am not afraid of unemployment, I work 8h/day, from home. Unfortunately, as self-employed IT specialist, I am not seen by banks as a reliable customer, so getting mortgage was painful. On not so bright side – if I am not working, I am not making money, so vacations cost a lot (vacation cast + money not earned). Your only hope is to wait for gen.X to die and inherit some real estate, that is already paid off.

  30. i just wanna acquire the money to fuck off to an island in the carribean till the climate change fully hits and burns me alive ^^ whit lots of medication tho

  31. Why do I bother? I have people who love me, and want me to continue living. I want it all to end, but don’t have the guts to end it. So I just live for their sake, no longer my own, praying my end will come, but wanting to fight till the end. If someone wants to kill me, I will fight back; I have no wish to die like a coward. But I still wish for death. So many contradictions, feeling so contradicted, in a world of pain without end.

  32. The_Legendary_ Artattack

    Ahhh, Uniun ppl, hahahaha – says the ignorante fool. WAKE UP guys, Jingles is hitting the nail on its head there. And its not just Britan who is undergoing these changes.

  33. crippling debt? shit man im from serbia, government pays my university if im good enough, one of the rare few things thats semi-good here…

  34. It get’s even better. Often times when leaving Uni with a crippling debt and no prospect of a house, the prospect of a job seems even worse. They require you to have at least a number of months or years of experience. Experience which you can only acquire by basically working for free at a work experience position or an internship. Even though you’re a university graduate with a Master’s degree. With any luck they will pay you just about enough to not die of starvation while racking up even more debt. And since you’re no longer a student, you’ll have to start paying off that debt on no salary, or at least start paying interest on your massive debt. And when you finally find yourself a job, you’re on your second or third burnout from the stress of not knowing whether you’ll still have that job next month..

  35. I don’t bother, reason being is I have mental health issues, ADHD and ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) and I find it hard to sell myself, employers I feel are reluctant to hire people like me, and personally I don’t like the prospect of working a ZERO HOUR contract which has me working full time on part time benefits, oh and those hours varying wildly, it’s bordering illegal right now, Zero Hour Contracts mean the employer can easily terminate you for saying no to working hours that you know you physically can’t because you’ve not had sufficient rest.

  36. FirestreakRodimusPr

    So Jingles is going to put EA on blast but he’s still going to give money to Chris Roberts and Star Citizen. Seems About right.


  38. I apologize in advance for this long and rambily comment, but it seems someone has asked for a few hundred of them from his loyal Salt Miners.

    As a “Millennial” myself (just shy of the drinking age until October) I honestly never thought to much about any of those things you mentioned as ‘Terrifying.’ The looming issues including healthcare, owning a home, and retirement, its always just seemed normal to me to just simply not expect any of that as well as simply not having the expectation of a family (because love and kids are expensive.) I have been EXTREMELY fortunate to have my parents supporting me with a home and insurance even though I’m turning 21 late this year, and that I have a full time job (granted I’ll have gone almost 10 months before I get benefits); but many of my friends don’t have that.

    To answer the question you asked though, I’m simply getting up in the morning and working 9 and 12 hour days simply to live, so that I don’t hurt my parents, siblings, or my friends by leaving them without some one to lean on, laugh with, or get pissed off at. I’m getting up every day in the hopes that something will change, and for even an hour, I’ll find that ray of light or get lucky enough to get a job I spent 2 years in a trade-school preparing for (Trained for the IT fields.) I need the money I’m making to fuel my own escapes within music and video games, as well as finding the time to get outside for hikes, my off days heading off onto public or my parents hillsides and forests to sleep in a tent, or to buy ammo for my rifles to spend a weeks savings in the course of a day. The only things I can truly say are Mine are my jeep (a wonderful 2002 TJ Wrangler) a few firearms that may or may not be from private sales, and some entry level outdoors men equipment such as my $50 tent and a $15 tarp for the rainy days. The hours I’m putting in at a lumber mill aren’t going to a house (although I’d kill to own one) but rather my methods to escape the real world for a few minutes, hours, or if I’m lucky a day. Getting up in the morning and knowing that I’ll be too depressed to get much more then about 4-6 hours of sleep is just so….normal, it feels strange if I end my days feeling like it was worth living for myself more then just simply to spare my friends and family the pain. Each morning I wake up expecting a call from one of my friends in need of help, be it gas money so they can get to work, or something worse, but knowing that like me, they wont do make that call out of pride, or simply not wanting to cause another person pain or another expense they cant afford.

    At the end of each day however, just like most of my friends, I do simply find that I’m forcing myself out of bed to get fcked over by life, and grinding on through the week just so that I can keep trying to pretend there isn’t that feeling of hopelessness and futility in life, and so that I can see the people I care about just one more time. In all honestly, I don’t really think death would be that bad an alternative to the way we’re forced to live some days, but I refuse to off myself because I don’t want to hurt the only thing I have, my friends.

    A lot of my friends are simply getting up to pay the rent, buy a 12 pack of beers at the end of the week, or to fuel they’re slightly illegal habits to deal with the next day. Millennial’s are simply getting up to claw for the next day, with a slowly dying hope that something will happen, and that we may be able to have a future that doesn’t involve becoming the governments slaves.

    At the end of the day, the tragic truth is that we don’t have a reason to live, we just find the strength to carry on another day. Fighting ourselves as much as whatever the world has thrown at us today.

  39. Bär mitderlangenScher

    Ah first free day of uni vacation lets watch jingles. *depression kicks in*

    I live in germany and all the problems you mentioned arent new to hear. We will be utterly wrecked when our generation gets into the retirement age. The current government is doing basically nothing to save to the pension situation (more old people => more money needed for their pension but less young folk who pay in) but even raises pension payments and gives gifts away to the current old, why would they do that?
    Old people are the biggest demographic when it comes to voting, so give them some presents and secure your self a good election outcome for the cost of the next generation.

  40. Why we put up with it? Well, I can only answer for myself, but I enjoy not starving to death. (It’s not exactly as if there’s an abundance of options)

  41. Generation X folks assemble!

  42. We go on because there is no other choice but to go on. We try because there is no other choice but to try. We work because of the fear of losing what little comforts we own. We Strive because of what we hope for is a family and a house. There is no other choice but to go on.

  43. Youre right Jingles.
    The generation of today is buttfucked by the superrich and their companys.

    There should be an total revolution there all off them that rule today got slaughtered.

  44. It was the late Rick James that first said “cocaine is a hell of a drug”. I would argue greed is much stronger and far more addictive.

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