Mingles with Jingles Episode 279

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Did you all have a good weekend? Well forget it, it’s Monday.

Plane Mechanic Simulator: https://store.steampowered.com/app/803980/Plane_Mechanic_Simulator/


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 10×1080 resolution


  1. Very true…

  2. Wolf of the Aurora

    The way I see it, game developers can do whatever they want with a game set in history. All they have to do is admit that it is historical fiction, and not rewrite history and claim that they are “on the right side of history” while doing so.
    Battlefield 1 is a good example. The developers said they wanted to what World War I could have been. Alternate historical fiction.

  3. Happy Birthday Jingles!

  4. Do the Bluto, Do the Bluto!

  5. “Marvin” Luther King Jr. Oh Jingles, never change.

  6. I’ve never understood all the name calling and all the labels, are we confused? if we’re going to use labels here’s one for you-not stupid, Wire.

  7. Mostly watching your vids 12 hours later here in Australia but you are my favorite Youtuber by a mile. I love PC games but I’m older than you Jingles and only recently have I learned social media such as liking and subscribing so you were my first. I have actually watched your stuff for years though. Anyway thanks for all the interesting content.

  8. Developers can absolutely win. Don’t pander to the left, and you’ve won. Simple.

  9. Marvin Luther King? It’s Martin, oh Jingles never change…LOL

  10. Hate to say it, Jingles, but you’re showing our age with that Space Balls reference:(

  11. Jingles you should make this a podcast

  12. fuckface unstoppable

    The main problem I’ve noticed is these sjw twats that just can’t leave anything be, I agree with jingles but these sjw types will never rest till there is a gender neutral fuckin alien in the oval office lmao so that is my issue

  13. Jingles giving us a lecture about how bad we’ve been on the internet has kind of a daddy hit mommy at the dinner table vibe.

  14. Very interesting game. Nice to see something other than a shoot them up game.. thank you Jingles!!

  15. Well you sold your soul to war gaming just to get moire free games so lost any viability ! So now you just give creds to any !

  16. You know, there were women and minorities in Bomber Crew. Don’t remember anyone complaining about that. Of course, both games are super arcadey anyways. Who cares if there’s a woman in a tank? You’re fighting off hordes of German tanks in a WW1 setting. Or Bomber Crew where you fight off dozens of Me 262s or Me 163s with guided missiles in a Lancaster.

  17. the problem with me Jingles is that many people who play these games may only learn about this history through these forms of entertainment media. If that is how they are going to learn, I want the history to be accurate. Not in terms of gameplay mind you, but avoidable things like getting racial or gender accuracy right.

  18. the only thing i learn from computer games is how to fking use the controls

  19. Happy Birthday Jingles, My birthday is the 14th.

  20. Hey Jingles, I don’t know if this was too recent to make it into this weeks Mingles with Jingles but do you think maybe next week you could talk about the recent WoT patch and the addition of lootboxes/filler content that no one really asked for or wants instead of updating us on 1.5 or actually releasing it sometime soon?

  21. (Not wanting to ruin 666 comments, but) the reason so many people (some more vocal than others) get pissed with changing history for the sake of media for whatever reason, is yes we know that women only served as nurses and auxiliary roles but future generations won’t if we keep up this trend of changing things we don’t like.

  22. Incels v SJWs

  23. I’m getting the idea that gnome overlord hates SJWs…. Though I its not hard to see why, they are hated by a majority of the population.


  25. “I don’t really care.”

    -Jingles in regards to whether the games he plays are historically accurate

    Also claims one of the many reasons he dislikes Call of Duty: WWII is because they have the wrong SPECIFIC German Pz. variant tanks fighting in the wrong year.

    A bit hypocritical Mr. Jingles

  26. 15:36 – 16:01 this is 1 of the biggest problems with people nowadays

  27. Speaking of the autism spectrum, i can relate as i too am on that spectrum, but i get obsessed with something for weeks perhapse days, then get bored.

  28. *It’s… it’s just a game, why do you have to be mad?*

    Very plain and simple quote. And yet so few bother to listen. 😉

  29. when I saw that armored tank crew I said know what this looks nice and don’t really care its in alpha

  30. the Italians tanks are coming tomorrow on Console can you give me a heart for good luck?

  31. Oh FFS it’s a game. I think it’s no biggie who you put in it racially, gender-wise, etc. If you want accuracy, watch a really good documentary, don’t play a game.

  32. Dr. Marvin Luther King?
    Ah Jingles……..the verbal equivalent to a Jingles landing.

  33. A lot more people than the “far right” have a problem with the SJWs and their ideology. I’m an classical liberal, with some conservative leanings, but to the left everyone who is not an SJW is the “far right”, a Nazi, a White Nationalist, the KKK or whatever label they want to throw at them to quite them and discredit them to the rest of the world. Milo, Ben Shapero, and Dave Ruben are all labeled as “far right”, its not an accurate label for them and should only be used to discribe people who actually meet the real definition of the “far right”.

    I really don’t care if there are women or minority in games or anywhere else for that matter. What I don’t like is anyone, any business or any group that panders to one side or another. If it works and its good, thats great, if it to intentionally try to promote far left ideology (or a far right ideology), I don’t want to have anything to do with it.

  34. Can you play tank mechanic simulator

  35. Women?! in a world war 1 tank!? good heavens, my monocle fell out, good sir.

  36. You old bastered

  37. That autistic son reminds me of Graham Spectre from Baccano, lol.

  38. Had a good weekend. Met WG at the BB Texas. Talked to Femminity and Searapator.  Got a free ship, the Wichita, but no win in the raffle. Good time though. Jingles you ever play the Combat Mission games? Operation Overlord, Afrika Corps , etc?

  39. I agree with you about history based games with 1 notable exception. WarThunder’s greatest aspect was its commitment to real life performance, every spec pulled from history (then blurred based on game mode, but meh) and as such I find it mildly irritating when they announce a departure from that trend. Latest being their abandonment of ballistic test data in favor of their own universal formula

  40. Hi Jingles, It is true that woman never officially entered the tank in Ww1 as a part of the crew, but there were some bad ass women there.Sargent Milunka Savić and Blighty’s own Flora Sands who was the only woman who killed enemy soldiers (yes plural) as an NCO in Serbian army defending the Military hospital and being wounded in the proces. If you’re ever are in Thornton Heath in London, do visit a pub with her name and honour the legend.Cheers

  41. Never give an inch to a vocal minority, they will demand a mile. Whatever they touch destroys it.

  42. Hello Jingles! I’ve always been a fan of you showcasing other games besides WoT, World of Warships, and similar titles. I wanted to inform you of a game I think you’d really like. Are you familiar with the Ace Combat series? It’s a great line of games with incredible story telling, action, and enough top secret weaponry to destroy Earth several times over! Unfortunenately, most of them only saw the light of consoles…Until Ace Combat 7! It was released on PC on Feb. 1st. It’s got the same incredible story telling, outlandish superweapon boss fights, and amazing selection of weapons. Also, it’s a very arcady title that’s so easy even you could play it ;). And yes, I really sincerely mean you could play it. It’s incredibly intuitive and simple. It focuses more on simple, fun action rathar than the technical aspects of flight depicted in most simulators. If you get the chance, please give it a go! If you can’t do that, at least take the time to look it up on Steam, it’s definately worth the effort! If you see and read this message, thank you in advance!


    A humble Salt Miner.

  43. Mate, half your audience wouldn’t know what Spaceballs was.

  44. Crap I am older than Jingles.. 1966 vintage, English born, and when I see see Mingles with Jingles, it is Tuesday, soo Haa.. Gold Coast Aus.

  45. Jingles I doubt you’ll read this but I’d like to thank you for saving my ass for the English essay that is due later today. In my college English class we’ve been tasked with researching an inquiry question and been told to write an essay about it. Since I plan to become a high school history teacher I’ve tried to stick with the theme of history, specifically WWII history. I’ve been struggling to find a topic that not only fits the theme but also is a topic that I genuinely want to learn more about. (I’m stubborn in my fields of study so if it’s not tanks or warships my interest isn’t usually peaked) Whilst driving to the campus today I was listening to your points on gender and the harms of applying current day social views on historically based games. At that moment a light bulb above my head lit up so quickly and burned so brightly that it burst, send glass flying everywhere knocking out nearby pedestrians. I’ve decided to tackle the controversial views on Battlefield V and as of the time of writing this comment I’ve gotten a healthy start that should get me by for the first peer editing session. I’m genuinely excited about this topic and I can’t wait to see where it leads me. Thank you for the inspiration and I can’t wait to see where your Sunday night ramblings lead me next! Cheers from Chicago!

  46. Please stop using my YouTube account, thank you.

    I would agree with the neo cons about their argument about the historical accuracy of games, and shouldn’t bow down to social standards about history. But for a game like this that has a historical setting but has highly inaccurate tank combat, I couldnt care less. Because this game looks fun and its not a game looking for accuracy, it’s just looking to create something fun about a certain time period in our history.

  47. Funny thing about world of tanks, they got female crews and while it had probably happened somewhere, I have never come across even a discussion if they should be there or not.

  48. Wow $600,000,000,000.00… I wonder if they have buyers remorse now.

  49. I get your point Jingles, regarding historical accuracy versus social inclusion, however, some people play the most arcade games in a historical fashion. I myself am a real nerd, so when I play Battlefield V, I play with British/Allied weapons on the British side, and German Weapons on the Axis. So when I hear a woman scream to death, it kind of breaks that immersion. Despite the fact it’s a game and I’ve just jumped out a plane and straight into a tank, for example.

    At the same time, I think it’s important to highlight how women’s rights have not always been up to today’s standards.

  50. Well done , good response. I remember the references to videos called “world of autism”. Liked

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