Mingles with Jingles Episode 280

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

I’ve just realised… I’ll be in Russia again this week. Well, assuming nothing goes wrong.

I’m buggered aren’t I?


System Specs: i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Perhaps you could record all the non-English voices for foreign ships with a funny accent?

  2. There better be some lines about a paddlin’ in there Jingles!

  3. another question would be………What is the Specialty you come with as a Captain ?

  4. The hell jingles did you record that with reduced texture quality? Look at your characters model when he shoots it looks like a ps2 game

  5. “Apple roll”

  6. that is if you make it to the airport on time

  7. Gets a kill “back to the salt mine for you”

  8. I don’t think Jingles understands that it costs mountains of money to actually develop a game, far more than it did in the past. Hence other forms of monetization most AAA games have today. Look at this wonderful video by Extra Credits that drives the point in perfectly:


  9. Try “CrossOut”….. its kind of fun, and you need to be a bit warped, to get this game. Think….. Twisted metal, with the ability to make your own monstrosity. Plus… its FREE.

  10. Thanks Jingles! As always: you’ve been epic 😀

  11. Division 2 looks much warmer. Or am I confusing games? I dunno, they look so much the same.

  12. stewart mcallister

    Mr jingles, after watching through some of your back catalogue I can across your star citizen series which led me down a rather deep YouTube hole. Just curious if you have kept up to date with it and what you and chats thoughts are on what looks like a fairly impressive idea, if it can be completed of course and therein lies the debate

  13. im sure you wont see this but have you played brothers in arms hells highway? i think you would love it

  14. “All I know is that this will not cost you anything”.  C’mon, this is after all WarGaming

  15. I shouted out
    Who killed Gaming?
    When after all
    It was you and me

  16. Time to fall asleep to jingle rants. Not an insult just bedtime

  17. the first Game i played that had microtransactions was Oblivion with its Horse Armor

  18. Is Captain Jingles going to shout something along the lines of, “You are aware that ships turn aren’t you?”

  19. it’ll be a campaign. probably score 150 torp hits in a single match for the last task so no one can get capt jingles.

  20. Jingles, It’s funny you should bring up Caligula after mentioning SovietWomble in a Mingles with Jingles a few weeks ago…

  21. Please record “I’m old and crap!” HAHA

  22. If you liked divinity, you should play pillars of eternity

  23. *Things one can always come up with to talk about in a pinch;*
    Femi-SJW-nists, Triple Aeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh Publishers, and ‘The Left’ in general… rip

  24. Just come and have fun with us in Tree of Savior and not give any money to the evil EA

  25. I was going to suggest divinty 2 for you. It is a great game

  26. The amount of times you’ve been to Russia, you’ll have the MI6 looking into you xD

  27. Sinks a ship: “That’s a paddlin”

  28. So Jingles when can we expect Season Pack 0.001c ?

  29. Which would you prefer Jingles? Micro-transactions or subscription fees?
    With sub-fees, everyone had to give a little, but at least they weren’t so damn in your face all the time, and the games weren’t designed in such a way as to make it a pain in the ass to advance without going to the cash shop once in a while.

  30. I was gonna buy the division 2 from the epic games store, I bought it for 55 bucks Australian which I thought was a bargain but after I bought it it was only the season pass for the 1st year from launch ??‍♂️ had a bit of a jingles moment of my own and the game in Australia is 90 bucks and that’s the standard edition…

  31. What about a challange, please tell what kind of stuff you learned from watching video games.
    I am truly intrested if there is value watching you tubers doing let’s plays.

  32. A Rita/Jingle D:OS2 would be hilarious but would likely take until 2022 to finish. 🙂

  33. Blue eyes white power

    To be fair though i quite enjoyed mass effect 3 even though it was rushed

  34. AP-a- Rell? It took me a minute to realize he was talking about gear and clothing, a-pear-el. Apparel is a tough word apparently. Lol

  35. Paying oodles of money for vague promises of content, that’s just idiotic, isn’t it, Jingles? *sniggers in Star Citizen*

  36. The Division is Ubisoft crap? Pass.

  37. Yea, I don’t play Electronic Arts titles either.

  38. Get part of Putins kickback from world of turds for use of personal voice actor use

  39. Microtrans actions was not EAs fault, it was Bethseada and their horse armor

  40. And that’s why the last AAA title I bought was Left 4 Dead 2.

  41. All love and respect to my fellow New Zealanders… in this time off mindless shooting of people.

  42. I’m seeing them hand over $15 at a time, time after time, who knows how may times per day.

  43. Busywork 2: More of the same

  44. Glad I ain’t playing those games at all, then… You be away next week. Got it. Have fun in Russia. Ah yeah, There was something about King George the first of Greece. Weren’t there something about him being a son of King Christian the 9th? And that he became King of Greece as a 19-yearold, King George the first?

  45. I don’t know for me the whole DLC thing started with activision and COD maps

  46. I would love Jingles as a Captain for every nation in the game doing very horrible over the top and almost insulting accents. That goes for the British version as well. Some super awkward posh stuff would be appreciated. 😀

  47. Wondering if this means warships is getting a new commodity? Salt. How else would we be expected to pay for Commander Jingles?

  48. I realy want your problems. “There are not enough new games comming out to play” “There are not enough hours to play all those games”

  49. Jingles! Great to have you back, finally my Tuesday mornings (Becuase I’m Australian) are slightly better. You make the bus ride to school so much more bearable.

    Also you should so check out Battlestations Pacific on steam, it’s like the 4th time I’ve asked this, but I think it’s a game that deserves more respect for it’s time and how it even holds up to this day. I feel a little exposure might help out the fantastic modders and die hard fans who still play it!

  50. There is nothing wrong with EA as a company and the games we play, we get fantastic items, the weapon skins look fantastic and the outfit my character wears can only be got if you have the super mega triple platinum season pass………..

    *Paid comment by Electronic Arts*

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