Mingles with Jingles Episode 281

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Conway was right, the steaks were delicious!



  1. I love your videos and have been with you from the beginning. I may have done comments to half a dozen of these but I am upset that you have made it sound like the police officer is to blame for this. Now I am probably misunderstanding but none of us were there so to say he had “nothing” in his hand and was shot for just standing there may not be correct. For all we know he may have had a game controller, book, phone or a bunch of lego’s in his hands. What we do know for an absolute FACT is that he is DEAD, There was at least THREE (3) people who started this set of circumstances in motion, the children of this man NO longer have a father, wife a husband, parents a son and the families and loved ones of the others involved etc… have all now lost persons they care for just because these people thought it would be funny. I guess what I am getting at is no amount of prison, death penalty freedom etc… is going to change the FACTS!! People in this world need to stop and really THINK about what is happening around them and around others and maybe just maybe START CARING for each other again.

    We cannot help what others do or don’t do BUT we CAN and ARE able to control what we as an individual do to ourselves and others so maybe if we start there with the plan to be the best person and the best at how we treat each others might make a difference. OR NOT maybe the world is shot to hell and what I do as a single person doesn’t really matter.

    Have a great week and a great life to everyone who agrees and especially to those who disagree with me.

  2. Jingles! Are you excited for Borderlands 3???

  3. Charles Machinist

    What you Brits don’t understand about police in America is that they are literally allowed, while on duty, to do absolutely anything they want. I’m not exaggerating. They can go on murder sprees, commit robbery, kidnapping, rape, etc. All of it is perfectly permissible for on-duty police officers in America, and they do it all the time. There is actually a law called “civil forfeiture” that allows the police to steal whatever they want from whomever they want whenever they want. They regularly shoot people sleeping in their cars, and what is the excuse every time no matter the situation? “I thought he was reaching for a gun” Yes, it sounds insane. You can easily google all of it.

  4. Someone should take Mingles With Jingles episodes and redo all the audio with a redneck accent and call it Mangles With Jangles. Just because lmao

  5. boiler , god dam amateurs

  6. Jingles, this is a strange kind of prank to play on April 1st. I am having trouble finding the joke.

  7. Masquerade sounds like how I feel about Knights of the Old Republic. Still veiwed as the best Star wars game ever.

  8. how was the steak?

  9. Actually Chef Jingles the temperature you boil it at determines the rare to well done state of the meat, the longer you cook it the more tender it gets, but if you cook it to long it does get to tender. But it is great way of fixing food, have fun

  10. American cops have serious issues.

  11. Jingles you missed the big wot story … world of tanks classic .. the only way i would ever play wot again … is to roll back to the pre deforestation time , pre td nerf days of before v8 .. .. apparently it was wildly popular .. suddenly those who preferred sniper mode had the chance to play for a little while that they could actually enjoy . Not the professionals only game it is now

  12. Ah a fellow VTMBer. Knew there was a reason why I admire you old fellow. Good old Malkavians. They’re not mad they simply understand how mad the world is.

  13. me being a cop doing the swatting for no damn reason i´d trace the call and swat the other guy instead tie him up, take his computer and whipe out his hard drive

  14. Jingles talking about boiling steaks… It’s called sous vide Jingles.

  15. Great episode and talk keep it up and I totally agree.

  16. Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines is actually number 2 in the game series. VTM Redemption was the first and a different type of game. So the new one will technically be the third.

  17. id say the 2 kids who got the police to the guy had done badly, but as usual trigger happy police did worse

  18. Actually Jingles most people have known about swatting since…

    Hold on, someone’s at the door

  19. Why is that funny? Explain please

  20. Sous Vide is the shit, you should try chicken filéts.

  21. Just shows how trigger happy the yanks are dumb fucks

  22. Commander Shepard

    Isn’t there supposed to be an April’s Fool’s day video, Jingles? ?

  23. The cops deserve most of the blame for this. Just think of the type of oeople you know who would enter the police academy. It’s a sick profession filled with mostly sick people.

  24. I live in Wichita. The general public here isn’t happy that Wichitas finest got off scott free.

  25. WingingSum unknown

    Why are people so stupid and arrogant, what ever happened to common sense?

  26. Michael Richards

    Sounds a lot similar to how even though SWTOR is awesome to play it can never beat KOTOR 1 and 2.

  27. There are some people (eg Brian Krebs) who get swatted several times a year, to the point where the cops ring before dispatching anyone down his street

  28. when jingles started to talk about bloodlines i went to se the trailer of the new bloodlines 2 LAUGH MY ASS OFF TO ONE COMMENT “Legends says, the fans have already started patching.”

  29. damn jingle, love the salt

  30. I love you laughing Jingles, really 🙂

  31. The term you used is when in most cases a larger city would respond by using a tactical team like SWAT, however most cities like the one you mention do not have this. It is normal officers responding and do not have the training to combat this. They are not federal officers. Local officers and or state possible due to location and type of call. Federal chargers due to crossing state lines and harsher punishments.

  32. Paradox also made a app for those that are eager. Its called Tender… 🙂

  33. Jingles, you forgot to do your on this day in history segment again!

  34. The only reason I dont watch your playthroughs for games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Far Cry is that I have those kind of games in my backlog waiting to be played and I dont want to ruin them.

  35. Jingles: talking about an illegal shooting of a civilian by police while showing a game about the illegal shooting of civilians by a federal agent…

  36. This can only happen in the US that homes gets raided and innocent ppl die

  37. Yeah im not to sure about cooking in plastic bags.

  38. So the sequel to Vampire Bloodlines is going to be shipped incomplete, just like the original. Nothing like continuity to satisfy an existing fanbase.

  39. Hope that Bloodline will come out and be fun….ty Mingels

  40. I had the same feeling (“this game is treating me seariously”) when I came back to System Shock 2 and Witcher 1.

  41. This ‘swatting’ is utter nonsense. Properly trained, professional and level headed police would assess the situation and realise they’d been pranked within 60 seconds of arriving at a location.
    Send in dumbass trigger happy dipshits who share a reasoning brain cell thats when people die.
    The police shooter should be doing time with the hoaxers for not following rules of engagement.

  42. Welcome to the US jingles where all the cops are nothin but trigger happy piece of shit thugs who shoot first ask questions later, the biggest gang in America

  43. I gotta know how the steaks turned out! Give us an update Jingles even if its in next week Mingles. 😀

  44. Frederick Burkert

    Before searing the steak, spread some marmite/vegimite on it… enriches the flavour awesomely… its the only use for marmite imho

  45. The cooking machine you mentioned is apparently really good for fish as well.

  46. Jingles off topic but put yourself Off Call in the Division 2’s map so you wont get the annoying “Agent needs help” BS.

  47. hmm, Wez? Wesley Crusher, teenage son of a doctor in one of the Star Trek series being a cunt in a Star Wars newsgroup? Tell me it ain’t a troll 🙂

    And no, Jingles. You won’t be lynched for boiling steak. You’re being hung, drawn, and quartered.
    A perfectly cooked steak is one that’s seared without being boiled first.

  48. It is called sous vides, I use it for over 10 years. If you need any recipes, time tables just ask

  49. Person: Why did you shoot him officer?
    Officer: He was reaching for a sword I swear!
    Person: Dude, he was having a wank!

  50. The cop who fired needs life in prison, and that department investigated by the feds. This whole case is sickening.

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