Mingles with Jingles Episode 282

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In this episode Ó KITTIES!



  1. While I enjoy seeing kitties, it also pains me to see them because all of the cats I had passed away: 1 from cancer, the other 2 from age.

  2. Needs more Genetically Engineered Catgirl

  3. James Bernadette

    “Rita! Prepare the ‘let’s dance’ music! Time to start dodging; there’s some torpedoes on the carpet.”

  4. there you go 😉

  5. 7th tocomment and 7th to request that I take your cat with me!

  6. Such a cute kitten, I am 100% jelly now.

  7. Good sir, you did was required! we must have a bi weekly check up imo. lol

  8. even recording is sneaky 😉

  9. those animals are taking all the spotlight – cool – GG 🙂

  10. Pigpokingmonkeyslap

    oh goody a cat

  11. Please make an Akizuki cat video channel!

  12. so cute !!!!!

  13. So having a cute cat as an avatar is the secret to success? Better up if it’s a gif

  14. I have to start my new job this morning. here I am watching cat videos at a quarter till 5. Don’t ever change Jingles.

  15. Damn it Jingles! I always swore I’d never become one of those people who watches cat videos during his lunchbreak, but that’s what you’ve turned me into!

  16. ToughAncientSpark

    Now you have to get your friend to draw a new thumbnail for Mingles With Jingles episodes.

  17. I hope shes gonna grow into those ears

  18. God damnit Jingles, now I’ve got to chop a tree or something just to feel manly again…

  19. good to have animal friends in the new spot, and others will much faster accept a new one when she is small

  20. Akizuki… Immediately goes after big lazy battleship Corrie…

  21. Christopher Evans

    Aww bless, those ears are huge. You do realise, she’s licked you and now you belong to her, right Jingles?

  22. Michael Richards

    The purrrrrrrrrrrrfect destroyer, a fuzzy land torpedo.

  23. arty is about to be phased-out ? Replaced by barrage-in-game for good officers ? 😉

  24. keep it up sir, maybe consider cleaning your pc from time to time. No particular reason except routine, esp. with pets…

  25. 5:38 and almost stopped watching…MORE PUDDYTATS!!!!!

  26. dogs have masters,  cats have staff

  27. Klosharr Klosharr

    “what is this channel becoming?”
    magnificent, that’s what 😀

  28. You know it’s pretty funny that your exact description of new vs old arty is exactly the same as new vs old Aircraft carrier I’d rather go back to the old days where I’d get a CV every 1 in 30 games

  29. When the kitten grows up he’ll have to put up with all those embarrassing videos.

  30. i really want jingles to talk about the azur lane x world of warship collab

  31. *squeals in Howdy Folks*

  32. 3:58 DD Vs BB

  33. BulletProofToasters

    *video starts* *crowd goes awww*

  34. Hey jingles, I like these vids outside of gaming as well.
    A day in the life of jingles vid would be interesting! Keep em coming

  35. Don’t let Aki eat Boo

  36. Good morning jingles and everyone else hope you all have a good day

  37. Aki’s gonna hunt boo something fierce… My cat also behaved like this when we first met her, and now, whenever our neighbor comes over with her poodle our cat terrorizes it 😀 It’s twice the size and still terrified of my little ball of evil fluff ^_^ … You have some fun times ahead of you.

  38. Nerfing arty in WoT is probably not the way to do it. They aren’t exactly very impactful in a game, and this will only serve to frustrate the few arty players and make the “why not just remove artillery alltogether” group shout even louder (and with more legitimate claims).

    Playerbase: “We prefer the old artillery”
    WoT development team: “Let’s keep the artillery mechanics as is by core, but nerf artillery even more”
    Artilleryplayers: “Did you even listen to what we said?”
    Other players: “Why not just remove artillery and fix the endless source of frustration?”
    WG community team: “The players seem to disagree with the artillery change”
    The rest of WG: *Surprised pikachu*

  39. At 3:26… Run Jingles!! She tenderising you to eat your face!!

  40. Rein Stradmeijer

    i think that when wg would have given us the the 8.1 or 8.6 version of wot. i think that those versions of the game could be more fun. or at least i found those versions the most fun becouse you did have a reasoneble match making, not a lot of tanks that could only be penetrated by prem ammo. in short, the game was mutch more refined that 7.0 but also has a lot less dipshit going on like the current version.

    (i started playing around 7.8 and started losing fun around 9.5 ish with the period between 8.2 and 8.8 having most fun)

  41. The mighty Boo is going to be angry. haha

  42. Whicker Friesian

    She’s already got you wrapped around her paws, Jingles!
    (omgs, her eye-highlights! The *CUTE* is overwhelming!)
    I love how she *SNIFFS* your fingertips, and then makes that ‘Faice’!?… (were you pickin’ yer nose, prior to this video?)
    🙂 I kid! I kid!!! Sorta. ;-P

  43. Jingles, you are butchering the pronunciation again. It’s a-cat-zuki!

  44. 0.7.0 The good old times when german tanks where as good as the rest…

  45. That is one cute friggin kitten!! Yer a doomed man now Jingles… We’ll soon start seeing Kitty Toys in our Salt Mines! The horrors! Can’t wait for Akizuki Update Videos now! Must.Have.Kitten.Vids!

  46. First cat out of the cage => YOLO CAT

  47. Also on this day in history:
    Episode 282 of Mingles with Jingles was the last time it was called that, as Episode 283 was changed to Cat videos with Jingles 🙂

  48. jingles bringing youtube back to its core

  49. There is so much complaining about 3,5,7 matchmaking, but it was introduced because everyone complained so much about the matchmaker at that time. It fixed the problems people complained about then, but now everyone claims they never wanted it. I mean, +-2 is what everyone really hates, but for some reason, no-one wants to seem to say it

  50. Man we need more japanese dd cats presiding over the gates of the salt mines …. MineCatSe, ShimaCatSe, AcatZUKI and ofc HashiCATse.

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