Mingles with Jingles Episode 283

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Greetings, Salt Miners. It has come to my attention that certain of you think I’ve gone soft since I’m now taking orders from a kitten… er, I mean “since I have acquired a new soft fluffy stress toy”.

It’s no use, I can’t hide it anymore. You’re right. But she’s so fluffy!!


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Three years ago Mr. Jingles, in one of your videos I heard: “destroyer captains must be terrified when spotted, for a good reason, destroyers are very fragile ships, almost as much as bravalloy Koenigsberg”.
    That said, or better heard because I hear what I want, radar detection could shows the ship shape (silhouette), like kemp bush, and then provide huge dispersion bonus, like 50%. Full view of the ships, any ship, should be granted by direct view range.
    And then, just came to my mind, destroyers nowadays could be allowed to stealh cap….. we would not see the cap flipped until it flipped!

    • i agree radar should be changed, to add to your ideas, radar should not work through mountains, making mountain camping des moines useless, as for the stealth cap, that shouldnt be a thing, you should Always be aware of the state of the caps, becouse that is important information

  2. Take away a cvs ability to spot you in world game play for the whole team make them visible on the mini map only

  3. Jacques d'Orleans

    Jingles played the Panzerlied to Akizuki.

    She’s now a Tiger.

  4. Yea…..I’m pretty good at Wows but Im not gonna remember all the ranges for different stuff. On another note…..Yes carriers are fun for me now. Now that they aren’t that top down rts shit that is.

    Thank God for co-op cause that’s all I play xD

  5. If I may be so bold, Jingles,….

    I think if there are people voicing their frustration about cat videos, perhaps they are referring to the clips or pictures you are mixing in with your world of warship or world of tank content,…

  6. While I don’t really think the CV rework can be salvaged, one thing that could make reworked CVs marginally less irritating to play against is to basically make them behave more like the RTS CVs:
    -Get rid of the multiple attack waves. A single squadron attacks as one (I think they have to reduce the squadron sizes, though). While this will make for more alpha damage, it will also make maneuvering to avoid a strike (particularly TBs) worthwhile again. As it is, you might as well just eat air dropped torps, because trying to avoid them often just means setting yourself up for a paddling from other surface combatants, and any single torpedo attack is just going to be followed up by more of them almost immediately, and the value of avoiding any single one isn’t really that great.
    -Increase the turnaround time (mainly by slowing down plane speeds) so that if/when you make it through a CV strike, you actually have some time to reposition and react before the CV can return with a new strike.

    Because what made the RTS CVs alright to play against was that even in a ship with bad AA you actually could counter them to some extent by being aware of incoming strikes and positioning and maneuvering to mitigate them. And once you’d done that, you’d have cost the CV player a significant amount of time and effort, and you had the time to change things up before they could return with a new strike.

    And yes, this will make CVs less action-filled (I’d say less exciting, but to be honest the fundamental reworked CV gameplay is pretty boring regardless of how often you can launch a squadron and how fast they travel). But there have to be some compromises when you design a class that
    -has the most map presence of any class
    -has weapons that are effective against all other classes
    -has no particular counter mechanisms
    …and “excitement” is probably the quality that has to go.

    Heck, it’s not as if the other classes are thick in the action all the time, any other ship will often spend long periods not in combat but just repositioning or trying to stay in stealth. Why should CVs be any different? People play the Shimakaze with its long torpedo reload, why wouldn’t people play CVs with a longer aircraft turnaround time?

  7. Unliking and unsubscribing….. I came for a cat video not a video talking about cats with tank gameplay.

  8. I’m a rookie CV player and my strat is counter CV. It’s been working out rather well. Get rid off the biggest threat to your DD

  9. Hail Hydra.

  10. As a slightly better than average casual player who mains Japanese Destroyers as well, I have had a pretty rough time with the new CVs. I was never very good at focusing on many things at once, hence why I stayed away from CVs before the changes. Honestly it’s taken me a long time to get to where I am now, I’ve been playing WoT since the closed beta and I’m only in the past couple years boasting “good” stats. Japanese destroyers were the easiest for me to pick up because they are one trick ponies, which made them easier for me to learn how to play. Since the rework though, I’m hesitant to play anything without good AA, and in my destroyers I seem to just get shut down every time. All the different methods of detecting destroyers from outside your detection range have built up to the point where I really can’t tell you the stats about all the different radars and hydros. I’ve kinda just said screw it, I’ll play my Yamato instead cuz I’m not worried about getting spotted and the AA is usable.

  11. Line of sight radar period full stop. Cruiser hiding behind an island does nothing with radar. Plus hiding behind an island blocks it. Easy and done.

  12. I hate cats.

  13. I have one foot out the door wargame. Carriers OP or not OP, it doesn’t matter, they are not fun for anyone else on the water but the guy playing them. You tried to get it right but you missed. If you have a no-cv game option it would be the only one played because the cv games would only have cv’s. It’s that broken.

  14. Easy way for the problem with aircraft carrier spotting to be fixed is to remove it. Don’t allow ships spotted by aircraft be visible to anyone but the player who owns the aircraft, and don’t have them show up on the mini-map. That would allow the carrier player (or a player launching a catapult plane) to find and attack targets, but the rest of the team would only be able to figure out what was going on by watching the behavior of the planes or by getting a text notification from the player.

  15. Its no secret that DD life has been very difficult with the prevalence of CVs flooding the queue. On average at least 3 of every 5 games will have a CV in it. Shouldn’t be too big an issue right? For a CA or a BB, mostly not. For a DD however, CV presence makes life absolutely miserable against any CV that’s even slightly competent. The trouble with playing a DD in a CV game at Tier X is not so much the damage output that a CV can do to a destroyer, but more lies with the fact that the presence of a carrier forces you, as a destroyer, to play a certain way, because playing any other way will be punished very very heavily if you catch the attention of a carrier. The damage that they can do, its not fun, sure, but with the possible exception of Midway, and to a lesser extent Lexington HE Dive Bombers, the damage is not the issue here. Think of the current DD vs CV situation as playing a BB back in the days when OWSF was still a thing. The problem with stealth firing is that it is a very frustrating mechanic to play against, because the only real counter-play option as that BB is just to hope that the DD’s aim sucks. The same holds true for CVs in the current state of the game when it comes to destroyers. Outside of shooting the planes down, which lets face it, most DDs don’t have the greatest AA in the world, and even the ones that do like Gearing or Grozovoi need a full AA spec to defend themselves reliably. Because of this, DDs are easy prey for a CV, and with that fact, a DD is forced to stay very close to their team for the first half of the game, which severely hinders the role of a destroyer at all, and that is the biggest problem with the current state of DD vs CV.

    CVs effectively act as an “on/off” switch for the entire point of a destroyer. A DD’s primary job is capture point and maintaining vision control for their team. Because of this, DD operations are generally very independent and is often why the impact of bad DD players vs good ones on the outcome of a game is so prevalent, but that’s a topic for another day. Back to the matter at hand; DD operations are generally very independent themselves but have a vital impact on the outcome of a game. But this is the biggest problem, any good CV player can completely shut any of that down and cost a DD at least half their HP for even trying. Yes, I can hear you already clacking away at your keyboards “Turn your AA off until you’re about to get spotted and you’ll be harder for the CV to find”. Yes, that is true, but also consider the number of other things that can spot a destroyer. Radar and other DDs are the two most significant and common spotting threats to a DD. Once a DD has been spotted in an area, whether they fall undetected or not, a determined CV will hunt you down without too much issue. The ultimate result is forcing DD players to hang back towards the rest of their team, because they really just don’t have the AA power to reliably defend themselves unless they’re an AA spec Gearing or Groz, but even then if the enemy CV is good they will still get at least 1 strike off on you, with damage ranging from only 1 or 2k HP to potentially half your HP pool depending on the nation and type of planes involved. This remains true even with friendly AA support. Its a no-win situation, your only hope as a DD when being focused by a CV is praying that the enemy CV’s aim sucks. Other than that you’re pretty much SOL unless you can chew through the squadron via AA which is never the most reliable tactic. As a DD, your role and ability to perform your duties as a DD is effectively turned off by the presence of a CV. All you can do is really just hope to be ignored, which by any good CV the chances of that are slim to none the second you get spotted.

    Now, I am aware that the CV round start delay is in the works, but while it will definitely give a bit of breathing room at the start of the game, it will ultimately fail to solve the problem. While there is a significant difference between being spotted at 18:00 against being spotted at 19:15, the ultimate result is still the same. As a DD, you’re still being forced to play that same certain way, hanging back huddling near friendly AA if you wish to survive. And as the match progresses, however, even this becomes increasingly unreliable as the attrition of battle sets in; AA mounts are destroyed on friendly battleships and cruisers, and usually the DD as well. This leaves an even bigger gap in AA defenses for CV players to exploit and increases both your own and your team’s overall vulnerability to air attack. The fact herein is really that even huddling with your team won’t always save you, which defeats the purpose of huddling with your team to begin with. Just like a DD in the RTS CV version, a CV’s impact on the match grows as the match progresses, just like a destroyer’s would.

    Really, the ultimate problem is the fact that CVs, as a DD player, will effectively force you to play a certain way, because playing any other way will cost you a significant chunk of HP with nonexistent counter-play options outside of smoke, which will not always be available. With how easily a CV can adjust their attack runs on the fly, it would take more skill to miss the target than it would to hit. CVs will severely punish, to great effect, what would otherwise be good play and positioning from a DD. A CV literally turns the role of a DD on a team into the start of a bad joke, and punishes DDs for playing DDs, basically. DDs have 0 freedom unless you’re a full AA Groz or Gearing, but even both of those are a coin toss whether or not it will really help to any significant effect, especially later in the game (again, attrition of battle; AA mounts being knocked out from enemy fire and past air attacks). While DDs are by no stretch of the imagination unplayable, life can be a whole lot more challenging than it needs to be. Life as a DD was already hard enough, but now some games can be that much more incredibly frustrating to play in if the CV decides to focus on you, which a lot of CV players will target DDs first. A fair amount dont, but a fair amount do. Which is just terribly unfun to play against.

    Of course, there is an old saying that does “Complaining about a problem without proposing a solution is called whining.” That’s not what I’m here to do. I have 3 suggestions for possible solutions to help give DD players a little more breathing room in CV matches. These are all, as far as I am aware or have seen, never been suggested before, but if they have been suggested elsewhere and refuted then well, refute them again I guess. (Also if you wouldn’t mind, also link the thread where the idea was proposed first, thanks)
    – The content Belongs to [DAKI] Destroyer_Zekakaze https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/189370-the-current-state-of-dd-vs-cv/

  16. Give an option to have two people playing on the same ship: one to steer and one to fire. And give the option to have the “driver” take control of the forward half of the guns, while the other keeps control of the rear guns, therefore giving the ability to fire in two different directions at the same time. Also the “gunner” can assist the “driver” by telling him what’s behind him without the “driver” taking their eyes off their course, thus eliminating the “I’ve ran myself aground because I was looking behind me” scenario

  17. we love the cats keep going

  18. The real joke on all of us by WG is they don’t think the 430s are OP enough to warrant a nerf. So they continue to remain the best tier 9 and 10 heavy tanks in the game.

  19. I think he explained the current issues pretty well. And I also want a cat now..

  20. They have achieved the goal of making CVs more accessible. While not everyone can do a lot of damage, any halfwit can ruin the game for other classes. The goal of making it fun for CVs? Not so sure, I personally find it boring as watching paint dry, I tried it on and of probably 1-2 games per week since rework and I can’t imagine that kind of gameplay ever appealing to me. In some ways it reminds me of playing AS Bogue before rework: cant do anything except making other guys lives a misery. What does it tell us about a CV player as a person then?

    Biggest problem with CVs IMHO is that there is really nothing at stake for them. With endless aircraft the worse you can suffer is having to fly around with half-sized squadrons, and even a single plane can do the spotting just as good (which is the main thing people are complaining about). That does not really compare with for example getting smacked for half your HP after showing broadside once, does it now?

    What did the rework do for the game in general: blobbing and lemming trains are now much much more common. Before 8.0 everyone was screaming at each other in chat when this happened (and rightly so) now it is simply accepted. I would call it the new meta, except it is not a tactics really, if anything it is the absence of one. It does not win you games and it make gameplay even more passive (read boring). Sneaking or smoking up (for the team of course) or kiting and flanking: that was tactics, now it is all in the past. Any kind of aggressive play is penalized so harshly, it does not take long for the game to condition any player to just… hop on to that train. And while the power of the CVs to ruin the game is awesome at the beginning of the match with 12 ships per side, it reaches a whole new level when it becomes 6 vs 6 and most of those ships have about a quarter of their HP-pool left. It is impossible to avoid damage from CV: half alive and with a fraction of your AA remaining intact, while the CVs capacity to wreck your day is not diminished at all. You may dodge the first strike with WASD-hack but no ship can beat the turning circle of those planes and you will get hit with a second (and possibly third) strike seconds later. Chasing down a CV is a very bad idea during the lategame: the closer you get the more often you are being struck, any evasive maneuver you make, slows you down even further and let’s CV avoid detection even longer, while getting hammered even more, you just won’t have HP for that. I’m sure survival rates for CVs were pretty high before rework, I would really like to now how much they have increased since then (and please WG, if you are reading this, show it tear for tier, I am really not interested to know how many T4 CVs got sunk while charging towards the caps).

    I never thought I would miss 7.12 so much, I guess you never value what you have. I thought about it a lot and I really can’t see how this can be salvaged. 7.12 was not perfect, but it was pretty polished out, more or less balanced, had defined ship roles (being AA cruiser/destroyer actually counted for something), was reasonably fun and above all did not feel quite so unfair even when getting blown out of the water by an alpha-strike. So I guess my advice: roll back to 7.12 and keep polishing.

    Oh, I thought up a joke yesterday:

    Q: “Why are all the CVs on the GLORY-Team”
    A: “Because they have no honor”

    All the guys on my and enemy team loved it…
    … well ok, all but two 🙂

  21. I stopped playing warships because it was world of torpedo spam. I’ve got no sympathy for destroyers

  22. I solved my CV problem rather easily. Moved over to WOWS Legends on Xbox, no CV’s.

  23. After seeing jingles with his new cat, i herby prenounce jap/DD as Kittykaze and AcatZuki.

  24. Ah, yes, the cracklesnake, the metaphorical standard for quick reflexes.

  25. Regarding Destroyers vs Carriers thing: GIT GUD. No seriously, learn to play for Gods’ sake. At low tiers(4-7) the threat from spotting is pretty low and not many radars either. The threat from spotting is pretty low because 1. Carrier players are also noobs and 2. Even if you get a filthy sealclubber or a guy who did his homework while grinding a new line, cruisers don’t have the same ammount of firepower( fire rate, range and armour to get closer) like in high tiers. So low tiers for destroyers are not really a problem
    Now for high tiers. High tiers are and have always been a mess. I remember in Open Beta when a shimakaze was the worst thing you could see on the enemy team. That and a Zao. Yamato would be like 3rd place. Then came the hindenburg and Khabarovsk to join the stealth fire meta of Gearing and other cruisers. Honestly, high tiers should be a place for average and skilled players. If you are a noob, stick to lower tiers and get good. You cannot cap in early game? GREAT. DON’T DO IT. For God’s sake, Battleship players have been thrown into shit for sailing in straight lines for almost 4 years now even if they had no other choice( because it would mean showing broadside to another battleship for example). Get perma spotted by planes? Be happy it’s only planes. Try playing something like a Yamato or Moskva or Henri. You will know what being spotted means. If you can’t cap in early game do it in late game. Learn to preserve your HP. The reason why DD surviability rates are so low is that many are simple suicidal morons. They think they are so stealthy and they get so deep into shit that when they get spotted(by an enemy DD for example) they can do nothing about it. You cannot memorise all the radar ranges? Oh, poor you. Try memorising all the spotting distances of torpedoes and their reload times to see which pesky DD is trying to sink your battleship while you barely have any chance to fight back because he is too fast for you. For God’s sake, there are 2 numbers: 10km for US radars, 12 km for Soviet radars. (Yeah, with a few hundred meters difference, but minor)
    Now, adressing the ‘non-git gud parts’. It is true, there are some annyoing aspects about carriers. And they affect not only DDs, actually, I believe they might be the least affected. Playing a cruiser does not make you immune to aircraft. not every cruiser is a Worchester or a Mino or Des Moines. Moskva gets devastated by planes. So does Yamato. Or a richellieu.
    One particular thing I hate about carriers at high tiers(or any of them in general) is how they handle attack in turns. I played Furious, Ryujo and Lexington. Usually, people stick in groups to form AA blobs. So you try to focus on more isolated ships. But when you launch a 9 torpedo planes strike against one ship, why do you get only 2 or 3 to attack? And the others fly straight ahead into the AA blob. And even if they are immune, as soon as you get the control over them, they are still in the middle of the AA blob and getting decimated. My suggestion: Have all the airplanes into one strike. Like in the RTS version where one squadron would launch all its planes. Now a skilled commander could launch a strike without getting most of it’s planes flying into a blob. A noob would have it easier to mess up his strike. Plus, it would have a much greater effect on dodging. Sailing straight would be more severe as you take a bigger punch, but manouvering would actually have an effect, even when you are solo(and I believe this would greatly help destroyers). Another, more complicated change: allow the player to chose the loadout. Like how many planes does he want in a strike. Perhaps as a high tier skill. And available only in pre battle.
    For the spotting problem: MAKE FIGHTERS WORTHY AGAIN. Carriers, historically, were also meant to provide air cover. But since the rework this thing has vanished. You need to vector your strike fighter over an area just to deploy the fighter consumable, which is pretty ineffective. The best option to fix spotting problems would be to give back the carriers the ability to counter an enemy carrier.

  26. Average DD player ‘cept in the Yugumo.. Torp boat setup.. RPF, TRB. Everything noted jibes with my experience and yes since I have had to “Git gud” which translates to getting a whole helleva lot more sneaky in my movement and slowly slowly break myself from charging directly to a cap right at the start my WR in Yugumo has been slowly climbling and is now at 51% very neary 52% with a clear noticible increase in WR.
    All of my no smoke trb w/RPF builds have seen a significant inprovment in damage per match and wr as a result. Also I tend to spend the match with AA simply turned off and make a point to make sure friendllly CV’s DO NOT park fighters over me. ) less I’m in Harekaze which can knock an attack out of the air if the CV doesn’t do it just right.. Not without damage mind you.. but sufficient to either piss the CV off and have em come after me with a passion or to keep his aircraft away from me. As a DD player I have a helleva lot to so when the actiones heavy. Part of me wouldn’t mind a “AA view” manually aim and fire of AAA and AA. BUt if I do have that it also means I cannot deal with surface targets very well. It might be worth it as if I am ducking aircraft spotting for surface fire it may well be worth the effort to manually controll AA for the extra umf as the sooner those planes are down the sooner the surface gunfire stops. Of course the down side is playing DD’s become even MORE difficult and high skill. I wouldn’t even bother considering it for anyone less then someone with several hundred hours and about a thousand battles of DD play. I think CV in the game are awesome but for MOST DD players they are utterly overpowering.

    Peeps said they wanted a hard counter for DD’s well, they got one. But that also means that the DD players left playing at high tier.. even the average DD’s player end up being very very very good. They HAVE to be just to show “average” stats at high tier. I post on the US forums regular about DD play as TL_Warlord_Roff. Everything has evolved to the point that I can’t even describe techniques and tactics anymore. It’s gotten very zen and formless because if you take a predictable course of action your dead. You gotta come at ’em sideways, and you gotta be patient.. very patient. My recommended tactical primer these days is Sun Tsu’s art of war and Musashi’s 5 rings. And 5 rings is so esoteric that you almost need to go take a course to take a course to teach you how to implement whats there. And most of what 5 rings preaches is never do something the same way.. always be changing your attack, your focus, always mask your intent. DD players at high tier have to be like a swordmaster in their mental focus. Its intense, and it puts the player at a helleva disadvantage if they cannot keep thier mental footwork up to the task.

  27. People is just priceless sometimes XD

  28. Mingles with kittens

  29. Jingles its called a PEBKAC problem you were talking about or …… Problem Exists Between the Keyboard And Chair

  30. LMAO reflexes like a rattlesnake on crack!

  31. So I like to note that the last time I played was a while ago so my knowledge is a bit old but here goes. Do destroyers don’t have radar/sonar consumable they could add it. Do they have a repair ability if not could add it as well. Why does an aircraft carrier need or have a perma spot ability “if they do,” instead just fly the planes over yourself. Like I said not sure. But i do remember a video ichasegaming made about how he enjoyed tier 6 ranked gameplay compare to tier 8 ranked saying why “was cause he felt like it was to gimmicky at tier 8 cause of all the consumables, where it tier 6 their are less of them if not all” but that was a couple years ago like 2 or 3. So either give the DDs a bit more in consumables or maybe take back the buffs to carriers and add a tutorial to carriers and all other classes in game if they don’t all ready. However I noticed that giving DDs the same consumables would feel like everything should get it, so they’re is a counter for that. Like I said its been a while since I last played and I don’t know the problems in the game that much or where the game is at in its current updates and so on.

  32. sorry but when CV players were shafted repeatedly the most they got from the unwashed masses was “adapt and overcome” why should wargaming bend over backwards for the destroyers? why should they NOT adapt to the new game play (what they fucking wanted!) and overcome the situation like CV players have had to do time and time again?

    this rework is something the DD mains, BB mains and CC mains all wanted, you yourself Jingles, pushed for this farce of a carrier rework to go through. you wanted this boring as sin game-play that took away any form of skill required.

    if you think they did what they aimed to achieve… good for you, I myself, my wallet and many other pre betrayal CV players and their wallets will respectfully disagree. and I sincerely hope all those DD, BB and CC players will start to chip in to fill the void left wargamings funding.
    CV players were practically forced to maintain premium accounts to deal with wargamings complete incompetence when it came to getting the class an it’s in game economy right. how many of those people do you think refreshed their premium balance after getting shit on like a man stood under a telephone cable full of pigeons with the trots?

    its time for the closed minded surface dwellers and carrierphobes to lay in the beds they made for themselves

  33. Great video again Jingels. You spend to much time on the people complaining about your content. Its your channel you decide what goes on it. Keep up the good work!

  34. DDs are used to rush caps and “do their thing” there. This has been the “hallmark” of a good DD player because of how hard it usually is to get it back once the defense has taken positions. I’ve never been much of a fan of this because it gave good DD players a massive chance of getting higher win rates. With the new carriers they have to be a lot more careful, but honestly the answer is pretty simple, avoid going solo, go back to a cruiser if the CV is focusing you and … learn to reduce the damage from planes. Pro tip, HE bombs are a lot less effective when the drop is not done along the length of the ship. Let the carrier align his drop, then turn to show him broadside. Do exactly the opposite for rocket planes, whatever you do don’t give the CV your broadside in this case.

    In the end CV’s counter DDs hard, but there are ways and means around it.

  35. You only Die when you get killed

    what happend to that one torpedo boat that hade 40 torpedos

  36. My point of view as a (less than) mediocre, casual player:
    1. Playing high-tier torpedo-dds has a high skill-cap since years! Japanese dd have received nerfs in every year, and the introduction of the radar didn’t made it better. Even with the increased spotting of the new CV-gameplay, I can’t imagine that playing torpedo-dds has become less fun, because it was already pre-patch a big pain in the arse.
    2. Translating the dd-Problems to other ship types: There I do strongly disagree with you. I started playing CVs since the patch and I’ve only come until tier VI for now. (Before the patch, I was one of the players who tried CVs once and than decided, that if we want to play a RTS, we play a RTS and not WoWS.) But my experience is, neither Cruisers nor BBs have to worry much about the new CVs:
    – Cruisers have their high AA-rating and mobility; they do have a lot bigger problem with bbs one-shotting them with multiple AP-citadels.
    – BBs can simply take the damage.
    No realy, the damage output with my CVs is significantly less than with a cruiser or bb. It’s still fun, but I’m usualy not the one who bites off big chunks of health. It feels more like a constant nibbling together with some teammates, until finally an enemy dies.

    I do see the point, that as a CV-player you can make the life of a dd-player a living hell.
    But A) this works also the other way around. Because of the quick repair-cooldown and the almost complete immunity to enemy air-attacks, the quickest way to deal with a CV is the torpedo-attack of a sneaky dd. Overlapping AA-bubbles is nothing against an enemy dd who pops up in a 6 km distance.
    And B) the overall problems with the torpedo-dds exists far longer and in my opinon are based on the constantly damage-nerf (maybe because of bb-complains). I guess the new CV-style (less focusing on the big fish, more focus on getting the little ones out of the game) highlights these problems more, but they did exist far longer.

  37. What the carrier mod did was suddenly make the game REALISTIC, at least partially. What did you think caused so much damage in WWII when carriers came in? If you want a fantasy game, then you can play something else, but we are now entering something that makes players need the training that actual naval officers get and that separates a YAMAMOTO from a junior lieutenant. The note that when you get into a cap region, everybody suddenly knows where you are is a major problem with this new game concept. We thus have a content problem of reality versus game fun. This is going to take a major job to balance. Let us see if WoWS designers are up to it…

  38. I was here for the war thunder, kinda gave up on that… Cats are fine

  39. i love hunting little destroyers in my cruisers like normal person…and it feels always so damn good

  40. Henning Østermark

    Only allow spotter/recon planes to relay the enemy positions

  41. i have a super easy solution for your kitten human problem. restart the jingles breeding programm!

  42. William Fitzgerald

    In summary Destroyer are now cry babies. Heaven forbid that WOW not bow and scrap for the them. Let the torpedo boats sink in fire as quickly as possible

  43. Reinforcing Sector AA in a DD is useless because it’s obviously the worst anti-air ship class, but more importantly, you maneuver too much to make it effective. One moment you’re showing the enemy CV your reinforced side, the next your weaker side. It’s more useful (and makes sense) in a cruiser or battleship where you aren’t maneuvering anywhere near as violently as you do in a destroyer.

  44. An idea I saw for fixing carriers is to bring back planes as a finite resource. Carriers dont have just infinite planes. They have a set number and once those are gone, they dont have any until they get to land ot another carrier. So, the thought behind this was. Make planes finite. Add a triggerable effect to carriers like you get with unique captains and the effect changes based on nation and tier. So, US carriers may have a target to do X damage to enemy battleships. Japanese carriers could have a target to do X number of defense ribbons, spotting ships in the cap. The British could be to do X spotting damage. You could also throw in requirements for distance covered to stop carriers from sitting 30ft from the spawn and maybe encourage them to shift sides, or push to an island near the front or to the winning side. Upon completion of the triggering effect, the carrier gets a 1 time consumable to replane their ship. This will A) give players an idea pre match on what the enemy carriers will try to do and plan accordingly. If the enemy is american, they might try and go after the yamatos and GKs in the back first, so you group to glob your AA around them. Or if its japanese, DDs would know to be a little more passive toward the caps to start because the enemy might coordinate with radar to spot a certain cap. These might also take pressure off DDs by giving the carrier something more important to do than just hunt the small boats with rockets.

  45. Another thing to consider with introducing kittens to an adult cat is that the adult may be worried about running into the kitten’s mother. My household got a couple of kittens last year and our resident ‘old lady’ was terrified of them for about a month. They just need a few weeks to claim their own territories around the house, and for the kitten to learn their cat manners.

  46. mynameiswritinwater

    A) fully agree on DD take. especially the “all planes attack” problem
    B) Please stops slaving positions through centralised command onto a computer screen (when it was actually transmitted by fallible wireless, often by airplanes who had just a rough idea themselves where they were located
    C) WG pls stop projecting Radars and Hydros through islands. After allwe know you can do it for visual spoting, so where is the freaking coding problem: also a DD closely besides a Yamato
    D) get launches form DD spreads stable and with regular intervals (except for RN DDs/CLs), instead of creating random gaps

    E) Tough luck for people with kitten problems to daft to use their eyes, am not thrilled about cat stories either, but I tend use that weird grey stuff located inside of my skull to avoid allergic reactions^^

  47. I enjoyed Endgame however i feel it very easily could have been 2hrs not 3.

  48. trolls will be trolls Jingles. They click on the video just so they can act like a troll again and blame you for it.

  49. I have mostly stopped playing W.o.W. due to my being unable to play consistently because of work. I am tired of seeing my premium days burn off while at work. I enjoy your replays but maybe W.o.W. should change the way premium works by changing it to only those days you log on or play!

  50. Jingles, You’ve no doubt heard about the “Flat-Earthers” (your talking about the new kitten reminded me of this)–I think that cats completely disprove the flat earth theory, because if it was true, cats would have pushed everything off the edge by now. Just an (obscure) thought. Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable channel.

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