Mingles with Jingles Episode 284

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Source: The Mighty

Hey… here’s an idea. What if I used Mingles with Jingles as an opportunity to answer some of your questions? Naaah, it’ll never catch on…


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like https://replayswows.com/

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Notice me jingels attempt#4

  2. Pls. Our Mighty Gnome….Pls. oh pls. live stream it on youtube.

  3. Failure Blanket

    I’m here for the World of Jingles!

  4. No matter if somebody famous’s replay is spectacular, they have their own Youtube channel to show it off anyway, no need to give them any more visibility than they deserve, they already had their egos stroked enough… Don’t feed their narcissism too much.
    By the way, have you heard about the upcoming game Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts? Design your ships and fleets. Sounds kinda old fashioned games but this time wita comprehensive graphical overhaul that is interesting to watch.

    • UncleFestersWorld

      so, why is it, that no one seems to mind when Jingles features a replay from SirFoch or Circonflexes? No complaints when those show up.

  5. My issue when you upload a video from people such as flambass or flamu, they usually have already uploaded the same replay to their channels and have made a commentary of their own. This means that when you upload the same game to your channel, a lot of your points on the game are way off and not true of what the player was actually doing and the reason we know this is because they have done their own video themselves. I hope you understand where I’m coming from.

  6. This is blasphemy! It can only be Mingles with Kittens from now on!
    We need more Akizuki!!

  7. HrothgarHeavenlight

    Jingles you can try a Starsector game too.

  8. fractual quasar

    a trick to get us to watch more rdr2? just put mysterous boo on thumbnail you nut

  9. When sending a video replay, please spell out your gamertag phonetically to avoid being labelled “Dave”.

  10. The Badass Bassist

    I just miss the cold waters videos…

  11. adriaan van wyk

    Firstly, the thing about war thunder ships is that it just doesn’t have the classes that interest me, mostly battleships, battlecruisers and heavy cruisers. Also, at the moment we have to grind through motor torpedo boats, which I have zero interest in, just to get to the destroyers and light cruisers.

    Second, seen some people complain about the cat videos. Now I like cats, more of a dog person, though I can see where they are coming from( they are here for the gaming content) but how about not watching bonus videos called something like “The cat diaries” if you don’t want to see cats?

  12. my daughter doesn’t talk to me anymore.

  13. my heart is broken.

  14. Im one of those who does not like Flamu. At all. But, feature him whenever you want to, Jingles. I dont like him because of his toxic personalotiy, but with him playing and you commenting there is just his good gamepla and your commentary, so I dont have to deal with his toxic personality. Best of both worlds.

  15. You switched to only showing WoT replays instead of your own battles years ago as well.

  16. for the ships in warthunder i think the problem is the economic gain

    • And I don’t think it’s a minority that doesn’t like Naval. I feel like most people ignore it because it’s boring, unrewarding and badly balanced

  17. I had the same experience with war thunder ships, I narrowed it down to being so arcady/too fast paced to the point that it feeling chaotic at best

  18. That there Dave keeps turning up Jingles and it’s not me ?

  19. I don’t give a hoots about who plays the replay I watch on Jingles videos… I watch it due to a nice video and the best ever moderation by the lord of the Saltmine

  20. War thunder ships is as you said. It just doesn’t feel right. I think world of warships with the bright colours and arcade style gameplay is just more fun. I love planes and tanks in war thunder but World of Warships is so much more fun.

  21. Can we get another wot random acts of violence? Finished re-watching the series and I’m really hoping for some more!?

  22. Whicker Friesian

    ‘Thank You!’, for being such a good Gaming Narrator. For diversifying and sharing with the world more games (not just the war-sim, not just the PC available).

    I gave War Thunder years of my time, then abandoned them as a lost cause.
    Not a huge fan of modern naval sims, I gave War Gaming the same courtesy/effort, then abandoned them as a lost cause.

    I’m a HUGE fan of IRL shooting sports. For me, the utter failure of both WT/WG’ing’s RNGeezus/Dispersion were game-breaking.

    They’re still damned good LOOKING/SOUNDING games, however! Kudos to each for that.

    Branching-out, trying new games and such?

    “Thank You”

  23. Actually I would say you have a lot more then ten… after all, there’s this interesting Dave character that seems to tern up every few videos. How do you explain that eh? ; p

  24. Jingles, I don’t care whos replays you show, its the fantastic commentary that I keep coming back for. Just keep doing what you do that you do so well.

  25. dennis.domenici

    *me*: i didn’t come for this shit, where is my world of tanks???

    *also me*: watches every world of tanks video jingles features and i’m not even a world of tanks player

  26. Because you seem to be oblivious to these things.. We watch this for the story, and for your commentary which improves the experience. Sure, if a game is shit we’re probably not going to watch. And right now your subnautica vids are prerelease and as far as I’m concerned, spoilers, so you won’t be getting my view numbers there.. until the game is released and I’ve played it, then I’ll come back and watch it all. Point here is, I don’t care if a series takes months. I’d love to be seeing the side quest stuff you’re cutting out of this because you’re right, it’s on console, I’ll never get to play it. All I really want from you though is a commitment to actually finish a game series you start, regardless how long it takes. You stopping mid series is like having a TV show you enjoy being cancelled. Who me? you say? Yes you. Ghost recon wildlands ring a bell? So yeah.. do your thing, tell the story, tell the stories the story reminds you of, whatever, we enjoy it.

  27. As your channel is eclectic in nature anyway, personally I don’t see the point in a second channel. It is more for people that have had a single game for a while as their only content, Star Trek online wouldn’t sit well with a Call of Duty based channel as an example.

  28. Jingles i Never disliked the vids or commented before on the Flamu/Flambass topic. But I caught myself thinking the same: 350k battles in a Jean Bart not featured because Flambass made something similar? Ok. Problem is: The VERY SAME VIDEO gets uploaded by Flambass to YouTube, so it has a high chance to be double the video with the same battle. And this is counterproductive

  29. Main reason a large number of people don’t watch Horizon Zero Dawn and RDR2 is that they don’t want the story spoiled if they get a console to play on in the future. I didn’t watch your Hellblade video for the same reason. Didn’t want spoilers. But since I’m not buying a console anytime soon, I’ll take the console game playthroughs. More Jingles for me!

  30. I feel that having a secondary might streamline your main channel into the most perfect thing in existence, and keep the ”Videos” tab clean, which might incentivise potential subscribers to continue watching.
    A secondary channel would allow you to post things that may not get as many views, might anger or piss off some of your hardcore fans or where you could post unedited bits of videos that couldn’t make it into a proper Jingles Quality video.
    I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t give a spare fuck to any of these issues, save maybe for the last point I made (and that’s why we love you, never change)
    Here since 2014 and still enjoying each and every non-kitten video you make xDDD

  31. Jingles, at some time can you do WoWS videos about how to get better again? It’s nice to have somebody who isn’t perfect teach you how to play, rather than people who are semi-pros and hardly understand and accept mistakes.

  32. Jingles, you did hit the nail on the head when addressing who would go toward your possible secondary channel (The demographic being your “hardcore” fans). However, I believe that another reason why people would suggest a secondary channel is that some viewers just aren’t happy to see non WoWs/WoTs content pop up in their notifications. I have seen several examples of content creators making multiple channels to cater to the specific content being presented. For example, in your case three channels could be made for featured console games, IRL videos/Cat content, and WoWs/WoTs content respectively. By splitting the content across many channels you are satisfying the gripes of the aforementioned viewers who can’t stand seeing notifications of content they are not interested in. You have mentioned that it is entirely their choice on whether to watch such content, but I believe the reason why many content creators do such a thing in the first place is to help filter and make things more convenient for the ??????. This does essentially mean more work in terms of management of what gets uploaded and where but its purpose is mostly to cater for the viewers convenience.

    TL:DR- Secondary channels would make it easier for viewers to find exactly what they want but at the expense of you putting in more work towards managing said channels.

    P.S. I’m not for nor against such a decision as I don’t think it takes ???? much effort to not watch/ignore specific videos but I’m sure there are others who think otherwise~ ?

  33. I don’t watch your Red Dead videos because i don’t want anything spoiled for when its put on PC. I wanna experience it without any real prior knowledge. But damn it looks good!

  34. I don’t really care whose videos we’re watching, I’m here for Jingles commentary. I’d watch paint drying if Jingles was rambling and swearing about it.

  35. Macartan Caughey

    Hi Jingles if you have another youtube channel you will half your views because half your youtube viewers would go to the new Channel and half would stay here

  36. War thunder ships issue – It’s a terminal case of old dog new tricks Jingles

  37. Robert Pettigrew

    I think the secondary channel idea is due to the fact a lot of Youtubers try to fine tune their main channel for maximum analytics (so as not to drag average viewership down) and have the second channel for less popular videos, however I do not think this is something you really bother with.

  38. Any sub-naughtica Below Zero updates?

  39. What was all that about CC’s I was concentrating on Red Dead Redemption running in the back ground. 🙂 No need for another chanel its all here in one place, United we watch. Divided we might miss something.

  40. “If you want to make a point on YouTube, start by sharpening the top of your head.”

  41. I personally like the FlamuFlambass WOWS videos… I like getting the commentaryanalysis and using that information to improve my gameplay.

  42. Pieter Commandeur

    still weekend in merry ole england jingeles , bank hollidays ftw and stuffs

  43. Funny thing: I’ve never understood this picture of Flamu as being the “most toxic”. But perhaps that is because I know him mainly from his YouTube channel, rather than Twitch. Thing is: I can’t stand random people ranting in chat, swearing at people as if they own the place and everybody should understand them without prior introductions. But I don’t think the word “questionable” is toxic, and I very much appreciate Flamu’s way of explaining the strategic and tactical situations in games, and how he comes to his decisions.

    (Sorry if I’m denting a carefully wrought image here Flamu!)

  44. on the second channel part i think that one benefit you could have is upload replays that don’t end up on the main channel but still is good enough to be uploaded. other than that i don’t see the benefit for you.

  45. Liivetook myname

    Jingles the xbox has a DVR website where you can record up to 10 minutes of game footage. If we send you the link to that replay on the website would that work for a video?

  46. What you have to remember is everyone has the potential to be an arsehole, it’s just that the internet gives them a way to act like they want without thinking about it. Not to mention, people will moan about anything!

  47. bertjesklotepino

    I’d love to see Jingles stop feeding the trolls.

    Again in this video about who dislikes videos and the reasons and how he understands it.

    Man, let those people drop dead. Dont pay attention to such idiots.
    Those who press the dislike button are attention hungry morons most of the time.
    And to give such idiots a podium or any kind of attention Makes Them Win.

    Dont pay ANY attention to such filth.

    • bertjesklotepino

      Mr Jingles, there is another way to enjoy such a game which is only on console……………..
      You dont have to buy a console, nor do you have to watch a guy playing it on yuotube.
      You could use an Emulator.
      Eventually every such game will be available on PC as well, perhaps with an emulator.

  48. go play bloodborn 😀
    and upload it here

  49. Oh Mighty Overlord of our “oh so pretty, fun and not too harsh or slavery” saltmines. I try to watch all your videos. I learned a long time ago that our taste in games is more or less the same. In the same time , i like the sound of your voice and laugh. I would like to get some more of your history facts and museum tours though. Give all the cats and Rita a hug from one of your loyal saltmine minions. Can I have some fresh air please ?

  50. Aleksandar Petrović

    Thing with World of Tank or World of Warships videos is that they are short (10-20 min) and self-contained (every battle is story for itself). It is easier to find time or justify spending it when videos are short, when you have busy day. That is not the case with Assassin Creed or Red Dead Redemption. Episodes are long and they are all connected in single story line, so you have to watch them in order they appear. If you miss few of the episodes, you are falling of the wagon.

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