Mingles with Jingles Episode 285

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In this weeks’ episode a game mode cancelled after tests reveal players don’t understand teamwork. The last Doolittle Raider dies aged 103 and a bear loses a fight to an 80 year old shepherd.



  1. In mother russia human kick bears ass lol

  2. Jingles, could you please stop covering CV’s until they take this Air Cancer out of the Game and release World of Air Cancer

  3. Oh ok, I thought Justin Trudeau was wishing Donald Trump a happy retirement. Wishful thinking! happy retirement Don!

  4. One minor historical note: While the Doolittle raid was planned, organized and lead by Lt. Col. Doolittle the original idea came from two other sources. First, FDR let the Joint Chiefs know at a meeting on December 21st 1941 that he wanted Japan bombed. Second, Navy Captain Francis S. Low original came up with the idea of using Army twin-engine bombers to take Japan from aircraft carriers.

  5. 2:35 bless them 😀

  6. There is a reason one of the most fear mafias in the world is the Russian one. Those Russians be freakin crazy!!!!! So crazy in fact that fight 1000lbs bears for fun.

  7. 14:46 So it begins

  8. Oh no… I didn’t hear that Cole had passed on. I got my picture taken with him at the AirExpo at Flying Cloud Airport in Minnesota last July. I could tell he wasn’t… fully there, anymore, but it was amazing to meet him nonetheless.

    May he rest easy, with the rest of his mates.

  9. best mingles ever…thanks old man!

  10. They must have contracted the team testing out to some HR company…

  11. @Jingles thought u might get a laugh from this tournament we did with some TOG’s https://youtu.be/PjtUx8S70FQ

  12. VIP mode was probably a dictate from high up. It’s also should be an opt in option, not a random battle thing.

  13. sound like tank assault mode in war thunder

  14. I am at work and having to STOP laughing out loud at this week’s stories. Great entertainment!

  15. When I click this video I was not expecting to hear “savage dick kicking”. What a pleasant surprise.

  16. moonmoonbirdcpt

    This is why I rather play Tree of Savior because you have more control over how to get around the pants on head mouth breathers and have fun.

  17. “All the decisions are made by the marketing department” – mmm HMMM! Product management is almost always aligned with sales and marketing rather than engineering.

  18. Jingles, how about just a photo of you in uniform? I would like to see what the dashing young gnome looked like before he decided to be a salt magnate.

  19. My wife’s uncle was an AMM2 on the Hornet from her commissioning until her sinking.

  20. RIP colonel cole and thanks. my father was a jap pow.

  21. That’s a cool replay. I like watching the view from the planes perspective.

  22. Whicker Friesian

    ‘The beard of 20 men?’
    Damn. That’s a good reply!

  23. Tawelwch Gaming

    As always, you made the past 20 min quite hilarious. keep it up Jingles

  24. Abit more trivia for today, Doctor Ruth the sex therapist was 10 yrs old in WW2, buy the end of the war she was a decorated sniper. The person who played Mr Rogers ( children’s show) was also a sniper in Vietnam with over 300 confirmed kills. Never saw either of those coming. 🙂

  25. The beard of 20 men…………hahahahaha

  26. Great Mingles with Jingles,  It is a shame about the last Doolittle Raider pass away.   That story at the end was superb.   Matt C.

  27. I can’t salute proudly enough.

  28. nicholas davidson

    Donald Trump?Justin Trudeau?

  29. you need to get an akizuki plush

  30. Jacke e-is-silent

    Good video, Jingles. Would have been great if it had a bit of Important Kitten Business. 🙂

  31. I went yeeeeaaaahhhh witht he teamplay thing.

  32. Those meetings don’t just happen at WG 😉

  33. And in the old English Navy 12 wasn’t too young.

  34. Thoughts dwell on the century of the tank event and the Halloween events. People are very willing to play escort. Requiring an escort, yeah that wouldn’t fly. But bot VIPs in a selectable mode I see no problem

  35. henry buckner jr

    great as usual.

  36. Those stories had me cracking up. I love you jingles for being able to make me laugh like that

  37. Jingles you are my hero, also I am 21 and had been flowing you since around 6 years ago:))))

  38. Jingles. I am watching Chernobyl on HBO. If that is any indication of how things are managed in Russia… Yeeeaaaah…

  39. Friggin hilarious!

  40. Excellent dear sir!!

  41. Random players lack the ability to play as a team….LMAO!

  42. the Doolittle Raid forced the Japanese to keep many of their forces at home to prevent another attack, thus reducing the troops that they could send abroad

  43. social3ngin33rin

    I have the same thoughts and feelings about the WoT VIP idea lololol

  44. I was privileged to meet Mr. Cole. He was a true gentleman!

  45. damn it jingles! this is suppose to be a ramble session , not a q&a session! /s

  46. Aonghas McTavish

    Meanwhile in Russia man mauls bear.

  47. “Savage dick kicking”

  48. Fenrir The Dreadwolf

    the beard is the only thing that matters

  49. Michael Allwine

    okay I like the idea or the “missions” for WOT! So you can deal with a set scenario!

  50. holy shit…. this WAAAAAAAAAY to short for a regular mingles to jingles

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