Mingles with Jingles Episode 286

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This week – trains suck and to blame. What if Germany had been more generous to her allies with supplies and equipment; and the return of The Voyage of the Damned!



  1. With how big Red dead is, you could have atleast not used the same content again Jingles

  2. So Jeremy Clarkson’s screaming run north on the flying scotsman was utter fantasy, then? The less we say of his cooking an egg on a coal shovel, the better.

  3. you should tell the story about showering after transferring to dutch warships

  4. JIngles….If Russian accuracy is that historically that bad……how does anyone manage to hit anything in and Russian ship in world of warships?

  5. Apothecary Terry

    So what we’re saying is that Russian ships in WoWS really should be OP, but it should be impossible to hit anything that isn’t on your own side.

  6. US: Welcome to Uncle Sam’s used ship and lend lease emporium, we have big ships, we have little ships, we have ALL KINDS of ships, so what can I help you with today?

    Britain: Umm…we need some destroyers to escort our merchants.

    US: Say no more! WE have lots of destroyers, and all it requires is your signature on a few base leases! “suckers”!

    As for giving oil to Italy, Germany was running a deficit on oil production when they invaded Russia. Had they gone and taken the Caucasus oil fields from the Russians in 1941 the war might have turned out different but some idiot dictator who shall remain anonymous *cough, Hitler, cough* decided to try and take the strategically worthless city of Moscow instead and by the time they attempted it in ’42 it was too late.

  7. Rommel had respect for the Italian soldiers. It was their leadership he despised.

  8. Robert Pettigrew

    And yet the Russian story pales next to us in the UK and Brexit 🙂

  9. There is a memoir from the Russian Admiral commanding. I have it on my Kindle. This deserves to be a movie. He survived the battle and was rescued by the Japanese. Admiral Togo (iirc, commanded from the Mikasa) visited him in hospital.

  10. The Kamchatka will always be my favorite. Absolutely the best worst ship in the fleet. 🙂

  11. The Russian derp fleet would have been better off with the 3 stooges in command

  12. Love the Russian fleet story Jingles…always a treat to hear you tell us interesting things…in your own hilarious way. Thanks.

  13. WoWS players: “Man, the playerbase in this game is unbelievably bad. No real naval group could ever have been as incompetent as this!”
    Steamer Kamchatka: “Did someone say my na— TORPEDO BOATS TO STARBOARD! FIRE EVERYTHING!”

  14. That last one is without doubt my favorite navy story. Thanks, Pugwash o7

  15. Please Jingles, no more RDR in MwJ, its like watching paint dry.

  16. Wait….that story, does that include the russian fleet of Dogger bank fame? Should totally tell us the story of dogger bank.

  17. Re 18:55, all Germans needed to do was transfer scores of captured Soviet equipment to Hungary and Romania, instead they sent it to German foundries… Zaloga writes about it in “Tanks of Hitler’s Eastern Allies”.

  18. Re: Radar Scopes
    The Staten Island Ferries have radar scopes to use during time of fog. (Not uncommon in NY Harbor.) We Staten Islanders have a saying,
    “A radar scope is only as good as the drunken sailor looking at it.”

    Re: The Russian Navy’s Misadventures on way to Japan.
    I had heard that this trip was a disaster and that the Russian Navy got slaughtered by the Japanese. But I was not aware of what a total Keystone Cops Misadventure it was! Thank you!

  19. BTW: So sad to learn that Arthur got TB. But I figure he’s still going to die in a massive shoot out with the Pinkertons.

  20. Jingles, my comment is completely irrelevant to this week’s episode. I took your review to heart and purchased Neptune’s Inferno. So far I’m loving it. Do you have a list of books you enjoy? Also, I don’t know how often you speak to Mr. Hornfischer, but if possible tell him he’s made a fantastic book.

  21. if you hate the English rail system come see the CF that is the American rail system

  22. David Burroughs

    Sure is a complex question, but, Germany most definitely had severe supply issues going east, their advances were marked by stuttering supply: make a great advance and wait for the supply to catch up, then advance again, it was rinse and repeat, exasperated by the wet fall, frozen winter, wet springs. The issues to the west and south were marked especially by being considered secondary front and of lesser importance that they didn’t expect to lose, no matter what the allies did. Consider the German man power and supply percentages employed east vs. west.
    Edited: the winter supply problem was strained by the limited carrying capacity, most often it was a terrible choice, do you want tanks, ammo, fuel, or do you want food, bandages, uniforms etc., cannot have both.

  23. Is it just me or did Jingles word-for-word say what this site says? Or did this site copy Jingles? Boys, we need a lawyer here! :O https://www.hullwebs.co.uk/content/l-20c/disaster/dogger-bank/voyage-of-dammed.htm

  24. Japanese?

  25. Wait that can’t be the UK I see some Blue in the sky!!!!!!

  26. The one time the Russian navy hits a ship it when they weren’t trying to hit anything

  27. The Germans lost at Stalingrad when they crossed the river and entered the city. Before that they had blockaded the supply lines and only needed to wait for the Stalingrad’s surrender which wouldn’t have taken that long. However Hitler being Hitler wanted to send a message by taking Stalingrad by force. Truth is the Nazis had every opportunity to steal all the supplies they needed from their enemies but poor quality of logistics info and data from battle outcomes, as well as ultimately Hitlers ego, got in the way instead.

  28. The German rail network is a lot of things but efficient it is not ?

    Well, I suppose the hardware is fine but the organization running it is the biggest hive of incompetence ever witnessed by mankind.

  29. Ja[anese navy in Cape Matapan with Italian Cruisers

  30. If you’re reuploaing old footage, could you please please please (if you still have it and can find it) reupload your cold waters video where you pulled off a jingles landing underwater. It was the funniest thing ever. I couldn’t stop laughing for the better part of half an hour. Thank you for everything you do and making us laugh!

  31. ToughAncientSpark

    Maybe the British should have bombed their own rail networks in World war two.

  32. Ahhh the Ice Bucket Challenge… Jingles, don’t you know that craze was several years ago, by now everybody has forgotten about it

  33. Most excellent…. and the capstone ice bucket challenge. Thanks Eddie!

  34. Thank you for a good laugh


  36. If you think rail transportation in the UK is bad, well consider the USA for a moment. If you want to go to Columbus, Ohio, you had better have a ride waiting in Cleveland to get you to Columbus. Want to go to Nashville from there? Can’t do that, either.
    Las Vegas-LA? Nope. You have to catch a bus, operated by a casino! Flying anywhere in the USA is a cluster f***! You have no idea how good you have it!

  37. It is said an American General, at the start of the American phase of WW2, said: “The way we will win this is to outproduce them!” impugning the bravery of the American fighting man and the obvious superiority of “Yankee Ingenuity”. I believe as the story goes he did not see any advancement in rank during the course of the conflict. Many narratives record the amazement of allies and enemies both at the massive amounts of material the US supplied its armies with.

  38. SpecialRedGamer

    Hey Jingles! I have a challenge for you. Team up with Marcostyle and get all the hunter masks in the division 2.

  39. We know who you are oh great 1. The Mighty Jingles, not the ordinary or weak Jingles.  But THE MIGHTY Jingles!  I hear cheers from the salt mines. “Eddy, Eddy, he’s one of us!!”

  40. 21 minutes late? Amtrak in the USA has that beat on one trip from Tampa, FL to Philadelphia, Pa about 1000 miles takes 24 hours on a good day. One trip it came in 10 hours late.

  41. Funnily enough, you have gone back to pre-unification railroads in Britain. Post privatisation, British Rail is a mess of different companies doing different things to different degrees of competency and reliability. The mess that is your rail network CAN be used well, it just isn’t. With companies skimping on maintenance and others robbing Peter to pay Paul, the misconception that passenger rail is something to make money on, you end up with an unreliable hodgepodge of services. Mind you, things weren’t better under British Rail, but then, hose problems were summed up by the logo. The Arrows of Indecision.

  42. Jehannes Zuidema

    jingles, are you aware that soon the youtube algorithm is going to have an update in order for it to prefer click-through-rate(ctr)?

  43. How Zany's Strategies

    what game is this that you’re playing?

  44. I have a feeling an episode of Navel Legends covered the Russian Baltic Fleet story

  45. You should make a naval story series

  46. Makes you wonder what the starting tier Russian BBs will be like………

  47. I think this is the best episode I’ve heard. Episode 286. A good episode for Jingles.

  48. ‘Lots of different railway companies’ OBJECTION YOUR HONOUR. Up till 1921 I grant you yes the British network was a mess. But once the grouping took place, and ‘The Big Four’ where formed I’d argue that that period, from 1921-1939 where the best years of Britain’s railways.

  49. Just a question for his royal gnomeness, have you heard of Drachinafel and if so what do you think of his work?

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