Mingles with Jingles Episode 288

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Finally there’s an alternative to Steam! Rejoice! Unfortunately it’s Epic Games Store. Oh well. Could be worse I suppose…


System Specs: i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Fortnite is less popular than Minecraft Jingles.

  2. If wind noise is gonna be bothering you, you have to get a dead cat, and put it on the mic.
    Also you don’t reeealy need a wireless transmitter, you can just plug your lapel mic into some kind of audio recorder, and just sync it up afterwards in the editing software 🙂 Unless you already ordered the transmitter, or the mic comes with it, in that case, less fiddling with audio/video synchronisation for you 🙂

  3. You may be aware that your voice has an unintentional ASMR effect. Mingles with Jingles in particular; listening to you talk bollocks about subjects I am not remotely interested in has a wonderful soporific effect. Except when you laugh the ASMR spell is broken. So stop laughing please. Thanks.

  4. August 27th…going back to Classic, Jingles?

  5. have you played surviving mars, I think that I and many others will get good mileage on your laughter and calling how it is play that game

  6. Epic Games may give devs the money they need, but they get WAY less players from EGS, if even their crowd funders are turned off or not playing due to them selling out to a platform they didn’t intend. They’re winning short term, losing long term. Even Metro Exodus, a relatively big game made suddenly EGS exclusive, had “disappointing” PC sales after becoming EGS exclusive, meanwhile the consoles sales were just fine.

  7. *Sees cat in a onsie*

    <3 NAAAAWWWWWWWW... <3

  8. Exclusive licensing is a scourge on the free market. It’s anti-competitive, because instead of prompting innovation, it’s all about keeping your competition from selling products. As long . as you have things only you are allowed to sell, and that makes up a majority of your business model, there’s no incentive to make any aspect of your platform or experience better.

    see: Anime. There was a whole piracy thing going on largely about this. (Pirates of the West)

    Before someone claims that steam is exclusive because there’s no point being anywhere else: yes, but you’re not contractually prevented from being elsewhere as well. With steam you’re allowed to be on other platforms, it’s often just not worth the time. (Pentadact has an article that touches on this)

    my point: as long as Epic uses exclusive licensing as a larger than trivial part of their business model, I will not be participating, and will continue to decry their terrible practices.

  9. It also doesn’t help that the Epic client is a poorly optimized, laggy piece of shite.

    The only reason I even have an account was to get Subnautica for free. Imagine my joy when I figured out Subnautica still ran AFTER I deleted the client.

  10. I mean, props to Theresa May, she was the only one who took up the mantle with a realistic plan.
    No one proposed anything remotely better or more realistic.
    Hope Brexit can become Breenter.

  11. I refuse to use Epic. Exclusivity deals are a way of saying “we don’t have to be good to customers because we’re the only place they can get it.”
    Along those same lines they don’t allow user reviews. Anti consumer, hacking issues, questionable motives of any Chinese company collecting large amounts of data on the users of their platform, etc. No thanks. Not saying Steam doesn’t have issues, or that competition is bad. It would be great if they had some competition, but competition that strives to beat them by providing better prices and customer service not by becoming the only place you can get the game you want. Competition is beneficial to customers when it offers choice. Epic is attempting to do the exact opposite.

  12. “That I couldn’t get anywhere else” false statement it’s a “pirate bay” exclusive.

    I wonder is a larger slice of a smaller pie going to screw the developers who went exclusive? Guess only time will tell.

  13. Theresa May did actualy achieve something, becoming a meme

  14. About , Steam , Origin , Epuc , Uplay clients and account check out GOG Galaxy 2.0

  15. Tencent implementing the Chinese way of doing things to the rest of the world through the Epic store. =)

  16. Borderlands 3 will be exclusive for 6 months so thats not to bad of a wait.

  17. at 21:10 are you talking about a wireless lavalier mic ?

  18. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

    As a Phoenix Point silver backer (105$), I felt pretty fucked by this exclusivity deal. However, since backers will get a Steam key and all DLC of the first year in addition to the Epic key, I’m thinking about selling my Epic key for PP to find a way of compensation for the +1 year wait.

  19. You do know that there are other ways to play Metro Exodus besides via Epic, right? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  20. Please do a video in the Overloon museum during your Market Garden tour.

  21. Totally Not Phoebe

    Frankly, I don’t see the issue with Epic store, it’s mostly just people being being inert to change and things being different. And to create a new brand you’re going to have to have a long term plan and deep pockets, again not seeing the problem. Also, creating an account takes less effort than making a YT video about how you can’t be bothered to make an account.

  22. Parliament is in competent of the electorate. Theresa May failed in the home office, failed as Prime minister. Good riddance.

  23. Indie game developers having problems? Just tell them to ask IGP (Indie Game Promoter) to try out their game.

  24. Well at least your internet hasn’t died yet! Summer is here and all the ankle bitters soaking up bandwidth. And Teresa bless her heart but she saw the signs of sex and travel. Epic store was interesting Jingles. Im really surprised how much negative press they are getting about their store and business practices. It wasn’t to long ago you could only get certain games on steam. And since when have we started caring about logins? My god just look at all the social media, news and phone apps that require logins. It is damn near impossible to buy or use a website without some kind of login or link to am account. People are little to quick to bring the hammer down on a new venture these days. Very few products launch 100% perfect and work flawlessly. Give it a chance to mature and get the right people working on the thing it could end up being something respectable. And lets face it there only competition is Steam? Lol


  26. Jingles – prioritizing your work is modern way of making software. It’s called MVP – minimum viable product so basically those sets of features that can be had to have somewhat functioning system that people can use. Basically you have two options – you try to make all ready at once (the waterfall) and wait for 9 months to get it released, or you go with the agile mindset and public first those features that can be used to give you some value but you get those features much faster compared to waterfall. There’s nothing more dramatic than that here…

  27. 7:00 wait… is that guy *nailing* on solar panels?…

  28. Rodney aandewiel

    Jingles, if you come to the netherlands i know some good locations where bunkers are located and even a part of the Antlantikwall. Maybe i could show ya around there!

  29. 19:08 nice shooting Jingles!

  30. The problem is, it’s crowdfunded, they promised a steam release, and now it’s on Epic only. Epic store does not have the same features at the moment as Steam. So the dev uses crowdfunding as a cheap loan to make a game. If Epic makes a decent client without all the privacy issues etc it will be ok.

  31. Gearbox should just defunct. Having a turd like Randy Douchbag running the show would make me question my life choices. Money scamming, employee abuse, accusations of photage of minors, support of animal abuse… the list goes on. Imo the whole bunch are the same as Randy himself by still working there. A unanimous vote on his firing or walk out is the only way I would ever buy another game from Gearbox

  32. Bear in mind, our glorious overlord, while Teresa May has pretty definitively stuffed up her reign as pm, both parliament and her European counterparts have been in near open revolt the whole way.

  33. James Bernadette

    Eh, Borderlands 3 is Epic exclusive only for 6 months. It’s not like there’s any particular lack of games to choose from while waiting for it to launch at Steam. Patience is a virtue.

  34. Jingles, can we get a schedule for when you cross the pond into our low, low country? I’d seriously like to meet you in person and bury you under a big pile of Stroopwafels.

  35. Jingles making professional sounding videos, not an image I wanted in my head lol

  36. Couldn't CARELESS

    I’ll use the epic store when they devolop a cure for AIDS and give it away for free…

  37. Jingles. You want a reason to create an EpicStore account?

  38. Dear Jingles, you havent thought of all the GAME PUBLISHERS who PUSH the developer to take the EPIC STORE’s deal wether or not that is good for the developers reputation. 2nd any KICKSTARTER game WOULD NOT Exist if that help FROM THE PEOPLE who has backed them, so Ofcourse they look at it as Betrayal when the game goes for an EXCLUSIVE DEAL regardless who it is. 3rd Epic Store is competing with existing online stores (Like Steam, Bethesda, Uplay, Origin), but they also have worse systems and functionality for the customer (Like customer data protection). So yeah im not happy with Epic Store for their “Game thefts” thanks to their generous deals to developers that was vulnerable to economy and publishers.

  39. Unless I’m very wrong, Theresa May has been the subject of or appeared in more television comedy skits than any other PM for the past twenty years at least. Accomplishment!?

  40. I would like to point out Theresa did manage one thing of note, making it easy to take the piss out of her with the timing of her resignation – May hung on till June !

  41. Jingles what’s your thoughts in death stranding

  42. Warren Lehmkuhle

    Huh why dose this video have so many dislikes already?
    “Let’s talk about the Epic Game Store.”

  43. Probably an unpopular opinion but metro Exodus was utter horse shite. Dated mechanics that are clunky as fuck, a silent protagonist which is made awkward as fuck due to characters directly addressing and interacting with you but you just standing their like a potato & about 10-15 minutes of none stop exposition for every 30 odd minutes of gameplay. I honestly don’t know why people liked it.

  44. Hello Jingles, if you are going to the Netherlands for some WWII stuff, may I suggest some locations and battles that were significant after operation Market Garden.

    The city of Zwolle was of course liberated by French-Canadian Leo Major in about the most bad-ass way possible although it did sadly cost the life of his friend. He is the reason a lot of the medieval features of the city center are still intact.
    The city of Groningen was liberated with more bloodshed and the city shows the scars to this day as well as in the hearts of the people who lived through it, I have spoken to many who were children or young adults at the time. Most are no longer with us sadly.
    The island of Schiermonnikoog is also very interesting, the German troops resisted until over a month after VE-day. There are still Atlantik Wal bunkers in the dunes and also a small graveyard with the graves of drowned sailors from both world wars from both sides of the wars.

  45. Ah, you can dry-run Market Garden before I go to Arnhem in July!

  46. Zemalex Nightshade

    Epic: Let’s create a shopping online store for games.
    Steam: This shall be good
    Epic: Okay now a sale will be done at 75%
    Steam: Okay hold my beer we shall show them how it’s done and get it done right.

    That was very entertaining discussion on Epic and it’s business choices for the online store. With that do you think Jingles the store will survive 12 months or longer based on the sale with no permission from developers?

  47. SinsationalMike

    Since the subject of this video was something I have no interest nor opinion of, I’m just going to focus on the cat. You need to call up your Russian friends and get a custom onesie for her in WoWs camouflage. Also anyone see the irony of a cat named after a premium ship being fixed.

  48. Couldn’t get Epic’s client to install…It just refuses…So will never be using their services.

  49. i think Lavalier Microphone is the name you’re looking for

  50. 2K Games, Borderlands 3 publishers, were the one who made the game Epic exclusive. Although later on, Randy defended that decision.

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