Mingles with Jingles Episode 289

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Source: The Jingles

This weeks’ episode with extra kittens and SCIENCE, at no extra cost to you!



  1. How to get captin jingles
    Wargaming show you 4 pictures of warships and tell you to click on the battleship
    If you select the carrier you win

  2. When your Malaysian wife breaks mandatory silence

  3. @Jingles, maybe you could also go to the Royal Dutch Airforce days at the 14th and 15th of June. It is at airbase Volkel and quite close to where you supposedly will be. I’ve looked at the website of the ministry of defence, unfortunately no English translation. But you can travel by train to Oss and go to the airbase by bus or arrive by car. Just go towards Volkel eventually you’ll see military personnel and signs saying ‘Luchtmacht dagen’.

    There are a lot of shows and everything, it’s quite cool to visit.

  4. Hey jingles, for the jingles confused lines, you could say when you see a destroyer ‘we’ve spotted an enemy cruiser… wait I mean destroyer’

  5. Devin Aschenbrenner

    Maybe a to get both what we the fans want and War Gamming Wants is mis identification of ships could be Curser spoted, wait, its a what? Destroyer you say? Or Enemey Carrier Sunk. *Of mic talking to someone else* What do you mean it was a battleship?

  6. TRS- Tip Ring Sleeve
    TRRS- Tip Ring Ring Sleeve.
    The number of letters denotes the number of audio channels. A TRS connector is used by phones for audio output instead of input, so you need TRRS for mono audio input when using earphones with a built in mic on phones, whereas the dedicated mic jack on a camera uses TRS as ground, left and right audio channels for stereo audio input.

  7. Are you going to meet up with Circon over in NL.

  8. Hi Jingles, can you say a hello to our new son, Roy McIntosh on the occasion of his first month on the 17th of Junes?.At my & my wife’s years (I’m 47,took 3 bouts of IVF & an emergency C section {cord wrap & 2 knots}),we’re amazed and VERY tired,and it would mean a lot to us both, yours Ian McIntosh (IMCDundee) ,salt miner from when you had 20000 subs only….and were still using the free version of bandi cam. Cheers o great gnomish overlord!

  9. How about meet Wargaming 1/2 way?
    When spotting a ship identify it accurately.
    But when sinking, who cares? Misidentify it then and just complain that it just looks like a pile of shrapnel now anyway.

  10. What if you said it but indirectly. like this. when you sink a cruiser it could be ” we just sank battleship . oh. nope that was a cruiser”.

  11. Make Jingles crap again! This is the Hero we Need! This is the HERO we Deserve!!

  12. Thanks MightyJingles.
    Love the updates about your bowel movements!! I’m sure there is medications to get you going when you need to.
    Never change Jingles.

  13. Jacke e-is-silent

    Aha! Be sure to search under the beard!

  14. I hope you’re recording your “Throw enough shit at the wall…” line

  15. If it’s not the right adapter, let me know. I play tanks with a guy that works at the amazon warehouse in Manchester. I’ll give him a thorough tongue lashing.

  16. Why not when the first enemy is spotted the game usually says “Enemy force spotted”, your voice could say: “Enemy spotted, is that an Aoba?” since the sentance is delibirately vague in the first place, the cinfusion would be minimal.
    Also, I perfrectly understand why the usual informative sentances have to be exact but why not adding your own touch when announcing a DD is spotted: “Enemy destroyer spotted, oh damnit I thought it was a battleship!” or something into those lines. SO the original intel is given, with your own touch added to it. Would seem less bland, doesn’t it? Yeah the Firefirefire thing was too confusng in your video. I know the essential sentances must deliver the right information for the usual player, but as it is you, could they add that second part with your touch, yes the sentance would be longer, but it is you after all and not some puny Russian hockey player that nobody outside of Russia or the US actually cares about…
    I know that many sentances must be recorded because there also are those for the CVs, the planes, and so on…

    I don’t know if you can but maybe you ask WG to make an operation with you as the voice giving the instructions or you as the command ship that end up sunk and that we must rescue.

    I’m not playing WoWs much these day since I’ve grown bored of it, but when you come into it, I’ll definitely give it a go. My Monarch and Lion are rusting in my port, or I could put you on my Warspite and put the actual Warspite captain on the Lion instead?
    One question though, will there be an all nation version of Captn Jingles? or will it just be a British captain? With that beard it would certainly make for a good Russian captain…

  17. Hey Jingles here’s a short Explanation i wrote about the difference between the mic connectors.
    TRS: Tip, Ring (the areas in between the black lines on the connector) and Sleeve, is used on cameras since you only need to transmit the left and right sound of the mic sound to the camera.

    TRRS: Tip, Ring Ring and Sleeve (or the part closest to the cable) are used on phones since in addition of putting a mic in to the phone you might also want to use it to listen to something, thus you need 3 channels, 2 for left and right sound and one for the mic.

    You might want to also control the volume or skip tracks trough the small controls on the headphones, and that’s why it has more rings.
    Cheers jingles.

  18. Nobody:
    Jingles: You’ll listen to me take a shit

  19. Another crap video from our gnome overlord :-p

  20. Who said you can not make money from shit? ?

  21. By the way, I belive this was very uselfull for the whole humanity Jingles ?

  22. Will captain jingles also be added to WoWBlitz, or are you only going to be added to the PC version?

    The Air Force days are also next week at Volkel airbase near Uden. I do not know if the Air Force have any plans to commemorate Market Garden, but I would not be surprised if they did.

    It is on your route as well, so expect to get into traffic jams. Much like the real armour corps.

  23. #makejinglescrapagain

  24. This is Silverwings. Thank you. I have no words for the deep felt graditude i feel from my heart. Thank you, for this. Thank you. I sit here writing the reply with tears in my eyes and I listen to you read the message I sent to you, and, I cry, I cry because I and honored, and, thankful for what you have said you will do. Thank you, Mighty Overlord. Thank you.

  25. Will do it boss #make jingels crap agind

  26. Hi Jingles, you do know that the Netherlands has changed a little since WW2. Some of the places where Market Garden took place may not be recognizable anymore.
    For instance the Son bridge vicinity (in my backyard) has changed a lot!

  27. LOL – Røde means : Red ; in danish 🙂

  28. What happend this day in History?
    (Don’t get me wrong, this day in History is the part I prefer in the mingle with Jingle, but I still like the weekly update.)

  29. 11Bravo Crunchie

    Thats how I wanted to start my monday. Staring at an adorable kitteh while Jingles drops trou and sits on the loo. Oh, Jingles…don’t ever change.

  30. Beard muffler. Shave it.

  31. will captain jingles be available on all servers??

  32. More tanks!

  33. Jingles:
    -Stands in front of huge storage Unit, wondering how to get in.
    -Find “Storage Key” 5 meters to the left

    Also jingles:
    -No Correlation.

  34. Better start grinding up a British tech tree, in case WG makes the questionable decision of making the Captain Jingles mission nation-specific…

  35. Craig The Chivalrous

    did you just make the cat sniff your finger after you been the toilet haha amazing!

  36. Forgot this last time, but after you’ve been to Arnhem, might I suggest you go to Zutphen? Not for any historical purpose but there is a very good Cigar/Pipe/chaw/snuss/general tobacco store that has some very fine smokables.
    If you want a €40 cigar, they actually have it XD
    Just go to the city centre and ask a random person for the GOOD tobacco place, they’ll know where to send you.

  37. I expect “OK Dave” when the battle starts

  38. Same icecream van as in Farazelleth’s latest vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riutLNZhtPA&t=0s

  39. 5 am…Jingles video…start to drink coffee….see bearded gnome face full screen…recover and clean coffee from screen, keyboard, desk ect.

  40. during fire, you should say: We have a BBQ day !
    during flooding , you should say: We got a swimming pool on ship !

  41. Stage Fright…

  42. Nooooooooooooo…………?

  43. Make Jingles Crap Again… brilliant! 😀

  44. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    lol Fire fire fire just seems crap lol but you’re right your minium really need to look and sound like you!!! WG make Jingles Crap Again!!!!!

  45. We need an 18+ jingles

  46. mispronunciation of Yamato?

  47. jingles took a poo well tried to hehe :3

  48. Jingles at his best funny and entertaining love this so so much long may it continue,can’t wait for hells highway vid on YouTube. Captain_pugw4sh.

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