Mingles with Jingles Episode 290

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

I have returned from The Netherlands, and I almost survived the trip!



  1. Hello Mr. Jingles

  2. When you stay up so late you’re the first one to jingles’ MwJ even though you live in colorado

  3. Markus Kumpulainen


  4. Dammit 2 mins late …Tilly-la-Campagne Was the start of my grandfathers(Canadian)
    regiment on to neatherlands Opeartion goodwood and a few others

  5. Moritami Kamikara

    “Holland, don’t ever change”

    *Angry Dutch noises from triggered dutch people*

  6. JonarusDraconius

    “Tallest Women” – *uncontrollable laughter*
    My 5’2″ (at best) mother would beg to differ… But then again, she was born in ’41, so thanks to the war, her diet might not have been good enough to promote sufficient growth… ^^;

    • Born in 41 she wouldn’t have had much food, so there’s your answer.

      My grandparents who were already 5 to 10 years old by then are just regular dutch size

    • mom was born in Amsterdam in ’42, she barely made it to 5′ and is shrinking, while her much younger sister is about 5′ 7″ and younger brother over 6′.

  7. apparently this was posted 12 hours ago, and yet its at the top of my feed in front of a vid posted 12 minutes ago.

    this is a different type of “oh youtube!” comment, i promise

    • Derpimus Maximus

      You know you can upload a video and choose when it goes live, right?

    • @Derpimus Maximus yes, why would it make a difference? i mean, i never see stuff like this in my feed, so i assume it shows when it went live and not when it was posted

  8. 10 more Mondays until Episode 300 Comrades

  9. Oh $h!t, jingles is playing RE2

  10. The Shrimp Gamer

    sent a pretty cool replay and hope it gets featured

  11. Grandfather was with 9 Coldstream, Guards Armoured Div, XXX Corps. Commanding Churchills through France and Holland, inc Highway 69.

  12. Montgomery was warned by the Dutch resistance that there where crack German troops and panzers having R&R in the Arnhem area but the stuck up wise ass Montgomery brushed that aside and sacrificed many, many allied soldiers lives for his own fricking glory, in reality he’s ( in my view) a war criminal.

    • @OK! But then again. As history recorded Montgomery personally knew about the Dutch resistance rapport and being the overall commander he had to make the decision and he did, Monty was a stubborn vain man and as history shows … heavily overrated witch cost many lives.

    • @Pitt Brad Care to source that history?

    • @MyVanir Do your own fact finding, don’t like the tone of your request.

    • @Pitt Brad Translation: “I make claims but can’t back them up, so I insinuate the ones asking for proof are just attacking me.”

    • And why did he brush that aside? Because the Dutch resistance was known to have been infiltrated by the Gestapo prior to the Allies receiving their information about the SS panzer divisions in Arnhem, so the Allies felt that their intel could just be the Gestapo trying to bluff their way out of having to defend the Netherlands.

      It’s also worth noting that the general who demanded that Market Garden go ahead in spite of its myriad of weaknesses was not Monty (who was only given a week to plan it from scratch and not nearly enough transport aircraft to ensure that all the requisite drops worked out), but Ike. While Monty was the one who initially pushed for a blitzkrieg style thrust into Germany as opposed to the slow and steady wide front strategy originally pursued by Eisenhower, Eisenhower soon came round to Monty’s idea and became so determined to see Market Garden through that he actually later wrote in his memoirs: “I not only approved Market Garden – I insisted upon it.” Everyone wanted a quick end to the war and the dying and Market Garden offered (and indeed very nearly delivered) such an end.

      Interestingly, although the British 1st Airbourne Division did end up being horribly mismatched with two elite German tank units, it did keep fighting for long enough that had XXX Corps arrived on time, the bridge at Arnhem could still have been taken. What delayed XXX Corps? The American 82nd Airborne Division under General James Gavin, who upon dropping in Nijmegen inexplicably procrastinated before heading for the bridge there, giving the Germans time to organise their defences properly to repel American attempts to take the bridge. When XXX Corps arrived, they had to clear Nijmegen themselves. This they did, but the cost was the time they needed to race on to Arnhem and relieve the 1st Airbourne. Of course, a lot of other things went wrong (bad weather, malfunctioning radios etc.), but in all honesty, the only cardinal sin committed by Montgomery over the whole affair was absolutely inexcusably scapegoating the Poles who selflessly went into Arnhem to attempt to pull the 1st Airbourne out. As the architect of Market Garden, he should not of course be regarded as entirely blameless (for example, the Allies did conduct their own aerial recon of the Arnhem area beforehand and confirmed the presence of panzers in the town, but the order to gloss over this information came from him), but the people who actually made it fail were
      Ike (who failed to allocate enough time and resources to the planning of the operation), Gavin (who dragged his feet in Nijmegen and lost the Allies the element of surprise in a critical location) and the 82nd (who failed to capture the bridge at Nijmegen and clear the way to Arnhem in time for XXX Corps to be where they really needed to be in order to seal the deal). In other words, Market Garden was an American disaster and Monty, despite being a nasty piece of work, was no war criminal.

  13. Umm Jingles, didn’t you use that backgroumd content before in another video? ?

  14. Gents, market garden was researched by TIK in a series of videos.

  15. Well, actually Jingles… the Netherlands isn’t the flattest country in the world. It’s not even the flattest country in Europe. That would be Denmark with a highest natural point of 171m compared to the staggering heights of the Netherlands highest natural point at 322m.

    • OK! But then again.

      Erm wrong. Its the Maldives, with a maximum elevation above sea level of 2.4m (8 ft).

    • @OK! But then again. I see you fell into the trap there 😛 As I specifically said, Denmark is the flattest country in Europe. But I guess reading comprehension isn’t exactly a virtue anymore.

  16. bloody hell Jingles why did you think it was an good idea to leave the game sound in the background? I would understand if it was music or some ambient stuff… but trying to listen to you talking about your trip with sound of screams and zombie fighting… dafuq???

  17. The Shrimp Gamer

    whats the game in the background

  18. Less bloody horror background next time pls. Its Monday, that’s scary enough 🙁

  19. Have been there several time as a reenactor of 1st Parachute Squadron RE, hope to get too Arnhem this September.

  20. Hay jingles I wished you were my history teacher at my school
    Great video and great game in the background

  21. Attempt 14
    Jingles Play Azur Lane its similar to Kancolle but worldwide

  22. Apparently this video was uploaded 13 hours ago and is in my feed right after the Squire video, either me or YouTube have to stop drinking so much during Sunday evening.

  23. Everyone needs to go back and watch this video again with something like Google maps running in a separate screen. You can follow where he went and see some of the monuments and museums he is talking about from the satellite and ground views.

  24. Lovely episode jingles!! WW stories the things that smect gut.

  25. Derpimus Maximus

    22:43 “I also brought back a little infection I picked up the Red Light District…”

  26. Hey Jingles, if you are looking for something to pass the time while recovering, you can come and have fun with us down at Tree of Savior.

  27. Fun fact:
    The reason it is specificly commonwealth war graves is that when the british started sending men around the world to fight, it was almost impossible to transport the corpses home, so they were burried in the area they died. Later when the US started doing the same, it was possible to “bring the boys back” dead or alive, so they developed an amlost manic obsession with sending the remains back for burrial, to the point that they have people trying to identify poeple that died durring the korean war.

  28. dear old crap man, pls go for a play-through for RE2 with webcam pls. sincerely yours, a loyal miner

  29. “Monty”, we need a dagger thrust, 30th corps, yeah its a dagger thrust, the Jerries are thrusting their tanks likes daggers into ours.

  30. I heard wonderful stories about Operation Market Garden from a mentor back in early 1980’s who was a glider pilot for the 82nd Airborne troops that landed near Nijmegen. While his group was in training they were based at the Cumberland Hotel near Hyde Park in London. When I visited London in 1995 my friend was still alive, and I made it a point to find and visit the Cumberland and pen him a postcard from there. The doorman, once he found out my mission, made it a priority to get me stationary, tea, biscuits, and a quiet place to do my writing. When I told him some of my friend’s stories of his hotel he said that every now and then veterans still came back from time to time and told him things about the place he didn’t know. I was lucky enough to add a few more to his list. Thanks for doing this, Jingles. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of the footage you shot since I’ve never been to the Netherlands.

  31. Flattest country in the world? Well I can’t be arguing, since I haven’t been there myself, but I still dare saying, you haven’t been to Denmark then, Jingles. The highest point being only 170 meters tall. Just saying. We do have some museums, in Denmark showing history objects, a few tanks, not much to measure though, with other countries. Those pictures from a zombie-game? Nope. Na-uh! You won’t get me to watch that, Jingles. Sorry, Gnome Overlord, then I rather grab another I don’t know how many times shift in the saltmines. Recognized few seconds in, a scene, you’ve shown before, in these series. I went away, to listen to your lovely voice in stead.
    Anyway, love to hear your characteristic voice telling history. Never been to the Netherlands, though, as admitted up higher, in this comment. Hey! This Dutch snack you keep talking about, people bring you, when they visit from the Netherlands, those being good with coffee, you had any of them, when you were there? Or were there a good load of things to do and see, that you forgot about it?

  32. >jingles talk about Netherlands littered with WW2 artifact
    >see random thing in Arnhem with google map
    >it sherman in concrete pillbox out of nowhere

    coordinate 51.972413, 5.873080

  33. You forgot to mention that Prince Bernhard after hearing Monty’s claim stated for the record that “My country can never again afford the luxury of another Montgomery success”. Also Monty blamed the poor Polish paras and their commander the excellent Sosabowski (played curiously but well by Gene Hackman in the Bridge to Far) for the failure! The man was incredible. Lord how I wish Rommel had beaten this stuck up little bantam and allowed a better commander to have led the British to victory. Hope this preview of Resident Evil means we are going to see you at your legendary nervous playing a horror game again.

  34. @9:09 the retired member of the Senior Service, has a pop at the brylcreem boys. Still cant get the saltwater out of your blood eh Jingles?

  35. can you please do a Video on Blake 7 Liberator thanks.

  36. The Germans also have a bunch of really large cats. They keep them in army warehouses & call them panzers for some reason.

  37. Jingles: “I brought with me a little infection from Air BNB that we were staying in.”

    Are you sure that “Air BNB” wasn’t in the Amsterdam red light district?

  38. @jingles : dont worry about the bad dutch export cheese, i live in france and am pretty sure france exports its worst food to england as well, because its england XDXDXD

  39. Michiel Verpaalen

    Hey Jingles, nice episode! Fyi, the ‘oe’ in ‘Groesbeek’ sounds like the ‘ou’ in ‘you’. Took me a while to find out what town you were talking about?.

  40. Oranje (orange) is the national colour of the Netherlands, that’s why they love ginger cats.

    must. not. attempt. political. joke.

  41. Jingle has shown this same footage about 3 times, in a spread of different videos

  42. damn it! I was hoping that you’d make up for last week w/ pictures and video of the trip.

  43. so, as a small insignificant salt miner, I was so hoping for videos of our overlord in Holland, but alas nothing but 4 mentions of videos “sometime” in the future 🙂

  44. UncleFestersWorld

    An interesting story from Jingles about Operation Market Garden, of which I only managed to half way listen too, as I was distracted by a Resident Evil 2 game play. Jingles, you’re shit, don’t ever change.

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